Mrs. Baxter’s Boarding House Ch. 02

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This a short piece – compared to the first instalment of Mrs Baxter’s Boarding House. In this scene, Bryony offers her bottom to her recently-arrived lodger.

The first chapter dealt with Adam’s first time. This is the second of three in the series.

I apologise for any errors remaining in the text.

I hope you enjoy this small effort.

Thank you for reading.

GA – Da Nang, Vietnam – 6th of May 2016.


He walked in to find Ian from Manchester going at Bryony Baxter. Ian had her bent over the kitchen table, his arms round the rack of her ribs, hands full of her breasts, his scrawny nates working as he fucked into her body.

“Adam,” Bryony groaned when she noticed him watching. Her eyes were glazed with her pleasure as she gasped and held onto the edge of the table, knuckles white with the effort, dress bunched at her waist, breasts cantilevered over her bra. “Why don’t you join in the fun, sweetie?” she gurgled, the honey-blonde a tangle just above her eyes.

Ian ignored Adam completely, grunting and thrusting with no mind to the interruption at all while he grimaced and worked at the woman.

“Come here, darling,” Bryony moaned, one hand coming up off the table, curling a forefinger at the gape-mouthed boy as he stood in the doorway, his mouth hanging slack. “Come and use my mouth,” she continued. “Come here and let me suck your lovely cock.”

Adam boggled, caught unawares, the shock like a physical blow. He stared for several long seconds, then croaked out an apology, backing away from the door before rushing to the bottom of the stairs.

When he reached his bedroom on the floor above, Adam was hard, his cock a steel rod.

The boy shucked down his trousers and started tugging his length. He recalled the sight of Bryony’s face all twisted with need, Ian grunting away, his thrusts making Bryony’s flesh ripple under the force of his pumping.

Bryony found Adam a few minutes later, her gurgle of pleasure drawing his focus when she knocked and then entered his room.

“You should have stayed and joined in,” Bryony said, modesty restored. She had her tits tucked away, the hem of the dress at its respectable level.

Advancing upon Adam as he lay on his bed, his cock in his fist, Bryony grinned at the boy, eyes flicking down to his length. “But I expect you’re still settling in. No matter,” Bryony shrugged. “Would you like me to help you with that?”

Then, without further preamble, not bothering to wait for a reply from the boy, she clambered onto the bed, hauling her dress to her hips as she went.

After that, with her rump in the air and her fingers working through the goo Ian had dumped into her body, Bryony took control of the hard-on.

She smiled at Adam, cranking his shaft before pursing her lips round the dome.


It had taken a fortnight for Adam to settle into a routine, his senses accepting the strangeness of living under Mrs Baxter’s roof. He’d been reeling from the speed and vehemence of the woman’s initial seduction. He was stunned from the experience, his brain unable to filter the events of that fateful afternoon spent in her company. It took time for it all to percolate through, to make sense of the sights and sounds and tastes and textures; and then, just as it all began to seem normal – the debauched sex with a woman over three decades his senior – he’d blundered in to find her being robustly fucked from behind.

And the sex was only one issue of several, the burden of being a newcomer to university life only adding to the pressures Adam felt bearing down. There were lecturers’ names to learn, a strange city’s geography to imprint on his mind. There were times he was homesick, a malady his landlady could easily cure, but there were also emotions involved – jealousies, as she’d predicted; the boy’s burgeoning love for his landlady a burning coal inside his chest, with Adam tormented by thoughts of those other boys using her body.

But, as the days passed, Adam found himself slowly becoming used to the house and its sexually voracious landlady. He wasn’t sure about the other four students who shared the woman’s bed and affections, the group Mrs Baxter referred to as “my darling boys”, but Adam found it easy to slough off the everyday troubles by spending time alone with Bryony Baxter, revelling in the sordid pleasures of her bountiful flesh, her perversions a clandestine thrill.

Following kurtköy escort his initiation by the depraved older woman, Adam was in a perpetual state of high arousal, always eager to take a romp with Bryony on her huge bed, keen to fuck into her body whenever she visited his room.

During those times it was a simple matter of blocking the other four from his mind, taking delight in Bryony’s large breasts and her buttocks, slurping her sex until she rewarded his efforts with gasps and moans and whimpered endearments.

During what Mrs Baxter had called his interview, the day Adam had first presented himself at her door, the woman had mentioned a firm rule: no unannounced guests. If there were any visitors to the house brought in by one of her boys, the appointment first had to be agreed by the landlady, the reason becoming shockingly clear to Adam when he’d walked in to find Ian up to his balls inside Bryony Baxter.

“Do you think you could eventually join in with one of the other boys, Adam?” Bryony said after slurping his cock. “Or perhaps more than one? I adore being fucked while taking one of the others into my mouth. I can wank two more at the same time. It’s such wonderful fun, sweetheart,” she said, ducking in to lick the boy from his balls to the tip of his cock. “I’ve managed five at the same time in the past. Please say you’ll at least think about joining one of our spunky soirees. You can be first, since you’re the new boy. I know some of the others won’t mind stirring your porridge inside me.”

“Mrs Baxter, that’s…” Adam groaned in reply, shocked yet again by the depths of his landlady’s depraved mind. “Five at the same time? Oh Jesus, oh shit. I duh-don’t think I could stand to see you that way.”

The woman’s tongue swirled round his cock-head, her fist jacking his root.

Then Bryony grinned into his face as she asked, “Why ever not? I promise you, Adam, all the boys have a wonderful time.”

“I thought I was special,” Adam replied. “That’s what you said.”

“Oh, darling,” Bryony murmured, moving over the boy’s body until her face hovered just over his. “You are special, sweetie,” she said, ducking in to force her tongue into his mouth. “But I simply couldn’t do without my other men.”

“But I love you,” Adam revealed on a groan, his hand cranking his dick.

Bryony paused, her stare locked on his face. She gulped and sighed and whispered, “You lovely, sweet thing. That’s so bloody gorgeous of you to say.”

Bryony leaned in once more, her breasts pressed against the boy’s chest while she moaned into his mouth, her fingers slipping back into the gloop Ian left inside her.

“For that,” Bryony added, “I think I’ll let you love me in a way I don’t do too often.”

She hauled herself up off the boy, sliding her bottom over the bed so she could stand and shuck the dress over her hips. Bryony unclasped her bra, letting it hang from her fingers while allowing Adam to gawp at her breasts.

Thus divested of clothing, she clambered back onto the bed, planting a kiss against his mouth before laying alongside him, one leg draped over Adam’s thighs, her hand back on his dick.

“What would you say,” Bryony asked, her eyes gleaming with mischievous delight, “if I told you I want you to shag my arse? Isn’t that just the wickedest thing?” Bryony whispered. “Isn’t it naughty, my lovely? I don’t do it often because it hurts … But it’s a strange kind of hurt,” she went on. “A thick cock digging my back garden burns a bit, Adam – but I still absolutely adore it.

“What do you say?” she mumbled at the boy. “Could you love me back there?”

The woman winked at Adam, rolling onto her side so she could splay the globes of her buttocks with the tips of her fingers.

Adam gaped in at the sight of her cunt glistening with cum, the dark smudge of her sphincter winking at him from the secret place between those cheeks.

“There it is, sweetie,” Bryony purred. She dabbed a forefinger at the illicit roundel, the intimate place she wanted him to slide his cock into. “Would you like to fuck me in my dirty-hole, darling? Would you like to bugger me while I finger my kitty and play with Ian’s spunk? I can rub my clit and come with you inside my arse.”

Adam gaped at her body, a great rush of need spurring him on as he jacked at his length and moved around on the bed until he could lean in close and examine her sphincter.

Compelled by some malatya escort dark, inner desire, Adam found himself drawn in closer, his tongue going out. He hadn’t meant to do it, but couldn’t resist the clandestine lure of that dark smudge. He’d never thought of doing anything like it before, but just couldn’t resist giving Bryony’s rectum the tiniest lick.

One little dab of his tongue led to another, lust a hot surge which soon had him probing in deeper.

“Oh lord, oh hell,” Bryony groaned, wall-eyed with pleasure. “That’s just the ticket, my lovely. Squirm that tongue in there,” she squeaked, writhing around as she swivelled at the waist, trying to watch the boy tonguing her rectum.

For Adam, with her piquant musk on his tongue, desire boiled over inside him.

“I’m going to fuck you in your arse,” Adam growled, his need making him cruel and uncharacteristically crude.

“Do your worst, sweetheart,” Bryony moaned, thrilled by his ardour. “Use me, my darling. I’m such a disgusting old slut. Do whatever you want. My arse, my mouth…” Her eyes glittered with devilment as Bryony paused and then added, “…or my cunt. You can have all of me, Adam.”


It’s the corruption which thrilled him. Being with Bryony that way filled Adam with illicit delight. It’s so filthy, so secret, such a dark perversion he’s ashamed to admit to he’s excited. Adam thinks of his mother and feels his cheeks warm. If she knew what he was doing…

Adam held Bryony’s flesh splayed, his attention down on the dark smudge. “Do you mean it?” he gasped.

As he watched, a trickle of semen dribbled out of Bryony’s body, the stuff sliding down over her clit, the stain a wet patch on the bed.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Bryony moaned. “You don’t have a clue. There’s more, darling … so much more.” She swivelled this way and that, craning around to urge him to lap at her sphincter again. “Lick it some more. It makes me so bloody randy to feel you wriggling around back there.”

So Adam ducked in again, snuffling while he dug in deep, fingers kneading Bryony’s flash. The woman moaned and chuckled as the boy worked at her anus. Bryony lay on her front with her pelvis angled at the perfect pitch for her to offer herself to her lodger.

Bryony purred when she heard Adam whine, “Cuh-can I put it in now?”

“Of course you can, lovely,” Bryony whispered. She moved onto her side, with her back to her lover.

Raising one leg, Bryony said, “Just a moment while I use some of this mess…”

She scooped semen out of her body, using two fingers to smear the goo over her sphincter, a digit popping into her rectum.

Bryony groaned before she urged Adam to get down behind her.

“Gently at first,” she cautioned the boy. “Don’t go ripping about. Don’t forget where you’re shoving that cock.”

Adam gulped down on the urgent need to thrust himself into her body. It was the same desperate desire he’d experienced when Bryony took his virginity. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose, holding his cock aimed at where Bryony was holding herself open.

“Steady,” she warned, the head nudging the tight ring. “Are you leaking, my darling?” Bryony added, craning around for a look.

Adam could only grunt in response, his stare set on the sooty smudge of Bryony’s anus.

He smeared slick pre-cum over the stain, still somehow resisting the urge to simply thrust in. What kept the boy from a quick, urgent lunge was the sure knowledge Bryony Baxter would let out a squeal and curtail any further carnal pleasures.

And Adam didn’t want his fun interrupted.

So he gritted his teeth and, under gasped instructions from the woman laid on the bed, slowly eased himself closer., spooning against her.

“Mrs Baxter,” he said when it seemed the effort was futile, the woman letting out a low moan, fingers clawing the bed when the head of his cock popped through the resistance.

“God yes,” Bryony gurgled, gasping and groaning. “Hold it exactly as you are, Adam. Please, sweetheart, don’t move any more. Let me get used to having you there.”

It suited Adam to do as she said. He gawked down at the impossible sight of his cock wedged in her rectum.

“Slide all of it in,” Bryony said on a croak. She spread her thighs wider, with Adam seeing she was rubbing her bean, smearing spunk over her clit. “But be gentle at first. Let me feel it glide all the way in. It slides in like velvet kayseri escort … Oh God,” Bryony gasped, “I’m stuffed full of your cock.”

Adam’s hand moved over Bryony’s body, the palm caressing her skin. He slid his hand down over her waist from her hip, moving in close, his breath on her neck while he reached for one breast.

“Perfect,” Bryony cooed when she had Adam’s full length buried inside her. “Now, remember to keep calm, but I want you to slip it nearly all the way out.

“Don’t pull the end out!” Bryony cried. “Keep it in, darling. Just slide it out slowly until you’re almost free of my arse, then push it back in.

“That’s it, my lovely,” the woman purred when Adam moved into a rhythm. “Oh Jesus, yes, that’s so bloody gorgeous. You really do have the most perfect cock for fucking back there.”

Adam’s confidence surged. He was suddenly the king of the hill, Mrs Baxter’s special one.

“Do you like me fucking your arse?” the boy gurgled, squeezing tit-flesh while daring to take a deep thrust.

Her response was to moan and gasp and quickly nod her head. “Do that again, Adam,” Bryony grunted, shoving back onto his cock. “Dig deeper, sweetie. My arse can take it. You’ve stretched me enough; you can really start fucking.”

She swivelled around and snarled at her lover, a hand going to his hip so she could force more of him in. “Ruin my arse,” Bryony sobbed, head lolling forward. “Drill me with your lovely big cock.”

Adam went to it. He took his landlady at her word and started to go at her with robust thrusts. He groaned and gasped and leaned in to kiss the nape of her neck, with Bryony squealing her pleasure when she felt Adam’s teeth scraping her skin.

The boy focussed his attention upon Bryony’s buttocks, the flesh rippling under the onslaught, his palm smacking down three or four times, the skin blushing pink.

“You’re mine,” Adam growled, a sudden rush of need to dominate the woman flaring within. “Do you hear me?” he snarled, holding her face sandwiched between his fingers and thumb.

Bryony stared at her lover, eyes glazed with delight while he forced her head round to confront her face with his expression all twisted with lust.

“You’re mine,” Adam insisted, pushing in deep, holding Bryony’s head while she mumbled and moaned in response.

“Just keep fucking my arse,” she finally managed to gurgle. “When you’re in there, I’m completely yours, sweetheart.”

Bryony knew just what to say to get the best from her boys. If Adam wanted to own her, as long as he kept reaming her anus in the manner he was, she didn’t care what was said. She was happy to make any deal with the Devil.

“Please,” Bryony sobbed, fingers working her clit before she slipped two digits into her front. “Don’t stop doing it, Adam. Use me, my darling. Use my dirty-hole. Just keep fucking my arsehole.”

The boy growled and forced her onto her front. Adam lay Bryony down, her breasts squashed into the bed as he went up on straight arms, pounding down onto Bryony’s buttocks, her cries coming up muffled, her face against the bed.

“That’s lovely!” Bryony cried, levering up onto her elbow. She tilted her hips to give Adam the best angle from which to probe into her rectum, their flesh slap-slap-slapping, their groans and moans and muttered oaths mingling as they revelled in their dark sin.

It went on, their rutting growing ever more urgent, the surge bubbling in Adam while Bryony fucked two fingers into her sex, her thumb frantically working her clit as she tried to keep her body presented for maximum pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” Bryony announced, fingers squelching through Ian’s gooey deposit, the bed stained with the gloop which had already seeped out.

“Mrs Baxter!” cried Adam. “I … I’m sorry, I can’t help it–”

“Just let it go,” Bryony moaned, her orgasm rushing straight at her.

“But–?” added Adam, unsure despite the inevitable rush boiling up through his core.

“Just come in my arse!” Bryony sobbed. “It’s all right, you can do it in there. Let me feel you flooding my arsehole,” she wailed, then succumbed to her own mindless pleasure.

Adam looked down to see himself stuffed up to the hilt. He pulled back and plunged in again, the woman sobbing and writhing beneath him. He let out a blurt of, “Oh Jesus, oh fucking hell,” then felt the flood rush out of his cock. “I’m coming in your arse,” Adam gasped, unable to believe it was true. “Mrs Baxter, I’m–”

And then he gave it all up. Adam moaned and whined and let the delight wash over him in a seemingly endless wave-upon-wave, his cock spurting spunk into the woman’s dark cavern.

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