My Former Lovely Wife

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This story is purely fictional and any names or places that might be familiar to anyone is only coincidental.


My name is Dave and I once was married to the most wonderful woman I had ever known. Her name is Anna and we were a very happy couple fifteen years ago but over the years our relationship changed drastically and we are no longer together. I will tell you the story of what went wrong.

Anna and I were married in a beautiful church wedding out in the country near where we met. I was 25 years of age and Anna was 23 when we met. We dated for almost two years before we tied the knot. Anna said she didn’t want to have sex before the wedding and I obeyed her wishes.

For our honeymoon we traveled by car to the White Mountains of New Hampshire where we stayed in a lovely country cottage on a lake. We had a great time together but when I wanted to have sex for the first time with my gorgeous, leggy wife she wasn’t into it. She said she just wasn’t in the mood so I figured it was because of all the excitement of the wedding and the reception. I loved my wife and was being patient with her but before long I was going to need sex with her and since we were now married she had to agree.

The next day we visited the sites in the area and had fun again. I loved being her husband and she seemed to enjoy being my wife, but that night when I tried to have sex with her she told me she had her period and we wouldn’t be having sex for the rest of our time in New Hampshire. It was not what I wanted to hear and I wasn’t even sure she was truthful but I had to comply.

Anna had very lovely legs, which I absolutely adore on a woman, and I wanted to do some neat things with her pretty stems. At first she was happy with me rubbing and kissing them but after about 6 months her mood changed. We had sex several times during that period and I thought it was great, but after a few months Anna cooled to the idea. We talked and talked about it and I explained that a man needs sex often especially when his wife is so sexy looking like she was.

She said she understood but she has to want it, too. She said that she never was a woman who needed sex a lot and perhaps it will just take time. Usually in the evening after dinner we would watch TV and she would stretch out on the sofa and allow me to enjoy her legs. It was wonderful to be able to kiss and caress and feel the smoothness of them but I wanted to do more. Anna also dressed very modestly and her idea of a short dress was a dress with a hemline just below her knees. When I questioned her on that she said it was fine for me to see and touch her legs but she saw no reason why other men could see them. I also suggested that while we were at home perhaps she could wear shorter dresses or shorts that didn’t come down to just above her knees, but she didn’t agree with that either. Even her nightwear was not sexy to me as she kept wearing long pajamas.

I was losing my patience with her conservative dress style but I didn’t make a big to do about it because I loved her very much. Other than a lack of a lot of sex we were a great couple and got along very well.

Not much changed in our marriage as we kept plodding along in our daily kolej escort routines. I worked as a maintenance man at a local company and Anna worked at a large department store nearby. We went on trips and cruises and really enjoyed our times with each other. Or so I thought!

We both took vacation time and traveled by bus to the upper Midwest, going to cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and others. It was in Cincinnati that I first suspected that something was amiss. We had tickets to a Reds baseball game but at the last minute Anna said she was very tired and wanted to stay home. She didn’t object if I wanted to go alone because, as she said, she knew I loved baseball. I was reluctant to go but she insisted so she could get some rest and be rested for the evening and our dinner date.

I told her I would be back in about 3 hours and she said fine, it should make for a good nap. I walked to the ballpark and found my seat and sat down to enjoy a ballgame. But after the fifth inning I had second thoughts and felt I should be back in the room with my lovely wife, so I left. I wanted to surprise her by coming back early, but the surprise was on me. I bought a pizza and some beer on the way back to the hotel, figuring that maybe we could just stay in our room instead of going on the dinner date.

I was very quiet unlocking the door and going into the room because if Anna was asleep I didn’t want to awaken her. I thought I would just undress and slowly and quietly slide into bed with her, and if she wasn’t asleep I could at least enjoy those gorgeous and sexy legs.

I was very surprised when I looked into the bedroom. She was awake and was only wearing a pair of black silk panties, but what I noticed more than anything else was that there was another man lying next to her.

I didn’t know the man but he was a white guy about 30 years of age and he was totally undressed. My wife was really enjoying herself and her hands were all over him, unlike anything we ever did. I secretly watched for a long time as they enjoyed sex together, especially when he was licking her tasty pussy, which is also something we never did. In a short time she moaned in ecstasy as she came time and again from his expert tongue work. What a site that was and I found myself getting hard watching it. I secretly took some pictures to show her later in case it ever came down to where I had to prove what I would accuse her of doing.

I left the hotel room and went to the lobby to wait until I saw the man leave. Once I saw him go through the lobby I waited a few moments and returned to our room. Anna was sitting on the sofa watching TV wearing long pants and a drab looking top. I asked her how was the time alone and she said it was fine and she got some rest. I thought to myself, yes, I’m sure you did. I also asked if she would like to join me in the bedroom for some husband-wife fun and she told me she really wasn’t in the mood. Now I could understand why she often put me off.

I told her that perhaps we could have oral sex with me licking her sweet pussy, but she acted disgustingly and said she couldn’t do anything like that. I knew I had pictures that proved otherwise. My time maltepe escort would come, I thought, and I could hardly wait.

When we got home from the trip we just relaxed for awhile and sat on the sofa in front of the TV together. I asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom and get naked in bed and she said to me, “Dave, why do you ask me that so much? Is that all you ever think about?”

I replied, “I think of it a lot because I consider you very sexy and I would like to enjoy your body. I love your legs and I love kissing you and I would also love to have sex with you at times.”

“Sometimes you get so aggressive and I don’t like that,” she stated.

“Would it be better for you if it was with someone else?”

She angrily replied, “I can’t believe you would even suggest that! What do you take me for, some hussy?”

I said, “I know it wouldn’t be the first time you slept with someone else.”

“I should just get up and leave! You have no right to say that! Besides, other than you who would I be interested in?”

At that time I pulled out my cell phone and opened up to my picture file. “How about with this guy?” I said and showed her the picture.

“Where did you get that? You stinkin’ creep! Just for that I’m leaving,” she said. She quickly packed her belongings and left, headed I was sure for her mother’s house. “You’re going to hear from my lawyer about this!” she exclaimed.

“From your lawyer? You’re the one who was playing around!” I said back to her as she headed for the door. “You hardly ever wanted to get in bed with me and the first time you get a chance you sack up with someone else.”

“Who said it was the first time? And besides did you ever think that maybe you just couldn’t do it for me?”

Wow, that hurt. I thought all along that we were in love and now this? I knew I was going to miss those pretty legs.

A few weeks went by when I received a certified letter from an attorney. It explained that Anna had indeed filed for divorce and she wanted a lot. Her lawyer, a well known female divorce attorney, was famous for getting her way in court and here my wife hired her. Anna is the one who was unfaithful and I was going to prove it in court.

The document I received explained what all Anna wanted from me and when I first read it I was appalled. She wanted to keep her car, the Class C RV, the house, three fourths of the savings account we had, meaning she would get $800,000 and I would get a mere $200,000. To top it off she demanded that I sell my pickup truck and she would get three fourths of what that brought. I was also to retain health insurance for her for three years and give her a monthly alimony of $3000! This woman, who used to be my lovely wife, was asking for the moon and she would find out that I was no pushover.

I hired a lawyer myself, one who was allegedly a very good divorce lawyer, and we had several meetings to discuss our strategy at $450 per hour. He explained to me that I might also be liable for Anna’s lawyer, and who knows how much that woman charged. But I was anxious to get to court because I had a photo that showed my wife in bed with another man. My attorney said mamak escort that with the evidence I had we had a very good case.

In a few weeks I had to take off work for the trial. The judge for the case was a young man named Carl Miller, and when I saw Anna enter the room wearing a short but modest dress that showed off her gorgeous legs I thought that I could in trouble. But when she sat down in her seat and her dress hiked up to show those sexy, smooth, and toned thighs I KNEW I was in trouble. Her female lawyer looked over the situation and smirked, because she also knew that she and Anna now had the upper hand.

Judge Miller called Anna to the stand. When he asked her side of the story Anna, along with her attorney, told blatant lies about how I was the one who destroyed the marriage by being with other women and even at times with other men, and whenever I tried to deny those claims I was told to stay seated and don’t speak out of turn. He kept asking her questions and she kept claiming that it was all my fault. When her lawyer told the judge that they had pictures showing me in bed with another woman, and pictures that showed me sucking a man’s dick, I jumped up and denied it all.

Judge Miller then said to me, “If you interrupt one more time I will hold you in contempt and the case will go to Anna. Do you understand?”

Timidly I had to say to him, “Yes, your honor.” At that time I looked over at my wife and she crossed her legs, teasingly, and with a big smile on her face that indicated that the case was going her way. After a few more questions Anna was told to step down and take her seat, where she promptly gave the judge a straight view of her bare legs and, I’m sure, her cute panties.

Judge Miller continued to read the papers given to him by Anna’s lawyer. Without even allowing me to get on the stand he pronounced judgement for Anna and he read off everything that she was to get according to the papers I was given. I let out a shout because I didn’t get to the witness stand, and he ordered I be cuffed and taken away for contempt of court. I looked at my attorney for help, but he didn’t say a word and I was taken to a holding cell where I would spend 24 hours. It was when I glanced at the judge that I realized to my dismay that he was the same guy who screwed my wife in the hotel room when I first found out Anna was cheating on me.

I was devastated. I felt betrayed. I was brought to my knees by a 3-armed bandit led by my ex-wife. And I was humiliated. While I was in my cell Anna had the nerve to come see me. She was still wearing that short dress that showed off her wonderful legs. Along with her was her lawyer, who also was a knockout, and together they gloated. I asked her why she did that to me and why she lied. She responded by saying to me, “Don’t mess with a woman, especially one with dynamite legs. Isn’t that right, Carly?” And with that said Anna turned around and she and her lawyer Carly kissed very passionately right in front of me. Carly couldn’t keep her hands off my ex-wife’s sexy legs and bent over and kissed Anna’s luscious thighs.

Carly looked back at me as the two of them were leaving and said, “You’ll be getting my bill in the next few days and for you I will give a special rate of $900 an hour. Is that okay, loser?”

As the two of them walked out the door hand in hand Anna asked Carly, “Where to? Your place or mine?”

Carly replied, happily, “It doesn’t matter just so I can get that sexy dress off you soon.”

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