Mother Daughter Fart and Poop Club

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As Emily White walked downstairs towards the kitchen, she noticed that the house had filled with the smell of bacon.

“Good morning sleepyhead!” her mother, Lauren, said as Emily took a seat at the counter.

“Good morning mom” Emily replied.

“You slept late today Em. It’s almost 10:15!”

“Wow, that is quite late” Emily said.

“I decided to make your favorite this morning, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. I hope your hungry, because I made a lot.” Lauren announced as she placed the food onto a plate and served it to Emily. “So, what should we do today? I was kinda thinking we just sit out at the pool since it’s gonna be quite hot. Is that alright with you sweetie?”

“Yeh, sounds perfect! But, you know it embarrasses me when you call me that. I’m 18 mom.”

“I know, I know. Well, eat up so that we can go outside.”

Emily and her mother had been living alone for the past two years after her father left them.

After Emily finished her breakfast, she headed upstairs to her room to get ready for the day. As she removed her clothes, she took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. She eyed her long, dirty blonde hair, next, her gorgeous c-cup breasts, passing her jaw-dropping pink pussy, and finally down to her slender legs. Emily stepped into her brand new red scoop style bikini, grabbed her sun glasses, threw on her floppy straw hat, and went outside to the pool. When she arrived, her mother was sitting on a lounge chair reading a magazine.

“I love your new bikini Em. You look great in it!” Lauren exclaimed as she noticed Emily walking bursa eskort by.

“Thanks mom.” Emily replied as she sat down on the lounge next to her mother. The two of them read magazines quietly for about 20 twenty minutes when Emily suddenly heard a low rumbling noise. She looked over at her mother who had placed one hand over her stomach and began to slowly breathe out of her mouth. “You okay mom?” Emily asked curiously.

“Yeh, I’m fine, I’m uh, it’s just a little cramp that’s all. But, thanks.”

“No problem, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine.” Emily said. However, as soon as she finished saying this, her mom let out little fart. “Excuse me. I am so sorry… it’s just my stomach is a little…” she let out another fart, although, this time it was louder and longer. As the stench of her mother’s farts began filling Emily’s lungs, she noticed something really strange. She was getting turned on by the scent of her mother’s farts. She couldn’t believe it.

“I am so sorry Em. I hope it doesn’t smell too bad” Lauren said.

“It doesn’t smell bad at all mom.” Emily replied, trying to act inconspicuous as she slowly inhaled her mother’s ripe fart stench.

Lauren gave her an odd look for a quick moment, as if to say that she knew something was up, but then turned the other way.

The two of them picked up their magazines once again, and read for another hour. However, Emily couldn’t take her mind off of the fact that she had just been turned on by her mother’s farts. She could feel her pussy throbbing each time the thought came back to her head. bursa escort Finally, when the two could not bear the heat any longer, they went for a swim.

Later that afternoon, as Lauren was preparing lunch at around 2:15, Emily was walking by, and for the first time in her life, began staring at her mother’s butt. She had never imagined doing something like this, but, she couldn’t take her eyes off of her mother’s plump and juicy ass. She had never noticed how hot her mom’s ass actually was, until now, especially in the dark blue butt lifting yoga pants her mom was currently wearing. Emily was shaken from her trance when her mother, who had caught her starring at her bottom interrupted and said “Emily? Hello, are you there?”

“I’m sorry mom, I was just uh, I was just…”

“It’s okay Em, no need to worry.” Lauren said in a calming manner.

“Do you get aroused when you look at my butt, sweetie?”

“I’m not aroused by your butt, mom!” Emily said defensively.

“I could sense that you enjoyed the smell of my farts earlier. But, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I have an ass fetish too you know. We all have our own personal fantasies and desires.”

“Alright fine, I guess I was kind of turned on by your farts earlier.” Emily confessed to her mother.

“Would you like to smell more of mommy’s farts Em?”

“I mean, sure… I guess?” Emily replied, slightly confused and shocked at the same time.

As soon as she finished saying that, her mother leaned forward towards the counter, pushed, bursa escort bayan and ripped a huge fart. Emily quickly sniffed up all of the ripe smelling air, tainted by her mother’s foul farts. This went on four or five times until her mother said “I don’t have anymore right now Em, sorry. Did you enjoy that?”

Emily responded emphatically “yes mom, that was amazing, thank you so much!”

“It was my pleasure Em.”

After dinner that evening, the two of them sat on the couch watching a show. Emily had been thinking about what her mother said regarding her being secretly obsessed with people’s asses. “Mom, what did you really mean earlier when you told me that you also had an ass fetish?”

“Well, ever since I was around your age, I was always interested in butts. I loved the ways that people’s asses looked in their pants as they walked down the street. As time went on, my fetish grew more and more complicated. I became very aroused by people farting, and eventually, even shitting. I used to watch myself take big shits in the mirror and sometimes put on the tightest pants I owned, just to see how much I could stretch the material with my poop.” Lauren explained.

“Wow, mom! I, I don’t know what to say? But, all of those things sound pretty fun.” Emily said.

“They were my way of expressing my most secret fantasies. I enjoyed doing them so much, but when I married your father, I couldn’t really do them anymore. Even after he left I never got back to any of it. However, I was really hoping to in the near future. Maybe you would like to join me Em? It would be like our own secret club. So, what do you say?”

“That would be so amazing mom! Thank you so much!” Emily said joyfully as she hugged her mother.

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too Em.”

(Check back for Part Two)

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