My First Drink

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In my experience it is more men than women who are into peeing. But in my case it was quite the opposite — I never fantasized about it and if you had asked me I would have been disgusted. Here is how that changed.

Firstly let me tell you something about myself. My name is Peter and I’m 35. This happened when I was 30. I’m 5’11, with dark hair and a muscular body. I have grey eyes and I’ve been told I’m reasonably good looking. In general in my 20s I had a number of sexual experiences, which I thought at the time pretty exciting, but in retrospect I can see they were pretty vanilla. The experience I’m about to relate was certainly the most unusual I had had at that time, though I’ve had some to match it since.

The whole thing started in the most innocent way. I was shopping in town when I held the door open for two women: they looked very similar though one was in her early twenties and the other in her mid-thirties. They both had long auburn hair, both wore expensive dresses and high heels, and they were struggling with a heavy box containing a new flat screen television. Having held open the door, and seeing how frankly good-looking the women were, I asked if they needed any help.

“What do you think?” said the elder one to the younger. She looked at me for a moment and then replied, looking at me: “Yes, please, you’ll do fine.” Then looked over at the elder one and smiled. It seemed like some kind of thing between them that I couldn’t fathom. Before I could think more, the elder one said to me: “That would be fantastic, we only live round the corner.” So I took the TV, which was heavy despite its small size, and followed them, enjoying the legs and view as I went.

Neither of the women was thin: which was fine by me – I like healthy curves. I was a little taken aback that they charged on ahead, leaving me hefting the heavy television a couple of paces behind them, but I had a fine view of two lovely firm round asses to follow, and every once in a while one of them would turn to smile at me and thank me once again.

In fact their house was 15 minutes walk from the store, and by the time I had got the TV into the house I was a little tired and very thirsty. I decided it was a good time to introduce myself:

“Hi, I’m Peter,” I said.

“Oh, how rude of us,” said the elder. “I’m Jess and this is my niece Ella. We live together. Would you like a cup of tea?”

“I’d love a cup,” I replied, looking around at the expensive and tastefully decorated house.

“I’m so glad we met you: its just lovely to find a man with muscles!” Jess said, coming over and giving my bicep a squeeze. “Did that tire you out?” she asked me solicitously.

“Well, a little, but I’ll be fine in a minute,” I replied, enjoying her touch and thinking that I might be ‘in’ here from the way Jess was smiling at me.

While Jess made the tea, Ella started unpacking the rest of the shopping which was in a neat little black bag. “Auntie, do you think they will do?” she said, as she pulled out a pair of black velvet covered handcuffs. Wow. I was quite taken aback. Ella was at least 8 years younger than me and I guess I had assumed more innocent. But I’d never even seen handcuffs like that – though it was quite obvious what they were for.

Jess looked round at me and laughed. “Oh you look so shocked! They aren’t what you think they are for. Ella’s best friend Harriet is having a hen night and we have a joke planned for her.” Then she turned back to Ella and said: “Shall we check they work?”

Jess took the handcuffs from Ella and Ella held out her hands in front of her to be handcuffed. Jess said: “No, no! Behind your back.” Ella immediately turned round and held her hands behind her back. Jess quickly slipped the handcuffs over her wrists and stood back to admire her niece in them.

Ella joked around, saying: “Oh please don’t hurt me!” in a little girly voice, and I have to admit the whole thing was turning me on a bit. Luckily I was wearing quite thick jeans and so the bulge wasn’t too obvious as I felt my cock stiffen. Unfortunately the little play didn’t last any longer and Jess walked over to unlock Ella.

“They don’t seem very big, Ella,” Jess said as she unlocked them. “Harriet has definitely got thicker wrists than you, Ella. Peter,” she said, turning round to face me, “would you mind if I try them on your wrists: if they don’t fit I’ll return them straight away. And then, if you don’t mind, could you just see if the TV works? It would be great to have a man look at it.”

Laughing, I put my wrists forward in front of me, and before I knew it, they were handcuffed. Jess turned to Ella and said: “Oh look – he’s all yours now!” Ella just giggled and came over to me. She gently pulled gaziosmanpaşa escort on the handcuffs, and I could tell that despite the velvet covering, these were not just toys. They felt heavy on my wrists and very secure.

“Shall I take a look at the TV now?” I asked, blushing a little. Despite my attraction to these women, I’d never been in a situation like this and my nerves simply led me to play down the sexual aspect.

“Oh I don’t think we are in a hurry are we?” Jess said, coming over and running her finger down my arm again. “You look very strong and manly, but now you are handcuffed I feel quite safe. Wouldn’t you like a kiss from our caged tiger, Ella?”

Ella was still in front of me, and she leaned up towards my face on her tiptoes until she was level and just an inch in front of me, looked right into my eyes with a delicious twinkle, and kissed me. I was a little shocked and to be honest I didn’t kiss her that amazingly, but Ella’s kiss made up for that. Her lips were really succulent and soft, and they parted slightly as they touched mine, and the whole thing completely turned me on. I felt her full soft breasts up against me as she leant in, and the kiss went on for what was probably only seconds but felt like minutes. Suddenly, I felt Ella’s tongue push in deep into my mouth and I completely melted.

Just as the kiss ended, I felt Jess’s breath on my ear as she leant up to me and whispered: “Mm-mmm, I think you enjoyed that.”

Now I don’t know about you, but a woman’s hot breath in my ear is like a large shot of whisky for me: it leaves me feeling warm and slightly out-of-control. I felt Jess turn me head to the side and then she kissed me too. This was completely different but just as amazing. From the first moment she pushed her tongue into my mouth, and held my head from behind.

I really was a little light-headed from this, and that is my only excuse for what happened next. Jess and Ella both took an arm each and led me through into the next room. It was a bedroom and they sat me on the side of the bed and then Jess pushed me back so I was lying on the bed. She gently raised my still-handcuffed hands over my head and held them gently above my head. She pulled her dress up a little and moved to sit astride me and then she kissed me again. The kiss was incredible and lasted a long time. While she was kissing me I was vaguely aware of Ella moving around and making some sounds. Then I felt her taking off my shoes and doing something to my ankles. I should really have paid more attention, but I could feel Jess pushing her soft crotch against the bulge in my trousers and then she started to bite my earlobe and then push her hot tongue into my ear, and frankly I couldn’t have cared if a bomb went off next door.

“All done!” Ella said suddenly, and Jess hopped off me. I lay there still for a minute, and then – well I’m sure it’s no surprise to you, but I was completely taken aback – I found I was well and truly immobile. The handcuffs above my head had been cuffed to the bedhead and my ankles had also been tied down. Ella was smiling like the cat with the cream and said to Jess: “Auntie – I can’t believe how easy that was!”

“Well dearest, you had him from the moment he saw you in those cuffs. His cock was fit to burst. And we all know that once the blood has flowed to the cock there is nothing going on in the brain!”

I was starting to be a little scared but then the two women started to unbutton my shirt and unzip my trousers. Their touch was very soft and Jess started to play with my nipples while Ella uncovered my cock. To be honest Jess was quite right: the blood started to flow back into my cock and I stopped worrying about anything except whether those soft lips or something even better was going to envelop me. My cock was tight in my briefs and sprung up as Ella pulled it free from them. Her hand felt fantastic as she briefly touched my head and I would have done anything right then to cum.

Then they both stood back, and Jess pulled Ella’s dress off. Underneath she was wearing a fantastic pair of matching underwear – the material was a beautiful pink color and Ella’s curves were quite something. She wasn’t slim by any means, but she had a good waist and her breasts and thighs were full and plump, bulging out of the material and looking simply delicious.

Jess looked her up and down, and then came over and slid her hand straight into Ella’s panties, obviously sliding a finger right into her niece’s pussy. She smiled as she did it and then slid it out and pushed it into my mouth. I love the taste of pussy and if my cock wasn’t completely hard before this, it was now.

I still had no real idea of what was going on, gölbaşı escort but I didn’t care. I wanted two things: one was to get another taste of Ella, and the other was to cum.

Jess went up to Ella and whispered in her ear. I could see Ella tense up a little as Jess whispered, but Jess just kept on whispering. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but I could see Ella relaxing and looking almost like she was about to cum. Her mouth had opened and she was breathing heavily. Jess stood away from Ella and I suddenly noticed that Ella’s pink panties had gone dark with wetness at the crotch, and there seemed to be some liquid dripping down her leg.

I wasn’t really thinking, but Jess soon explained it to me.

“Now Peter. Jess here loves to pee. Do you see how horny she is, just from letting go a tiny drop? Well her one desire is to pee into someone’s mouth. And you are the lucky victim.”

“No!” I exclaimed. My cock immediately shrunk and I started to shout. “I’m not doing that you dirty bitch.” The thought just disgusted me, and all my previous turn-on vanished as I thought of her dirty piss in my mouth. I thrashed around in the handcuffs but I was securely tied and it did nothing. Jess was very calm and she ignored my outburst, simply kneeling down to pull Ella’s wet panties off her, easing them over her large round bottom and then over the high heels that Ella still wore. She balled the panties up, and walked over and thrust them into my mouth, effectively silencing me. The panties nearly choked me as I got my first taste of Ella’s piss. It was pungent and slightly bitter and mixed strongly with the scent and taste of pussy. I had to breathe through my nose as I struggled to get my breath.

Ella took this opportunity to climb onto me, straddling my chest, her weight pushing down on my chest. She wasn’t light and although I could still breathe freely, I was pretty much immobilized. I could smell her aromatic pussy right next to my face and could see her swollen lips right above my mouth. She didn’t try to do anything to me, but instead used her fingers to spread open her lips wider as she started to rub her clit.

The smell and the sight of Ella’s swollen clit being rubbed in front of me was beginning to turn me on again, but then I suddenly felt a hand and then a mouth close round my cock. Whatever misgivings I had, I couldn’t resist the amazing feeling of what Jess started to do to me. Her hand held my cock tight round the shaft, squeezing what blood was left in it into the head, and then her lips and mouth closed around my head, her tongue first lapping over the tip then focusing in on the hole at the tip. My cock couldn’t help itself – it started to grow under the treatment and soon I could feel it back to its fat, full, firmness filling Jess’s soft and open mouth. I tried to push it up into her mouth, but her hands held me down – she was in control and there wasn’t much I could do except to submit to whatever she did to my cock. And submit I did, it was fantastic. All the while Ella’s fat thighs were straddling me and her finger was sliding into her pussy and then circling her clit. She had her head back and was moaning. As she rubbed herself the fragrant smell of her juice filled my nose and I started to salivate instinctively. Then Ella started to talk to Jess – her words heavy with breath as she almost moaned them.

“Aunt, I need to piss. I need to piss in his mouth. I need to feel his mouth on my pussy Auntie.”

“Not quite yet, baby, he’s nearly ready.” Jess replied, pulling her mouth off my cock but her hand expertly taking over so she could talk to her niece.

“Take his gag out baby,” Jess ordered, and Ella pulled her panties out of my mouth. I tried to speak, but just then Jess somehow manipulated my cock so amazingly that I couldn’t say anything but just moan.

Ella slowly lowered herself down onto my mouth, her finger still rubbing her clit as her lips ground down onto mine. I was once again effectively gagged as her wet pussy pushed over my mouth. I could taste her juices as she ground her pussy onto me. I knew that her lips must have still had her piss on them, but the effect of her rubbing had been to make her cunt so soaked in pussy juice that it was all I could taste.

“I need to piss Auntie! Please. Please!” she moaned as she pushed down onto my face. My mouth opened despite myself and I couldn’t help but lick the delicious juices from her cunt and her clit as she stopped fingered and simply rubbed herself over my mouth and tongue.

Jess must have known how close I was. She could see me burying my mouth in Ella’s pussy. She could see the way my cock was twitching beneath her hand as she wanked me closer and closer to cumming. I keçiören escort was moaning deeply. Whatever disgust I had felt about Ella’s piss was off to one side of my mind. All I was focusing on was the taste of Ella’s juice in my mouth and the amazing touch of Jess on my cock.

Jess suddenly stopped wanking me. Her hand still held my cock around its shaft, and I tried to push my hips up to move my cock in her hand, but she used her other arm to hold me down. My cock twitched in Jess’s hand, desperate for her mouth or hand to bring me to my climax. Muffled by Ella’s pussy and lips, I tried to beg Jess. I needed to cum. “Please I need to cum!” I tried to say, but it was just grunts. I have no doubt that Jess and Ella knew exactly what I meant though.

I continued to lick and suck the delicious cunt in front of me, and I could feel Ella almost riding my mouth as she pushed herself onto me. Ella was moaning deeply. It was more than just the motion of my tongue on her clit. Deep down I knew that Ella was getting off in her mind just as much as her body. And in her mind there was just one thought: underneath her she had a man, handcuffed, tied, his mouth open to her pussy, and she was going to fill his mouth with her hot piss. That was why she was moaning and grinding so deeply. That was why she continued to grunt: “Please Auntie. I need to piss. I need it. I have to. I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Just one minute more baby,” Jess replied, and as she did her hand started up again on my cock. If anything, my cock was fuller now than ever. I just needed to cum. I grunted, trying to beg her to let me spurt. I tried to say “Please!” but it just came out as a muffled grunt as Ella’s lips pushed wider over my mouth.

“Come on Peter, cum for us!” Jess said, as she started wanking me hard. “Go on, spurt it all out for Auntie Jess. I want to taste all of your hot cum baby.” The words sounded so good, and I knew I couldn’t hold back as her hand pumped my cock like a piston.

“Now!” Jess shouted. It wasn’t just for me, or for Ella. It was a command for both of us. My cock twitched as I started to cum, and just then Ella started to pee deep into my mouth. I nearly choked as the hot piss spurted between my lips and filled my mouth. Jess and Ella had timed it just to the same moment that my own body was focused on spurting my sperm as far and as hard as it would go. Just as I started to cum, I could feel Jess’s soft mouth push down over my cockhead, feel all of my thick cum boiling up along my shaft and spurting into her mouth. And I could feel my own mouth filling with hot sour piss as Ella emptied it all into me.

I swallowed. I didn’t think I would, but I couldn’t help it. It was an instinctive reaction. Nothing I was doing was under my own control and whether it was because I knew that to swallow was what Ella and Jess wanted me to do, or whether it was just the only way to deal with the torrent of hot piss flooding my mouth, that is what I did. As the piss streamed into me, I suddenly felt Ella’s thighs clamp round me. She leant forwards, her hands pushing into the bedhead, and I felt her whole body contract as she came hard on top of me. My whole face was covered by her as the orgasm shook her. It seemed to stop the flow of pee for a second, and then with each contraction of her pussy, it squirted piss into my mouth, almost mirroring the way my own orgasm had squirted my cum into Jess’s mouth. It felt like Ella was pumping her liquid deeper into my mouth.

I don’t know how long Ella had been holding it, but I felt like I had swallowed a pint or more of her hot liquid when she finally stopped spurting and squirting into my mouth. I lay exhausted, trying to catch my breath, as she moved back to let me breathe. I hate to admit it, but it was the best orgasm of my life until that point, and I felt utterly used, filled and emptied all at once. It was simply incredible. In retrospect I know exactly what they did to me: they deliberately made me cum just as I tasted pee for the first time. They wanted me forever more to associate the taste of pee and my own orgasm.

Ella was completely used up too, and she hardly had the energy to un-straddle me. She simply unhooked one leg and then lay down; half on top of me as she caught her breath and let the aftershocks of the orgasm take her.

Jess let go of my cock and came over near to my face. She had a huge smile on her face and I looked down my body. There was no sign of my juice: none on my body and none on Jess. She must have swallowed every drop. I must have been like an open book to her because she just winked at me and said: “Yes, I took every drop”. Then she patted her hand on the bed underneath my head and neck, and said: “And so did you: the bed is completely dry. You must have drunk every last drop of Ella’s piss. Did you enjoy it?”

I closed my eyes and thought about it. Then I looked back at Jess and looking her straight in the eye I admitted it: “Yes, I did.”

“Oh good,” she replied, “then you are going to enjoy mine even more!”

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