Maria’s Virginity- Popped

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Big Head

MARIA COURTNEY QC walked out of the Royal Courts of Justice and walked along London’s Strand before turning into Southampton Row walking towards Bloomsbury. It was a beautiful day and she was on top of the world having just won a very important case in which she had successfully defended her client in a libel action.

She could have taken a taxi to her hotel but the walk, she thought, would do her good and give her a chance to work off some of the adrenaline coursing through her veins, always induced by the buzz of winning an important court case, also she needed a breather, time to catch her breath before arriving back at her hotel because she knew Dear Daddy would be on the phone wanting to know every detail of how she had won the case.

Daddy had been a successful lawyer and Maria’s upper-class background and her rich father had helped to see her through Oxford but for all that, when she was in the courtroom she was on her own and she wanted to prove that she had ability regardless of the start in life that Daddy’s money and connections had undoubtedly provided.

The sun was beating down and she took off the black coat of her two-piece suit and slung it over her shoulder, any observant man with an eye for a beautiful woman would take in at glance the sexy walk, the wriggling bum in the black knee-length skirt and his keen eye would get a tantalising glimpse of her white bra through the tightly pulled blouse buttons stretched across her fulsome breasts.

Jeff Blackburn was such an observant man; he had the perfect vantage point watching Maria walking towards him. Leaning on his shovel four feet inside a hole at the side of the road and he was looking forward to seeing as far up her black tights or stockings as possible when she passed by.

Maria saw him first and gave the hole a wider berth, seeing the cheeky look on Jeff’s face, his gleaming smile and the pearly-white teeth, but she also noticed much more. The golden suntan on his magnificent torso, his firmly toned chest muscles, the trail of hair running down his bare stomach pointing like a finger into his tight-fitting, scruffy jeans.

“Give us a flash darling,” he said crudely, “don’t be a spoil sport.”

Normally Maria would treat such a remark with utter disdain, no man in the circles in which she normally circulated would make such a coarse remark, but somehow there was something different about this man, he was funny, roguish, the glint of devilment in his sexy, brown eyes and he was different to the men she normally associated with, men who would never turn her on in a million years, it was his toughness as well as his rugged good-looks that made her smile back at him.

“Give us yer phone number sweetheart, guard it with my life honest.”

Maria suddenly felt so feminine, so girlie, and so different from the high-powered woman she had become, the woman who had just ruthlessly destroyed the case against her client in the UK’s highest court.

She walked on, well of course she did.

Jeff watched the movement of her sweet, little bum shuffle in her skirt as her high-heels clickety-clicked on the pavement and she disappeared, mingling in the busy hustle and bustle of the crowded street.

Soon Maria cebeci escort would be at the Tavistock Hotel where she intended to collapse on the bed and chill before phoning Daddy but she was still smiling inwardly at that gorgeous, hunky fellow who had put a new kind of spring in her step and it had overtaken the thrill of her High Court victory and replaced it with a different kind of thrill.

It had been fleeting, over in a few seconds. His delicious smile, the bluntness of the way he had asked for her phone number and she was half wishing she had been naughty enough to have given him a flash up her skirt. God what was she thinking about, she could never do such a thing – ridiculous.

She stopped at the entrance to her hotel and looked inside her handbag, she pulled out one of her cards and glanced at it, it contained her office number and her mobile number under her embossed name — MARIA COURTNEY QC.

Maria retraced her footsteps, this time she was going to be naughty, very naughty.

Jeff was busy working, digging the hole even deeper while his mate was softening the soil with a jigger-pick when he turned to see a pair of women’s high-heels at least a foot apart at the side of the hole he was stood in. His eyes traced slowly up the woman’s legs, up her skirt, above the tops of her stockings to the white, softness of her thighs, and then the gusset of her gleaming, white panties pulled up so tight he could see the shape of her perfectly formed pussy lips and just a hint of her tight slit. A nice, tight slit always made his mouth water and he had seen plenty in his time.

His gaze lingered to soak up the view, Maria smiled down at him.

“Hope you have seen enough,” she said handing him her card.

Again Maria disappeared in the direction of her hotel.

“You fucking lucky bastard,” Jeff’s mate seethed, “that’s three fucking women this week”

“Someone has to do it.” Jeff laughed, taunting his friend.

“Well make sure you get it right up her twat and give her at least half a dozen thrusts for me.”

“I’ll try to remember that Bill.”

“Fucking liar,” Bill retorted with a belly laugh.

Once home Jeff punched the numbers into his mobile.

“Hello Maria Courtney here.” Maria said answering her mobile.

“So where are you? By the way my name’s Jeff.”

“Oh Jeff, did you enjoy the view?”

“Perfect Maria, cute, little cunt you have in the gusset of those panties darlin’ and where are you now?”

His voice sounded very husky and ruggedly sexy and Maria was taken aback by the crude directness of his remark.

“Tavistock Hotel.” She stuttered falteringly.

“Room number?”

“361” Maria replied nervously giggling like an 18 year old girl rather than the sophisticated 28 year old high-flying career woman. Now she could feel her heart thumping inside her breast and her breathing tightly constricted.

Maria’s life had been one of study and career; she had missed out on all the fun her friends had enjoyed, nightclubs, dancing, boys and above all men, books and more books had been her life and as she waited for the knock on her door she was extremely nervous, the butterflies in her belly would çinçin escort not be stilled, and were far more difficult to control than the ones she felt whenever she walked into court wearing her wig and gown, she was excited and terrified at the same time. This was a totally new experience for her and as she sat on the edge of the bed her legs felt so weak she thought she would never be able to stand up again.

Hearing the knock at the door and quickly looked in the bathroom mirror re-checking her long, back hair which was always perfectly groom and shining like silk, she couldn’t help notice how flushed he cheeks were. She opened the door.

Jeff stood there looking supremely confident and much taller than she thought he would be as she let him in. Maria was completely out of her depth, her normally self-assured demeanour dissolved at the sight of this ruggedly handsome man dressed in jeans and t-shirt. He would look amazing dressed in a sack and he knew it. In the courtroom she was in control, self-assured and fearless but this was different she was on his territory and once again he flashed those pearly, white teeth, smiled and blinked his long eyelashes and stepped into the room. He knew why he was there and what he wanted and it was obvious to Maria that he wasn’t used to resistance and rejection, from women, nor had he come to waste time. The slow attempts at seduction, normal in the circles she moved in, were not part of Jeff’s agenda. Maria half gasped but was not at all surprised as she realised he had come for a fuck not to take her for lunch.

Maria was in his arms before she could think; her breasts were pressed against his firm, hard, muscular chest his kiss told her he was taking route one.

Her blouse was open and over her shoulders, her bra unclasped, her tits out and her skirt hit her ankles. Within seconds she was stood in front of this man, still kissing him dressed only in knickers and holdup nylon stockings as she was forced against the wall.

Lifted off her feet she was propelled onto the bed and was looking up at him feeling dwarfed by his magnificent, muscular frame, resisting him even for a second never entered her head. Two strong hands grabbed her knickers and pulled them off, her knees were pushed open separating her thighs and exposing her vulva ready to take some cock.

Jeff stood at the bottom of the bed and, with Maria’s cunt totally exposed to him, pulled his t/shirt over his head displaying his manly chest, firm, tanned stomach muscles developed by the arduous nature of his job.

His lips parted and again a perfect set of white teeth were the centrepiece of a smile that was almost lecherous with intent as he unbuckled his belt, pulled his zip down and dropped his jeans. His tight-fitting jockeys displayed a rock-hard bulge, the shape of his manhood stretched upward pushing through the elastic towards his navel; he proudly displayed a purplish-coloured cock-end the shape of an egg.

Maria closed her knees temporarily to hide her exposure and regain some modesty but Jeff stepped forward placing his hands on her knees again very possessively pushing them wide apart.

“Leave them open I want to see your crack babe.” çubuk escort Maria complied allowing him full view of her swollen pussy while he downed his jockeys, his nine-inch mammoth proportions throbbing and twitching in front of her surrounded by a mot of black pubic hair as he climbed on the bed between her gaping thighs with his throbbing cock held firmly in his fist.

“Now Maria Courtney QC let’s get this thick animal up your cunt,” Jeff grunted coarsely with gruff animal intent.

Maria winced with the sharpness of his entry hearing Jeff’s long, rasping intake of breath; she felt his length and girth fill her completely as his slow, rhythmic thrusts made full use of the whole extent of his lovely cock.

Maria’s taut body began to relax and move with slow regular movements and the exotic sounds emanating from her lover. She was responding to his obvious ecstasy aware she was pleasing him from the exotic moans and grunts accompanying each inward plunge, propelled by each punch of his gorgeously, tight, little arse.

Buried, captive beneath his virile frame, with only her knees protruding from the sides of his hips, she took the increasingly vigorous strokes from the unyielding power of his manhood and her fingertips gripped and pulled on his hairy arse-cheeks.

Rugged cock invaded her soft wetness, swelling to fill her cunt as the first waves of orgasm streamed through her body; her heels were now stabbing into the strong, dominant muscles of his back as he gathered together the full power of his sensuous torso to fuck his uncompromising cock into her.

His grunts were wild and furious, the slit at the bull-end of his cock widened to prepare the way for a gush of spunk.

Maria dropped her thighs onto the bed and spread them submissively as one wave of ecstasy followed by another flushed through her body.

Jeff felt the contractions of her orgasm and the hot sting of his cum wickedly assaulting the sensitive nerves of his swelling bull-end.

Maria shook into her own orgasm and at the same time was fully aware of the tremors rippling through Jeff’s broad shoulders and down to his narrow waist, Her hands could feel the knotty, rigidity of each muscle of his strong stomach pounding against her.

Her orgasm was powerful, her shouts filled and echoed around the room as she soaked Jeff’s cock and balls simultaneously aware that his thighs had began to spasm and one of his legs kicked uncontrollably.

Jeff was on his vinegar stroke, the stinging, acidic, yet ecstatic, sensation careered into his rampant cock like a tsunami and Maria’s cunt took the torrent of hot fluid that burst from his loins and hot gushes of his spunk-shots swamped into her pussy and with it a warm glow ran through her body.

Breathless bodies slowly regained composure and he looked solidly into her half-glazed, hazel eyes.

“Well I didn’t expect that Maria Courtney QC.”

“Expect what?”

“I didn’t expect to pop your fucking hymen babe.”

Maria felt more like a woman than the successful lawyer she had become. Her virginity had gone; her cherry had been taken, at last. She had surrendered her precious virginity so willingly to this vulgar but extremely sexy, roadside, muscle-bound hunk of virility. She abandoned plans to join Daddy on his yacht in the Mediterranean and instead booked a double room in the Tavistock Hotel and took a week’s break to see the sights of London by day and the even better sight of Jeff’s magnificently toned body by night.

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