Margo Does Two Pt. 01

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Margo lay back on her bed. Totally spent and totally satisfied. She’d just had the fucking of her life. Young Brian hadn’t wasted any time in dragging her to her bedroom and giving her the fucking she needed. Numerous times, as only a young man can. She’d called him out on a feeble excuse of needing his electrical skills. She’d met him a few days before as he’d been working in the young couples flat next door. Margo had liked what she’d seen and took every opportunity to chat to him as she sounded him out. At 63 she knew all young men weren’t into women her age, but she had a good feeling about Brian. Especially when he’d knocked her door after completing his work and gave her his card, stating that he was available if she needed anything doing. She asked if he was available for night calls. He’d smiled and said that could be arranged.

That night Margo spent hours pounding her pussy and ass as she thought about the young Brian and what they were going to do. This was something she did every night. But that night she had Brian in her sights. Margo knew most of her neighbours were aware of her activities, but she really didn’t give a shit. Her reasoning was that “we don’t life forever, so why not.” She’d always loved sex and it seemed that it only got stronger as she got older. Her husband wasn’t up to much anymore. He tried to satisfy her. But she needed a whole lot more than tongues and fingers. Occasionally, he’d get hard enough to get his limp dick inside her, but no sooner he did, his cum would dribble out of him. Again, she’d reach into her bedside cabinet draw and grabbed one of her toys and finish herself off. Harold, her husband, was also aware of her extra affairs. He was let’s say “ok” with it. It wasn’t as if she treated him like a child and sent him to the movies. She would only do this when he was away. He knew she needed this and that he couldn’t provide it.

The morning she had picked to phone Brian she woke to find her husband had already left. He’d be gone all morning at his allotment. He was due to go on a weekend hunting trip with his buddies later. This was the perfect time for her. She got out of bed and stood in front of the full length mirror. She did this often. Her one vanity was her hair. She regularly had it dyed and styled. She supposed that she’d be grey all over by now, but it was still long and full. She was always content with what she saw. She considered herself more than passable for her age. She was, she conceded, a little over weight. Not obese or even fat for that matter, but no-one would ever call her a page 3 model. She reached up and hefted her F cup tits in her hands. Margo had always been proud of these and never missed an opportunity to show them off.

She still had a curve to her waist, although a slight tummy was there and no matter what she did, it wouldn’t go. Sometimes, age can’t be beat, she figured. Next she looked down to her pussy. She liked to keep it bald. She realised not many women her age did, but she liked the look of it and the feel when she was getting eaten. She pulled her lips apart. She had to admit it was still a pussy to proud of. They had decided early in their marriage that they hadn’t wanted children. They hadn’t needed them in their lives, so her pussy was still pretty tight. She looked down to her legs, made her way to the closet and slipped on some heels. Back at the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw. She loved heels. Not only did they make you taller, they stretched all your leg muscles until they look sleeker. Also, a lot of men loved to fuck you in them.

Showered and dressed, she sat at the kitchen table thinking about the best time to call. Obviously not really knowing at all, one time was as good as another, so there was no time like the present. She ran to the bedroom and picked up her mobile and Brian’s card. Sitting back at the table, she made her call.

“Hello, Brian’s electrician’s. Can I help?”

“Hello Brian. It’s Margo Johnson. We spoke the other day when you knocked my door and gave me your card.”

“Oh yeah. I remember you. Err, what can I do for you love?”

“I’m having a small problem with my power; do you think you can pay me a call?”

“Sure, that won’t be a problem. I’m a bit busy today. Is there any way I can call this evening?”

Margo smiled. Her husband always left by 6pm. “That would be perfect. Any time after 7.00pm would suit me just fine.”

“Brilliant. I’ll see you then Margo.”

“Thank you Brian, see you then dear.”

Margo switched her phone off and relaxed back in her chair. She realised that she was excited. Brian wasn’t her first young lover. Although looking at him, he might be her youngest, but for her to be feeling this way was a little strange. Maybe it was because she saw the lust in his eyes, she just didn’t know.

The first thing she did was sort an outfit out for the night. No dowdy clothes tonight. She loved to be a little brassy when her young lovers came around. Going through her wardrobe she picked bonus veren siteler out a white blouse that buttoned all the way up, although it wouldn’t tonight. A red nearly mini skirt and red 5 inch heels with an ankle strap. If he wanted to fuck her with these on, they wouldn’t come off.

The rest of the day was spent doing the usual. Feeding her husband, hoovering and cleaning and all that needed doing. She helped her husband pack his bag for his weekend, packed his cooler with so much stuff; he’d bring most of it back. She didn’t care, apart from anything else they did love each other and she would never leave him. Not for anybody.

At 6.00pm sharp, Harold had his coat on and was ready to go. Margo walked him to the lift. They had talked about selling and using of their retirement money to buy a little place in of those retirement villages. “Maybe it was a good idea, as long as it wasn’t surrounded by nosey neighbours.” Margo thought. They’d have to look around. She kissed Harold goodbye and watched the doors close. She was always a little nervous when he went on these shooting weekends. Accidents happen sometimes, but it was his passion and she could no sooner stop him from doing it, just as he couldn’t stop her from doing what she was about to do. She sighed and headed back into the flat to get ready.

By 6.50pm Margo was sat at the kitchen table with a glass of wine. She was wearing her flimsiest bra that was big enough to hold her fat tits, her smallest G-string. She could feel it in between her butt cheeks and snug in her pussy.

At 7.01pm the knock came on the door. She walked the length of the hallway and looked through the peep-hole. It was Brian as expected. He looked different, in a nice way. No overalls and face freshly shaven. She pulled the door open and they both did a quick study of each other. For her, it was a quick up and down as she said hello, for Brian, it was a longer perusal as he took in what she was wearing. Margo was very pleased with his reaction. She could see the swelling beginning in his denims. Two minutes later, he had her pressed against the wall, tongue down her throat and his hand squeezing one of her massive breasts. Margo quickly reciprocated, reaching down and squeezing what appeared to be a very nice hard long cock

“Fuck baby. You don’t mess about do you?” she said when she was able to pull away.

“I can’t help it Margo… I’ve been thinking about you since the other day hoping you’d call. I really want to fuck you… How long do we have?”

“As long as you need honey. My husband’s away for the weekend, so take your time, if you want.”

He didn’t want. She’d led him to the bedroom and so began a night of torrid sex. She hadn’t been fucked like that before. He’d actually done what she wanted and needed. He’d used her. Every orifice had been used too many times to count. Her tits were a little sore from the mauling of his big hands. She’d loved every minute of it.

Now here she was in her bed alone pondering what he’d said just before he’d left. He was getting dressed as she watched.

“Margo… can I ask you something and you not get angry with me?”

“Honey, you couldn’t make me angry now no matter what you asked. Go on.”

“I share a house with my half-brother Raymond. We’re pretty close and I’ve been talking about you a whole lot since I met you. Let me explain, it’s been one of our fantasies for a few years now to meet someone like you. Actually, not like you, you. Well, he wanted me to ask if it was ok for him to come round with me sometime. And I suppose, as we’ve already said that I’d be back tonight, can he come too?”

Margo watched him as he finished dressing. She hadn’t been screwed by two men in over 40 years. She remembered that one time fondly. “Tell me about you Brother Brian.”

“Long story short, my mum and dad divorced when I was little. Mum met William that same year and shortly after that they had Raymond. But I do need to tell you something, even if it’s so you won’t be shocked if or when he arrives. Raymond is mixed race. I personally don’t see his colour. I’m hoping you won’t too.” He looked up at Margo to find her watching him.

“Oh honey. Last night you gave me exactly what I needed. You totally abused me and I fucking loved it. But I always knew that if I had said no, you would have listened. And I really appreciated that. So is your brother as well mannered as you?”

“Definitely. Dad would have beaten the crap out of us if we were disrespectful to anyone, especially to women. I like to think that our parents raised two good sons. But you don’t mind the colour thing?”

“Of course not, and don’t ask me again. I don’t care what he is as long as he’s respectful.”

Brian came back over to her and kissed her one more time. “I really should be going. Got two jobs to do today. What time shall we come round tonight? Oh, one more thing. I reckon Raymond would really appreciate meeting you in the clothes I saw you in last bedava bahis night.”

Margo laughed. “I noticed how much you liked that. Same time will be fine. Go now honey, I really need to get some rest before tonight. You need to too.”

Margo’s thoughts came back to the present. Wow. Two young men in her bed tonight. She honestly didn’t know if she was up to it, but by Christ, she was going to give it her all. Her last thoughts before she drifted off to sleep were of Brian, hoping he got to have some rest today.

Margo woke 7 hours later feeling refreshed. She was quite amazed really. She’d never been a great sleeper. Usually 4 to 5 hours was enough for her. She must have really needed it, she mused. It wasn’t long before thoughts of Brian entered her head. He’d been terrific in bed. Everything and more. She stretched and purred like a cat as she imagined him behind with his young hard cock in her ass fucking dementedly. She remembered how gentle he’d been till she asked him to fuck her hard. He’d achieved what few men had ever done, she’d had an anal orgasm, but before he reached his, she’d pulled forward, swung around and swallowed his cock deep into her throat until he erupted into her gullet. “God” she thought. “I was such a dirty bitch last night. And I will be again tonight.” She was already desperately horny. She was really tempted to get her vibrator out but decided to refrain and let the boys take care her later. She decided the best course of action was to just get out of bed and occupy herself with her normal mundane chores.

The knock came on the door at 7.00pm sharp. Margo in her excitement was practically at the door before they finished knocking. Quick check through the peep-hole and she opened the door.

“Nice Brian. You certainly weren’t kidding. She’s fucking perfect.”

“Oi, language young man.”

Brian laughed at Raymond’s face along with Margo. He looked mortified. “She’s messing with you man, you’ll see soon enough.” Brian remembered his manners and introduced his brother.

“Nice to meet you Raymond, and I do appreciate the intended compliment, makes an old girl like me happy. Can I get you some wine, and then we can go in the front room and get comfortable.”

“Sure that would be good.” Brian responded.

The guys watched her lecherously as she moved about the kitchen fetching glasses and wine. She could feel their eyes on her. She loved every minute. Passing them their glasses they followed her into the front room and they placed Margo in-between them.

“Tell you what Margo; you’ve got some nice legs, not to mention your lovely big tits.” Said Raymond. He was sitting so close to her, it looked like he was about to jump her bones any second.

“Told you she was something special didn’t I?” Brian said as he moved a little closer, his hand coming up to rest on her knee. After last night, he was a little bit more confident than his brother, but Raymond took the hint and placed his hand on her other knee, his eyes focused on her heaving breasts. “Yes you did bro; she’s everything I ever dreamed of. I can’t wait to fuck this bitch.” He moved towards her, his tongue seeking out her neck, which she made easier by leaning her head back, while his hand moved slowly up her lightly oiled legs. “Is that that what you want Margo? To fuck you like a slut for the night, hmmmm…?” Margo groaned deep in her throat, her already wet pussy was throbbing and leaking, no doubt leaving a wet patch on her sofa cushion. “Yes, please make me your slut… I want you both to use me. God, I want that so bad.” as if it had been silently communicated, both guys leaned forward and put their glasses on the table. Brian reached back to take Margo’s glass.

Brian didn’t settle back beside her. The main thought on his mind all day had been the taste of Margo’s pussy. He kept thinking about how sweet it tasted the night before and he wanted more than anything to taste it again. He moved the coffee table back, eased Margo’s legs apart and knelt between them. He pushed her short skirt up until he could see her thong. He stared as he watched her juices dribble down her hairless lips, looked up and winked at his brother and dived straight in. Raymond watched for a short time and still whispering in her ear said, “You like that slut? You like that my brother is eating you out?”

“Oh my god…Yes, I fucking love it… You boys are making me so hot…” Margo said as she palmed his very hard cock still inside his jeans.

“Good… because we’re gonna fuck all your holes all night slut. Even if you fall asleep, we’re gonna keep using you till we empty our young balls in you. Would you like that too slut..?” His left hand had come up to molest her tits and was pleased to feel her nipples were suited to her tits. Huge and hard. “Yes…Yes… But please don’t hurt me… do anything you want, but don’t hurt me…” Her body was having little spasms as Brian lathed her pussy with his tongue. “We won’t ever hurt you Margo, we’re not deneme bonus into that…” he said with a handful of her tits. She squeezed his cock harder. She needed to see it. “Take it out for me; I want to see it…”

She’d been more than pleased with Brian’s last night. It was a good 8 inches and thick, she had been more than pleased, but just by feeling Raymond’s, she knew it was going to be bigger. Raymond stretched out and undoing his belt and button whisked his jeans and boxers down in one swoop. Margo groaned again. She’d been right; he was bigger, in every way. Thicker and she thought maybe he was over 9 inches. She looked up at him and then back to his oozing cock. Her left hand reached down to grasp Brian’s head to pull him in tighter, her right grasped Raymond’s tool by the root, she turned her head and they kissed. Tongues searched each other’s mouths as she stroked the stone solid cock and Brian sucked and licked her pussy like he was starving. She thought she’d been turned on last night, that had been nothing compared to this. This feeling was incredible. She was already hoping that this wouldn’t be for just the one night. She knew she wanted more of these studs.

“Why don’t you suck it, you sexy bitch..? I know you want to…” Raymond said as he was finally able to get his lips away from hers. Margo gazed down at it. His pre-cum was bubbling and oozing and running down over her fingers. His cock eye was opening and closing as if it was breathing. She brought her left foot up onto the sofa, shifting her bum slightly, spreading her legs so Brian an unobstructed passage to her cunt and went down on Raymond’s fat cock. She just took the helmet first, sucking his cum away, lathering it with her tongue, getting in every crevice until it gleamed with her saliva. It was Raymond’s turn to groan now. What she was doing felt amazing.

He knew that sex with Margo was gonna be good, but he hadn’t realised how good. All that experience she’d gained in her 63 years was now around his cock. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to fuck young girls his own age again. It was that good. He grabbed his t/shirt by the hem and quickly whisked it off. Naked now, apart from his trousers around his ankles, he settled back and reached under Margo to continue mauling her tits. His left hand went under her skirt and ran up and down her thong that was in the crease of her ass. Margo started giving little squeals to go along with the slurps and gags every time he passed over her anal hole.

Brian was eventually able to pull his face away from Margo’s sopping cunt. His face was covered in her juices and his saliva. He looked at his brother. “She’s really enjoying that Ray, she can’t get enough.” He started to strip off. Margo manoeuvred herself so she could see whilst still sucking Raymond’s length. Once naked he swung Margo around until he was able to close her legs and pull her thong off, Placing her left leg on the back of the sofa, he got in position and without any preamble, inserted himself inside her. “Fuck… So fucking good bro… She’s always so fucking ready for some cock…” he said as he started pumping inside her. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, looking up and seeing Margo sucking on his brothers cock like a pro was a real stimulant and could already feel his balls tighten up. “Do you have your finger in her ass Ray…?” Raymond shook his head negatively. “Then do it, she loves it….Don’t bother lubing your finger…fuck, I’ll bet she’s already oiled it ready…Fuck, I just love this cunt…” Ray never hesitated. He pushed his finger straight in up to the knuckle. Brian had been right. She was more than ready.

For Margo, it wasn’t just the pounding that Brian was giving her. He was giving it to her good; she didn’t even have to move to suck on Raymond’s fat black cock. Every time Brian bottomed out in her, she gagged on Ray’s cock in her throat as the power of Brian’s thrusts pushed her forward. With the added stimulus of that big finger in her butt, she was in heaven. It was everything. She could feel the climax building from her stomach. It was coming in a wave from there to her finger tips. She began to use her long red nails on his big balls to help him along.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum bro…The bitch is sucking me dry…”

“Me too… I can’t last much longer…She’s so fucking tight…Fuck…”

Margo was unable to respond. Her mouth was so full of cock; she couldn’t answer even if she wanted to. The three lovers fucked each other for not much longer before Margo felt her orgasm coming to the surface. As that began, Raymond’s cock grew immeasurably thicker in her mouth and she could feel his balls pull up in her fingers, even more amazing was Brian was fucking her harder, his cock had gotten fatter and she knew they were all cumming together.

Raymond called out first, his cum filling Margo’s mouth and squirting out the sides as she was unable to swallow it as fast as he jettisoned it out. He just kept lifting his hips and every time he did more cum ended up in her mouth and throat. Margo was beside herself. She had to pull her mouth of Ray’s cock so she could scream. Cum dribbled out of her mouth onto her chin and breasts. Ray continued to finger her ass-hole and Brian was on his last strokes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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