My Mom’s 2019 Pt. 02 – February

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Hello My Dear Readers…

It has been really long since the First Part of this Story was published. The initial response to the January Episode was not very encouraging, but after a while the same has been able to find more appreciation, and I Thank You All for the interest shown in this Series.

I am glad to be back with the Tale of Priya – A homely Indian mother who was turned into a Sex Craving Slut, after her encounter with her Son’s Stud Friend.

As the Title indicates, the following is the happenings in her life during the Second Month of 2019, noted down by her son, Varun, in his Diary.

This is very much a direct follow up to the events mentioned in the earlier part, and reading it first may make this more enjoyable.

This Episode is also longer than it’s predecessor, and written over a period of time, and I request you all to kindly overlook some of the inconsistencies in the Narration & Editing. I have tried my best to compile it in the best way possible, keeping the Plot set in India simple, and stretching it only when required.

I am still not sure whether the Final Version matches the Vision I originally had in my mind, but I sincerely hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!


While January 2019 was the month that turned My Mom, February 2019 was an even more sexually charged period in her life.

Rightfully, it was a more challenging time for her husband & her son – She had been captured by the evil called Lust, and unfortunately, we were all going to be made to feel the harmful after-effects!!

The very first sight I had on the very first day of the new month was that of My Mom fingering her pussy, watching Porn in her Mobile Phone.

It was still early in the morning, and the only reason I was up so soon that day, was because I had to be in College before 6:00 AM, to take part in a Game of Football, and I had instantly thoroughly regretted it!!

I could not believe I had seen my unsleeping mother covered in just her Pink Bra, while her White Satin Nighty, and a Pair of Red Panties, gladly graced the floor of the Living Room!!

It hurt me that she no longer cared about My Dad walking into her dirty deed – He was after all in the very room just a couple of meters away from the couch she was sensually relaxing on.

It hurt me that she no longer cared about the very possibility of her Adult Son seeing her in the most compromising position – I was after all still living in the same house.

However, what hurt me the most was the recollection that My Mom even until a few weeks ago was the most loving & the most caring person to have ever existed!!

She was everybody’s favorite – All Our Family Members, and All Our Neighbours, and All Our Friends simply loved her.

She was the Best Wife My Dad could have ever got, and she was the Best Mother I could have ever wished for!!

It was indeed a real shocker that the very same woman could turn into a Sex Addict, who would go to any length to please her newly discovered abnormal libido, and it was beyond one’s belief that she now was only a mere slut to a lad, younger to her by more than 20 years!!

Our lives had turned upside down, and just as I had duly expected, and rightly feared, February saw considerable changes in my mother’s dressing – She was letting her desires be made public, as she completely ditched her conservative attires, replacing them with sleazy revealing clothes.

At home, she already mostly walked around in her bare form, and when she went out, Tight Low-Neck Tops & Undersized Pairs of Jeans gladly replaced the usual Knee- Length Kurtas & Loose Cotton Pants.

In-fact, I will never ever forget the weekend that followed the first few instances of her indecent exposures – My Dad was home, but My Mom still dared to cross a few more lines by going to the busy Mall nearby, wearing a Skinny Transparent White T-Shirt & Tiny Denim Shorts, sans any of her Intimate Wear, completely neglecting her man’s begging cries!!

With a body size of 36-28-38, at 43, she was always a thick enticing MILF – Though she managed to hide her big assets, even until a few days ago, there was no denying the fact that she was always the owner of huge ripe tits and firm round bums.

But now, she not only wanted the world to know about her hidden alluring bust & irresistible ass, and gain attention, she also wanted to look voluptuous enough, and make sure that men would find it really difficult to walk past her without groping her melons, or spanking her butt!!

My Mom even started purchasing Kinky Inner-Wear & Bizzare Lingerie, from shady shops situated in the most explicit areas of the City.

She would happily pose in them, as soon as she got back home, and send her teasing selfies to her Athul, who in turn brashly showed the pictures to his Best Buddies, before making sure he shared it with enough boys who were friends with me, as well – Those who saw her in her Slutty Undies, would crave for her with extreme intensity, queenbet yeni giriş spending days doing nothing, but just giving her the slimiest of tributes!!

My Dad was fully broken seeing his wife stray in such unbelievable fashion, but there was nothing he could do about it.

He had been married to My Mom for more than 20 years, and he had never ever guessed a woman so lewd was hiding inside her!!

He was well informed about the dissatisfaction he gave her, making him feel helpless, and to stay away from the immoral burden, he spent most of his time at his Office, despite often overhearing his own colleagues talk about his spouse’s raunchy escapades.

My Dad tried his best to hold himself together, but the moment he saw his once dear partner’s offensive images show up on the screen of his Young Male Intern’s iPad, he realized he just had to accept defeat!!

February 14th soon arrived, and it was Valentine’s Day – My Mom desperately wanted more of Athul on the Special Occasion, but so did his Teenaged Girlfriend, Anna.

As far as the bullish hunk was concerned, he wanted to please both the women, but at the same time, he wished to fuck his Elder Sister-In-Law, Raashi, too, and also fancied further degrading his already defiled Aunt, Soundarya!!

Just as one would have predicted, he got all what he wanted, and he was very well the one in control, easily having his way with his women.

It was undoubtedly a very loud & crowded affair, but Athul did all that was required of him to make each of his conquests climax multiple times, with his 12 inched monster working at it’s best!!

My Mom was the latest entrant in his List of Owned Pussies, and he rightly took her last, during the Session that ultimately seemed like a never ending Fivesome.

She had to wait for hours to finally get her share, but she still remained excited, throughout the activity – Any amount of time spent near to her young mate was measured in gold by My Sex-Crazed Mother, and she patiently enjoyed watching his flawless power moves!!

However, much to her own surprise, the delay in getting her holes stuffed had prompted the birth of a very intriguing venereal thought, in her mind – She started to seriously wonder being a part of many more similar situations, but where she would have all the participants for herself.

She asked her soul if she really wanted to be with just an Athul – She questioned her inner-self whether it was an Athul among women, who had men crawling all over her body, that she really wanted to be!!

The very idea was in all ways a great revelation, considering the reality that My Mom was a very pure innocent female all these years, and it was just fortnights ago that she even hoped for another man’s meat!!

While the carnal atmosphere that the scintillating session offered was majorly responsible for this twisted fantasy, what truly pushed My Mummy was an equally important discovery in the course of the Group Sex.

Before, During and After the 1 on 4 Hardcore Orgy, my mother was gifted with certain very private details about the other ladies in Athul’s life, and the information unsettled her!!

The crux of the matter was simple – All 3 of her fellow countrywomen wore Hot Inners of Superior Quality & Style, that were rare to find.

Athul’s sleep deprived Bhabhi, Raashi, his chubby Aunt, Soundarya, who was actually there against her will, and even his curly-haired petite Girlfriend, Anna, all wore the kind of Intimate Apparel my mother had never seen before.

They all stripped out of their clothes with a lot of pride, displaying their Expensive Sexy Lingerie clad bodies, putting My Mom’s non-branded collection to shame!!

It did not take much time for her to understand that the trio had their Bras & Panties supplied from Online Stores, and realize that not only where the products more gentle on the skin, but the Virtual Shops also had far better options than what she had been selecting from.

She fittingly felt like an idiot for taking the pain of travelling to secretive non-licensed Underclothing Outlets, risking her own safety, and wasting a lot of time she could have used to give herself pleasure, when she could have effortlessly made the purchase from the comforts of her home.

Yet, what completely broke her was the realization that it was Athul who would choose these Seductive Models for the three women, and he had been doing that ever since he won them, months ago!!

All of them keenly took part in conversations with each-other, every time they got a break from moaning & groaning, and they all had a great time sharing more & more of their darkest sensual secrets.

It was quite a sight, and this Wicked Union was easily supposed to be Athul’s biggest victory, but unfortunately for him, most of the topics discussed only managed to make My Mom jealous & upset, especially over the actuality that the bull never offered her help with Frillies, despite gladly feasting on the tons queenbet giriş of stimulating Pictures she sent him!!

The proficient lad was smart enough to quickly sense the unrest, and to make amends, placed the Order for an unbelievably alluring Pair of Lingerie, for my mother, but the lack of sincerity in his action only made things more appalling.

It certainly disturbed her, and she was disappointed to know that the boy never really cared for his friend’s mother – But to her own amusement, the incident also straightaway provided her a pacifying hint that she was one step ahead of her other compatriots, at-least in terms of independent decision making, and convinced her that she had the potential to think just like her male stud, if she wanted to, and with a little more exposure, she could be exactly like him!!

The same cognizance fueled her dream to be The Female Version of Athul, even more, but never did she think she would have her yearnings of becoming a real full-fledged slut fulfilled so fast!!

It was only a few days after the muddling but satisfying vile group activity, and My Horny Naked Mom was busy frantically rubbing her bruised clit & mercilessly fingering her sour cunt.

She had made herself comfortable in the Big Brown Sofa in our Living Room, and was erotically thinking about the most aggressive among My Elder Cousin Brothers, as she touched her interiors with some serious intent – She was angry at Athul, and by imagining about her own brother’s eldest son, she wanted to prove that she had it in her to become a proper MILF Slag, who got laid with the men of her choice!!

It was still unclear how strong her new desire was, but what was obvious was that she had clearly started hating her imposing intruder.

My Mom was tired of the 20 year old animal making her call him DADDY – Of course, she loved it the first time!! She loved it the second, third & fourth time, as well!! But she also felt dejected when she realized his Bhabhi, and his Aunt, and his Girlfriend, too, addressed him as DADDY!!

Though my old lady had lost a lot of her sanity, she still knew that she had no right to feel betrayed.

Athul owed her nothing, and he was free to do anything to anybody he wanted to!!

Having said that, she still felt miserably broken.

She definitely had her own plans set, and wanted revenge, but not one hour would pass without her stuffing her fingers inside her love-hole, thinking of her son’s friend!!

My Mom was in a dismal state – She somehow wanted to get back at Athul, but at the same time, also needed him to keep her gratified, and for reasons still mostly unknown, the sexual hunger strangely led to her visualizing her young nephew, in very lusty scenarios!!

I was 19, and my above mentioned cousin brother, Vikas, was 24. He was well built like Athul, was strong & demanding, and believed to be very active on the bed, and a perfect replacement for his vagrant aunt’s previous partner.

“Ohhhhh!! Yessss!! Vikkaaassss!!” My Mom whined, as all five of her fingers worked their way to the insides of her drenched pussy.

She was happily picturing her new would-be lover fill her in the most demeaning fashion, and was completely lost – She was at the peak, with her eyes and mouth wide open in sexual awe, about to climax, and it was only then that she shockingly noticed an unusual figure peeping in at her, through the open window!!

My Mom was insanely furious, catching the outrageous freak.

She was fully uncovered, and an unpleasant stranger was feasting on her steamy figure, but more importantly the carnal ecstasy she was receiving, imagining My Elder Cousin Brother take her in front of My Dad, had been brought to an abrupt end!!

“Sorry!! I am so sorry… I did not see… I mean… Hello Ma’am… I… I am… My name is Senthil. I am from Radiance Online Bra & Panties Store… I came here to deliver your order. I hope this… Is your Size… Ohhh… What was it… I hope this will fit you tightly!! I mean… Fit you well… I mean… I am…” the shabbily dressed unconfident man stuttered, as he held out a neatly covered package towards my raging mother, who had immediately opened the front door, even before she got her Hot Red Night Slip back to covering her, causing the Salesman cum Deliveryman to frighten!!

My Mom was certain she had not ordered anything, and only had an annoyed glance at the Brown Colored Box, but she was also bright enough to quickly understand that the contents of the bundle were the very Pair of Lingerie Athul had purchased from the Internet, as a desperate attempt to keep her, making her more livid.

“Aren’t you too old for this Job?! Bloody Creep!! And how dare you shamelessly ask me what my sizes are!! You also want to know if they will fit me… Like… Seriously?! Come On… Don’t you have any kind of dignity!! You know what… I think I should register a complaint!! Radiance Industries should never hire people like you… In-fact, why can’t your company queenbet güvenilirmi just send some responsible presentable young men?!” she shouted fiercely, after shifting her attention to the unwanted onlooker, fully oblivious to the fact that her last statement had a sleazy vibe to it!!

Well, in her defence, that is how My Mom has always been – She has always found it difficult to react spontaneously, and correctly, and even her dialogues felt meaningless if she told them without prior plotting.

However, right then, she was in one of those uncomfortable unsure situations, and also, she was fighting a depressing inner battle, and the lack of firmness in her speech & actions was an obvious repercussion.

To be more precise, she was on her way to forget about her stimulating affair with Athul, and it was a huge thing for the recently but extraordinarily sexually addicted female!!

Moreover, she wasn’t expecting the parcel, either – This was first time an Online Delivery was being made to her address, and she very truly had no idea a package was even coming her way that day.

She wasn’t waiting for it – She just wasn’t ready for it.

Most importantly, she was definitely not prepared to expose herself to somebody who would never feature in the List of Men she wanted to be with.

She was rightfully disturbed!!

“Please don’t do that, Ma’am… It was a genuine mistake!! Please!! I am sorry… I was not asking you for your Sizes… That is not what I meant… I was only trying to recite what I had by-hearted, but I failed… I had practiced it, and I knew I was supposed to say it correctly when I handed over the Box to you!! I was just shocked!! I didn’t know I would see something… I mean… Meet someone like… I mean… Ma’am… This is my First Day at Work. I wasn’t ready for you… I… Please, Ma’am… I am not that kind of person!! I was shocked!!” the grey-haired Salesman cum Deliveryman was literally begging, folding his hands and pleading!!

To be fair to him, it wasn’t really his fault – He was there only to fulfill his duty, and it was not his mistake that my mother was engaging in an extremely sensual deed, least bothered about the surroundings, and he only ended up doing what anybody would have done.

And My Mom knew it, too.

She was angry and irritated already, thanks to her Athul stud, and she was somehow nearing a climax without his help, physically or mentally, when she found the Salesman cum Deliveryman was looking at her through the window – She failed to achieve her goal, making her even more pissed, and she ultimately took out all the frustration on him.

That is what really happened, and My Mom in actuality was least bothered that one more man had seen her bare form!!

Despite being in an unpleasantly vulnerable state, my female parent was still correctly kind enough to forgive the poor man, and agreed to let him go without any complications.

She accepted the Box, and smiled as he handed over the same, and was just about to ask him to leave, when she amusingly noticed his raging hard-on!!

“Ohh Myyy…” she mouthed – My Mom could not believe what she was seeing.

His penis looked huge even in it’s hidden condition, and seemed to be eagerly waiting to jump out of his Pants.

It looked so stiff, and to the very delight of both the individuals, the Zipper of his Torn Old Trousers broke open, freeing the exceptionally big piece of meat!!

It was no secret that My Mom did start to crave for new cocks, but she also obviously thought it was only going to be young boys filling her.

However, that was definitely not the case, anymore.

She was going to welcome all cocks that came her way – She was going to love all cocks.

Each Cock & Every Cock that came her way would turn out to be the very Cock she desired for!!

To her bloody luck, the older man in front of her had a chopper that was as well hung as her younger boy bull’s cutter, if not bigger.

She knew she had to have him that very second, and she brought the otherwise supposedly formally dressed Agent inside the house, grabbing him by his erect pole!!

My Mom happily entertained him in the living room of our residence, stroking his dick relentlessly, and instantly sitting in the squat, she began blowing his excited rod.

His penis was clearly dirty, with a stinking smell, and he already looked like it had been ages since he had a bath – His stick tasted so lewd it seemed like he had not had a bath his whole life.

Yet, the mature woman just did not care!!

The filthy scent and the salty pee flavor only managed to turn her on even more.

She was willingly licking his hairy balls clean, and even went on to swallow the pair, and express greater lustful love!!

As expected, just moments later, she gladly made him naked – His huge monster, packed with pumping veins, was throbbing, and looked filled with blood, commanding respect.

My Mom undoubtedly felt obliged to obey the venereal signals it emitted!!

“How Old Are You?!” she had asked him, as she pulled the whole of his pants down, in a polite tone, though she fully knew his answer wouldn’t matter.

“56!!” he had very softly replied, the same time she started to unbutton his shirt!!

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