My Broken, Cheating Heart

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I think the hottest stories are the true ones and I wanted to share my first cheating experience.


I remember the conversation we had a couple of months ago:

“I’ve been thinking about it love and I don’t want you to go to Europe without me.” I plead to my partner. “Remember when you went to Hawaii without me and got sunburned the first day. It was karma and ruined the whole trip, this could be bad too? We can’t afford it right now but it’s something we should share together.”

“We talked about this Rob, I’m going with friends, sharing expenses, and spending my own money. You’re free to come but I’m not going to waste my life away not seeing the world,” my partner Oscar reminded me.

My partner traveling without me was becoming pretty common. I had accepted that he was eccentric and prioritized seeing the world. This was in contrast with my priority of building a future first so we could see the world together.

I meet my partner when we were both 23 years of age, we fell in love because we were both good caring people. He, a gorgeous 5’10 petite Mexican, caramel skin, beautiful butt, 7 in uncut cock, and verse. He also has class and style. Me a 6’3″ white, clean-cut, slender, nice stomach, 7in cut cock, and verse. I was also a soldier which I didn’t realize at the time added to that mystic some people find hotter than they are. To be honest I definitely felt like I had come up.

Now my partner had been gone a whole week already. I was going crazy, was my family right? My partner went to travel Europe for three weeks without me. Of course, he wanted me to go but I couldn’t justify it. I don’t know how he could afford it either I thought to myself? Oh, that’s right I’ve been paying for all our living expenses.

This wasn’t the first trip, there was New York as I was having surgery which hurt. Then there was Hawaii, Columbia, Brazil, and a few other places I don’t remember. Begrudging he finally decided to join me on my trip to the Philippines. He joined so late he had to take a different flight and took the opportunity to see the Great Wall of China without me. Then there were the work trips. He got paid to do “tour guides” for some very nice friends that included private jets. As I said he is very classy, Mexican, and cultured so it sort of made sense. I learned to trust him even though there was some ambiguity to the whole thing that I couldn’t comprehend.

I continued to play everything out in my head. I’m 30 years old now I endured 4 of our first 5 years apart because of immigration and my 2nd military tour. We didn’t get to marry and live together until two amasya escort years ago. Everything to this point had been an odyssey. We thought we would never see each other as I went to war. Five months after I returned they don’t let him cross back to the states after a visit to Mexico. We were stealing weekends together for 3 years. Some were erotic, exotic, and exciting. Other times it seemed like all we did was fight. Then right as we are falling apart and the distance is too much two things happen. I get injured and the federal laws change. Injuries pull people back together and the fact that we could get married meant it wasn’t for nothing.

Torn on the prospect of marriage I decided we need to marry to see if this was something real. From my mind as soon as we married it went downhill. Even though he took a trip during my surgery, that hurt me, he did nurse me back to health. I am forever grateful for that.

Over two years of living together everything went from great to horrible. As he was leaving for the Europe trip I mentioned, “Oscar I’m going to start friends with benefits.”

Assuming I was joking he said, “don’t use my bed.”

I wasn’t super busy while he was gone, some summer classes in which the instructor was sick a bit. This left me time to think about everything. This usually means lots of masturbation which leads me to craigslist. I like to imagine that I’m giving in to some of the scenarios. I had only ever replied to one person, Oscar.

As a week goes by, I’m going a little crazy. Replaying past stuff in my head. Was my partner using me? Would Oscar move on when he got his citizenship? Had I wasted my last eight years for nothing? Had he been some kind of whore all along and I’m ignoring the facts? What gay guy pays you to take trips on a private jet and doesn’t expect something else? Who goes galavanting around Europe without their partner if they love them?

I started to crack mentally, those hard questions were too much. I needed my partner, a friend, or some lifeline. I had always tried to stay as innocent as possible. No drugs ever, first sexual experience a day before I was twenty-one, and aside from a few times, I didn’t even drink. In my loneliness, my heart broke and I accepted the reality that I can’t love someone who doesn’t love me.

Once the love breaks anything is possible. On one of my craigslist get-off moments I did something I never do, I reached out to one of the posts. It said: white, 34 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, 6-7 in cock, and a pic of a slim type of body. Looking for a cumdump mouth to use often. A friends with benefits situation that enjoys pleasuring me.

I’m a very sexual guy but I had forgone ankara escort my sexual desires for love. Now, this isn’t a poor me because I had plenty of sex from my ’20s to ’30s but it was all with my partner as it should be. My partner and I had many sexual getaways. The best was my 12 days of leave during my second tour. The build-up left me super strong and we took turns fucking each other, him in the morning and me at night.

For me it was an internal fight, I never wanted to be the person that thinks sex is the most important thing in life. Sometimes I looked on in envy but how could sex compare to love. I have no doubt in my mind that this was true but thought to myself I was a fool because now I have had neither.

In the email, to the post, I included my phone number so we could get this thing rolling.

“Hi Rob, I don’t drive so can you come to pick me up and we can watch a movie at your place,” Neal texted me.

I thought to myself who doesn’t drive? I didn’t care as I was overcome with desire, between his post and his other text he had a bravado about himself. I replied, “ok sounds good, send me your address.”

In a picture-perfect story, he would be drop-dead gorgeous but I knew to set my expectations low. As I picked Neal up and gave him a hug I looked him up and down. He was as described by his post, about 5’10, blond hair, blue eyes, slim, nice butt. The exception was his face, which wasn’t the most appealing. The face of someone who had smoked too many cigarettes. It might have been too much having seen it beforehand so I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not shallow, nor am I perfect. Everyone has some hot features and loveable traits. It’s about the whole package of who a person is from looks to personality to meshing well together. The good parts need to outweigh the bad.

Neal did the same thing looking me up and down. I’m about 6’3, white, more beefy kind of guy now, thick legs and ass, clean-cut, and a nice face. No doubt he sensed my display of inexperience in this realm of hooking up.

Grabbing some food, we went to my two-bedroom apartment and set up a movie to watch from my bed. He is laying in his jockstrap and I’m laying in my briefs. We chatted for a bit while watching the movie. I remember running my hands over his hairy chest. Hair is so short that it felt relaxing as I ran my fingers over it creating electricity between us. More important to me as he enjoyed the slight feeling. There was something intimate about the whole thing.

Feeling him up I gained a better appreciation for his body. At first, I thought he had the appearance of a more feminine guy in my mind. As I felt the tone of his muscles my mind corrected that notion antalya escort to that of a slender more masculine guy. Leading me to the bulge in his jockstrap I was overcome with desire. A feeling of excitement and giddiness I hadn’t felt in a long time. I pulled out his semi-hard cut cock and started to stroke it. A slight moan escaped his mouth letting me know he was enjoying the attention. Caught up in the moment I continued my exploration feeling up his beautiful legs and hairy balls.

I can only imagine to him that it felt like I was teasing him but this was only the third guy I had ever been with. Getting frustrated with my teasing he guided my head to his crotch. My cock which struggled to get hard these days was twitching at his directness. Following his lead, I leaned over and put his hardening cock in my mouth. Leaning over onto him I start sucking and his cock starts hardening in my mouth.

That goes on for a bit before I decide it’s time to get to a more comfortable position. Taking off his jockstrap and getting between his legs. In my comfort zone, I had found myself so many times before with Oscar. As my body does the action my mind get lost in my thoughts. A skill that had helped me in the military so many times. I thought how amazing it was to have someone else’s cock in my mouth and how this wasn’t my partner.

“Get up Rob,” Neal ordered, snapping me out of my dazed state, “On the ground on your knees facing the bed.”

I moved slow and tried to comprehend what the goal was. He didn’t care. He knew what he wanted and got me in a position. He sat down on the edge of the bed legs spread and let me suck him a little from the floor. I could tell it didn’t feel right enough for him. Then he got on his knees on the bed and aimed his cock at my face and holding my head he said, “I’m going to fuck your face now.”

I almost shot my load from that comment alone. He starts picking up the speed. This was for his pleasure, not mine. His cock was around the average 6 to 6.5 at most and it was the perfect size for this. It was still enough that I’m choking on it but not dying. I loved the feeling of someone else being in control, taking me to places I didn’t have the courage to go to.

After a while he moans out, “fuck, here it comes,” he holds my head in place, cock as deep as he can get it, and floods my throat. As he releases my head I’m feeling blessed to be the guy that gets to worship his cock.

“Thank you for that, I needed that,” said Neal, “Do you need to get off?”

“No, thank you, that was amazing!” I replied, “For me, nothing can compare to the pleasure of getting someone else off. I got everything I needed.”

“That is hot!” he said getting up.

Afterward, he needed a cigarette so half-naked on the balcony we chatted up. I explained my relationship situation more. We laid down more finishing the movie before I took him home.

Upon getting back I get an email from Oscar, “You feel distant. What’s going on?

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