Moms Take Their Sons to School Ch. 02

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Drifting from a deep, satisfying sleep, Donna stretched luxuriantly beneath the warm hotel blankets, her long legs reached for the foot of the bed, her arms stretched over her head. As her body awoke, her mind trailed, coming awake in jolts of emotion.

She felt the crusty remnants of dried cum tugging on her pubic hair, even as her labia slid creamily against each other with the still slippery remnants of the same fluid. As she groaned quietly, she felt the hand on her stomach, and that awakened her to the leg thrown over her own. There was a moment of puzzlement, then the first dawning of realization. The hand on her tummy, the leg over hers, the sticky semi-hard cock against her thigh, the cum splashed on her and inside her sacred hole; they all belonged to the same man, her son.

The remembrances slipping into her consciousness were not dreams. They were as real as her son’s sperm swimming inside her. The love she had shared the last night had been no dream. She had stroked her son’s cock to awaken him, had allowed him to peel her panties off, giving him access to his mother’s pussy. He had sucked her hard nipples and licked between her thighs, between her lips, and she had felt first his tongue, and then his hard cock penetrate deep inside her.

She had shared the sacred emotion of orgasm with her only son, and had allowed him to inseminate her with his thick cream. It had all happened, it was all real, though it was almost unbelievable to her.

Donna lay silently now, not moving, and became aware of the breathing of the other couple in the room. Cindy and Greg still slept. Another mother who had spread her legs for her loving son, who had ridden his giant cock to orgasm. Another son who had enjoyed the forbidden fruits of his mother’s vagina.

It was almost too much for her to wrap her mind around. How could she have gone from an average 40-year-old mother, driving her son to college, to his lover in the course of a day? To a mother who had made passionate physical love to her son in front of two other people?

As she lay there, her hand absently drifted down her taut body, pausing to caress the larger hand laying there, then farther down to investigate the evidence of her sin. She could feel the dried cum on her skin first, below her navel, then the crustiness of her bush. A long finger found the bump of her clit, and delved between her lips, still swollen from the attention they’d received. The finger was instantly coated with the slippery mix of juices, her own lubrication and her son’s ejaculate.

“Oh my god,” she thought. “There’s so much!” Her fingers slid in deeper, opening a channel, allowing for the cream to slide from her, down between her cheeks, over her little brown hole, dripping onto the already damp sheets.

Guiltily, she brought the hand up from beneath the covers. The smell struck her quickly. Cum. The earthy scent of a man’s cum. But there was more, her own salty smell. Old memories of sucking a cock freshy removed from inside her were brought to mind.

She remembered the first time, long ago, when she’d tasted herself on her finger, when she’d discovered masturbation. But she really relished the memory of sucking, for the first time, a cock that had been in her pussy.

She remembered it clearly. She had returned from the beach one afternoon to find her uncle asleep on the couch. He must have been having an enjoyable dream, his cock was so hard that it protruded from the waistband of his shorts.

Donna had begun to touch herself, slipping her hand inside her bikini bottoms, stroking her slit, when his eyes had opened. Opened and instantly widened.

As she approached him, he seemed paralyzed by shock, as though he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming.

She had walked over and squeezed onto the couch next to him. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and, before he could find his voice to protest, drooled onto her fingertip and began to trace it around the protruding head of his cock. He grasped her wrist, but she was ready with the other hand and lowered the waistband of his shorts to reveal his hard-on.

“Mmm, is this for me, Uncle Davey?” she asked in a little-girl mew, then began to stroke his cock, reaching deeper into his shorts and releasing the engorged shaft. He had reached for her then and, holding her by the hips, maneuvered her over top of him, allowing her to slip the bikini aside and align his cock with her slit.

It hadn’t lasted long, both of them were hyper excited, and she came quickly, shuddering with orgasm, and collapsing onto her uncle’s chest. As she kissed him, he approached his own climax, and pushed her away, down his body, until her lips found his cock. The smell of her pussy on him was unmistakable, mixed with the salty musk of her uncle. She relished licking the forbidden cock which had just left her body.

Almost as soon as she had sucked it deep into her mouth, he had exploded, filling her throat with hot cum. She held it there as he spurted more into her.

Feeling the adiosbet yeni giriş pulses weaken, she’d pulled off with a pop, gasping for a breath. Looking down, Donna had admired the shining shaft, smeared with their juices

She had lavished the still oozing head with her lips and tongue, smearing it beneath her nose, dizzy with the rush of arousal it brought, still tasting her own juices from the hard shaft.

Was this so different? Of course it was! This cum, which she now sucked from her fingertip, was her son’s. She had milked it from him with her own pulsing cunt, with no regard for societal norms or their reputations. She had used him for her own desperate needs, but she realized that his had been just as desperate.

Not only that, he had used her scent while fantasizing about her for a long while, judging from the evidence deposited in her used panties over the years.

So the radio show had just given them the push they needed.

All of this sounded logical in a way but, for god’s sake, it was so totally taboo! Donna’s emotions wrestled back and forth with the implications and dangers of their situation, but gradually a slight movement stole her attention from the moral aspect of lying in bed next to her naked son. His cock began to thicken against her thigh.

That small change in his physiology stole all of her attention. Next, she became very aware of his fingertips beginning to stroke her tummy. He rolled just a bit, putting more weight on her thigh, and the growth of his cock accelerated. Donna thrilled to feel the fat muscle lengthen and thicken against her.

Brad hummed against her neck as he snuggled closer to his mom. The sheet slipped beneath her left breast, and she felt strangely exposed. Her son could see her naked nipple! The smell of her perfume had him completely erect against her thigh now, and she could feel his breath on her exposed nub. Slowly it hardened in response.

In pure reflex, she rolled gently towards him, just enough. His lips brushed lightly against her nipple now, and she gasped in pleasure. The instinct to suck his mommy’s nipple into his mouth was undeniable, and his tongue caressed it from beneath as it swelled between his lips.

Donna felt a bolt of pleasure course through her, even more noticeable in her pussy than her breast, and she groaned as she slid her naked flesh against her son’s. When his thigh pressed higher between hers, her pussy pulsed against it, still dripping cum.

Now his hand began to drift down, teasing against her belly button before threading his fingers through the thick thatch of her messy bush. She gave him enough separation for his hand to ease down between them, and her head fell back as his fingers touched her sweet spot. One drifted between his mother’s slick labia as the other two stroked on the outer portions of the plump lips. When he hooked his finger inward, her thighs raised to open her up to his penetration.

Now her baby boy began to slide his long finger inside her, tracing against the rubbery ridges leading him to her g-spot. Another groan from his mother confirmed that he’s found it and he began to stroke in time with his sucking on her nipple. A second finger slipped in then and Brad began to finger fuck his mom, stroking her g-spot on one end, then teasing her clit on the other.

Any hesitation was long past now, and Donna began to fuck him back, squeaking with need as she felt the swell of arousal begin to build.

Though they didn’t notice, their roommates had begun to stir as well, and Cindy lay atop her own son as the two watched Brad bring his mother closer to orgasm with his lips and fingers.

It only took a slight shift, and Greg’s erect cock brushed against Cindy’s slick opening. As he instinctively pressed up, seeking entry, Cindy lowered her lips to his. “Shh, honey. Just wait, just wait. Mommy will let you inside if you’re a good boy. Let’s just watch Brad and his mommy first.” She kissed him wetly, their tongues found each other and danced their illicit dance.

Brad shifted and brought the sheet down, exposing his mother’s naked body. He began to suck on her other nipple, while slowing his finger thrusts. Donna was becoming desperate, and began to grind his hand between her thighs. “Faster baby, faster! Oh make Mommy cum! That’s it! OH GOD YESSSS!” Her legs straightened out and her body went rigid as she reached orgasm. She held her breath for a long pause, then released in a magnificent cry, “Yesssssssss! Oh my god Brad, baby!”

She forced him to roll onto his back and knelt above him as she kissed him fiercely. “You are such a good son!” She suddenly noticed the other couple in the room, their faces turned towards her in wonder. For a moment there was a jolt of panic, caught with her son’s fingers inside her. But it faded as quickly as it appeared, as Cindy, while locking eyes with Donna, slowly lowered her dripping pussy toward her own son, his giant cock parting her petals as she slid her body over it. One long adiosbet giriş breath and their bodies met, her son completely sheathed in her little cunt.

Donna wondered how that tiny body was able to accommodate such a huge erection, but at the same time her fingertips reached to align her own son’s cock with her swollen pussy. As she relaxed and allowed Brad to fill her, she smiled at Cindy. The little blonde reached across the small gap between the beds and the two mothers held hands just for a moment, each a little slippery from handling their sons’ cocks.

As they withdrew, Donna didn’t miss Cindy lifting her fingers to her nose. The little blonde actually blushed slightly, caught smelling her friend’s secret scent mixed with that of her son. Donna smiled, and licked her own fingers, assuring the other mother of her acceptance. Another seed of desire had been planted.

The two mothers returned their hands to their respective sons’ chests as they began to ride the young men, slowly angling their lower bodies forward then back, moving the cocks deep inside themselves.

Cindy suddenly giggled, “synchronous screwing!” Donna laughed in return, then noticed her son’s attention on the Carol Brady clone on the other bed. Smiling, she whispered in Brad’s ear. “Mrs. Taylor looks really cute naked, doesn’t she? You think Carol Brady was that sweet to her sons?”

Whether it was the fact that his mom was whispering dirty thoughts to him, or more of a reaction to watching Cindy’s lithe frame riding her son, Brad’s cock suddenly swelled further inside his mother. Locking eyes with him, she fed on it, “Mmm, feels like your cock is kinda interested in your friend’s mommy?”

“Oh god, mom. Stop, you’re killing me.”

This brought last night’s close encounter in the bathroom with Greg’s cock to Donna again. Looking over at the other bed, she pictured that giant shaft impaling his mother as she ground against him.

Donna followed suit, lifting to where she caressed her son’s tip with her labia, she grasped the shaft and slipped it up an down her creamy opening. “You have the most perfect pussy, Mom!” her son whispered.

Donna’s head spun with fantasy. As amazing as this was, slipping her son’s rock-hard cock through her canal, the possibilities of expanding the adventure to include the Taylors flooded her mind. And it wasn’t just having an opportunity to taste that giant cock of Greg’s, Cindy suddenly became a distraction.

Donna had never so much as kissed another woman in desire, she had never even flirted with the fantasy of touching a woman. But now, watching Cindy gyrate on her son’s cock, still tasting the tangy, salty mix of their juices, Cindy’s tiny ass held her attention as strongly as it held her son’s. What would it taste like to run her tongue up that groove, get a tongue-full of Greg’s cum mixed with his mother’s, dribbling from the heat of her pussy?

Her passion surged, and her hips began to snap back and forth, targeting her clit with the pressure as the taboo thoughts crowding her mind triggered yet another orgasm. She dropped her chest to her son’s, her fat breasts crushing against him, her pussy in spasm around his shaft, and began to kiss him deeply as her thighs spread impossibly wide, leaking a steady stream of her lubrication.

She collapsed as the orgasm faded, her body covered in a sheen of sweat. Her son, still fully erect inside her, rolled them into a missionary position, and began to slowly stroke through her, whispering in her ear, “I’m going to cum soon, Mommy.” She thought it sweet that he was warning her, despite all of the semen she’d already absorbed from him, but the flashback of tasting her cunt on a hard cock spurred her.

“In my mouth, baby. Mommy’s pussy is so full!”

Glancing at the other bed, Donna smiled at her counterpart, lying there impaled on her son’s member. Then, as Brad lifted his weight from her and rolled onto his back, she quickly slid down the bed, kissing her son’s torso as she approached his glistening cock.

Donna paused, just for a second, holding her son tenderly in her hand, then lifted up to kiss the tip, the tip wet from her own juices. Her tongue snaked out, and began to circle the bulbous head, causing her son to twitch in appreciation. The salty taste of the fluids mixed there, her son’s pre-cum, the remnants of last night’s ejaculate, and her own musky lubricant acted as a trigger, she felt her pussy quiver in aftershocks from her orgasm.

Teasingly, she asked, “Brad, do you want Mommy to suck you?”

He groaned in response.

“How do you ask?”

“Oh God please, Mommy, suck me.”

“Only if you promise to cum in my mouth,” she smiled. That brought another groan.

“I promise Mommy, I’ll cum hard in your mouth.”

She smiled around his cock, this wouldn’t take long.

Donna lowered her lips slowly, forming a tight seal first around the hard smooth skin of her son’s cock head, then tightening over the lip. She continued down the pulsating adiosbet güvenilirmi shaft even more slowly, as her tongue dragged down over the hyper-sensitive tissue in the groove. When his cock touched the back of her throat, she reversed the process even more slowly, slipping up the shaft, caressing the head, and finally tongueing his sensitive slit.

Taking a break she playfully held his shaft and played the slimy head over her hanging breasts, flicking her fat nipples with it. “Ready?” she smiled.

“Oh god yes,” her son whispered.

His mother played her hair across his sensitive cock, then tickled his balls with it before repeating the slow teasing blowjob. All she could think of was giving her son a sexual experience that he would never forget, that would never be matched by any other woman. This time, after the agonizingly slow insertion, she began to lightly tickle below his balls as she worked him into her throat. She was surprised at how hard she had to fight her gag reflex as she choked herself with his cock. She had never attempted to deep-throat a man before.

Once the seal was broken though, she was determined to take it all. This was something the couple beside her would have serious problems doing, but she was going the distance with her son.

As her lips reached his pubic hair, he reached his limit, and drove the last inch into his loving mother’s throat. Instinctively he grabbed the back of her head and sought deeper penetration, ramming into Donna’s face.

Donna panicked, she couldn’t breathe, her throat pulsed with the effort as tears streamed down her face and her son swelled within her. Suddenly a strong spurt of semen blasted from him directly down her throat, then another. She couldn’t swallow, she didn’t have to. The cum shot almost directly into her stomach.

She felt a third erupt as he fell back, arms over his head. The most amazing orgasm of his life, and it was into his mom’s mouth!

Donna pulled off, grateful for the relief of his cock extricating from her throat, and gasped for breath. Two more spurts of cum from her son followed, one across her upper lip and the next onto her neck. Kneeling there, she watched it subside, now cum just oozing from him. She breathed deeply, smelling the salty essence, even as it dribbled into her mouth. She took his head into her mouth again, sucking gently as his climax ended.

Brad sighed in satisfaction as his mom climbed back atop him, her knees on either side of his hips. She leaned over his face and he was astounded at her appearance, covered with cum, makeup and tears smeared down her cheeks. He felt the tickle of her pussy on his cock, and pushed on her hips, urging her to slip it back inside.

She eased back, feeling her lips part as the slippery member reentered her forbidden pussy, and kissed her son, unsure what his reaction would be to the taste on her lips.

But he had no reluctance, and eagerly began to kiss his mom deeply, not disturbed by the taste of his cum, too appreciative of the amazing gift she’d given him. Now they both shared the tastes of their amazing morning adventures, and he barely softened inside his mother.

After a moment, they heard Cindy from the other bed. “Wow.” They looked over to see her astride her son, his huge cock still encased within the little blonde. “That was amazing, Donna!”

Her son echoed the sentiment, “Unbelievable, Mrs. Devine! That was unbelievable.”

Brad’s response gave Donna a small twinge in her pussy, “Dude, my mom just gave me the best fucking blowjob in history. You need to let her…”

He stopped, realizing what he was insinuating, the sharing of his mother, sexually. Not that all of the four had not had thoughts along the same line, but he had said it aloud!

Cindy giggled. “What’s funny, Mom?” Greg asked.

“What’s not funny?” she asked. “Donna and I sitting here in a hotel room, naked, with our son’s cocks buried in us? Watching each other screw our boys, licking their cocks like some young college coed sluts?”

“But what made me laugh was how your cock grew two sizes inside me when Brad offered his mom to suck on you.”

Cindy giggled again, “Oh my god, Donna, he’s blushing. He’s lying here with his cock inside his own mom, but he’s embarrassed that we know that he’s turned on by his buddy’s mom.”

That comment brought another thrill to Donna. She couldn’t stop focusing on Greg’s giant cock stretching Cindy’s tiny pussy, wondering what that would feel like inside her own. God knows, her own son’s was more than adequate, he’d already given her mind-blowing orgasms, and filled her with his cum but, still, that monster of Greg’s…

Now Cindy lifted up, and everybody in the room watched Greg’s slick cock slide from his mom’s pussy. She almost had to stand to get the whole thing out of her. As his mother dismounted it stood tall and proud.

Donna’s pussy quivered involuntarily, and now Brad laughed. “I guess maybe my mom is having the same reaction, Mrs. Taylor! She’s literally having spasms looking at you, Greg.”

Cindy spun around over her son, kneeling astride his chest. Her little pussy was gaped open, dribbling just a little onto her son’s neck. His cock flexed, reacting to the sight of the inside of his mother’s cunt.

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