My Mother-In-Law Has a Secret Ch. 03

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Sorry it’s been so long since the last chapter. I forgot I didn’t submit this and came across it while cleaning up my unfinished stories folder.

Two days after my twin daughters’ eighteenth birthday, my wife and I had a date night. We were supposed to stay at a hotel downtown but she felt sick after dinner. We decided to cancel the night and go home.

There was a car blocking my side of the garage, so we parked in the driveway and went in through the front door. Had the garage door been used and heard by my girls, we may never have known what we found out.

As I walked through the door, I heard one of my daughters say, “That’s a good girl. Make your mistress cum.”

I dropped my keys in shock and my wife gasped when we walked into the living room.

Jenny was spread eagle on the couch being eaten out by some girl, while Jessie was standing beside her nude. The girl’s ass was red from being spanked.

The sound of my keys hitting the ground startled all three of them and they spun around.

Jessie smiled as she saw us while Jenny looked panicked. Jessie pushed the girl’s head back down to Jenny’s pussy and commanded, “No one said to stop!”

Shockingly, the girl went back to eating Jenny out as Jessie walked over to us.

“Hi. We didn’t expect you home tonight,” she said as if it wasn’t the most surreal situation ever.

Holly and I stood shocked as she stopped before us without attempting to cover her nudity.

“I guess you’re shocked by this?” She understated. “We need to talk, let’s go to the kitchen.”

Holly snapped out of her shock first. “What the hell are you doing? Were you spanking that girl? Were you forcing her to service Jenny?”

“No way, Mom. We don’t force her to do anything; she likes to be dominated. My spanking her, punishing her, turns her on like nothing else. She came to us for this.”

I still couldn’t form words. My daughter talked to us like she wasn’t naked and their submissive friend wasn’t eating her sister out in front of us.

I walked to the kitchen in a daze from shock. I still couldn’t decide what to do as I tried not to look at my daughter’s naked butt in front of me.

Jessie opened a bottle of water and leaned against the counter shamelessly. Holly and I sat, but Holly looked like she wanted to hit something.

“Look,” Jessie began, “We didn’t start this. Carrie did.”

I was about to ask who Carrie was, but was cut off.

“Carrie is the girl on her knees right now. She knew we turned eighteen and she was always attracted to us. After school Wednesday, she asked us to go to her house for a birthday present. Our shock was that she was the gift.”

“Jessie…” Holly shrieked.

Then I heard Jenny scream out in orgasm. I shivered for some reason.

“Mom, dad, we aren’t lesbian. Well, maybe bi-sexual or pan-sexual, but we don’t put a label on it. We’re just us.

“Anyway, one time at lunch this bitch dropped a piece of cake on my foot, on purpose. I got pissed and hit her. When the fight was over, I made her lick the frosting off my shoe. I guess that gave me a reputation of being a bitch. Carrie took that to mean I would be a good person to dominate her. She’s a submissive. Do you know what that is?”

I looked at Holly, still in my state of shock. Holly smirked and said, “Yes. We know what it is, continue.”

Jessie smiled and continued, “So anyway, Carrie asked us to dominate her sexually. She assumed Jenny was like me. She’s really not as aggressive as I am. You know that.”

I nodded.

“Well, not wanting to disappoint Carrie, we said, ‘what the fuck,’ and tried to give her what she wanted. She’s older and has more experience than we do, so she helped us along. We spent most of our time that night on the internet looking for info to help us. We found a lot.”

She laughed and looked at Holly. Holly must’ve been feeling better because I would swear she looked horny.

Jessie kaçak iddaa continued, “So, any questions?”

“Make her eat my pussy,” Holly demanded.

“Oh shit!” I said. “Look, Jessie, we love you girls, and whatever you’re into is fine with us as long as you’re safe. Hell, after the shit we’ve done recently, we have no room to complain.”

Jessie’s eyebrows shut up. Holly stood and said, “You girls are adults and we think we’ve raised you to be good young women. This is just a shock for us. I guess you’re not virgins?”

Jessie’s laugh as she shook her head no made me wince. A father doesn’t need to know that. Although I couldn’t understand why I didn’t make her get dressed. Did I want to see her naked? Why didn’t I stop Carrie from dining on Jenny either? What the hell had I become?

I was snapped out of my reverie by Holly pulling me out of the kitchen. We walked into the living room where Carrie was sucking my daughter’s big toe. I shook my head. What the hell was going on?

Holly said, “Jenny, Jessie, you’ve disrespected us by having sex in the living room and getting caught. Your punishment is you lose your pet for the night.”

Pet? What the hell was my wife googling when I wasn’t there?

“Carrie, I don’t feel well tonight, so you’re going to suck my husband’s big cock and then go home. Do you understand?”

Carrie smiled and said, “Yes, mistress.”

“Fuck!” I whispered as Carrie crawled over to me and began to unzip my pants.

My head snapped up when Jenny asked, “Can we watch?”

“Wait a minute!” I shouted, but Carrie’s hot mouth engulfing my hard cock pulled my attention away. “When the hell did I get hard?” I wondered.

Apparently what I wanted didn’t matter again, as my wife sat on the couch with my daughters on either side of her. Was I submissive? Shit!

I moaned, “Holy shit!” as I watched my wife’s hands rub each of our daughter’s pussies as they stared in rapt attention at Carrie sucking me off like a pro.

Carrie started jerking me off quickly as she sucked my balls, and I said, “Fuck! I’m gonna cum.”

“On your face, slut!” Jessie shouted as Jenny beat her to orgasm. I’d really need to have that couch cleaned.

She released my balls with a pop and said, “Yes, mistress.”

Moments later I shot stream after stream all over Carrie’s acne-covered face.

I groaned as she shook the last drop, then wiped my glans on her cheek.

She let my still hard cock hang as she stood. Jenny whispered in Holly’s ear and Holly shook her head no. “Your father’s not ready for that yet.”

Jenny pouted and Jessie finally climaxed. I wondered what Jenny was denied.

Jessie said, “Wear your reward home. I hear it’s good for your skin.”

Carrie smiled and agreed before she was allowed by my wife to get dressed. Not before Holly shocked me when she licked my daughters’ juices off her fingers.

I shook my head and walked to my bedroom with my hard cock still flopping out of my pants. The women giggled and I knew I was in over my head.


“What the hell is happening to us?” I asked Holly as she slid into bed.

“Our life has changed, hasn’t it? But has it been for the worse, Mike?”

I thought for a moment and decided it wasn’t all that bad. She didn’t wait for my answer.

“See, baby? You’re benefitting from all of the changes. I’ll grant you our daughters threw me for a loop tonight, but it turned me on like crazy.”

I was about to argue that our daughters changed the game for me and had to be off limits, but she cut me off again.

“Before you tell me that the girls are out, you didn’t have any issue fucking me while my mom ate my pussy.”

She was right, but my girls had to be out for me. I couldn’t see myself playing with them or watching them with my wife. I knew that was what was whispered and I really wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t think I ever would be ready.


The next kaçak bahis night, my mother-in-law went to say goodbye to my daughters, and–well, she was surprised as well.

We sat in my bedroom and at times could hear my girls shouting commands at Jane, and at other times screams of passion and pleasure from any and all of them. Holly was squirming, listening to the sounds of ecstasy, while I was nervous and torn.

“Fuck me, Mike. Hard!”

It was as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I didn’t realize my cock was as hard as an iron bar and my wife was stroking it.

It felt like someone else jumped up to his knees, flipped my wife over, and started pounding into her like a man possessed.

“Fuck, yes, Mike! Fuck me. Fuck your slut!”

I banged away until my door opened and my daughters walked into our room.

“Don’t stop on our account,” Jessie smirked.

The girls were nude and sat on the edge of my bed. I was wondering where Jane was when Holly turned and hit me.

“Don’t stop.”

That out-of-body thing continued as I fucked my wife with everything I had. Sweat poured off my forehead as her moans filled the room and the smell of sex filled the air.

I closed my eyes to help myself focus on holding back a little longer. It worked and Holly had a big orgasm. I felt her pussy tighten as she quivered and lost control of her legs.

“Fuck!” I groaned, making Holly pull away. It wasn’t a moment later before I was pushed back and Jessie took my wet cock into her mouth.

“Cum for us, Daddy,” Jenny whispered before biting my earlobe. “Fill her mouth.”

“Oh, Christ!” I moaned and pumped spurt after spurt into my baby girl’s mouth.

I was in a daze from the most intense orgasm I’d felt in years. I almost blacked out but was startled by another set of lips on my other ear.

Holly was licking and nibbling my left ear and Jenny my right, as Jessie cleaned the rest of her mother’s juices off my wilting cock.

I was in sensory overload until Jessie released me and she took my balls into her mouth.

“Mistresses, may I?” Jane said standing at the door. She looked freshly showered and was fully clothed.

“Come in, Mom,” Holly answered as my girls stood.

Jane walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. She began to cry softly as she said, “I love you all so much. Thank you for tonight.”

Jessie and Jenny seemingly returned to the innocent, loving daughters I knew less than a week before and knelt before her.

Jenny smiled, “We love you too, Grandma.”

Jessie said, “Just give us a call when you need us.”

Jane nodded and said, “You have no idea how happy I am right now. It’s like…”

“We know, Mom. Why don’t you stay the night? Mike’s just getting warmed up,” Holly offered.

Jane shook her head. “No. This moment is for you and the girls. I’ve had my fun for the evening.”

It was a surreal sight as our four naked bodies hugged and kissed Jane goodbye.

Holly walked her mother to the door and my girls in unison asked, “Are you okay, Daddy?”

I smiled, “I have no idea.”

For some reason that made us all laugh.

“Listen,” I said. “Why don’t we throw a couple of frozen pizzas in and recharge. We need to talk about what just happened. I feel like I got ambushed just now.”

“You did,” Jessie laughed and then they bounced out of my room. I had a feeling I wasn’t in control anymore.


It was an incredible sight, the four of us sitting at the table naked and eating pizza. I stopped forcing myself to look away from my newly turned eighteen-year-old dominatrix wannabe daughters’ naked bodies and enjoyed the sight of them.

They were as beautiful as their mother, and I started to get hard from the sight of them all. I had to wrap my head around what was happening first.

“Whose idea was it for them to come in our room tonight, Holly?”

“Mine. I figured we could ease you into illegal bahis the idea of all of us playing if we started slowly with them watching us at first.”

I raised my eyebrows and she smirked.

“I planned to take your cum in my mouth and let you watch me share it with them, but Jessie seemed to have a different plan.”

Jessie smiled, “I couldn’t resist, Mom. Sorry about elbowing you out of the way.”

“Forgiven,” Holly nodded, “although you hogged all of his cum.”

The girls laughed and Jessie said, “I almost choked. You must have got him really worked up.”

“Are you good, Mike?” Holly asked, realizing I was silent.

“I’m just coming to grips with how casually you’re all handling it. These last few days since we caught them with Carrie have been strange enough. Add Jane to that. Add tonight to that. I’m–well, I don’t know how I feel.”

“I understand honey. Our times with my mom have opened up something inside me. I feel like I want to try anything and everything.”

That scared the hell out of me.

“Don’t look so scared, Mike. I have no intention of bringing in other guys.”

“Thank God,” I whispered, which made the twins giggle and their sexy handfuls of breasts jiggle.

I said, “Look, I’m freaked out and I just need some time to get used to this.” I waved my hand at their naked bodies.

“Mike, why don’t you let me and the girls put on a show for you? If you’re, um, up to it, you can join in.” She looked at my lap and winked at me.

“Okay. What do you have in mind?”

My girls smiled and Holly smirked, “I was thinking the girls would worship my body. I’m dying for…”

“Don’t we get a say in it?” Jenny asked.

“No!” Holly and I answered at the same time. We all laughed.

“Do we need safe words?” Jessie asked.

“No, Baby. No means no in this house.”


I sat at the head of my bed, my cock was rock hard from the sight of my daughters each licking and sucking on my wife’s nylon-clad toes. Holly had her head thrown back and moaned sounds of pleasure.

I fought the urge to touch myself. I feared I would shoot off immediately as the precum oozed from the tip and fell to my stomach.

Holly suddenly flipped onto her hands and knees and said, “One on each hole.”

Jenny smiled and quickly lay on her back. Jessie sighed and shrugged her shoulders, resigned to the impact of her slowness.

“Watch me, Daddy,” Jessie said as she spread my wife’s asscheeks apart and sunk her tongue into her puckered hole.

“Jesus,” I groaned as I moved to the side to get a better look at the action.

My girls were slurping and licking while my wife was moaning gibberish. I touched Jessie’s shoulder and straddled Jenny’s chest when Jessie sat back.

“Yes!” Holly screamed when I slid my cock into her depths. Her body shook from her orgasm as Jenny alternated between licking her mother’s clit and my balls.

I heard the squishing of my wife’s juices as I rammed into her tight pussy.

“Fuck her, Daddy. Fuck her good,” Jessie whispered in my ear before she licked and nibbled my earlobe.

Reflexively, I turned my head and our lips met. Her sweet tongue crashed into mine and her appreciative moan met mine in unison.

“Oh, Mike!” Holly shrieked and I felt her squirt, drenching Jenny’s face.

Jenny pulled out from under us and joked, “Could’ve given a girl a warning, Mom. I could’ve drowned.”

Holly didn’t say anything. She fell forward and collapsed onto her chest and I slipped out of her.

It didn’t take long before Jessie’s mouth went to work on my dripping cock. In a repeat of the earlier action, Jenny told me, “Fill her slutty mouth, Daddy. Give us your cum.”

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned and shot spurt after spurt into my baby girl’s mouth.

“Share it, Slut!” Jenny cried out and slunk down to kiss her sister and share my cum.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Holly said, then rose and kissed me. “You okay, Baby?”

I looked down at my daughters drooling my cum into each other’s mouths like in a porno and felt my cock start to rise again.

“I think so, Holly. I really think so.”

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