My hot blonde mother makes me a man

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The first time I saw Mom naked, I was only 10 years old. She liked to sunbath naked behind the house, and I was curious to see a naked woman. Just because she was 30, and my mother, didn’t stop my from sneaking into the house to spy on her.

I would quietly go upstairs to the bathroom and look out the window at her. Mom took my breath away. She had soft full breasts and a mousy colored pubic bush.

Even at 10, I knew Liz was sexy and wished I could see more. I spent that summer hoping to see her naked again and made it a point to sneak up to the bathroom when ever I could. I wished I could see her up close and in detail instead of from the second floor bathroom window.

Then later that year we moved to Watervliet because Mom and Dad got divorced. I hated her for breaking up our family. She proved to be a slut and went running for the first cock that came her way. When we moved to 3rd ave, the apartment was older and had the old fashioned keyed locks. The kind you could look thru. It didn’t take me long to remove the stuffing from the lock, and plan my next peek at her tasty tits and furry bush. I found a small rod that fit in the keyhole, and waited for my chance to view Liz again. When Sandy left the house and Mom headed for the bathroom, I got ready. I gave her a few minutes, and when I heard her enter the tub,

I bent down and looked thru the keyhole at those 36C naked tits. I watched as she washed them and rubbed them. As I spied on Mom , my cock grew hard and longed for her mouth to suck it and milk the seed from within it. I noticed how her tits moved and how the nipples grew to almost ½” in length as she rubbed soap over them. After about 15 minutes she stood up and then I got to see Mom’s glorious brown bush up close and personal. There, before my eyes not 6 feet away, was a wet brown pussy staring me in the face. I nearly came in my pants at the sight of it. I rubbed my cock thru me jeans as I watched her dry herself off. I was longing to help, but had to settle for the site of those tits moving side to side and up and down as she ran the towel over them.
I spied on mom as often escort as possible and loved knowing that I had seen the pussy and tits of the mother who wrecked the family. When I needed a reason to jerk off and blow a load, I would think of those days when mom was my personal naked slut and I got to eye a MILF without her ever knowing it.

When I watched Liz bathing thru the key hole I often dreamed of coming into the bathroom and seeing what would happen. I fantasized about sucking her tits and running my hands over them as I watched the nipples grow large and hard.

One day Mom caught me peeking thru the keyhole, and scolded me. She asked why I was spying on her, and I said because I never saw a naked woman before. Mom leaned over and whispers “ would you like to see more?” Before I can answer, she pulls my jeans down and frees my throbbing 14 year old cock. Mom reaches out and gives it a kiss. I can’t hardly stand it. I want to cum so hard in her mouth I can’t think straight. She senses my needs and opens her mouth and slides my cock deep into her mouth and twirls her tongue around the tip of it. Before I can think or react, Liz swallows it to the bone, and I blow my first load of cum down a woman’s throat. I cum so hard it hurts and I have a hard time standing up. Mom swallows ever drop and milks my cock until it starts going soft.

After draining my balls dry, she leads me by the hand to her bed and says “Now I’ll show you how to fuck me like a man”. When we get to the bed room, I sit on the edge of the bed and mom gets on her knees and begin sucking on my cock until it is hard as iron. As she continues to work on my cock like a staved whore, I stand over her and watch as I fuck her face in a continuing pumping action. After a few minutes Mom slides up on the bed and spreads her legs. She is hot and wanting me to slide my cock into her neglected brown haired pussy. I lean down and give it a lick and revel in the smell of her sex. The taste is wonderful and soon she is begging me to fuck her hard. I get on the bed and place my cock at the entrance of her motherly pussy. I’m about to fuck the hole that I slid out of izmit escort bayan as a baby. As I slowly push my cock into her tight wanting pussy, she lets out a moan that was filled with pleasure.

I’m amazed at how her pussy feels. It’s like a velvet glove gripping my cock and trying to milk all my seed out of my balls. As her juices flow out of and trickle down to the bed, I continue sliding my cock into Liz as she moans and quivers with each thrust. I work my cock in and out of her dripping pussy, and she continues to quiver and groan in an ever increasing voice. Soon it’s too much for both of us. Mom cries out and begs me to cum deep inside her. Mom cries out, ” Danny please bury your cock in me and cum inside my pussy. I want to feel you cum deep in me.” It’s more than I can stand. I let loose with a torrent of man sauce inside her dripping pussy.

After cumming for the second time in 30 minutes, My cock still has more to give Mom. I pull out of her and notice the cum seeping out of her pussy. I wipe me finger thru it, and offer it to Mom for a taste. After she licks my fingers clean, I get her on her knees and get ready to fuck Liz doggie style and leave her another load to play with. As I gaze upon her dripping pussy I think of all the dicks that had been inside Mom and how she reacted to them. I take aim at Mom’s pussy with my young hard cock and slowly slide into the sloppy wet cunt. I pump and pump my cock in and out of her. Faster and faster I drive my cock into the convulsing pussy. After cumming twice, I have lots of stamina and don’t have to worry about cumming too soon. Mom quivers and shakes constantly as my cock hits her G-Spot. Mombreathing so hard I wonder if she’ll pass out. She cries out “Oh, Fuck me good and hard baby. My God I’m cumming so hard. Keep fucking my pussy. Don’t stop now, I want to keep cumming!!” Soon I feel pressure building in my balls. I know there is another load heading to the tip of my cock. I yell out “ I’m going to cum. I’m going to blow it on your ass Mom!!” As my cum surges for the tip of my cock, I pull out of her pussy and blast hot seed all izmit sınırsız escort over her ass cheeks.

After my 3rd load of cum, my cock needs some attention. It soon is soft and sore from all the fucking . Mom offesr to make it better and looks at it’s soft drooping body with lust in her eyes. Taking my soft cock into her mouth she starts working her magic. I never thought my sexy MILF mother would be fucking and sucking my cock all afternoon, but there she was sucking the cock that had already given you 3 loads of my teenaged man sauce. After making me hard again, I asked Mom if she had ever been fucked in the ass. Liz says no, and didn’t know if she wanted to. I say “ too bad, I want your virgin ass. Dad had your pussy, I want your ass”. I grab her wrists, and hold her down while I enter her asshole. Mom whimpers and cries but I just keep slowly sliding my cock into her.

I’m finally buried in Mom’s ass all the way to my balls. When I bottom out in her ass, I pause and revel in the tight gripping sensation that engulfs my cock. After enjoying the feeling for a minute, I start sliding my cock in and out in slow steady thrusts. Soon she’s quivering again and I know she’s going to cum soon. The pain and tears don’t matter, the virgin ass is running the show now and there is nothing Mom can do to stop it.

Finally, I can’t stand it any more. I pull my cock out and blow a second load all over Mom’s ass and pussy lips. She’s crying and sobbing in the bed now. Liz didn’t want to get fucked in the ass. I said thanks for the lessons, and I’ll be counting down the hours to the next time. Mom tells me there won’t be a next time. She says we shouldn’t fuck like this. That a Mother fucking her son is wrong and we can’t do it again. I tell her too bad. I tell mom we will fuck at least one day a week and at least 3 times each day we fuck. I tell her I’ll go to the police and tell them she molested me unless we continue to fuck and suck. I’m running the show now, and she’ll suck me and swallow my seed when ever I tell her, and she will also fuck me when I say and how I say. As I leave Mom sobbing in her room, I mention that I’ll be bringing a friend along too, and she’ll fuck and suck both of us and she’ll like it. It’s time for Mom to get the DP that she deserves being the slut that she is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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