Mia’s Dream Come True

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This is my first story! Feel free to leave constructive criticism. Apologies for the short sex scene. I hope you enjoy.


All I can think about is my best friend, Grace. She and her husband (Adam) always invited me to their place to celebrate the new year. To be honest, I never really liked Adam. I always felt as though he stole Grace from me. Grace and I had plenty of first-times with each other in college. Then somewhere along the way, she met Adam. I had to admit, Adam was very attractive, but she was even better. She had sky blue eyes, with straight blonde hair that went down to her perky C-Cup boobs. Anyways.. I probably don’t have a chance with her considering she’s a married woman now. But, sometimes our friendly teasing feels like more.

There’s three hours left, before the clock hits 12:00 AM.

Adam, Grace and I were all discussing my dry love-life over a few glasses of champagne. Adam was always trying to hook me up with his sleazy friends. Now, He was trying to convince me into giving his friend James a chance. The last time James and I spoke he made it very tuzla escort clear that he was only interested in getting into my pants. Luckily, Grace interrupted Adam and I’s conversation to request that he quickly runs out to get some more champagne. I hadn’t even noticed the bottle was near empty. I should’ve known since they hadn’t opened a new bottle. Adam rushed to get his jacket on and head off to the store, leaving Grace and I alone.

Grace immediately apologized for Adam’s behavior once he shut the door. I told her that it’s okay, and I was used to him trying to set me up on a date. I mentioned to her that I was actually looking for a woman at the moment, which left her looking slightly amused. We moved to the couch to get more comfortable and time went by as we discussed everything we wished for in the next year, and then we landed on the topic of our past memories in college. I was thinking to myself that this would be my chance to seduce Grace..

We were discussing the dirty ways we used to get off to each other every single night. I felt myself getting more and more pendik escort aroused every time she brought up a new memory. For my own pleasure, I brought up the time when Grace taught me how to trib. That story didn’t do anything but make me wetter. I don’t know what had came over me, but I got the idea to flash Grace while Adam wasn’t around. I had on a clean, white mini-skirt that hugged my curvy ass. I decided against wearing any panties to avoid harsh lines from showing through the skirt. I slowly spread my legs while facing her. I saw Grace look down. She jokingly said “Did you plan on getting lucky tonight, Mia?”.

“Yes, I actually did.” I replied.

While looking at Grace, I lifted my skirt up more to reveal my shaved, wet pussy. I saw her cheeks begin to turn pink.

“Do you like what you see?” I said.

Grace quickly answered with “You should really stop before my husband gets back.”

Ignoring her request, I stood up, taking my skirt off for her to see. Grace reached her hand out and began to slowly rub my clit. I couldn’t even begin to describe how amazing aydınlı escort her fingers felt on my sensitive spot. I spread my legs wider for her to reach my hole. Grace slid two fingers inside of me as I took off my cropped sweater and bra. I grabbed both of my round, D-Cup boobs as I felt her fingers curl inside me. Grace teased my nipples with one hand, and using the other hand she rubbed my clit to an orgasm with her sticky fingers.

I licked my sweet cum off of her fingers before slowly making out with her and swapping my juices between our tongues. I quickly undressed her and then lowered my mouth to her pussy. I sucked lightly on her clit while inserting a finger inside of her pink slit. Grace’s moaning encouraged me even more. I sucked more aggressively while adding another finger inside of her. Grace’s walls clenched against my fingers and released her cum. I placed my fingers in her mouth as she sucked her cream off.

Eager to orgasm once more, I got on top of her and started to grind my clit against hers. We were passionately kissing while playing with each other’s tits. The sensations overwhelmed us and within seconds, We reached screaming orgasms together.

Grace and I were then rushing to get dressed, and as soon as we finished, the door began to open. Adam entered with the champagne…

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