Marina and Russell Pt. 21

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Female Ejaculation

“The day off full of lust”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Me and Russell spend the second day at the hotel. I woke up, and soon he woke up too. I smiled at him and said:

“Good morning, Russell”

He answered me with a smile:

“Good morning. You’re so beautiful…”

And he strokes my face with his fingers and kisses me. He said:

“Let’s go somewhere…”

I answered:


We sat down, I began to stretch, and Russell noticed my naked chest rising while I was stretching, and it very sexually aroused him. Although the lower part of his body is covered with a blanket, I see his erection. Oh, how it embarrasses me, it’s still morning, and this morning becomes so erotic…

“You’re so beautiful… and very seductive…”

He said and started to feel my breasts. I get sexually aroused and moan quietly. He threw me down on the bed and started kissing me passionately. I hugged him and I stroke his black hair. He kisses my ears, licks and sucks my earlobes… licking sounds are so close, it’s so sweet and sexually arousing… He sat on me and started caressing both my nipples at the same time…

“Ah! aah! aaaah!!”

Sensual feelings become even more pleasant… he opens the bedside table box and takes out something from there… is this a vibrator?

“I bought this vibrator yesterday along with the lubricant, this is one more surprise.”

Russell said. He caressed my clitoris with his fingers, tongue and lips… then he took the vibrator, turned it on and leaned it to my clitoris…


That feels so pleasant!! What sweet feelings…

“Oh, that feels pleasant… aaaah…”

Russell enjoyed watching me feel pleasure… then he inserted a vibrator into my vagina…

“ah… aaaaaaah!!”

Oh… I feel these vibrations in me… and I involuntarily began to move my hips… I enjoyed this moment for a long time, and he took the vibrator out of me. Then I started caressing him… I caressed his breast and made a fellation to him… and then he said:

“Lie on your back…”

I lay down. Russell knelt, lifted the bottom of my body, holds my thighs keeping my body close to his body, he put his penis into me, I rest my legs on both of his shoulder, and he begins to make frictions… I feel his penis penetrating so deeply…


I experience strong, sweet, hot orgasm again… and I feel a more strong lust… And while Russell is making frictions, I started rubbing my clitoris and my nipples… And later Russell ejaculated into me. He lay down on the bed next to me and said:

“I think I’m hungry… let’s go to the restaurant in the hotel”

I answered:

“Let’s go!”

How unusual… I am used to making breakfast in the morning, and today I may not do this…

We came to the restaurant. Russell ordered an omelette with bacon, pancakes, croissants and coffee for us.

“Russell, didn’t you order too much? I can’t eat all this at once”

I said, and he answered:

“That’s all right, we’ll take the croissants with us”

I almost finished to eat an omelette and a pancake, Russell eats the rest of my food with my permission. Wow, he’s got a great appetite! And he thought: I’ll be sorry to throw out it, especially since it’s so tasty!

And at this time I drink coffee with milk and sugar. I say:

“Here are so many pleasant smells… I want to taste many dishes…”

He answers:

“I understand, Personally, I always went to restaurants before the day we started living together. We’ll sure to try all the dishes in this restaurant. By the way, what’s your favorite smell?”

I answered:

“The smell of coffee is my favorite”

Actually, my favorite smell is the smell of Russell… he smells like an old man, but it is Russell’s smell, native, sweet, sensual smell, and his smell turns me on…

“And what’s your favorite smell?”

I asked, and he answered:

“I don’t know… but I especially like the smells of sweets…”

He stood up, came up to me and sivas escort whispered in my ear:

“…but even more I love your smell.”

I got very sexually aroused when Russell whispered these words to me, and I got embarrassed… he held my waist and told me with a whisper:

“Come on, I’ll eat you somewhere, my delicious…”

Oh, Russell has the talent to sexually arouse and embarrass me… he said:

“I remembered that I promised you that we would go to the beach today, so let’s get our bathing clothes and towels, and go ahead!”

I answered:


We came to our room and took clothes for swimming, and then went to the beach by the sea. Last time we went to the beach twice and I’ve already seen the sea, but this beach is especially beautiful, and there are even palm trees here! And also I am very impressed that I first visit the hotel, it’s very good to change scenery sometimes. I’m in a red bikini and Russell is in blue swimming trunks. We’re walking and… what Mina?? She’s running to us!!


Mina happily said with a smile, and we said hello to her too. She’s in a very skimpy blue bikini. Russell noticed how Mina dressed, he smiled and said:

“Wow, what a seductive bikini on you, Mina…”

She giggles coquettishly, moved her hips a little and she says:

“I put it on, hoping that I would pick up some old man here, but here is only youth, and you know that I hesitate to meet someone, because I don’t want to be rejected, after all, most old men are married and impotent… but I’m glad I met you today, Russell…”

Mina took a more seductive pose, slightly bowed her head to the side and smiled, looking at him with a coquettish look. It’s a disgrace, Mina is flirting up a storm with my Russell!! And this is my friend?? I was unhappy with this and secretly filled sand into Russell’s swimming trunks.

“Ah! What’s going on? Marina, why did you do that?”

I answered:

“That’s what you get for being nice to this tramp!!”

Mina said:

“Oh… I didn’t notice how I…”

And I, without letting Mina finish speaking, stepped heel on her foot.


She moaned quietly in pain, and I told her:

“If you will flirt with Russell again, you won’t be my friend anymore!!”

And we went the other way. Mina felt guilty. She understood that she was frivolous, easily tempted, and at the same time, she understood that she’d done something wrong for her only friend.

Me and Russell have come to the sea, and he says:

“Honey, you don’t understand, I don’t feel anything about Mina!”

I asked:

“What made your look so excited, if not because of her sexy bikini?”

He answered:

“Honey, nobody can compare to you!”

I shouted to him:

“You didn’t answer my question!!”

He said:

“I just said she looked beautiful. After all, I’m a man!”

I said spiteful:

“Man… I don’t need such a man!”

And I began to go the other way, and Russell caught up with me and shouted:

“Wait! Don’t leave me because of such a trifle!!”

I stopped and then he stopped and said:

“Forgive me. Forgive me for this. You know how much I love you.”

I calmed down a little and answered:

“Well… all right.”

And we came to the sea. We half went into the sea, the lower part of my and his body were covered by the sea. Russell took off his swimming trunks and removed sand from them and on his body. I said:

“I’m sorry I filled sand into your swimming trunks…”

He answered:

“You don’t have to apologize, I deserve it.”

And he put on swimming trunks. He hugged me and started kissing me. He strokes my neck with his fingertips, and then he unties the top of my bikini.

“Ah! What are you doing?!!”

And I quickly covered my naked breast with my hands. He said quietly:

“Press up against me… I want you to rub up againist me like the time we were on the bus… it was wonderful…”

Russell… what a shameless man he is! But I sivas escort bayan love this shameless man… and I pressed myself against him and started rubbing against his body… I hope no one will see what we are doing here… he took the bottom of my bikini off me and he takes off his swimming trunks… he hugged me and started kissing me… I feel the movements of his penis, it stands up and presses against me… he said:

“Let’s continue in the beach cabin…”

And we put on our bathing clothes and went out of the sea. While we walked to the beach cabin, Mina stood in an inconspicuous place, she saw us, and she thought: when should I apologize to Marina? I somehow hesitate to do this yet… I am such a coward!

We went into the beach cabin. Russell undressed me and undressed himself. We began to hug and kiss, while hugging, he passionately stroked my back and my buttocks… I lick his lips, I caress his neck with my lips, lick it with sucking movements, I feel his old skin… he felt my breasts and sucked my nipples… and then I pressed myself against the wall, spread my legs wide, and he started making me cunnilingus… he caressed my clitoris with his tongue, now he has inserted his tongue into my vagina and moves it, and at this time he strokes my clitoris with his fingertips…

“aah… aaaaah…”

He thinks: mmm, how she got wet “there”…

Russell feels how flows a lot from “there”, and he swallows my vaginal lubrication… now I caress his breast with my hands, and now I sit on the floor, he stands facing towards a wall and holds hands on that, I sit against that wall, my legs are bend in knees. I kissed his crotch area and his pubes, and I started making to him a fellation. While my hand is on his leg, I caress his penis with my mouth, tongue and lips, with my other hand I massage his testicles, and he, having great pleasure, begins to make frictions… now I stood up and he pressed me against the wall, hugged me and inserted his penis into me. He began to kiss me and at that time make frictions… I’m starting to experience orgasm, I keep kissing him in my moans…

“m… mmm…”

I understand that someone can hear me, but I can’t restrain my moans…

“aaaah!! aaah! ah… aaaaaaaah!!”

And at this time, Mina went into the next beach cabin and most likely guessed what me and Russell are doing now. And at that moment she heard my moans, and she thought: Marina, I envy you so much… you have a beloved old man, especially since he is so charming…

Mina started imagining her having sex with Russell and thought: Russell… I want you so much… but you’re not mine!

And then she sat down on the floor and began masturbating, remembering his face and imagining how she spends hours of passion with him… she’s very turned on by the fact that Russell is in a nearby beach cabin, and it makes the minutes of her sensual pleasure sweeter… when she stopped masturbating, she immediately began to cry because she has behaved badly, seducing Russell and because of the fact that she will not get him… and she thought: I’m the third wheel for them…

Then Russell ejaculated into me, and after I stopped moaning, we heard some sound… like someone is crying quietly… we left the beach cabin, and then Mina came out… So Mina just cried? Why is she crying? We approached her, and she shuddered when she saw me and began to speak in an uncertain voice:

“Marina, please forgive me… forgive me… you can hate me, but… I really regret it…”

She knelt and cried again… I understand that she’s to blame, but I don’t know what to do… for some reason, it seems to me that she sincerely regrets this… she asked:

“Tell me, please, how can I wash away guilt?”

I sat close to her and said:

“Just… don’t take away Russell from me… that’s all I ask you to do…”

Mina answered:

“I promise…”

Russell said:

“It’s good that you reconciled. Let’s have fun together!”

Me and Mina said joyfully:

“Let’s escort sivas go!!”

Me, Russell and Mina walked down the street and ate ice cream, and later we went to the hotel, to Mina’s room.

Mina lives alone in this room, and her laptop is on the table. She was watching something on her laptop, and I asked:

“Mina, what are you watching on your laptop?”

She answered:

“I’m looking for something on the porn site…”

Russell thought: yes, Mina is very liberated and even shameless… she’s not like my Marina at all… and at the same time they have been friends since childhood…

Mina stretched and said:

“Tired of the fact that in porn films girls have sex with some suckers! When will they do this with any handsome old men?”

Russell liked what she said because he himself is old, and he smiled. Mina turned to us and saw his smile, and she smiled awkwardly and even got embarrassed a little… she said shyly:

“I just like old men…”

And she realized that she had already twice admitted to Russell that she has an interest in older men, but before that, only I knew about it, but from the rest she wanted to hide that she is… a gerontophile. She believes that gerontophilia is something very shameful and wrong, so this is her secret. I asked:

“Where’s the toilet?”

Mina answered by pointing her finger to the side:


And I went to the toilet, and at that time Mina, nervous, asked Russell:

“Russell… h… how do you feel about gerontophiles?”

Mina raised her voice at the end of the question. And he answered:

“So… you’re a gerontophile?”

She nodded, and he smiled and continued to speak:

“Here’s what I can say, Mina, if there were more gerontophile girls in the world, we, old men, would be much happier…”

And then Mina smiled and said:

“Thank you for your kind words, Russell…”

She began to feel more self-confident. And soon I went back to her room. Mina said:

“Look, I wanted to go to the ice rink, but since I met you here, let’s go there together! Do you want to?”

Russell thinks:


I answered:

“Well… all right. And Russell has not decided yet…”

He said:

“Okay, I agree too!”

And then we went to the ice rink. We were warmly dressed, we put on figured skates. Mina said:

“I’ve never been to an ice rink before. I decided to try to skate, because my stepdad sometimes skated in his youth. By the way, he is elderly, he is 65 years old.”

Mina drooled over, talking about the age of her stepfather and stood up, and Russell said:

“But we also haven’t skated on ice yet…”

Now we are on the ice and, afraid to fall, tried to skate forward. I feel like I’m already falling, starting screaming, and Russell is not letting me fall. He took me in his arms and tried to skate forth. He seems to be a little able to skate. Mina said:

“Wow! Well done, Russell!!”

In the meantime, Mina, making tries several times, falls again and again, Russell skates further, holding me in his arms, and I said:

“Can I try it, too? Seeing that the first time you were able to skate well, I decided to try again!”

And I stood up on the ice. Russell continued to skate, and I slowly skate after him, I decided to accelerate the pace and I couldn’t stop, I screamed:

“Russell, help!!”

I felt like I just about to fall, my mini skirt lifted up because of the wind, probably someone unfortunately has already seen my panties, and I screamed with a higher voice:

“Save me, Russell!!”

And I began to fall on him and accidentally threw him down on the ice, and we fell. I was lying on him, and my skirt lifted up again, and my panties were seen. Mina asked:

“Are you okay?”

And she looked at us with lustful eyes with a stupid smile and a wide open mouth. And I answered:

“We’re fine, and you’re not!”

She asked with a stupid and surprised look:


I answered:

“You know!”

And then I and Russell stood up.

We went back to the hotel. Mina said:

“Thank you for walking around with me. It was a lot of fun!”

Me and Russell said kind words in reply and we went to our room, and a few days later we returned home.

This is how I spent this wonderful day full of lust with Russell.

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