My First Romance With Her

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I am Chait and I was studying in a degree college. My physiology lecturer, Lavanya mam is beautiful even after she is mother of a baby. However, she is slightly dark which is the average Indian colour. But she is very attractive and graceful when teaching. Particularly, she is not subject boring mam.

Lavanya mam also teaches other things. Among those she gives a lot of exercise tips. She herself has a good strong physique. She is tall. We used to be surprised when she used to carry her heavy lab instruments all by herself from one floor to another floor without even sweating.

Whenever she is teaching, I am lost sometimes. Many times, I was caught not answering her questions while other students answered easily. The main reason is they are seriously listening to her while I lost attention and watched her physique.

One day I am browsing my phone about heroines when my parents are not watching me. This may be surprizing for foreigners but in India, even at my age of 19 years, I am still a kid to my parents. I saw information like this heroine is 5 feet 5 inches, that heroine is 6 feet 1 inch, etc. I also saw information like 32-26-33 but did not understand what those numbers mean. This is because I come from a typical Indian middle-class family where we are pressured to study, study all the time.

One day I went to class early. Nobody came. I am looking through the class window when my mam passed by my class to her staff room. She came back and stopped at my class door. I stood up and wished her good morning mam. She came to me and asked what I am seeing. I said nothing mam. She said I must not be absent minded in the class. I said sorry mam.

She smiled, held my cheeks affectionately and told me that studies are important. She turned and left and in the process her hip touched me, and it felt nice. I said “mam” and stopped. She said, “yes Chait?” I don’t know what to say. I covered my feeling by asking “can I ask if I have any doubts mam?” She said “sure” and left with a smiling face.

Slowly I started talking with her and losing my shyness. She likes my fair, chubby cheeks. It may be because she is somewhat dark colour. When I frequently started asking her doubts, she cannot resist pressing my cheeks. I loved the way she holds my cheeks. One day I asked her “what 32-26-33 mean?” She gave a loud laugh and asked me where I read it. I said heroines’ websites.

She said they are the measurements of bust – waist – hips in women. She said they indicate health indirectly. I asked her if I have good measurements? She laughed and said I am very thin but that is not a problem because I have a beautiful innocent face and nice cheeks. I blushed.

Soon I started going to college early just to spend time with her alone. I asked her lot of things and she answered happily. One day I took courage and asked her what are her measurements? She laughed. She joked that I am kid of her shoulder height and will know such things when I grow up. isvecbahis yeni giriş I felt offended and left seriously though she called me come back.

After that, I stopped talking to her. She tried to talk but I simply said yes mam and no more smile on my face. Whenever she came in my favourite sari or other favourite dress also, I controlled not seeing her. She checked to see if I am looking but seeing my hostility, she doesn’t know what to say. I liked the way she felt uncomfortable.

One day I came early but not for my mam. That day my mam came early too and came straight to my bench. Since nobody else is there, I did not stand up to wish her good morning. She shouted Chait but I simply stood up silent. She controlled her frustration and said, “sorry Chait for that day I called you my shoulder height”. I said, “why sorry mam, what you said is true, I am short, I am thin…”. She interrupted to cool me. She said, “so what Chaitu, you are fairer than me. More than that I like your innocence” and about to hold my cheeks but I moved away.

She smiled and tried to catch my cheeks again. I am still not in good mood and tried to avoid her hand. Suddenly she took hold of my hand and pulled me towards her. She is so strong. I cannot escape. She smiled at my struggle and holding both my cheeks with both her hands she said, “you are my favourite dear” and kissed my cheeks. I am turned on. I said sorry mam and hugged her by her hips.

She smiled, brushed my hair, and said “you are my guy and no sorry needed.” I enjoyed the feel of her thick thighs and beautiful buttocks. I want to hold her some more time, but she turned and left. I am nervous to advance any more.

I took courage and called out “mam”. She turned. I said I measured her with my hands. I said, “you are 32-26-32. She laughed and said hands are not for measurement. I kept a touching anxious face. She then said she is 36-28-36 and over 6 feet tall. I tricked her to know her stats. I know they must be good measurements because my mam is indeed tall and beautiful.

One day there is a cultural program in our college. My mam wore bright red designer ghagra choli with cream coloured dupatta covering her navel. While everyone is watching the program, I am watching her constantly. She blushed seeing me and glanced questioning eyes at me.

I got a mischievous idea. I took her purse and went to top floor running. She looked up at me questioningly. She gestured to give her purse. I said I will not with gestures. She said she will come to top floor with gestures. I smiled mockingly.

She left her chair and started coming upstairs. I hid near the wall inside the only classroom which is open on top floor. She is so fast. She came up in no time.

She is laughing which means she understood my mischief sportively. Everyone is busy listening to songs in cultural programs at ground floor. Finally, she snatched her purse. It was a naughty moment for both of us. I isvecbahis giriş hugged her tight and tried to take back her purse. She said I can’t reach the purse in her hand mockingly. Suddenly I saw the lock with key at the door handle. I went, locked the door from inside and said, “take the keys if you can” mockingly.

The isolation of us from others made us more mischievous. I naughty thought ran through my mind, and I warned her I will remove my dress if she comes near me for the keys.

She said she don’t care with a laugh and coming closer to take the door keys. I removed my dress and she laughed loudly. I know she is strong and will take the keys. I thought up something immediately. I climbed up on a bench holding my hand up which has the keys. When she came near me, before she can get on top of the bench, I warned her in a funny tone “don’t climb the bench or I will push you from the bench”.

Lavanya mam is very confident of her strength, and she climbed up my bench easier than me. But in the process her dupatta fell off exposing her navel and sleeveless laces of her blouse. I immediately climbed on top of desk which is taller than bench. She controlled her laugh and demanded, “Chait come climb down and give me those keys”. I said I won’t mocking her again.

She is seeing to climb on top of desk also. I realized I cannot go taller than the desk and if Lavanya mam gets on the desk she will easily reach the keys in my hand.

I said OKAY I will come down mam. She laughed proud of herself and waited. Naughtiness overpowered my mind and I jumped on her waist holding her. She also caught me afraid that I will fall. I laughed and said I tricked her. Now she cannot reach the keys in my hand I said laughing. I am enjoying sitting naked on her bare waist and trying anxiously to divert her my intention.

However, Lavanya mam gave a naughty smile to my relief. I know she knows my mind, but she is not annoyed. I can no longer wait for this moment. I dropped the keys and hugged her tightening my legs around her hips. She too hugged me pressed my hair and my back while still carrying me naked on her waist.

My manhood is enjoying a womanhood for the first time. As she is carrying me, she is afraid to climb down the bench and stood on the bench like that carrying and hugging me.

I felt my dick hard on her waist and stared at her to see her feeling. She is closing her eyes sensually while careful not to lose balance from the bench. I became naughtier. I started planting kisses on her lips, neck and cleavage making her hotter. She was making small sounds “Chaitooo, aaahhhh, hmmmmm, heyyyyy….”

Her sounds made me even naughtier. I untied the lace of her blouse. She is eager than me to give her fruits. She asked me to get down off her and she will remove her blouse. By now I became bold and said I will not get down and commanded her to remove it while carrying me. She coddled me and said, “okay sir, I will remove isvecbahis güvenilirmi it like this only”. Being tall and flexible, she removed her blouse without me needing to get down off her.

Seeing her 36 D bare boobs, I realized what I wanted from her and why I am gazing at her during classes. I did not wait any longer. I hugged her tight and started pressing her breasts. While still carrying me, she moved me to her front for playing with her mangoes. I was cumming over her innie belly button as she is carrying me.

I am not satisfied pressing those erect boobs anymore and started sucking them. She stood curved backward lifting her chin up as I happily straddled on her waist tightly between my legs. I squeezed her breasts with my hands and sucked them. She started making noises “Chaitoooo dear, pleasssssss, heyyyyyy, ummmm, aaahhhhhhhhh… “

I am in seventh heaven when suddenly milk started coming into my mouth. I hesitated for a moment. But she understood my doubt and smiled saying, “I am a lactating mom” with a wink in her eye. I am mad and tightened my hold on her and started drinking her milk like a starved guy. She must be very strong because she stood carrying me still and sensually continued to brush my hair as I sucked her breasts.

After some time, the milk stopped as I have drunk a lot from both the breasts. I asked her for more. She said it takes some time before the milk forms again. I couldn’t give up so easily. I almost shaken her trying to milk her somehow. I started chewing and biting her nipples and surrounding breast while she tried to cool me, “Chaituooo, ohhhhh, pleasssssse, oh my Chaitooo dearrr, ohhhhhh Chaittoooooo, ummm Chaitoooooo, ahhhhh, paining yaaaarr, hmmmmaahhh….”.

Finally, I am tired after about an hour but didn’t feel like getting down so sat like that on her waist holding her tight with my lips latched to her right nipple though not sucking. She took the help of the adjoining desk with one hand and slowly climbed down the bench while still carrying me.

She understood my state. She is so loving. She waited for me without disturbing my state. She sat on the bench resting her head backwards on the desk while pampering my hair.

It was dusk outside when I lifted my head finally from her boob. She was watching me like an angel and combed my hair with her fingers while I am still sitting on her. She winked, “are you happy”. I blushed, hugged her tight and planted some more kisses between and on her breasts. I said thank you Lavs (I became bold enough to call Lavanya mam like that now).

I got down from her. We both dressed up ourselves normally and left the room. Everybody left and the college was locked at the entrance gate from outside. She phoned the gate keeper and he apologized he will come with the keys in 2 hours and requested us to wait.

There are a lot of snacks and beverages left after the cultural program. She sat on the stairs, and she said we can have these foodies for time pass. I went near her removed her dupatta, sit astride on her waist boldly and winked, “you have snacks, I will have something else” looking at her blouse. She smiled naughtily and arched herself backwards on the stairs preparing her body for my wants…. 😉 :p

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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