Ms. Marca Ch. 62

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Big Tits

Well gentlemen, I’m back and have I been up to no good! For those of you who know me I want answer that question. For you guys who don’t know me I’m Marca, 30 + something years old, married with no children. At 5′ 10″, 140# with a body of 40DD X 23 X 38 and I was a model before I was a Mrs. (see Ch. 1)

Cont. from Ms. Marca Ch. 61

We took Uncle Bob’s body back to Tenn. where he wanted to be buried next to his wife. He didn’t tell anyone that but we did it anyway, it sounds so nice. We had the body shipped back as soon as the police had released the body to the family. As Tim was Uncle Bob’s only family we took charge of all arrangements. I went one day after the body and took Jason with me. Tim was to come the next morning. I had to buy the old guy a dark sport coat to bury him in, didn’t need any pants, coffin would only be open at the head.

Jason was driving me around every where I needed to go and that afternoon he took me to the funeral home. The door of the funeral home slowly opened as we came up the steps and one of those old slick, oil hair guys came out to greet us.

“You folks must be here about Mr. Bob?”

“Yes … I’m his niece by marriage and I’ll be taking care of all the details.”

I started in on a list of things I wanted and how they were to be handled:

Fist here is a sport coat, shirt and tie to put him in for the service.

Second, give me the cost to rent a coffin for 48 hours. Do you have a used one, to rent?

Third No flowers please, send all donation to a special medical fund that is being set up at the following bank. Checks should be made out to Ms. Marca.(got to put away funds for my face lift that I will have when I’m 50. I know Uncle Bob would have wanted me to do that!)

Fourth do not embalm him. He wanted his body to be sent to University of Tenn. Med School. (I sold them his body, made a good deal on it. The money went into the fund)

Fifth, … last but not least did he have a smile on his face when you got him, if so can you make it more like he was at peace, and not getting ….auh … well .. I mean happy.

I had Jason drive to Dalton Ga. to pick up Tim who had got a shuttle bus out of Atlanta Ga. That night I told Tim after we had dinner that Uncle Bob had done the most wonderful thing. He had given his body to medical research and tomorrow all that was taking place was a service and he could get back to work and I would take care of any business that was left. Tim told me what a wonderful person I was to do this for him. For us Tim we are a team.

The next day the church that his late wife belong to had a service for the old guy and all his friends and local people from the small Tenn. town near his farm came to pay their last respects. I was dressed all in black, short tight mine long sleeve dress, 5” heels with dark stocking. My high collar made my tits stick out like a pair of high beams. Did I get the looks, even the preacher had his eye on me as Tim and I walked in and down to the front row. I can still remember the sermon the preacher gave.

“My friends we come here today to say good-by to a man that we loved and cared for!”

(I bet they didn’t fucking love him like I did, damn the old guy was good!)

“Bob was with his love ones when the end came.”

(If he only knew how close Bob was to one of his love ones! About 9 inches up my hot love hole!)

“We all should be so lucky to be with your love ones or even better be in the arms of a love one when out time is called up yonder!”

(Yea, but Bob was going ape with my legs wrapped around his skinny ass telling him to bring it home, give it to me in my pussy, not yonder!)

“No better way to be but to be in the company of your love one when the lord calls you home!”

(I bet old Bob had wished the good lord had just waited 30 more minutes before he called him home, fuck I sure do!)

“I went to visit Bob just a few weeks ago and when I ask him about his family, he told me how his late sisters son and his wife had come into his life this past year and they had made a big difference in his outlook on things. He had found peace!”

(You got that right preacher,…. he had found the best piece of ass he ever knew …if the sun was out, … well …… Marca let‘s fuck!)

“To use a phrase so often used by us in the church …. The truth can set you free, … and it did just that for Bob. He told me his transformation was almost unbelievable, he had found the way!“

(Shit.. I guess he did … part of that was because of my hot ass and the way he always found to fill me with a load of cream he had.)

“Bob told me how a very beautiful lady had come into his life, that she had shown him how wonderful people could be to each other no matter what the age!”

(Oh you are so right! …. setting on top, riding that big cock of his having my 40DD bounce in his face and have him suck on them, was just fucking …WONDERFUL!!)

The good man of the zonguldak escort cloth gave me a big smile as he indicated to all that I was the nice lady that had come into his life and showed him love. Tim reached over and squeezed my hand and whispered to me “Thank you sweetheart, you’re so wonderful.” As Tim was doing that I had to cross my legs to give the preacher man a little something to think about as he looked at me, and I gave him a big wink as he saw my nest between my legs. A nest that was in need of a big thick round love snake that was ready to get in a nest.. From where he was standing he couldn’t see anything, but he did fix his eyes on my long limbs.

“Auh ..auh .. where was I, oh yes. Friends I think Bob had found his soul these last few months, something about the bounce in his step at his age it could only be one thing that gave him that bounce. It was Jesus who gave him that bounce.”

(Jesus my ass preacher boy ..he got that step from the fucking and sucking I put on that over sized cock he had! He was a man who believed in the almighty, every time he was shooting off in me or over my tits all you heard was ..Goddamn oh goddamn your good .. fuck Marca you’re so goddamn good. I let him know Jesus was part of the mix also …Oh yes sweet Jesus, yes Jesus Christ, yes more give me more Bob … yes!)

“Shall we stand and sing hymn number 69, Amazing Grace.”

(Grace …hell, … oh Bob is in heaven or some place singing Amazing Marca, … after every fuck he would tell me how amazing my pussy was!)

After the service we went back to the farm and greeted some of his friend that came by to meet and greet us. One man was a local lawyer and told Tim that Bob had made a Last Will and Testament out just before he came to visit us.

“I guess he told you that he had changed everything in the Will when he was visiting you folks?”

Tim and I looked at each other and shook our heads no he had said nothing to me, did he say anything to you?

“Oh Bob left everything to your wife Tim, he said she had been the only person in his life that liked him, showed love to him, and it was not for the money. Miss he said you never once asked him about his money, that impressed him. He told me you were a very special lady to him.”

My jaw dropped, eyes went wide open. I couldn’t believe I was really hearing this. Tim looked at me and smiled. “ She is so very special to all of us who know her!”

He needed me to come by his office and he would read the document to me in the morning. Tim didn’t need to be present, so that afternoon Jason and I took Tim back to Atlanta to get his flight. I told Tim I would stay at Uncle Bob’s farm and have Jason stay with me and do whatever I needed to get done so I could get home as soon as possible. I rode in the middle from Cleveland Tenn. to Atlanta and could feel Jason’s eyes on my tits when he didn’t have them on the rode. We dropped Tim off at the checking area and I gave him a big kiss good-by telling him to be horny for me next week when I got home. He smiled and said he was hard already, poor boy I didn’t let him have any while he was here. As I was getting back into the pickup I told Jason to drive safely and take your time we have all night. The boy did like to speed and I needed him to get good and horny for later, hell at 18 they stay horny!

As we drove back to Tenn. I told Jason that I needed to stop and use a restroom. He got gas and while I did my business I took off my bra and thong and just had on my jeans, cotton long sleeve turtleneck T-shirt and boots. When I got back into the truck I made it a point to set closer to the middle of the seat away from the window. The outlines of my nipples were coming though the shirt and my boy was taking in the view. A few miles down the road, my young stud reached over and began to rub his hand on my thigh. I looked over at him with sultry eyes knowing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He looked so sexy with his green eyes peering out from under his cowboy hat, not to mention how those Wrangler jeans looked on his ass I could see the outline of his long rod getting bigger with each mile. He would start to speedup knowing that the sooner he got to the farm the sooner he had some ass. .

“Slow down baby, if you want Ms. Marca tonight, you better stay the speed limit.”

Yes ma. Just out side of Cleveland Tenn. and a few miles from the farm it began to rain. By the time we got to the front gate it was coming down in buckets. It was raining harder a bad downpour. I told Jason to give me his jacket and I would put it over my head and I would open the gate. Just as I got out to open the gate going into the place, it seems as if the heavens open up and it was like a flash flood.. By the time he drove through the opening and I closed the gate, my hair and clothes were drenched. I climbed back in the truck dripping wet- and not just from the rain. He parked the truck just outside of the barn and I ran to open the tunalı escort doors to get it in in case it were to hail The barn smelled of hay as the rain fell against the tin on the roof.

God I wanted to fuck, had not had any in 4 days. We fell on to the barn floor into each other’s arms kissing passionately. His tongue was exploring the depths of my mouth, and my juices began flowing even more. The rain had soaked my t-shirt-revealing my hardened nipples through the fabric. He began to massage my breasts and tugged gently on my nipples. My heat was rising even though the air in the barn was cool. Shivers ran up and down my body, which were partly from the cool air, but mostly the anticipation of what was going to happen. He kissed my neck licking his wet tongue down my throat while cupping my breasts with his hands. We rolled over the floor trying to get enough of each other that we ended up next to one of the stalls. I arched my back trying to give him my body. He put his hands underneath my t-shirt sliding my shirt up over my tits. My over sized tits fell free from the shirt into his waiting hands. His hands explored roughly pulling and tugging on my nipples making them stand out even more.

Then leaning down, his mouth took a turn with them. He then grabbed the waistband of my jeans and quickly unbuttoned them sliding them down my ass and legs all the way to the hay scattered on the ground. I stood up almost naked. My body was trembling because of the desire I was feeling. He stood in front of me quickly sliding his jeans down revealing his very hard cock.

“Oh yes God yes your cock is so good! I need your cock all night Jason, fuck me all night big boy!”

He began to stroke his shaft getting it nice and hard watching my reaction the whole time. I kicked my boots off and stepped out of my jeans, I was completely naked. He spread my legs rubbing the length of his dick along my slit and rubbing my clit with the head. I was so wet by this time that my juices covered his cock when he slid it back away from my body.

He then took hold of my hips with both hands turned me around told me to bend over.

“I want to fuck you like you’re one of the sheep, since you’re in the barn where I learned to fuck!“

I bent over resting my hands on one of the stall post just as began driving his cock deep inside me. He drove his big cock in and out of my wet pussy and within a few strokes he made me cum.

“More Jason don’t stop I need for you to do me again, please keep it in!”

I turned to look back at Jason as I spoke to him when out of the corner of my eye I saw in the next stall Uncle Bob’s donkey. The 4-legged creature was standing side ways to me and when I looked down at his under belly I saw his cock hanging down. His cock was pink, light gray, spotted and speckled with a salt pepper look. The head was hanging down almost to the floor of the stall. he was just a few feet from me. I looked back at Jason and turned to look back at the donkey again.

“It’s .. it is big. Oh what a cock, … oh it is so big!”

Jason kept pumping in and out with his big cock rocking my body in waves of orgasm, soaking his cock even more with my juices. I could feel his entire body tightens up, and I knew he was about to erupt. He pulled his cock out of me turned me around and pushed me down to my knees on the ground. I was looking at Jason’s cock and turning to look at the animals cock as the boy continued to stroke his shaft until his hot cum began spurting out all over my tits and stomach. I could feel the heat running down my body.

I knelt forward in the hay licking and sucking on his cock making sure I had him clean while rubbing his cum into my nipples and stomach and licking it off my finger. I looked up at him and with that big smile he turned to the donkey.

“You like a big cock don’t your Ms. Marca?“

The next morning I went into town to see the lawyer and found out the old guy had left his farm of 225 acres, the farm house that had 2 bedrooms, 20 head of cattle, one donkey, a 6 year old pick-up and $35,000.00 from an insurance policy. Total value was put at about $375,000.00 by the local bank. I called Tim to tell him what all took place and after talking with the lawyer he told me to file the will in the courthouse. We both came to the same conclusion, was this what we wanted or should we sell out. Tim has made his money, we didn’t need this to change our life, but did we want to hold on to it. I told Tim I would be home in a few days after I put the house in order and see about someone looking after the place. Just as we were saying good-by on the phone.

“Marca honey, … I/you …we …. got a call from Detective Hicks, said he was still looking into Uncle Bob’s death and wanted to ask you some more question about that day. I told him you were in Tenn.. taking care of things and you would call him when you returned. Anyway ..I love you!”

“I love you honey! Call you tomorrow tunceli escort night bye!”

What the fuck does that slim ball want from me, he acts like I killed the old guy.

The rest of the day I spent doing paper work and getting something for the farmhouse that was needed. That afternoon I had Jason to drive me out to the place and over dinner I ask Jason what did Uncle Bob say about me to you Jason. Lay it all out, give me the good and bad.

Ms. Marca Bob had asked me if I had ever fucked an older woman one about 30 or 35. I told him no but I wanted to try. He said he had a one that age that would make me stay hard all day and if I would go along with him on his trip he would see to it that I got some of her ass twice a day. When I ask him about it on the plane coming down he turned to me and quipped,

“She loves it, Jason my boy, we’ve got a natural waiting for us when we get there. She is a fucking machine! She can’t get enough of my cock or any other big prick. I’ll bet you any amount you give her some of your cock and she will let you come back and fuck her any time you like. You know once they try it, they’re never satisfied with a smaller one and all she has around her home is a small cock husband. We can work out some kind of arrangement. where one of us will be fucking her at all hours of the night or day. I think she can fit us into her schedule.”

The way he was talking let me know that this was something he had done before You were nothing new for him and hinted that he would enjoyed providing stud service for this whore. best part is she in turn just wants to fuck and suck when ever. her day is made when she is laying below a big prick embedded in her. Bob said he had planned to be a regular visitor to your house and keep the wife satisfied in way’s that only he can do. Once he got you addicted to his cock, Bob plan was to make his visits contingent upon you coming to see him 2 or 3 times a year, just you.

He told me that I was to take care of you about 3 times a day. He told me that you would teach me just what you needed to get your climax quota for the day. After that first time in your bed, I was ready to help you get your quota, I just was going to do it better the next time. When I had come down to tell him you were ready for him, he said it’s going to be a long day and night for the next 4 days. I just knew after he dropped over, that I had my first and last piece of your ass. That’s it Ms. Marca

“Jason anyone know about all this? Have you gone around and told your buddies about this hot piece of ass your getting?”

“No ma!! .. Bob told me if it ever got out what he and I were up to, it would be all over for everyone!”

Later that night in bed with him I told Jason about the cop who was asking questions about the day Bob died and if anything was going on. You will never .. or ..let me put it this way, you want be going back to our home so I don’t think you will hear from them. But if you do, all you ever did was live here with Bob and was his hand on the farm. Mr. Tim asks you to stay on until he and his wife make up their minds what they need to do with this place. You say nothing else.

“Yes ma! Ms. Marca just how big a cock does your husband have, is it that small?”

I gave Jason a firm look and told him that what he had between his legs is not the norm. What Bob had between his leg is/was twice the size of the average man, and you’re bigger than Bob. The average size for most men is just over 5.35 inches so I have read. My husband is not even average when hard. Despite his best efforts, Tim cannot fill me up. My relationship with Tim has and is changing dramatically. My husband has a small penis (around 4.75 maybe 5.00 on a good day when hard). I’ve learned to love him and his little thing. I know he’s embarrassed about it. But that is something a woman would never bring up to her husband. I have had so many men over the years, and with my build I get no thrill from a small cock.

We had one conversation about it about 18 months after we were married.

“Marca do you think I’ve got a small cock? Seeing the guys at the gym today, I was kind of embarrassed I wasn’t staring or anything, but most of theirs seemed to be longer and thicker. Am I paranoid or what?”

I looked back towards him, resting my eyes on his flaccid member, resting shriveled and pathetic as it is and the same for his balls.

“I suppose all men are small, when it’s in that stage of rest, you know not hard. I’ll get my tape measure and see what you’ve got. Come on, let us see then.”

He lay on his back, as I played with his little thing. He was still reacting to my squeezing his dick with 2 of my fingers. I crossed back over him, unwinding the tape measure and placing an end at the base of his cock.

“Here we go then,” I announced and moved my head down to read the measurement. “Four and a half inch exactly,” I exclaimed, “and, hold on.” I wrapped the tape round the girth. “And, eh, just under two and a half round. How’s that?”

He didn’t say anything after that and we have never talked about it after that night. I do a good job of acting when I have an orgasm. Jason you’re never to say anything about this, but I wanted you to know why I have my lovers.

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