Milfs and Studs Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

For a better understanding you can read, but it is not strictly necessary, the previous Chapter. In this Chapter a boy (Scott) is witnessing some hard sex sessions between young studs and older milfs. One of them (Carol) is his own mom.

The storyteller is Scott.

All the characters are more than eighteen years old.


Mom has spent the night in bed with John. Before falling asleep I clearly heard from their room her high erotic squeals mixed with his booming voice and the slapping sounds of flesh pounding flesh.

Surely the tall stud well knows how to take charge of a woman’s body! At the age of fifty-two, mom has become an obedient lover, a little sex pet, a manhandled human doll of a much younger gigantic guy who kneads and fucks her at any time, without mercy, without inhibition.

There is no jealousy from me. On the contrary. John is only few years older than me and, at more than seven feet, he towers over mom’s four-ten short frame. The sight of my manipulated mom, when he scoops and cradles her in his massive arms like a tiny thing, titty fucks her oversized breasts and penetrates her small holes with his mammoth-like cock turns me on like crazy. John is her “daddy”, mom is his “child”.

At eleven in the morning, when I reach the backyard, after an abundant breakfast, John and Nick are slowly swimming in the pool.

“Where is mom?” I ask.

“To your female neighbour with Tom!” John says.

Female neighbour? Who? Suzy Taylor?

“Why over there?” I ask again.

“We are three with only two girls! We need another one! Carol told me that a widow is living in the neighborhood! Sixty years, but still pleasant!” he exclaims.

“And with a big rack!” Nick adds in a fat laugh.

Holy shit! Suzy is on the way to be abused by this bunch of sadistic pigs! What a show!

Suzy’s husband was the county attorney. He died ten years ago and his wife inherited a large luxurious property, adjoining ours. The couple had two sons. Both of them are married and now she lives alone in the big house. She often opens the doors to her friends for parties and sometimes my parents were invited. Suzy and mom are intimate each other. If Suzy has dated or is dating now some guy, mom surely knows, but she never taught us.

I hear noises from the house. I reach there and I see mom, Tom and Suzy.

“Hi, Suzy!” I say.

“Hi, Scott!” she replies.

She is wearing a pink sleeveless loose-fitting sundress, cut to mid-thigh, with a wide neckline. Mom and Tom are in t-shirts and jeans.

“Introduce Suzy to our friends overthere, Scott, while Tom and myself change clothes! Then we’ll join all of you!” mom says, before disappearing inside the house, hand in hand with Tom.

I led Suzy to the poolside, where John is standing.

“My god! What a tall man!” she exclaims in astonishment, when we are in front of him.

“Suzy, this is John!” I make the introductions. “John, the lady is Suzy!”

“Welcome on board, Suzy!” he says and without warning he picks her up with one hand under her ass. She must weigh not less than one hundred twenty pounds, but he has hoisted her up with no effort.

“What…” she exclaims in astonishment, but he silences her with a deep wet kiss on her mouth.

“Naughty bull! How do you dare?” she growls, when he releases her wet lips.

“An old babe like you deserve it! And more!” he says in a large laughter, while carrying her to a bench, where he sits down and places her on his lap. She is facing him, her butt resting on his thighs, her legs spread on his sides. He has put his arms around her waist while her hands rest on his broad shoulders for support.

“John… my god!” she utters in a giggling voice, unable to conceal her excitement. “Are you sure I appreciate your advances?”

“Sure, granny! All the females like you crave for the young meat!” he shouts up. “You don’t need this stuff!” he booms out, while grasping the edge of her dress and pulling it off of her. He lets it drop to ground.

Her body is now covered only by her swim suit. A skimpy pink bikini that barely contains her large creamy bosoms and shows a lot of cleavage.

“Woooow!!!! You surely look great, Suzy!” he exclaims in appreciation. And a second kiss follows, much longer and wetter than the first one. His large palms are caressing her naked back and upper arms.

The mature woman clearly welcomes his hungry lips and darting tongue.

When their mouths separate, she is breathless.

“Nice taste!” he says, licking his own lips.

“Thank you!” she replies.

“Hi, Suzy, I’m Nick!” The black stud approaches the couple on the bench, with an inviting smile on his face.

“Hi, Nick!” she says.

“May I do something for you, Suzy? I’d be very happy to serve a hot charming lady like you!” he adds in a winking tone.

“The girl, here, has already found a good friend!” John says in a firm voice, as he starts rubbing Suzy’s left boob through the bikini’s top. “Am I right, honey?” A soft kiss on her upper arm follows. She moans, ankara ucuz escortlar with her hands wrapped around his neck. Both his hands are rummaging her displayed body.

Nick walks away while John toys with the straps of her bikini’s top till the knot around her neck is loose and the piece of cloth falls down to barely cover her areolae and nipples.

Suzy lets out a high squeal.

His finger’s tips run in a slow motion over the outer sides of her breasts and the deep channel between the twin globes. For five minutes he continues to tease the old woman.

“Ooooohhhhhh… John… stop… you can’t” she chirps softly.

“Why not, baby? These bazooms are spectacular!” He slobbers his tongue all over the velvety smoothness of her tit skin.

Finally he reaches around her back and unfastens also the second knot, pulling off her bikini’s top. The massive snow-white boobs jiggle free in all their glory. Two sumptuous firm mounds of flesh tipped with wrinkled areolae and hardening nipples. What a show for my eyes!

“Noooooo… not here… not in front of all!” she yells.

“Holy shit! What a pair!” he exclaims, pushing her body backwards, for a better view of her denuded chest.

“Please… please…” she utters.

“Please what, baby?” he sneers at her. “These bags are worthy of five stars! Where did you buy them?”

“They’re all natural, if you want to know!” Suzy says in a resentful tone. “My best jewels, as my poor husband said!”

“These jewels, now, belong to me!” John’s hands cup her breasts from the bottom and start to squeeze and squish them brutally. Suzy giggles.

“Watch, boy!” he winks to me. “Wouldn’t you like to have a granny like this?”

Sure I would! Despite her age, Suzy is still in a very good shape. Her height is relatively short -no more than five feet four inches tall, but her body looks very hot. She has long well toned legs and a large well proportioned ass, but her main asset is a set of gorgeous tits, huge like cantaloupes, which hang erotically off her chest and jiggle like jelly, with just a little hint of sag due to their weight. A pair of pink large areolae and stiff long nipples which point off her boobs like little cocks, begging only to be flicked and suckled, adorn the twin globes. Her boobs are an open invitation to mouth and fondle them. The few stretch marks that remind her past pregnancies do not disfigure their deliciousness. She has a flat stomach, a nice navel, a cute round belly and a pair of lovely prominent ass cheeks. All of it covered by a smooth pale white skin. A luscious mane of golden hair and a pair of big blue eyes complete her beautiful and sexy look.

“Please, John, give me back my top!” she asks meekly.

“Nope, honey! Our girls, here, are proud to show us their full mammaries!”

“Oh my god!” she exclaims. “Carol… Carol… stays topless… in front of her son! In front of all!”

“Yeah! And not only that! We’re an open community!” he laughs loudly, lifting her left boob up and weighing it in his open palm.

“How big are these udders, granny?” he asks, while his palm kneads the succulent tit-flesh. His thumb flicks over her bullet-like nipple.

“Oooooohhhh… please… stop… stop… please!”

“How big are they?” he insists, grasping also the right boob.

“Forty-two double G!” she whispers. “You’ve seen them, now let me wear again my top!”

“Woooowwww!! Double G!” he shouts out. “A lot of meat in a petite body! You need a good suck, baby!” and John dives his face to a large tit, engulfing in his devouring mouth as much as he can of the throbbing flesh.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhh…” she howls. Loud slurping sounds come from her abused breast.

He sucks and nibbles, like eating a cake, for some long minutes, then he pulls his lips away from her boob. An erect all glistening and wet nipple protrudes proudly on the peak of her naked orb.

“You got your fun!” she says. “Now I want my top back!”

“My hands are your bra, honey!” he replies, turning her around till she stands sideways on his lap. Then he clutches his hands onto her huge bosoms. The mauled flesh lets out erotic squishing sounds. Suzy moans.

“Damn, these babies are a mass of dough to knead!” he exclaims. Then he moves his mouth to hers in a hungry kiss.

She groans, but doesn’t try to push him back.

After regaining her breath, while his palms are still firmly cupped around her breasts, she looks at him.

“My god John! You really are a dominant man!” she says.

“I like to take control over the older, busty, gorgeous ladies!” he says with emphasis. “‘Cause they are sexier and much more appetizing than those silly inexperienced teens who are unable to arouse and satisfy the sexual needs of a real man! Ask my little Carol and her milk filled friend Helen how much they appreciate my and my friends company!”

“You mean that…” she says in surprise.

“I mean that last night I made my little Carol cry and wiggle in bed like never before. Much more than all her countless lovers!” He continues to play Suzy’s elvankent üniversiteli escortlar big breasts and she accepts his erotic manipulation. One of her hands circles his neck, the other one covers his palm over the left boob.

“I see that you like my big tits!” she says with a large smile.

“I like your pendulous boobs! I like to feel them in my hands and tongue! I like to jiggle and knead every way these soft malleable bowls of jelly!” he reinforces his words with a hard squeeze of her defenseless breasts.

“Oooooohhhhhhh… myyyyyy… bastard… bastard… oooohhhhhhh!” she yells. John presses his mouth to hers and plants a vigorous kiss on her lips.

In less than half-an-hour, after her arrival, Suzy has become the helpless prey of the tall stud who is used to dominate all the females with his strength and stamina. First my beloved mom, then the lactating Helen and now the still attractive widow Suzy. All of them in their mature age, all of them equipped with big rack. No doubts that Suzy, like mom and Helen, is on the way to be sexually eaten by John and his ravenous buddies.

“Lift your arms over your head!” he orders in a firm tone.

“Why?” she asks, confused.

“Obey, granny!” he insists. She complies, crossing her hands over her head and making her lovely boobs stick out like a pair of ripe fruits.

Her armpits and underarms are fully available to his mouth and he bends down his face onto them. He sniffs the juicy armpits for a long time, then licks, kisses, sucks and tastes her clean shaved white flesh. At the same time his callous fingers pull, tweak and squeeze playfully her erect nipples.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh… oooooooohhhhhhhhhh… gaaaaawwwwddd…” Suzy squeals in joy and pain.

When he moves his hands and mouth away from her body, her armpits and underarms are wholly covered by his saliva and her nipples point out seductively from the areolae like hard bullets.

“Nice, very nice!” he exclaims with apparent satisfaction, as his large hands caress and massage the delicate skin of her pits, arms and boobs.

“You’re smooth and silky like a girl!” he says, kissing her lips. She appreciates his treatment. Her arms are around his neck as John comes down from her mouth to her tits, where he plants gentle kisses.

“You are addicted to my soft boobs, John! Glad you like them!” she whispers to him. Her mammoth breasts hang proudly on her chest heaving in rhythm with her breathing.

“They look lovely!” he says.

“Thanks. My husband Gary loved them. Also my current date always plays with them! And my previous lovers!”

John cups her left orb in one palm while inserting two fingers of his other hand inside her bikini bottom.

“Please… don’t… it’s enough… take your hand away!” she begs.

“Hairless!!” he loudly exclaims. “Hairless pussy! Like a newborn baby!” and without hesitation he yanks the small cloth from her body and tosses it aside. Suzy sits now fully naked in the lap of her young captor.

“Nooooooooooo… you can’t…” she yells.

But he doesn’t care.

“Yes I can! The bald pussy is mine!” and he works his way between her legs taking a good look at her cunt. Then he pushes a finger into her inner lips and makes it slid easily inside. He works it in and out of her pussy channel, before easing it up to her clit that he viciously flicks back and forth.

“Aaaaahhhhh… ooooohhhhhgawd…” her body shakes in pleasure.

“More, baby, more to come!” he strokes harder in and out with increased vigor.

He takes her clit between thumb and index and inserts his middle finger in her vagina in search for her G-spot. His other hand explores the round silky surface of her left breast while his lips pull her right nipple off her chest.

The old woman squirms and gasps.

“Oh… oh… oh… faster… oh… oh… harder… oh oh oh… it comes… it comes… ooooooohhhhhhhh!!!”

John reinforces his action on her clit, vagina and tits, till her fluids gush out in a torrent of feminine lust. He has reached her G-spot and now she comes and comes with loud shrieks.

When her spasms stop, he pulls his fingers and mouth away from her body. His hand is still cupped around her left boob.

“Granny is done!” he says to me. “A very hot old sweet piece of cunt!” Suzy rests unconscious on his lap like a baby.

“Thanks, young man!” she cooes when she awakes. “Glad you like my body! You made me cum much more and harder than my previous men!”

“‘Cause you never met a true man, baby! You’re a succulent old tart, a hot granny! I make you my fuck-toy, my plaything, my whore and anything else! Understand?” His large hand continues to manipulate her soft delicious tit-flesh.

“Yes, yes, make me anyway you want! You’re the tallest, strongest lover in my life!” she exclaims, kissing him with passion.

“Okay, sweetheart, ready to serve you!” he lifts Suzy off of his lap and puts her on the ground, in a standing position. Then he lets his shorts fall to ground. He doesn’t wear underwear etimesgut vip escortlar and his immense cock springs out free. Thirteen long gloriously erected inches, a huge head and a pair of heavy apple-sized balls.

When Suzy sees it, her expression shows her fearful astonishment.

“Myyyyy gaaawwwwdddd, John… this thing is a monster! You’re really big… too big for me!” she looks genuinely heartbroken. “You can’t… we can’t… it won’t fit!”

“It’ll fit, baby! Ask your friends Helen and Carol! They did it! And they are smaller than you!”

Then he stands up, bends down and picks Suzy up, cradling her white-alabaster all naked body like a little baby.

She screams in surprise, tenderly wrapping herself in the huge embrace of his powerful arms.

“Ohhhhhhh… how strong you are!” she chirps, looking up at him, her arms crossed around his neck.

“I can hold you like that all day long, honey!” he says. “Ask your friends Carol and Helen! I cradle them all the time! They are my babies!”

“Right! You’ll become used to it! ‘Cause it will happen always!” a female voice breaks in. It’s mom.

She carries a tray with glasses of cold drinks. And she sure looks eatable in her stunning dress -a minimal swimsuit made of three triangles of cloth barely covering her areolae, nipples and cuntal mound. Spaghetti strings hold the tiny patches in place -two of them tied around her neck and two behind her back. The other straps are tied around her hips to hold the micro patch over her pussy. A small strip disappears seductively between the twin round globes of her gorgeous firm ass.

My cock has a start.

“Close to John I feel like a little schoolgirl. He makes me think that my legs are redundant, ’cause he always picks me up in his arms! He never lets my feet touch the ground for even a second! And his black friends are the same!” mom says with emphasis.

“You love it, little pussy!” John exclaims. “You and your friend Helen love to be cradled like babies by some young hunks like us!”

“Me too love it!” Suzy says, while John walks and carries her body around the pool deck. She squeals joyously.

Mom reaches a table on the backyard and places the tray on it.

Nick, who is sitting there, pulls her to himself, between his open thighs.

“Jeeeeezzzzzzz baby… a lot of flesh on display!” he exclaims “White, soft and round! What a body! Just made for sucking and licking!”

“D’you like what you see, Nick?” mom asks him in a teasing tone.

“Fuck yes I do! You’re so fucking hot!” he replies. His hands are around her hips.

“When my gallant Bert sees me wearing my underwear fabric he says I’m great!” she tells him. “So great that he can’t help to grab me! He scoops me up in his arms and kisses all over my body. He says my booming curves are enticing in my small slender frame. Bert is thirty years younger than me! Despite my age, I’m very successful with young guys!”

“Wooowwww… wonderful!” he exclaims. “You make young guys and your son crazy horny! And you make my cock so fucking hard, baby! How’s your pussy today? Did John well work it last night?” Nick asks sarcastically.

“Not your business!”

“Sure it is! All the females here are under my control! Last night I had great fun with your friend Helen! She let me drink all of her sweet milk from her jugs till the last drop!” Now Nick seizes mom by her shoulders and pushes his mouth to hers for a long wet kiss.

“You’re a depraved bully!” she yells, but she’s not angry and she doesn’t struggle when Nick repeats another longer wetter kiss.

His hands are over her upper arms where the tips of his fingers caresses gently her firm delicious flesh.

“Smooth skin, baby! Unbelievable for an old tart like you!” he laughs.

“I’m not an old tart!” she replies indignant “I’m a mature lady that all the young well-mannered men are proud to serve and respect!”

Nick doesn’t care of her words. His hands continue to feel her exposed flesh, at the same time playing with the strings of her micro bikini. His fingers trail the cleavage between her abundant, barely covered breasts. He fondles the outer sides of her boobs lingering on the little mole on the left tit. He plays with her navel. He massages the delicious swell of her belly and her tight thighs. He cups at open palms her ass globes.

Mom giggles. She doesn’t stop him.

Now his hands are over the tiny triangles of her bikini top where he fingers her nipples through the thin cloth.

“What are you hiding under here?” he asks.

“Nothing of your interest! Keep your hands off me!” she replies, without conviction.

“These nips are hard! You are excited! You’re a naughty little slut, a naughty slutty mom, who shows off a lot of fucking hot merchandise! Let’s have a better view!” he exclaims.

“Noooooo… stop… stop…” she yells, but he has already unfastened the knots holding in place the micro bikini top, which now falls to ground, leaving mom’s luscious bust in full view of his hungry gaze.

“Are you happy now, you depraved black hunk?” she exclaims, feigning indignation. She faces him, with her hands on her hips.

From the very first instant of the home invasion by these horny escaped convicts, mom has been compelled to forget her dresses, till she has become used to the full exhibition of her gorgeous natural boobs.

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