Money Talks Ch. 03

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Next stop Florida!

I took my time getting down to Panama beach. Wherever I saw a historical marker or something interesting I’d stop and check it out. Almost a week had passed since I’d talked my first married woman into cheating on her husband. I realized it was a dangerous game, and sooner or later someone was going to yell for the cops if I wasn’t careful.

I almost gave up the whole plan but after a week I was feeling pretty horny, and I still had more money than I knew what to do with. Something about the challenge of getting a woman to do me for money turned me on. Sure I could’ve went and found a whore but what challenge is that?

Not to mention they probably had STD’s. What I wanted was a nice clean normal woman who wouldn’t dream of fucking a strange guy. That’s where the cash came into play. I was starting to think humans would do anything if you flashed enough cash at them. My little project was just beginning and until something went wrong I was going to push it to the limit!

I realized that I still had to be careful about how I approached them. Booze seemed to help just like it always did, most people got a lot looser when they’d had a few drinks. I stopped at a local bank for more cash, and found a drive through liquor store. I asked the girl for some kind of booze the chicks like.

She pushed two cases of Corona’s out the window and four big bottles of some kind of rum punch. She told me it tasted great, and really kicked ass! That sounded perfect and the last stop was a grocery store to restock my food. I picked up a cooler, some limes, and a couple of folding beach chairs in case I needed them.

It was still early the next morning when I left the Wal-Mart parking lot and headed for the beaches. I kept driving around until I found a pure white beach down a ways from where I could park my RV. It was amazing how clear the ocean looked and I couldn’t wait to see it up close.

I packed up the rolling cooler with beer, some cut up limes in a baggy, and one of the big bottles of that rum punch stuff. I found a few plastic cups and stuffed them in there too. I drug the cooler through the white sands in my flip-flops, suit, and tank top. It was a damn good thing I had sun glasses because the sun reflecting off that white sand was a bitch!

Somebody, I guess the state or whatever had put up these little cabana things. They had a table; a few chairs and a thatched roof like you were in Hawaii or something. It was a perfect view of the ocean so I set up my camp there. I got a beer and walked down to watch the clear emerald waves roll in and crash.

Damn it was beautiful! There wasn’t anything like that in Minnesota that’s for sure. I didn’t see many people and that seemed odd but I figured it was still early, although it was pretty warm and getting hotter by the minute. So after a half hour of walking the beach I went back to the cabana sat there with an ice cold beer and watched the ocean.

I was on the lookout for a hot babe to take some cash off my hands. The first couple of hours all I saw were a few families’ walking the shore, or jumping in the ocean for a quick swim. Not much was going on but around noon more folks started arriving and I noticed several hot looking women.

The problem with that was all of them had a guy hanging around with them. I kicked back and waited, I mean after all it was fantastic and peaceful sitting there listening to the waves. The view was so fantastic I could’ve sat there forever. In fact I was considering buying a house and moving there when I got tired of traveling and playing my little money game.

I guess it was about 1:00 PM when I noticed a girl coming down the beach slowly. She was carrying a tote bag and had on an orange bikini. She had long brunette hair and from what I could see a fantastic figure! She was too far away to really tell but I definitely was interested.

I grabbed a fresh beer and headed down to the water planning to say hello when she came by. It took several minutes because she would stop frequently and pick up a shell, or stare out at the ocean. When she was about thirty yards away I stood there checking her out as she picked up a shell and threw it out in the waves.

The girl had an amazing body! Nice full breasts and I could see the glint of a belly button piercing on her flat tan tummy. When she bent over facing away from me to pick up something, I got a view of her perfect little ass, with just a small strip of orange running up her crack. Damn she was hot, and dark tanned that almost matched her hair.

I stood there gazing at the water as she finally strolled up even with me. It looked like she was deep in thought, looking at the sand for shells as she started to pass by me.

“Hi” I said, and she looked up and smiled.


“Maybe you can tell me where all the people are?” I asked, “I thought this place would be packed.”

She stopped and came closer, “Oh yeah… that happens during spring break, but now that is over it will be a couple of marmaris escort weeks before all the vacationers show up.”

“I should have made it for the break, but I had a paper I had to get done.” I told her.

She grinned at me, “You missed a great party! I graduated from FSU and came down here for every one of them!”

“Oh cool!” I told her, “I’m working on my master’s but took the summer off. I’m Matt what’s your name?”

She came up to me and I was glad I had on my mirror glasses because I couldn’t help checking out her nice big boobs inside that orange top, and her flat tummy and shapely narrow hips looked perfect!

“Jasmine,” She told me and held out her hand, “People call me Jazz.”

“Great name!” I told her and shook her hand.

I noticed she had a wedding ring on and things started to click in my head. Jazz looked a couple of years older than me, maybe twenty five or twenty six. I wondered if I could make her an offer and I decided to try my luck.

I finished by beer and shook the empty, “I should have brought more, and it’s getting hot out here.”

“Wait until later, this is nothing.” She laughed.

“You want a beer?” I asked, “I’ve got a cooler up there.” I pointed at the cabana, “Unless you’re busy.”

She looked at me for a few seconds, “Yeah, I guess so…I don’t have any big plans.” She laughed and dug her flip-flops out of her bag and put them on. That gave me a great few of her cleavage when she bent over and that’s when I realized I had to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

We walked through the hot white sand to the cabana and she put her bag on a chair and sat down. I got two beers out, opened them and stuffed lime wedges in them.

“Here,” I said and gave it to her.

“Thanks!” Jazz replied and took a pretty good sized drink.

I sat down next to her so I could watch the beach and ocean with her. I studied her long tan legs and when she’d bend forward her back looked perfect too! I wanted to grab her bikini top string and untie the back but controlled myself.

The girl seemed to be troubled by something, and her beer disappeared fairly fast for a gal. I didn’t even ask and got two more for us.

“Here, have another.”

She smiled at me, “Thanks!” and got busy drinking it down.

“How long have you been married?” I asked pointing at the ring on her finger.

Jazz looked down at it and then sort of spun it on her finger until the diamond stood up straight, “About a year, this is our first vacation together.”

“Cool, so where is the lucky guy?” I asked.

A frown flashed across her face, “Out there someplace!” She pointed out at the ocean, “He just had to go on a scuba dive trip on our last day!”

“You could have gone with him.” I offered.

She took a big drink of beer, “I don’t want to sit on a boat all day, and I’d rather just hang out at the beach.”

“I think he made a mistake leaving you behind…no offense.” I told her.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking but…I guess I’ll get over it.” Jazz told me and finished her beer.

Jazz stood up and looked up and down the beach, “Have you seen a bathroom around here?” She asked me, “Beer goes right through me.”

“No, but you can use the one in my RV if you want.” I pointed up the beach to where it was parked, “It’s unlocked help yourself.”

“Sure you don’t mind?”

“No…It’s cool”

“Thanks!” Jazz said and walked up towards my RV.

Damn her ass was perfect! I watched almost all the way.

I sat there and knew I had a perfect opportunity to get her naked and in my bed. The girl was pissed at her husband and drinking enough to prove it. I hoped with the right moves and some cash, it was going to be my lucky day. I didn’t feel guilty at all about her husband. He shouldn’t have left her alone…not a girl that hot!

Jazz came back and I had a beer waiting for her.

“Thanks for letting me use the restroom…I like you’re RV.” She said, and picked up the beer and took a big drink.

“No problem,” I told her, “So what are you going to do all day until hubby gets home?”

“I plan on being good and drunk by then!” She laughed, “He won’t be back until dark…so screw him!”

I laughed, and I could tell she was already on her way to a good buzz. Her remark told me that Jazz was pretty pissed at being left behind. My plan was to talk her into getting even with him. A little booze, a little cash, and a little talk might be enough to get her to spread those legs for me. I was certainly going to do my best and so far she didn’t act like she was in a hurry to leave.

I’d only brought a 6 pack of beer and when that was gone I dug out the rum punch, “You want to try this?” I asked Jazz.

She read the label, “I’ve heard of this stuff before…yeah pour me a glass.”

I have to admit the stuff went down pretty easy and it had a good kick to it too. After one glass I had a pretty big buzz and it was making me pretty sure of myself, and about asking Jazz for a good fuck. Fortunately for me she said marmaris escort bayan she needed to use the restroom again.

I drug the mostly empty cooler following her from behind and the view was fantastic. She used the bathroom and I sat on the couch until she got back. She came out looking great and apparently at ease in her little bikini around a horny guy like me.

“You have any of that rum stuff left?” She asked.


She followed me to the little kitchenette and I poured us each a big plastic cup filled with ice and hooch.

“This is really good, I’m getting a buzz!” Jazz laughed, and took a big drink.

I thought it was about time to see how far she would go. I didn’t want her to get so drunk she was out of it.

We were facing each other across the little tiny breakfast bar and her tits looked fantastic!

“So you said this was your last day here…how come?”

“It’s really expensive,” Jazz said, her eyes noticing mine that kept glancing at her tits, “With the hotel and everything it’s about a thousand a day!”

“Damn that is expensive,” I replied, “Glad I got this RV.”

“Yeah, it’s nice.” She said, and drank some more rum punch, “Maybe we should get one of these some day.”

It was time to see if she would go for it, “I know a way you could stay another day if you wanted.”

Her eyes became interested, “How’s that?” She asked me, and sipped her drink.

“I was thinking maybe we could help each other out.”

“Oh, and just how could we do that?” She said slyly.

I think she knew I wanted her; women just seem to be able to feel it in the air. Of course my eyes darting to her body all the time probably was a clue too. So far she was playing with me and it was time to go for it and see what happened.

“You are the sexiest woman I think I’ve ever seen!” I told her.

“I’ve heard that one before.” Jazz laughed but sipped her drink toying with me like a cat with a mouse, “Tell me something I haven’t heard a million times from guys just like you.”

That did it, so I looked her in the eye and said, “I could really use a blow-job right now.”

Jazz almost choked on her rum punch, but recovered fast enough to say, “How’s that supposed to help me?” Then laughed, “Nice try but I’ve heard that one before!”

I grabbed the envelope I’d hidden in the silverware drawer on my side of the counter. I took it out and started counting hundred dollar bills and putting them on the counter in front of her.

Her eyes got big and I doubt anyone had ever offered her cash for sex before, “Here’s a thousand dollars…that’s enough for another day if you give me a nice long blow-job!” I told her and crossed my arms grinning.

“OH MY GOD!” She laughed, “You must be crazy!”

“Why not?” I asked, “You could get even with your hubby, and stay another day with that money.”

She actually looked like that hadn’t occurred to her yet, and I could see the wheels turning in her head.

“I’d feel like a little whore if I did that!” She said starting to get mad at last, and killed her drink, “I’m not some dumb bimbo standing on the street corner!”

“I know you’re not…just have a drink with me and let me explain. Then you can leave if you’re still pissed off.”

She fumed but didn’t stop me from filling up her glass. I knew I’d have to be careful or she would probably run back to the hotel and call the cops.

“I’m waiting!” She told me but took a drink and then added, “I was really starting to like you until you said that.”

“Sorry, I just thought if you did something nice for me I’d return the favor, I didn’t mean it like you were a whore…honest!”

I could tell she wasn’t going for it yet, “I guess I’ve had too much to drink, and you’re so damn sexy looking I lost control for a minute.”

He features relaxed a bit, “Yeah I’m pretty toasted myself…I have to admit that getting even with Josh sort of crossed my mind when I first met you.” Jazz replied with a little smile crossing her lips.

Her anger had fled pretty fast and I hoped that I still had a chance.

She picked up one of the bills, “It would be nice to stay another day.”

I slid the bills together in a pile as she watched, “I didn’t mean to offend you with this money let’s just forget what I said.”

I picked up the pile and started straightening it up nice and neat when her hand came down and grabbed mine, “Wait.”

“What?” I asked.

“How am I going to explain where all this money came from?”

I knew right then if I came up with a good answer she’d do it.

“You could say that you found a billfold washed up on the beach, and it was empty except for the money?”

She looked at me and then at the money, “That might work…and she took it out of my hands.”

Jazz stood up, and went over and tucked the money in her tote bag. When I saw her bend over it was too much and I dug more cash out of my drawer and went over to her as she stood back up and turned to me, “Where are we going to do this?”

I escort marmaris took her hand and put three thousand more in it, “You can stay three more days if you spend the afternoon in bed with me.”

She wasn’t offended this time. I think that stack of hundreds in her hand made her forget she was taking money for sex. She looked down at it and stuffed it in her bag. I pointed the way to my bed and she walked down the little hall in front of me, untying her top at the same time.

I pulled my tank top over my head as I followed her.

When we got in the tiny bedroom Jazz turned around and tossed her top on the bed. Her naked boobs hung there looking perfect! I went up to her and put my hands around them and squeezed, bending down to kiss her. She didn’t flinch and kissed me hard and opened her mouth for my tongue.

I could feel her hand down below as she cupped my bulging cock through my suit.

“Why’d you change your mind?” I asked her as the kiss broke connection.

“I was planning on getting even with Josh when we first met…I think you’re pretty cute too.” She whispered rubbing my bulge as I teased the hard points of her nipples with my fingertips.

“So you’re going to give my money back?” I laughed as she started tugging down my suit with both hands.

“Do I look stupid?” She asked, and pulled my suit down to my ankles as my cock sprung out to greet her.

Jazz got down on her knees as I stepped out my suit. She grabbed my shaft and started to jack it, “I’m going to have fun all afternoon with you,” She said, and kissed the end of my knob, “And tomorrow I’m going to enjoy all that cash!”

She was looking at my big swollen knob, “I’m really going to enjoy you!” She said and took my knob in her mouth.

I stood there looking down while she sucked my cock for me. It felt great and looked even better as her lips slid back and forth over my knob. Jazz would suck hard and pull back slow until my knob popped out of her mouth. She kept jacking my shaft at the same time and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

Her tits jiggled nicely as she bobbed and sucked and I couldn’t wait to feel my cock stuck all the way up in her pussy. Just thinking about that made me cum in her mouth. It was good to get that first orgasm out of the way because I wanted to fuck her for a long time before I got off.

I think it surprised Jazz when I came; it was a really huge load. A week’s worth of cum shot to the back of her throat and I felt like there was plenty more left for her pussy.

“I need a drink after that.” She told me, so we went back to the kitchen and I opened two beers.

I was naked and she just had on her bikini bottoms. She drained half of the beer to wash my cum out of her pretty little mouth. I went up behind her and put my semi-hard cock between her nice little round ass cheeks. I reached around holding her nice tits and kissed her neck.

She didn’t fight it, actually pushed back on my cock and let me tease her nipples with my fingertips. I licked the side of her neck and she let out a sigh, “You’re getting me turned on doing that.”

“That’s the idea,” I told her, “I bet you have a nice tight little pussy.”

Jazz laughed and pushed back on my growing cock, “I’ve never had any complaints!”

I pulled both string ties on the sides of her bikini bottoms lose, and yanked them down. They fell away and I grabbed her hand and led her back to the bedroom. We got on the bed and started kissing as I felt her up; her pussy was already nice and wet as I rubbed my middle finger up and down her slit.

I kept rubbing her pussy, and spent some quality time sucking those nice tasty hard nipples as she moaned and jumped each time I touched her clit. I kissed my way down her tummy and then ducked around her legs to look at her pussy. Her dark bush was trimmed into a little patch that tickled my nose as I moved down to lick her slit.

I held her legs wide apart, pushing her knees forward and sucked and licked her tasty pussy until she was yelling loudly and trying to dislodge her clit from my mouth. I sucked and teased it with my tongue until she screamed out her passion.

“AH AH OOOHHH UNNHhhhhhhhh!” Jazz cried and thrashed from side to side but I kept tonguing her clit fast until she just groaned and jerked several times.

I didn’t give her time to rest and crawled up on top of her hard little body. I rubbed my knob in her juice and then pushed it inside of her hot cunt.

“OOOOHHHH!” She moaned lifting her hips up of the mattress.

My knob led the way up her tunnel as I pushed the rest of my dick in her up to my balls. It felt so good I just left it that way while I kissed her hard on the mouth. It didn’t take long until she started to move under me, she wanted me to move in her so I started to pump her nice tight cunt and she kissed me even harder.

Her pussy felt just perfect, and damn she was a passionate kisser!

“You feel so good in me,” Jazz moaned, and wrapped her legs around my waist holding me in.

I pumped her nice twat faster and Jazz started to make noises. I probably shouldn’t have said it but I did anyway and I was lucky she didn’t just stop. It was stupid thing to say… but lucky for me she didn’t freak out.

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