Mistress Lexi Ch. 01

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I reluctantly awoke from my lazy morning slumber. The alarm had not yet gone off. The feel of the warm covers in the soft bed made me want to never open my eyes. That hazy, half sleeping, half waking state that I treasured in the morning never seemed to last long enough. Sunlight peeked through the shutters and inch by inch crept over my face, making it impossible to continue my reverie.

As I contemplated throwing the covers off and exposing myself to the cool morning air, the morning-wood was difficult to ignore. Why is it that it’s always up and ready, standing at attention, when there’s nobody around to take care of business? It almost seems that nature has provided men with a cruel joke, the old blue veined morning throbber.

Moving out from under my sanctuary of warmth and security, the hard wood floors felt cold and rigid. Tip-toing across to the master bath seemed like the way to go, but then I realized it was wasted, as I was the only one home. The kids were already off to school, and Lexi, my wife, was already at work. I entered and performed the typical ritual of the morn: toilet; tooth brush; splash some water on the face; run the shower; etc. The hard-on was simply not going away of its own accord.

As I contemplated hopping into a cold shower, to deal with Mr. Woody, I spied Lexi’s panties crumpled in a ball lying against the wall on the floor. Pink and lacy boy shorts that she wore to bed last night and had dropped here before her morning shower shined with their silky elasticized material. I picked them up to deposit them in the laundry basket when, on a whim, I held them up to my face and inhaled deeply. Her musky scent mixed with the hint of coconut moisturizing lotion was still present in the crotch, and this only compounded the issue.

I had about half an hour before I had to leave for work. Plenty of time to rub one out, take a shower and still be in the office on time. But I shouldn’t. My mind was racing. This was disgusting. I was disgusting. Yet I was still going to sniff and lick my wife’s dirty panties in a bacchanal of self-flagellation.

I sniffed again and held the silky fabric to my face. Her scent was intoxicating. They were still a little moist and my tongue darted out. The fabric was tangy and sweet. Sweaty, but not overpoweringly salty. I spat in my left hand and it slid slowly down to my raging cock. Visions of Lexi in those little pink boy shorts, with just the smallest sliver of each ass cheek exposed flooded my mind. How they must feel, caressing her ass. Sliding against her little hole. In a moment of indiscretion, I decided to put them on, to feel their silky caress for myself.

The panties slid up my thighs and stretched to accommodate my larger proportions. Would they stretch? Would she notice? The feeling of silk against skin is luxurious, and at the same time taboo for a man. I pulled them higher. They hugged my ass cheeks with a little wedgie, tickling my asshole, while my bursting balls strained for containment in the front. The low rise nature of the panties provided no coverage for my straining cock, as I continued to stroke it, like an arrow, sticking out from the top of the panties, pointing to infinity.

I stroked in earnest, occasionally providing my cock with a short reprieve to smear the oozing precum around its head and down the shaft. My cock glistened with each stroke, one step closer to release. I could feel it building. First in my balls, and then, like a flood, up through my cock, like an indomitable forest fire, crashing through the timberland.

“What. The. Fuck. Are you doing?” Asked Lexi, standing in the bedroom doorway. She was staring at me, with her jaw hanging wide open and a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t look angry. She looked stunned.

Lexi’s long blond hair was pulled back and up into a bun for work. She wore her purple hospital scrubs loosely and still had her purse in her hand. At five feet six and around one hundred and forty pounds, she had always had that perfect mix of petite yet curvy that I so preferred to the “thigh gap” that seemed to be all the rage.

My hand stopped moving. But it was too late, the time had arrived. Our eyes locked, like dueling lazers through the fog. And semen began to pulse out of my cock, of its own accord. There was no release, no intense orgasm, just mind numbing horror and the reflexive action of overstimulated genitals, carrying on with nature’s due course.

There are a few times in life when one can honestly say they were caught speechless and actually mean it, in the most literal sense. With not the phantom of an idea stuck in one’s head as to how to respond to a situation. This, dear reader, was one of those times. I was standing in the master bathroom, wearing my wife’s panties, masturbating furiously, and she walked in to see this, with the pièce de résistance of watching my semen dribble out of my rock hard cock to soak her panties.

Thoughts of shock, embarrassment, divorce and even suicide raced ankara türbanlı escort through my mind, ephemeral in the gravity of the situation. But still, not a word could escape my mouth, shut tight with tetanic rigor. Those five or ten seconds seemed to last for five or ten years.

“Take off my panties, clean yourself up, and come out here and talk to me,” Lexi said, as she turned and walked down the hall.

What would the outcome of this be? We had been married for almost ten years. Had two great kids, a nice house in the suburbs, but the sex life of a geriatric couple. Over the years, Lexi’s libido had waned, whereas mine had only grown. Almost nightly, Lexi would retire to bed by nine or ten and I would stay up, ostensibly watching television or screwing around on the internet. In fact, once I was fairly sure she was up for the night, it was off to the races!

As a young man growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, pornography was a very different animal from what it is today. If you wanted to grab a magazine to look at naked ladies, you had to go down to the seedy corner gas station and physically buy one, as the clerk would knowingly look at you with a humiliating little grin. Today, you sit down in your chair, fire up your free porn site of choice, and spank yourself into oblivion, viewing literally hundreds of different scenes of blasphemy and hedonism at a single sitting. And then you can do it all over again the following evening with a fresh slate of hard-bodied homewreckers.

I contemplated how to talk to Lexi as I removed her cum soaked panties and wiped up my mess. As I stood there naked, looking for something to put on, Lexi walked back into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me through the bathroom doorway. I grabbed a towel to cover myself.

“No, you come out here just like that,” she said.

I walked into the bedroom, still holding her panties. “I’m sorry.”

“What were you doing? What were you thinking? I came home because I thought I had left the garage door open and I find you wearing my panties and jerking off. Is that what you like? Is that what you want?” Her questions resonated in my head. I wasn’t sure if she actually wanted answers or if she was just saying what came to mind.

I blurted out the entirety of my morning, from morning-wood in the bed, to finding her panties, right through her coming in to discover me in flagrante delicto. She listened patiently as I recounted my nightly habits, and the fact that I just craved more sex. I confessed that I longed for the smell and taste of her beautiful pussy, and that when I couldn’t get it, I made do with her panties. I told her that I had occasionally tried on her panties, but I was not gay or a transvestite. I just loved the feel of them, particularly with the knowledge that she had worn them. I told her how I loved the feeling of the stretchy, silky material sliding between my ass cheeks, tickling my asshole like a gentle lover, and how it drove me crazy seeing them on her.

Lexi was saying nothing and taking it all in. I begged her to not be angry, and to not do anything drastic. I feared her reaction, as I stood there naked, dick now hanging limply, like a worm waiting to be place on the fishing hook. Slowly and deliberately Lexi began to nod her head. “What else do I need to know,” she asked.

“What other little fetishes do you have that you haven’t told me about in the past ten years? On second thought, don’t tell me. I want to see it for myself. Give me your laptop and go to work, I am going to take the rest of the day off to think about what I am going to do.”

“What do you want my laptop for?” I asked.

“Are you that dumb? I’m going to go through your browser history and see what you’ve been up to. Now get dressed and go to work,” she said in a level voice.

I turned around and went to the dresser. I grabbed some underwear and socks and started to dress.

“Oh no,” she said. “You can wear my cum-soaked panties to work since you like them so much.”

I looked at her with a blank face, not knowing how to react.

“Go on, put them on and get dressed and get out.”

I couldn’t say a word. I obeyed. The panties were wet with my seed and sticky with a slight smell to them. The pink silky material had dark blotches where my cum had dribbled onto the material. Truth be told, I was rather excited by this turn of events. I had never considered wearing women’s underwear outside of my little masturbation sessions. Would any of my co-workers notice? Would the cum seep through my pants? Could I fit my now rapidly growing cock back into them?

Lexi noticed my growing member. “Even after this, you’re still excited, huh?” she questioned. “Come over here,” she beckoned with her finger in a sultry, low voice. I walked to her, with my cock exploding from her panties. The lacy waistline digging into my shaft. I stood before her as she sat on the bed.

She reached out tuzla escort with her right hand, and gently stroked my cock and balls for a moment. I closed my eyes. And then I felt an iron grip clutching my balls like the talons of some murderous bird of prey. Her nicely manicured fingernails dug into the skin of my scrotum and the pressure caused me pain in the most tender of areas. I gasped.

“Don’t you touch that cock for the rest of the day! In fact, you don’t touch that cock until I tell you that you can touch it. Do you understand me? If you want this marriage to continue, I’m going to have to do some thinking and make some changes. So get dressed and go to work.” She released my aching balls.

I made it into work a couple minutes late, but nobody seemed to notice. I felt like everyone in the office knew what had happened and what I had on beneath my suit. From the receptionist to the guy who changes the bottle on the water cooler. They had to have noticed. But nobody said a word. Nobody said a word or gave any indication that they had the slightest suspicion about my morning or about the intimate apparel hiding beneath my clothes.

My brain seemed to churn through the events of the morning time and again though I tried to concentrate. Every time I moved, the wet silky fabric of Lexi’s panties would rub against my little puckered starfish, and give me a slight arousal. It was a good feeling, one which I had never really explored previously. But it was distracting as all hell. I got nothing accomplished all day.

As I drove home, I made the turns and stops and starts like a zombie. How I made the drive, without remembering a bit of it was anybody’s guess. I pulled in and walked into the house. There was Lexi, finishing dinner with one child on her tablet watching the cartoon of the day and the other doing homework at the kitchen table, earbuds playing some cotton candy pop music.

Lexi looked at me and smiled, “How was your day?” It was like the past eight hours had been completely erased from her memory.

“Fine. But was a little distracted today,” I answered. “I’m going upstairs to change,” I said as I did every night after work.

As I walked past her, Lexi gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear “Don’t change your panties, or else.” She surreptitiously squeezed my cock and balls through my suit pants.

I almost fell over. I looked at the kids. Neither one had heard. Earbuds played away in both their ears. The miracle of modern technology. I raced upstairs and changed.

We ate dinner and helped the kids finish their homework. A typical night in the house. Then a little television and it was time for the kids to go to bed. We tucked them in and went back downstairs. The kids were safely in bed, but my stomach was in knots.

“Would you get me a glass of wine, and get yourself one too. We’re both going to need it,” she said.

I opened a bottle of cabernet and poured two glasses. Lexi was sitting on the couch. I brought her the glass and sat next to her, but not too close.

“Take off your pants, I want to see my panties,” she said.

I took off my pants to reveal the still moist, cum-stained boy shorts I had begun the day with. My cock was beginning to stir. As it grew, little by little, it put more and more pressure on the fabric, stretching the front and drawing the back into my asshole.

“I spent a good portion of the day looking through your browser history. I watched portions of many of the videos you’ve been watching. It looks like you’ve been watching a lot of female domination videos.” She sipped the wine and looked at me. Her gaze dropped to my privates. A faint smile crossed her face to which I could only nod my head.

“You’ve been watching videos about wearing panties, shaved pussies, eating your own cum, pegging, prostate milking, face sitting and spanking, to name a few. I didn’t even know what half of those things were! I had to look them up. But it seems like you have been VERY interested in them for quite a while.”

“Honey, it’s just…”

“Shhh, shhh, shhh,” she said, stopping me as I tried to explain. “Take off my panties and give them to me.”

I stood up and took off the moist cum-soaked panties I had been wearing all day and gave them to Lexi and sat back down.

Lexi reached over with her left hand, pinched my cheeks together to open my mouth, and stuffed them in with her right hand. She used her fingers to push them in further and further until only a bit of the waistband was protruding from my astounded lips. The taste and smell was awful. The now two day old dirty panties with my partially dried semen all over them that I had worn to work and sweated in all day nearly made me gag.

“Be quiet and listen.” She took another long sip of wine. “I know we have neglected our sex life since the kids were born, but it’s hard. We both work, and I’m tired when I get home. I know you want more sex, avrupa yakası ucuz escort though I never even guessed at the kind of sex you’d want! I still love you, but I think we need to make some changes to make this work.”

She put her hand down on my cock. Lexi rubbed just under the head at the frenulum, between the glans and the shaft, the most sensitive spot, with her thumb, as her fingers circled the tip. The feeling was hedonic. I could barely focus on what she was saying. It had been weeks since we’d had sex. The pungent, salty panties in my mouth reminded me not to speak.

“I’ve never had inclinations to do the things you seem to like, but I’m willing to try. So, from this point on, I am in charge of our sex life. We are going to do what I want, when I want, how I want. We are going to try all those things you’ve been watching. I’m going to give you the sex life you’ve been masturbating to for so long. Whether you actually like it, or not.”

My cock was rock hard now, and she continued to rub with an almost absent mind.

“First thing’s first, you will call me Mistress Lexi from now on whenever we are not in public and whenever the children are not around.”

I nodded my head and made a soft moaning sound through the panties. She giggled and pulled them out of my mouth.

“How do you like the taste of my panties now?”

“I could get used to them,” I said.

She squeezed the head of my cock, hard, and slapped my face with her other hand. Lexi glared at me without saying a word.

“I could get used to them, Mistress Lexi,” I corrected myself. The pressure released.

Lexi looked down at my cock, and saw the drops of precum shining at the tip. She wiped it with her index finger and held it up before me. “Open.”

I opened my mouth, and she fed me the precum. I licked it off her finger, a little slimy and salty.

“Now, you will go upstairs and shave your genitals clean. They are mine now. You will not masturbate anymore unless I command you to. You will keep them cleanly shaven at all times for my pleasure. I always hated the hairy mess you had going on down there. When you get out of the shower, dry yourself off and I will have laid some clothes out for you. Put them on and come back downstairs.”

Lexi sipped her wine and let go of my pulsing cock. I stared at her, not knowing exactly what to say or what to do. Was this really going to happen? Lexi had always seemed a bit prude in the bedroom. I could count on that “once a year blowjob” for my birthday, but she would never let me cum in her mouth and there was certainly no enthusiasm. Anal? Ha! Right. Doggy style that was about as kinky as our sex life got, when we had one. She changed the channel on the television and I went upstairs.

I showered. The warm water poured over my body. The heat was relaxing. I washed the nastiness away from my crotch that had built up over the course of the day. The sweat and semen had left little flakes of dried cum in my pubic hair. Having never shaved my nether regions, it took some time. I had never appreciated that fact that little hairs grew out the base of my cock up the shaft for maybe the first half inch. If you’ve never tried to shave an engorged penis before, think of trying to shave the cardboard roll at the center of a roll of paper towels. Razors are flat. Erect penises are not. Let that sink in for a minute.

Doing the balls was considerably easier, being able to somewhat pull them taught and flat. A copious amount of shaving gel is really the key here. I took my time and they were done. I shut off the water and opened the door to step out and grab a towel.

There was Lexi, sipping her wine, leaning against the door of the master bath. The outer bedroom door was closed behind her. “Let’s see how you’ve done,” she purred. I stood naked before her, cock and balls shiny and clean.

“Unacceptable,” she said, shaking her head. I looked down, there wasn’t a hair on my shaft or springing from my nuts. “How are you ever going to wear panties with that huge bush going on?”

Lexi had never said anything about all the hair between my dick and my belly button, but I could certainly see what she meant.

“Turn around and show me your ass,” she commanded.

I turned and could feel her eyes covering my rear end.

“Oh no, bend over and spread your cheeks, it looks like you haven’t shaved anything down there.”

I bent at the waist and pulled my butt cheeks apart, revealing my hairy ass. Now, if you’ve never actually looked at your own asshole, it can be an odd experience. While I had expected to see the straight forward puckered starfish bordered by smooth moons of ass cheeks, the reality of the situation was quite different.

“Look at your ass in the mirror,” Lexi said. I turned and looked at my ass in the floor length mirror. It was hairy as a jungle. There was no visible asshole, just a hairy, dark crack. The cheeks were covered in dark hair from the crack up to around half the cheek. It was obvious that I sat on my ass most of the day as the cheeks experienced what I could only consider alopecia where they regularly contacted my chair.

“You see that mess of an asshole? Does that look like the shit you watch on those porn sites when some young stud is banging away at some ripe pussy?”

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