Mike’s First Time Ch. 02

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Mike whistled quietly as he ran the comb through his hair. Tall, athletic and good- looking, Mike was very happy with events of the past couple of days. Indeed, despite the dark shadow cast by his Aunt Beth, life was very good.

A few days ago Mike had lost his virginity to Rachel, the young goddess housewife and mother who lived next door. After two years of lustful dreaming, to his great surprise he had first been allowed to cum over her very large tits and then been invited to fuck her magnificent pussy.

Apparently he had done okay, as Rachel had invited him back on two occasions since to further his sexual education. He was about to go next door for another lesson while her husband was at work and her Mother looked after her baby son. Mike’s cock grew hard as he thought about what was to come. It was time to go.

With a quick knock on the back door, he strolled inside moving straight to the living room. As he entered Rachel rose from the lounge and displayed herself for him.

Rachel was wearing a translucent white baby doll, which displayed her beautiful breasts to perfection. She was also wearing a matching white G-string through which he could see the neatly trimmed golden hair that covered her pussy.

With his cock throbbing painfully in his jeans, Mike had pounced on her, grabbing a breast with one hand and her crotch with the other. Rachel giggled like a schoolgirl, and slapped his hands away.

“I’m not that easy,” she said with a coquettish pout.

“Yeah right. Your wearing a see through baby doll in the middle of the afternoon and your not easy?” Mike stepped up to her and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, clasping a bare ass cheek in each hand. In return Rachel draped her arms around his neck and prepared to engage his approaching lips.

Mike kissed her softly at first, then increased the pressure slightly as he parted her lips with his tongue. It was eagerly received, and Rachel’s tongue glided softly over the intruder, tasting it, trying to devour it.

Mike caressed the silky smooth skin of her ass as his cock throbbed harder. He moved his lips to her slender neck, planting a string of hot kisses from her collar bone to her ear lobe, causing Rachel to let loose a long, low moan.

Returning to her lips, he snaked his tongue into her mouth again as he felt her hand find his cock and begin stroking it through the thin fabric of his shorts. He pulled away slightly, moving his hands to her shoulders. Their eyes locked together, he slowly pushed down on her shoulders, gently guiding her to her knees.

Rachel ran her tongue over her lips as her mouth drew level with the lengthy bulge in Mike’s shorts. Grasping the legs of his shorts, Rachel pulled them down slowly, until the head of his cock popped into view above the waistband. She stopped and leant forward and planted a wet kiss on the very head of his prick. It was Mike’s turn to let out a low moan. He moaned louder as he felt the tip of Rachel’s tongue lick softly around the glans.

Rachel tugged on the shorts again, revealing the solid shaft and finally the dangling sack holding walnut sized balls. Letting his shorts fall to his ankles, Rachel walked her fingers across the under side of his balls making his cock twitch.

Cupping his balls in the palm of her hand she lowered her mouth over the head and sucked as she pulled back and let it pop out again. She could hear Mike groaning and felt his hands on her head stroking her hair.

Still holding his balls she began to stroke the hard shaft with her other hand.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum.”

She lowered her mouth over his cock and began to bob up and down on the top half of his cock while her hand stroked the bottom half. She could feel Mike’s balls contracting in the palm of her hand and knew it would not be long.

“Here it comes already,” Mike groaned.

Quickly pulling her mouth from his cock, she firmly pinched the base of the shaft between her thumb and forefinger killing off his climax. Mike’s legs were shaking as she waited for his throbbing cock to calm. Slowly releasing the pressure, she resumed where she had left off working his cock with her mouth and fingers.

As his orgasm was about to erupt for the second time, Rachel repeated the process, stopping it dead. Mike’s shaking legs wouldn’t hold him anymore as he stumbled to the lounge and sat down.

Rachel shuffled between his open legs and resumed sucking and stroking his cock. Every nerve ending was screaming for release as his balls contracted once again to shoot forth a load of milky cum, but still Rachel denied him.

Stroking his slick shaft, Rachel looked up and him smiling, “This time Mike. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

She circled the head of his steaming cock with her tongue and then trapped it between her lips. She began to bob up and down, each time taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, until her lips reached the base of his cock. She paused to slide her tongue pendik escort back and forth across the shaft, and then slowly withdrew to the very tip.

Rachel repeated this several times, moving very slowly, dragging her lips along the shaft, while her hand fondled Mike’s heavy balls. She could feel his cock starting to twitch and she began to stroke her other hand along the wet shaft, while sucking gently on the head of his cock.

Within seconds she felt his balls contract violently as cum was forced through his cock at a frantic pace, erupting into her waiting mouth. Stream after stream of tangy cum filled Rachel’s mouth, spilling from between her lips as she tried to swallow the huge volume of seed splashing across her tongue. The feeling for Mike was unbelievable as he emptied his balls into Rachel’s willing mouth, and he collapsed on the couch still feebly thrusting his deflating cock into her mouth.

When the last dribble of cum had been sucked from his cock and swallowed, Rachel lifted her head and licked the dribble of fluid dribbling from the corner of her mouth. She slid her body up Mike’s legs and straddled his thighs.

“Did you like that Mike?” she cooed at him.

“Too right, and I plan to enjoy a lot more of this beautiful body,” he replied reaching to cup a large breast in each hand.

“Gently now,” she chided him, moving in to nuzzle his neck with pouting lips.

In response, he slid his hands up to her shoulders and undid the bows holding the silken material in place. He pulled the top of the baby doll down, fully exposing her breasts. He placed his hands under her ass and lifted her towards him so that he could capture one of the large erect nipples in his mouth.

He licked and sucked at it, eliciting a soft moan from its owner, before moving to the other nipple and giving it the same treatment. This caused Rachel to moan even louder. He sucked harder and tasted the warm milk as it suddenly spurted into his mouth. He continued sucking, feeling his cock beginning to harden as he drank the mother’s milk.

As he suckled at her breast, he slid his hand along a firm inner thigh until her found the damp crotch of her G-string. Mike slid a finger underneath and pulled it to one side, exposing the glistening slit to his probing fingers. He glided his index finger along the puffy lips guarding the entrance to her pussy, wetting his finger in the slick juice.

Rachel panted loudly as the thrilling waves of pleasure traveled out from her breasts and pussy. The teenager was a quick study as far as she was concerned. She wriggled her hips back and forth pushing her dripping cunt against his hand, gasping as he slid two fingers deep into her slick vagina.

She felt him change to the other breast and begin to suck greedily as he plunged his fingers in and out of her cunt. She reached between them and placed his thumb against her turgid clit, encouraging him to flick it gently back and forth sending electric waves surging through her. Rachel could feel Mike’s fingers exploring her cunt, sliding across the slippery walls, then swirling his fingers in circles, around and around, then moving his fingers back and forth once again.

“Oh god,” she suddenly wailed. “That’s it. Right there Mike. No, no. That’s it. Yes. Just there. Oh fuck yes!”

Rachel moved her hips in time with Mike’s fingers. Mike’s mouth was at her breast, but he had stopped sucking as he concentrated on caressing her cunt in exactly the right spot, establishing a smooth rhythmic motion. At the same time he had the thumb from his other hand massaging her clit. Except for the slight movement of her pelvis, Rachel was almost motionless as she straddled his lap with her head on his shoulder, struggling for breath.

Her body was beginning to tense up as the pressure from her impending climax gripped her body. Mike continued to massage her clit and work his fingers in her cunt, both of them waiting for the inevitable. Rachel knew the moment had arrived and she held her breath as her hips bucked on Mike’s hand and her body was gripped by violent spasms.

Mike tried to keep his thumb on her clit, but she was jumping so violently as she rode the tidal waves of pleasure, he gave up and just hung onto her ass and waited while her orgasm subsided and she collapsed against him.

They both sat there for a few minutes enjoying the post-orgasmic glow, feeling very comfortable in each other’s arms. Eventually Mike’s throbbing cock brought him out of his reverie. He pulled Rachel sideways and slid her ass from his lap letting her fall back onto the couch.

Mike knelt on the couch between her legs as Rachel wriggled her butt to get into the right position, raising her knees to open herself up to his rampant prick. Mike paused for a couple of seconds, casually stroking his cock as he admired the view and pondered how easy this was after all the fruitless attempts with girls his own age.

He let his cock swing free and moved into position over her, feeling tuzla escort his cock bump against the wet lips guarding the entrance to her pussy. He felt Rachel grab his swinging cock and place it at the opening of her gaping cunt. As soon as he felt the head slide between the slick labia, he thrust forward driving his cock deep into her until it would go no further.

“Enjoy the ride Mike. Don’t worry about anything else,” she whispered.

Mike was almost overawed at the soft velvet feel of her slick cunt, and he took a couple of deep breaths to try and maintain some semblance of control. Slowly he pulled back and then drove his prick into her once again, and then again and again.

He could already feel his balls beginning to churn as he paused at the top of his stroke, and he wondered how anybody ever lasted more than half a dozen strokes. He felt Rachel’s hands grab a muscular butt cheek each and pull him towards her pushing his cock all the way into her pussy.

Rachel loved the feel of Mike’s cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. Its girth was just enough to fill her cunt and create a pleasant pull on her labia as it drove in and out that sent tingles of pleasure wafting through her.

“Harder Mike. Let me feel your hard cock deep in my cunt,” she commanded.

Mike responded with slow, deep, hard strokes of his cock. He could feel her cunt clutching at his cock each time he pulled back. He could feel his dangling balls hit against her ass each time he drove back into her. It quickly became too much to bear for a young fellows second time and with a loud roar from Mike, hot semen surged into Rachel’s cum hungry cunt. Mike continued thrusting wildly as stream after stream of fresh spunk filled her pussy to over flowing.

As Mike ran out of steam and slowed to a stop, Rachel could feel their combined juices running down the crack of her ass, probably staining the couch, but she did not care.

As they lay there recovering, it occurred to her that she still had one more first time to offer Mike, but she decide it would also be fair to make him earn it. She slapped him on the ass.

“Don’t go to sleep on me lover. We’re not finished yet.”

“Hey,” Mike protested, “I’ll need a couple of minutes to recover.”

“While you’re recovering, you can get us both a drink and then meet me in the bedroom.”

Rachel headed to the bathroom to begin preparations for the next lesson, while Mike went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of Cokes. He scooted upstairs and flopped on the king-sized double bed and sipped his drink.

A few minutes later Rachel came in, now totally naked. She took her drink from Mike and took a couple of mouthfuls before lying on the bed with her knees up and legs wide open.

“I’m not quite ready yet,” said Mike indicating his flaccid prick resting against his thigh.

“That’s okay, because you don’t get to stick me with that big cock of yours until you give me another orgasm,” replied Rachel.

“I am at my lady’s service,” said Mike with mock servility.

He wriggled closer to her and dipped his hand between her legs, only to have Rachel push it away.

“Not like that. I want you to eat my pussy.”

“But I just filled it with cum,” said Mike making a face.

Rachel looked at him with a raised brow. “So its alright for me to swallow your cum by the bucket load, but I offer you a little cream pie and your not up for it.”

Mike considered this for a moment, noting the serious expression on Rachel’s face. He rightly figured this was a critical moment for his ongoing practical instruction, and quickly came to a decision. With a grin and a shrug of his broad shoulders, he moved around to kneel between her legs.

“I knew your were a smart guy,” said Rachel laying back.

Mike studied the sight before him. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair was coated with his cum and the pink slit gaped open exposing the smallish inner labia. A thin trickle of white fluid was making its way from deep in her cunt, down between the cheeks of her ass, sliding across her tiny, pink anus. He could feel his cock beginning to raise its head and he stroked it a couple of times.

Rachel spoke to him. “All you have to do is give my pussy a big French kiss. Stick your tongue in it, lick it, and suck it. You’ll know when you’re doing it right.”

Mike dipped his head to her waiting cunt and gave it a kiss. It was a sloppy kiss as he tasted his own cum for the first time, albeit mixed in with Rachel’s juices.

“How do you like the taste?” asked Rachel.

Mike lifted his head a little to look at her, his mouth dripping with second hand cum, and screwed up his nose. Pushing his face hard against her pussy, he slid his tongue deep into the leaking canal. He slurped their combined love juices into his mouth and felt it slide easily down his throat. He had tasted better things in his short life, but he decided it was bearable given the benefits.

He lapped steadily at her pussy, trying to clean kartal escort up every drop of cum. He could hear Rachel moan every now and then and her hips were beginning to move slightly in rhythm with his tongue. He began to slide his tongue the full length of her hot slit, flicking it over the hard button of her clit. That caused a loud moan from the owner, so he did it again with the same effect.

“Stick your fingers in my cunt while you lick my clit,” demanded Rachel as she humped her hips up to meet his mouth.

Eager to oblige, Mike slid two fingers deep into her, sliding them back and forth just under the pubic bone as she had taught him earlier. Establishing a steady rhythm, he went to work on her clit with his tongue, lapping it back and forth over the delicate nerve center.

Rachel was breathing hard as the spikes of ecstasy rippled through her with greater and greater intensity under the relentless assault on her pussy. She gasped as Mike nibbled at her clit with his lips and sucked it into his mouth. It was too much and she bucked her hips to meet his mouth as the first tremors of intense pleasure ripped through her body. A shrill cry escaped her lips as every nerve ending joined in the orgasmic eruption that quickly followed.

Mike continued to suck at her clit, his arms wrapped around her thighs, as he attempted to keep up with violent contortions of her hips. His face was soaked in her free flowing juices as wave after wave of searing pleasure wracked Rachel’s writhing body.

Slowly, her climax began to ebb until she lay exhausted, her eyes closed as she fought to regain her breath. Mike raised his head wiping his mouth on the back of his arm, his tongue slick from the lubricating fluids. He watched her heaving breasts; nipples erect, and felt his hard cock twitch.

He crawled over her prone form and gently kissed her on the lips. She draped her arms around his neck in response and returned the kiss, sliding her tongue over his lips and into his mouth, tasting herself. They lay entwined in each other’s arms for a few minutes, enjoying the touch of each other’s skin as they recovered.

After a short while Rachel turned towards Mike and began to cover his strong neck with soft kisses as her hand slid between his thighs and began to gently caress his hard cock. Her lips nibbled at his ear lobe as she asked, ” Are you ready for your next lesson?”

“Oh yeah,” replied Mike enthralled by the delicate touch of her fingertips on his cock. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, you’ve fucked my mouth and my pussy. I thought you might like to fuck my ass. But you have to go slow. You’re a big boy and I don’t want you to damage me.”

Mike’s cock throbbed in anticipation at the very thought of sliding into butt hole. “Just tell me what to do.”

Rachel broke away and delved into the drawer of the bedside cupboard and pulled out a tube of lubricating jell that lay in amongst a few of her favorite toys. She offered it to Mike.

“Put some of this on your fingers and then you play with my ass to get me ready.”

Mike snatched the tube from her outstretched fingers and popped the cap open. He squeezed a liberal amount of the cool jell onto his fingers then moved down to her hips. He studied the gaping slash of her cunt as Rachel pulled her knees up to give him better access. Mike could see the crinkled pink skin surrounding her anus.

Gently, he slid his slippery fingers along the crack of her ass and over the puckered hole. He felt her hips flex a little as he made contact. He slid his fingers back and forth a few times making the area slippery and wet.

“That’s it Mike. Just go slowly,” murmured Rachel. “Now apply a little more pressure and open my ass up.” Her ass twitched as her pushed his finger firmly over her hole, making it open up a little.

Placing the tip of his index finger against the tiny opening, he pushed gently opening it up ever so slightly. He pushed a little harder and the tip of his finger eased into her. Mike felt Rachel’s hand grip his cock and begin to slowly stroke up and down his shaft. He worked his finger in and out a few times, entering a little further with each push, until he was in up to the first knuckle.

Rachel moaned with pleasure. “I love the way you play with my ass.”

Emboldened by her reaction, Mike pushed his finger into her ass up to the first knuckle and then twisted it around a few times, before pushing it steadily in up to the second knuckle. Rachel’s response was to grip his cock a little harder and stroke it faster.

“Use more jell Mike.”

He quickly grabbed the tube and put a large dollop on the end of his finger. He could see that the tiny hole had not quite closed up and he placed his finger against the opening and easily slid it in. He slid his finger back and forth several times pushing deeper and deeper into her ass, while Rachel pulled steadily on his cock.

Mike watched his finger sliding easily in and out of her ass; sliding in as far as it would go. He felt Rachel release his hot prick momentarily, as she squeezed a generous amount of jell over it. Her hand returned to his hard shaft and began to spread the slippery jell along its full length

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