Moonlight Pleasure Ch. 02

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“This isn’t a dogging spot is it?” I asked John.

“I don’ think so. I don’t know.”

We sat for a few seconds and stared into the night through the windows which were beginning to steam up. It was quite chilly outside and was beginning to rain ever so lightly. I felt like I was camping under the stars again, listening to the rain bounce on top of the tent and the wind blowing in between the trees. It felt exciting, a little dangerous but brought the adventurous mentality out of me.

“This is beautiful. Look at the moon. It’s so clear.” I said.

“Yes. It’s lovely.”

I pulled off my jacket and tucked it down under my feet, sliding off my shoes at the same time and sat up straight turning towards John. I tucked up my right knee and gave his thigh a little squeeze, probably a subconscious reaction to me feeling comfortable and a little bit horny.

John stared at me and smiled cheekily, stroking the side of my cheek, gliding his thumb over my soft bottom lip. I enjoyed the manly touch against my skin and the warmth bounce off his hand.

“I’m dying to kiss you. Come here and give me a kiss,” he says.

The gap between him and my seat I thought was a little wide and the gear stick pointed out quite prominently.

“I can’t get over that. I’ve only got short legs,” I said.

“Yes you can. Come on,” he said confidently as if he had done this many times.

I lifted my left leg over to the edge of his seat and struggled to get my right leg over the gear stick.

“Oh man,” I said struggling.

John grabbed me and pulled me towards him so that I was now on top of him.

“Cor blimey,” I said giggling. He giggled in response.

He grabbed the lever at the side of his seat and let the seat slide backwards a little, and the back rest falling marmaris escort back a bit. I clenched both my legs around his waist and felt him wrap both his hands around my jaw, pushing my lips up close to his. After a few soft pecks to start the ignition, he quickly swallows my lips up with passion, rubbing his tongue against mine, kissing with depth. I could feel my pussy getting hot and no doubt getting wet and my heart beginning to beat faster. The more passionate we kissed, the more we began to moan. I could feel the vibrations of his whining against my lips and the tip of my tongue.

I lifted my head for a second and could hear movement outside. The car with the girl in was driving out of the car park. We were now alone, just us and the stars and the soft splatter of the rain blowing against the windows. John slid his hands under my thin cotton top towards my padded bra. He moulded his hands on each breast and gave them a squeeze then pushed his fingers under each cup pushing my bra up to my chest. I felt a little silly with my tits hanging out and my bra pushed up under my chin so I took it off along with my top. He grabbed the seat lever and the seat moved as far back as possible. The back rest fell back flat as if he were now lying on a bed in a car.

“Come here babe. You sexy thing.”

I lent forward so that my breasts were now resting on top of his chest, both lying down all the way back across the seat. My legs were still clenched around his waist. I could feel his semi hard cock rubbing against my pussy in my jeans and the slight bulging of his balls making it feel more pleasing against my sensitive clit. I started to kiss him again, rubbing my tits against his chest and digging my pussy into his cock. Every thrust of my tongue was in unison with another thrust of my marmaris escort bayan pussy, as if his tongue was his cock in my mouth. My clit was becoming more and more sensitive and could feel my pussy oozing in juice causing me to grind his cock faster and harder. The more sensitive I was becoming the harder I needed to push to ease the sensitivity. He undone the belt on my jeans and pulled down my zip, slipping in his hand under my bikini pants. I felt all his fingers vigorously rubbing the flesh between my pussy lips, circling my clit fast. His hand was so tightly squashed in between my pants and jeans that he felt the need to rub hard to be closer to me and it felt great.

I lifted my head towards the window so I could gasp for breath, watching the clouds of steam form on the window each second. In between the clouds of steam I could see the crescent moon still looking elegant, almost unreal. I continued to stare into the night of star lights and the glistening moon while my head was spinning and pussy urging to cum, almost left wondering if I was in a dream. I could feel the tips of 3 of his fingers rubbing my clit, causing my knees to shake and my toes curl up at the ends. My breasts squashed tightly on his chest and my chin resting on top of his, my body began to shake erratically.

“Oh God,” I muttered in the preparation of exploding.

“I love that sound….,” he said while rubbing my soaked pussy.

“Keep going. Don’t stop,” I said while tensing my arse cheeks.

My head felt like it was spinning excessively and feeling very heavy and my lips began to dry up from the heavy breathing. I squeezed my thighs together one last time, biting my bottom lip and felt myself cum over his vigorous hand. After a few seconds catching my breath while lying on his chest I sat escort marmaris up looking all flustered. He pulled out his juicy fingers which glistened against the light from the stars, and rubbed them over my bare breasts. I sat back a little and undone his belt, pulled down his zip pulling out his straining solid cock. I rubbed the tip of his cock and felt a lot of precum dripping around his cherry and down his shaft. I was sure it wouldn’t take long for him to cum since he was leaking immense amounts of juice already so I rubbed my fingers down and around his cock. He lifted up his sweater so that it wouldn’t squirt on his top and watched me rub against his oozing cum. My thumb and finger shaped like a ring teased his cherry before I slid it up and down his shaft, gently squeezing it every few seconds.

“Squeeze harder,” he said insistently.

I squeezed his cock much harder and more confidently and lowered my chest down towards the tip of his cock. I flicked his cherry on my nipples and slapped his cock against my breast.

“Fuck that feels good,” he said.

After a few more slaps on my breasts I rub his cock much faster, rubbing the rim of his cherry more each time.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said.

Watching his hands clasp the side of the seat tightly and his lips curl in so sweetly, he squirted his cum over my breasts. It wasn’t easy to see the cum squirted on my chest in the darkness but I did feel the heat against my chest while dripping down me.

We had fun trying to find the few wipes he had in the car to wipe us dry but we managed to find enough. I managed to climb back over to my seat and put my clothes back on. We looked at the windows which were all steamed up and laughed at the cloudy shapes we had made. We drank our cans of coke quickly having built up quite a thirst and had a few more giggles. The drive home was fairly quiet but we both had smiles on our faces. I sat and stared at the moon all the way home and was left feeling how dreamy this all felt and yet, so alive.

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