Mother and Son

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It couldn’t be true. No way. But when I looked again, nothing had changed. The evidence was still there in front of me, and it was indisputable. Then I heard my Mother shouting me.

“Jack, breakfast is ready.”

When I got downstairs they were already eating.

“I had to call you three times. What were you doing?”

Before I could answer her, my Sister chipped in with, “I thought it made you blind, not deaf.”

That got her a stern look from Mother, and a sarcastic, “Very funny from me,” but nothing from Father. That wasn’t surprising, because when he is reading the sports section of the newspaper, he’s oblivious to what’s going on around him.

Then, just in case any of them really thought that I was late because I’d been jerking off, I said, “I was studying.”

That was a lie, though I hadn’t been stroking my cock. I thought that Alice might have something to say about that, but she stayed silent, preferring to indicate her scepticism by smirking. And that annoyed me.

While I was eating, I kept glancing at my Mother. From what I’d just discovered about her, when I’d been in my bedroom, I was now seeing her in a completely different light.

As always, she was modestly dressed. Today, it was a blouse and a long skirt. It was obvious that she had a good body, but she preferred to keep it covered rather than to expose it. And that was the complete opposite to how my Sister dressed. Like her Mother, she has large breasts and womanly hips, but she never tries to conceal them. Her philosophy is, ‘if you’ve got it, then flaunt it’. And that’s what she was doing now. She was wearing a crop top that was struggling to contain her impressive tits, and a skirt that was very short. So short, that if she was to bend over, even slightly, then her panties would be exposed.

When I’d finished eating I went back to my room. It was Monday, and normally at this time I would be on my way to college, but today was a study day, so there were no lectures. And I was going to study, because next week I had an important exam, but that was after I’d looked at that website again.

As before, it was the pictures of her that got my attention. In some of them she was fully clothed, in others she just had her panties on, but it was the ones were she was naked that I was most interested in. I was nineteen, so looking at porn on the internet wasn’t new to me. However, this was different. Before my Mother had called me for breakfast, my search had taken me to a site that I hadn’t been to before, and it was an Escort agency rather than erotica. That wasn’t what I had been looking for, but I clicked on it anyway.

The women were all desirable, and whoever had photographed them had been very skilful. The pictures weren’t sleazy, they were sensual and erotic. And there was a variety of ages and races. If women turn you on, and there is nothing on this website that excites you, then you are fussy. I have a fetish for older women, and one of them had got my attention. It was the one that I was studying now.

Like all the women, you couldn’t see her face. In some of the pictures it was covered by a veil, in others, she was wearing a wide-brimmed hat that was tilted so as to cover her eyes and nose. But I was still able to recognize her. It was the distinctive birthmark on her right thigh that told me who she was. I’d seen it lots of times before, when she was wearing a swimsuit or a bikini.

She was my Mother!

Unsurprisingly, I was finding it difficult to study. I’d manage only ten minutes, or perhaps fifteen, and then I’d start thinking about my Mother again. She was called Rose, but on the website she had a more glamorous name. There she was known as Lexi May.

My Father had a well-paid job, so she didn’t need to work full-time. Twice a week, and sometimes occasionally, three times, she worked in the evening. She was a carer at a nursing home. That’s what she’d told us, and up until now, I’d had no reason to doubt her. But what I did know for certain was that she was employed by ‘The Ultimate Experience’, so the carer job might just be a cover story.

After lunch it got a lot better, I was able to focus on my work, but I knew that what I’d seen earlier on that website, was going to dominate my life for a long time.

At six, we all ate together. Tonight my Mother was working, so as soon as she’d finished she would leave. But what job was she going to? If she was working for the agency, then she must go somewhere so that she could change her clothes, because the clients would expect her to wear something that was more glamorous than what she had on now.

After I’d eaten, I went to my room. For half an hour I managed to resist, but then I gave in. I was now back on the website, looking at her pictures, and reading about her.

Lexi May is a must for the discerning gentleman. She is forty two years old, but for her, that is just a number. As you can see from her pictures, she looks a lot younger. If you decide to see her then you won’t be disappointed. eryaman arkadan veren escort With age comes experience, and this lady knows how to use that experience to make your time with her special. If you don’t believe me, then read her reviews.

There were twenty six of them, and her rating was high, 4.8 out of 5. But did I want to read them? For any other woman the answer would be a quick yes, but she was my Mother. They would tell me intimate details about her, what she’d done with the client. Was that something that I wanted to know? I wasn’t sure, but what I did know is that if I didn’t read them now, then later on I’d feel compelled to.

‘This is a woman that knows how to excite a man. NOTHING was off limits.’

That shocked me, but my cock was OK with it, because it was now rock-hard.

‘Lexi May gave me the best blow job that I have ever had. And she swallowed all of it! I love you, Dave XXX.’

Another satisfied client. My last girlfriend had sucked my cock a couple of times, but without any real enthusiasm, and she’d refused to swallow. Dave was a lucky man.

‘Don’t be put off by her age. Her tits are still firm, and her pussy is still tight. And she knows how to use her body. Trust me, you must see her.’

I was beginning to wish that I could.

‘I’ve fucked a lot of whores, and her cunt is the best I’ve ever had, Axel.’

That got me angry. He was paying her a compliment, but I didn’t like him calling her that. Fortunately for Axel, we were never going to meet. I box for the college, and I have a mean right hook.

That’s when I stopped, because there was something that needed my attention. My throbbing cock.

As I stroked it, I remembered those words, and I also thought about the pictures of her that were on the website. Her large tits were impressive, topped by big nipples. Later on I would read the rest of the reviews, and it was a certainty that some of them would praise her tits, and say how much they had enjoyed sucking on her plump nipples.

I was now almost there. My hand was pumping my cock at a furious rate. Imagining that I was feasting on her tits had excited me, but it was thinking about what she had between her legs, that was going to make me come. One of the pictures had displayed it in great detail. It must have been taken when she was excited, because her clit was clearly visible, and it looked to be swollen. And her opening looked so inviting. My cock would love to push into it.

That’s when I came, and with an intensity that surprised me. I thought that it was never going to stop. Thick ropes were shooting out of my cock and onto my chest. Apparently, from the reviews, Dave had come in her mouth and she’d managed to swallow all of it. If it had been me instead of him, then my Mother would have struggled to do that.

That should have been enough for me, but half an hour later, I was thinking about Lexi May again. When I started reading the rest of the reviews, I knew that this time I wasn’t going to stop until I had read them all.

‘Tits to die for and nipples that were made for sucking.’

That was brief, and to the point, unlike the next one, that was over a hundred words long. It was almost poetic, and it used a lot of flowery language, but what it was trying to say was simple. Lexi May, I love your sweet pussy!

There was only one that had given her a bad review and a low mark.

‘Awful, the worst experience of my life. Do not see this woman!’

For this one, my Mother had replied.

‘I’m sorry to hear that. I do tolerate a little roughness, but you went too far, so I had to stop you, Lexi May X.’

Now I wasn’t excited, I was angry, and it was a while before I’d calmed down. She was my Mother, and that creep hadn’t treated her properly.

This was certainly a week for surprises, because I got another one on Thursday, and this, like Monday’s, was to do with that Escort agency.

“Jack, look at this.”

I didn’t need to ask what it was. Connor was the same age as me, and like me, he was obsessed by pussy, so it would be something sexual. And it was, but it still took me by surprise. It was a picture of one of the women from the Escort agency that my Mother worked for. Was that just a coincidence, or did he somehow know about my Mother? If he did, then eventually he would show me her picture, so that he could see my reaction. And if I looked shocked, he would know that I’d recognized her. But until that happened, I was going to assume that it was a coincidence.

When I gave him back his phone, he asked, “I bet you’d like to fuck her.”

I just nodded. It was a silly question. The woman was Star, and on a scale of one to ten for desirability, she was an eleven. She was only twenty one, with a body that you wouldn’t believe. And even though her face was hidden, you just knew that she would be beautiful.

Excitedly, he said, “I’m going to see her,” and then, in a more subdued voice, he added, “When I’ve managed to sincan escort save up enough money.”

Like me, he was a poor student, so if he was serious about seeing her, then it was going to take him some time to get the money.

“You should do that as well.”

Now that was something to think about. However, if I was to book a woman through the agency, it wouldn’t be Star, it would be Lexi May!

That evening, while I was in my room, I was resisting the temptation to visit the agency website. Instead, I was being a good boy. I was revising for next week’s exam. And it was all going in. At nine o’clock I’d done enough, and now I could go onto the website.

There was a new picture of my Mother. In it, she was naked, and on all fours. Her head was turned so that she was looking behind her, and her eyes were covered by a mask. She was smiling wickedly. Star had the better body, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Lexi May was the better fuck.

I was late for breakfast, but for a change, there was no innuendo from my Sister. In fact, she looked subdued. Was she worried about something? I was curious, but I wasn’t going to make the mistake of asking her if she was OK. I’d done that before, when she’d been in a bad mood, and she’d bitten my head off. But my Mother was braver than me.

“Alice, you’re not your normal self. Is everything OK?”

That got a terse yes from her, and then she started to cry. Before anything else could be said, she was off her chair and heading out of the kitchen.

After looking up from his newspaper, Father said, “Ryan has dumped her. Last night I heard them talking on the phone.”

That got a deep sigh from my Mother, and then she spoke.

“You should have warned us.”

Surprisingly for me, I got into college early. Only by ten minutes, but it was better than being late. And that gave Connor the opportunity to show me another picture of Star before the lecture started.

She was definitely easy on the eye. And this one, despite the fact that you couldn’t see her pussy because she was wearing panties, was highly erotic.

“I’m working extra hours at the weekend. In a couple of months I should have enough money.”

That’s when I decided that I would copy Connor. But my choice, from all the babes at the agency, would be Lexi May.

When I got home I was elated. College had gone well, but that wasn’t what was exciting me. Between lectures, I’d done a quick calculation. Connor would have to wait for two months, but I should be able to have enough money in half that time.

As usual, for our evening meal, we all ate together. Mother was working tonight, and I was envious of the lucky guy that was going to be her client. And because, in just a few weeks, it would be me that was enjoying her gorgeous body, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. And Alice noticed.

“Little Brother, why are you so happy? Did one of the girls at college let you hold her hand?”

I hated her calling me that. She was only two years older than me, but she used that as an excuse for trying to boss me about. However, I knew what I could say to upset her. It was cruel, but I was still going to say it.

While smiling, I said, “How’s Ryan?”

“He’s history. It’s now Brad.”

So she’d already got a new boyfriend. That wasn’t surprising. With her body and looks, they were queuing up to date her. And I knew Brad. He was a hunk. But even though she’d tried to hide it, my remark had hit a nerve, so I’d count that as a win.

It had been a good day, and I’d been in a good mood, but that changed when I was in my bedroom, and I’d engaged my brain. I was supposed to be clever, but I now realized that I’d been acting as if I was stupid.

In a month’s time I would have enough money. Wrong. I’d have enough money to pay the agency, but I hadn’t taken into account the cost of a hotel room. And I wouldn’t want to see her in some cheap motel, so it was going to be expensive.

That had depressed me, but it got worse when I thought more about my Mother.

I hadn’t just been stupid, I’d also been naive. My plan was to pay the agency, and in return for the large amount of money that I’d given them, they would send Lexi May to me. And after her initial surprise, because the client was her Son, she would then treat me like all the other men she’d seen. But that was laughable. What would happen is that she would freak out. Then she might be angry with me, or upset because I’d discovered her secret. But what she wouldn’t do was let me fuck her.

The next day, Connor had more pictures to show me, but they weren’t pictures of Star.

“This is Candy. I might see her as well.”

He was getting ambitious. He hadn’t even seen Star yet, but he was thinking about who would be after her.

“What do you think, isn’t she gorgeous?”

He got a quick yes from me, and I wasn’t just saying it to please him. This time he’d picked an older woman. She was thirty eight, just four years younger than my Mother. Then gölbaşı çıtır escort I had a sudden realization, I might not be able to see Lexi May, but there was nothing to stop me from seeing Candy.

As soon as I was home from college, I was on the website looking at all the pictures of her. She was my second choice, but she certainly wasn’t second best. This was a woman that would give me a lot of pleasure. But what were her reviews like? There were fifteen, and she had a rating of 4.8, the same as my Mother. I read all of them, and when I’d finished I was smiling. They were all complimentary, saying what a good time they’d had with her. The one from somebody who was calling himself, Big Ben, was one of the best ones.

‘She has it all. A good body and a pretty face. But what I liked best was how she treated me. She made me feel special, she made me feel like a stud!’

The reviews had convinced me. I was going to see her, and as soon as possible. When I had enough money I was going to book her for an hour, or even longer if I could afford it.

Six weeks later, I was staying over at Connor’s place. But that was just the cover story for my family. I was really in a room at the prestigious Westland Phoenix Hotel, and in thirty minutes Candy would be joining me. I was excited and nervous, in equal measures. I was only nineteen, but three women had let me fuck them, so I wasn’t inexperienced. This was different though. I was going to be having sex with a mature woman. And she was somebody that did it for a living. Would I be able to perform, or would the occasion get to me? Now I was worried.

She was on time, but the sound of the doorbell still startled me. If I was to ignore it then she would eventually leave. But that was silly. I’d gone too far to back out now. After taking two deep breaths to steady my nerves, I opened the door.

When I saw her, I thought that I was going to faint, but I managed to steady myself. And then I blurted out, “You’re not Candy.”

Through gritted teeth, her response was, “No, I’m your Mother. Now don’t you think we should go into your room?”

When I stepped aside, she walked past me. I then closed the door. She was still angry, but she shouldn’t be. It wasn’t my fault.

“You’re not Candy.”

After shaking her head, she said, “We’ve already established that.”

“But I paid for her, not you. So why are you here?”

Slowly, as if she was talking to a child, she said, “If you’d bothered to read the terms and conditions on the website, you’d know that sometimes you don’t get the woman that you’ve booked. Candy called in sick, so I was her replacement.”

Who the fuck reads the T&C? I never do, life’s too short for that. So that explained why she was here, and I could understand why she wasn’t happy. Her Son had paid for sex. But wasn’t she being hypocritical, because she was paid to provide sex? She was an Escort. I’d had enough of this, it was time to fight back.

“Does my Father know that you do this?”

Because she hesitated before giving me an answer, I knew that it would be no. And it was. Then she quickly added, “And you’d better not tell him.”

She now looked worried, and so she should be. She had more to lose than me. My Father knowing about what I’d done would get me a telling-off, but him knowing that she was an Escort, might end their marriage.

And because I didn’t want that to happen, I said, “Candy, your secret is safe with me.”

That made her laugh, and when she’d finished, I got a nice smile from her.

“Thanks, now I’m going to have a drink. I need one. And just to let you know, I’m called Lexi May.”

I already knew that, but hearing her tell me her secret identity, made me smile.

This was supposed to be a special night for me. I’d paid for two hours with Candy, and on the table were two bottles of champagne. I now wasn’t going to be able to enjoy Candy, but I could at least enjoy the champagne. And my Mother was enjoying it as well. In only half an hour we’d almost finished the first bottle. That was surprising, because neither of us were big drinkers. But we were together now, due to unusual circumstances that had made us tense. So perhaps what we’re doing wasn’t that surprising, because the champagne was helping us to relax.

“I got all dressed up for nothing.”

Her clothes were a lot different to the ones that she normally wears. Her top was low-cut, but not excessively so, and her skirt was short, but not as short as the ones in my Sister’s wardrobe. And her clothes weren’t just stylish, they were obviously expensive.

“Not for nothing. You look good in them. You should wear clothes like that when you’re at home.”

“When I’m cooking and cleaning?”

That made me laugh, and she joined in.

“And I even bought new underwear for John Doe.”

Hearing the fake name that I’d used made me wince. I’d thought that calling myself that was funny, but now I realized that it just made me look silly.

“I’ll show you.”

She was now unbuttoning her blouse. I didn’t need to see her new underwear, but if she wanted to let me look at it, then I wasn’t going to stop her. Today I’d paid a lot of money for sex. I wasn’t going to get that, but seeing her without her top and skirt on would at least give me some excitement.

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