Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 03

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(This story is fantasy written by me for fun. It contains spanking and humiliation. Please do not read if this bothers you. All characters are 18 or older)

Both of my young ladies sat in the back of the car with raised skirts, with both sets of panties down to their knees as they sat on the cool leather seats. They were wearing their punishment outfit, which was a school girl uniform. The skirts were thigh length along with a button up blouse and two pairs of panties. The undies consisted of a frilly white cotton full cut, and plastic panties that crinkled when they walked.

Opening the back door of the car I made sure they both had their seat belts buckled just like a Daddy taking care of his two children. I smile as I watch both my 48 year old Mother-in-law and my 25 year old wife wiggle uncomfortably. My wife and Mother-in-law are being punished by me for backtalk and overspending. We had just finished shopping at St. James Academy for Girls school store. My name is Tom Taylor and I am 35 years old. I can see how mortified both girls are by their blushing red cheeks. We travel the main road back home with both girls cringing, as we pass street after street not wanting to be recognized. Finally we reached home pulling into the garage.

“Okay girls pull up your panties,” I say.

They both do so quickly, as I unbuckle their seat belts and allow them to leave the car. Both girls carry their packages inside the house. The packages consist of their school girl uniforms’ and additional panties bought at St James Academy School for Girls store.

As soon as we arrive inside and the girls place their packages down, I notice my wife, Karen Anne, starting to fidget. I know exactly what is happening, but decide to wait before saying anything.

She walked over to me and began to whisper in my ear, when I raise my hand to stop her.

“What is it Missy?”

“May I speak to you alone Sir?” She asked quietly still wiggling. “I think I know your problem, Karen,” I say. “You know the rule.”

“Please don’t make me say it out loud,” she pleaded. I notice you are now going back and forth between your two feet like a child. Her hand is between her legs trying to hold the pee back, and she is doing her pee-pee dance.

My Mother-in-law dressed in her schoolgirl outfit had a quizzical look on her face, as she watches the discussion between my wife and my self.

“What is the matter Karen?” She asks. I shoot her a stern look, as I wish no interference. I can see her face blush, as she quickly shuts her mouth not wanting another spanking. I smile as I see that she is learning her place.

Finally, Karen states the obvious. “May I go potty, Daddy?” I see her head drop, as she utters those awful words. Not wanting her to get off the hook so soon I say “What do you have to do Karen Anne?”

I hear an audible gasp from my Mother-in-law, as she can’t believe I am treating Karen like a child. Although you would think she would realize what is going on based on how the both of them are dressed.

“Pee-pee uşak escort Daddy and please hurry I have to go badly,” I watch as she practically crosses her legs trying to not to pee in her panties. “You know if you dare tinkle now you will be placed in diapers.”

“Okay you may go to the potty room and wait for me. Come with me Kathy,” I say to my 48 year old Mother-in-law.

I watch as you fly upstairs to the bathroom. I follow along with my Mother-in-law. I enter the bathroom and see she has taken the small potty chair, lowered her plastic panties and ruffled panties and sat down quickly. The chair is about 6 inches off of the ground, so that her knees are almost touching her chin. The potty chair has her name stenciled on the back in big pink letters. It says ‘KAREN’S POTTY.’ The commode is made of enamel, not plastic, so when she pees you can hear the loud tinkle of pee come squirting out. Within a few seconds the room fills with the sound of pee hitting the enamel commode causing Karen to blush a deep red.

“When you are being punished Missy,” turning to my Mother-in-law, “you will always ask to go potty and you will use your own potty chair, which will have your name on it. The exception is if you are having diaper punishment.”

“What! That is ridicules I am much too old to be using a potty chair and I will never be diapered. It is bad enough I am dressed like a schoolgirl with ruffled panties and plastic training undies. You have gone too far,” she said.

“Oh really we will see about that,” I say glaring at my Mother-in-law. “Wipe your daughter, and report to my bedroom with Karen Anne.” I order as I turn and head to the bedroom leaving her flabbergasted.

In a few moments I hear the bathroom water running in the sink. The girls dry their hands and wind up in the Master Bedroom. I watch as both girls enter not knowing what to expect they stand next to each other. My wife, a carbon copy of her Mother, except her hips are narrower and her breast are smaller. The schoolgirl outfits they are wearing clearly show the difference. The hems of their skirts are short showing much of their well-toned tanned legs and thighs. Any bending will give a glimpse of their plastic panties. The short white socks and the Mary Jane shoes touch off the outfit.

As my Mother-in-law looks around the room she spots a strap, paddle and hairbrush on the nightstand. She also sees a rubber mat on the bed along with baby powder, a pacifier,

several pairs of diapers, plastic panties, wash cloth and a rectal thermometer. She remembers what I had told her just a few minutes ago about diaper punishment, and her tummy begins to do flip- flops.

Looking at Kathy I explain: “I am displeased with your attitude, Missy,” talking to her as if she were a child. “Clearly, you need to be taken down a peg or two. I did not like your back talking a few moments ago, so you are going to be treated like a 4 year old. You will be spending the rest of the day in diapers and a tee shirt, so you will get the message van escort that in my house I am in charge.”

“No, No never,” She yells.

“Karen get your spanking chair and your hairbrush I am going to teach your Mommy a lesson in obedience.” Karen quickly did as she was told. I walked over to my Mother-in-law; I took two safety pins from the nightstand and lifted her skirt high onto her back. I pinned the skirt to her blouse revealing her plastic panties. I swatted her plastic panties with my palm making a loud spat as my hand connected with the plastic. My Mother-in-law jumped and reached for her back side until she saw me motioning not to touch.

“Lower your plastic panties to your knees,” I order. I watch as she did as ordered. She stood with her hands at her side showing her frilly white school girl panties on display. To embarrass her further I reached inside her panty covered front and stroked in between her slit. She was gushing wet.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

Kathleen looked like she wanted to argue, but thought better of it. I took my very wet middle finger and placed in her mouth allowing her to suck her own juices. I turned towards the straight-backed chair, which was labeled ‘Karen Anne Spanking Chair’ in bright pink letters. My Mother-in-law had no choice but to follow, as my middle finger was still in her mouth as she sucked submissively.

“After you apologize, the only thing I want to hear out of your mouth between now and bedtime is: “Yes Daddy,”, and “No Daddy,” Is that clear understood Missy?”

“Yes Daddy,” her subdued answer came softly.

I walked to the padded straight-backed chair, my Mother-in-law following, still sucking on my finger. Sitting I released the finger from her mouth and had her stand in between my legs. I reached under the front of her very short skirt and grasped the waistband of her frilly undies. I lowered them very slowly taking my time so as to shame her even more in front of her daughter. I pulled her panties down her wide hips causing her to wiggle slightly as they dropped past her buttocks. Down they came as I stretched them out and turned them inside out exposing the wetness between her legs. I rested them at her knees near her plastic panties.

‘Open your legs so they don’t fall,” I ordered. She spread her legs, but I was not satisfied, and slapped her inside thighs making her spread even further.

“When is the last time you were spanked prior to me spanking you, Missy?” I asked.

“I don’t know Daddy,” she said shaking her head.

“Maybe that is part of the problem young lady,” I stated.

“Did you ever discipline Karen Anne, when she misbehaved?” I asked.

“No Sir”

“So you have left it up to me to discipline both of you. Is that correct, Young Lady?” I questioned knowing the answer.

“Yes Daddy,” she stammered now totally shamed.

Her face was scarlet, Kathleen looked like a child and not the 48 year old Mother she was. She stammered an apology, for her back talk, almost breaking into tears yalova escort from frustration and embarrassment. She was now completely humiliated to be standing before me her 35 year old son-in-law about to be spanked.

“Place yourself across my lap,” I instructed. She obeyed as she backed out from between my legs and came to my right side her panties still at her knees.

She placed herself over my knees in one quick motion continuing to keep her legs spread to insure her panties remained at her knee hollows. Her fanny is larger than my wife’s backside. It is apple shaped, firm, rounded and well-seated from her regular work outs; I tapped her bottom a few times with my palm and noticed how it maintained its shape. I spread her cheeks with my thumb and forefinger to embarrass her further and examined her pink rosebud.

“Make sure your little pucker hole is clean I will be inspecting it daily. If it is not clean I will give you an enema to teach you to clean it thoroughly. Little girls usually don’t clean very well back there after going potty. Is that clear young lady?”

‘Yes Daddy,” she answered.

“Move up on your toes so that your backside is nice and high and turn your toes inside towards each other so you don’t clench your cheeks,” I order. I waited as she got into position as her bubble cheeks pushed upwards towards my palm.

I slapped her right cheek very hard followed by her left cheek. I heard Kathleen gasp as the sting reached her brain. Kathy’s legs were effectively held in place by the two pairs of panties. I could see two bright red marks on her cheeks.

Taking the hairbrush I started to spank her bottom snapping my wrists, which caused each blow to sound like a pistol shot. I could see the hairbrush impact on her cheeks flattening them and watched as they bounced back in shape. Each smack produced a rosy red splotch upon impact. I aimed each stroke lower and lower beginning at the center of her 48 year old bottom right down her thighs to her bunched up panties. My Mother-in-law was yelling and sobbing that she would be “so good.”

Over and over the hairbrush landed, her plump backside was turning a fire engine red from the strokes of the hairbrush. She stopped kicking accepting that I was tanning her backside and in control. She was sobbing uncontrollable like a child both from shame and the heat of her buttocks. I stopped the tanning, but not before I landed two firm swats to the crease at the top of Kathy’s thighs making her squeal and starting her tears all over again.

“Are you going to backtalk again Missy?”

“No Daddy,” she was resigned to obeying me.

“If you do I will spank you again and soap your mouth. Is that clear Missy?” I said as I stood her up.

“Now blow your nose,” I said as held a Kleenex to her nose as if she were a child.

“Karen Anne we are going to have lunch downstairs, but first I want you to double diaper you’re Mother and dress her in plastic panties and a tee shirt. Make sure you put her hair in pig tails and bring her pacifier and baby bottle. If she misbehaves you have my permission to spank her.” I said.

“Is that clear young lady?” I say just as I hear the doorbell ring downstairs.

‘Yes Daddy” I hear Karen, as I go downstairs to answer the doorbell.

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