Man of the House Ch. 01

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Author’s note:

This story is meant to be a fantasy. As such, many points of reality are put to the side, such as safety and pregnancy, as well as others.

Additionally, this series will cover a wide range of sexual activities. I will try to cover them in the into, but please be aware. All characters are at least 18 years of age.

Thanks to my amazing editor ResqJack!

Topics: incest, oral, BDSM, MF


My parents had been childhood sweethearts and had gotten married after high school and had me a year later. My father did when I was six in a car accident involving a drunk driver, leaving my mother and me alone, but financially secure. As I grew up, everyone told me that I was the spitting image of my father. It was only as I got older that I realized how young and beautiful my mother was. She was on the shorter side, just cresting five feet, but fit from working out regularly with breasts that looked large on her small frame. She also had long dark hair which contrasted her skin beautifully. We had always been a fairly tactile family, with plenty of hugs and kisses, and sitting close when watching TV. There was a period when it was awkward for me after the first time a friend mentioned just how sexy she was, which made me realize it myself. I got over it quick enough, even if the hard-ons never really went away.

Everything changed the summer after I graduated high school. I had graduated with good enough grades to get a scholarship at a pretty good local university, which meant that I could keep living at home and focus on getting my degree without the added pressure of trying to find a job as well. That being said, I did get a summer job at a small construction company, which gave me some extra spending money and had the side benefit of toning my already in shape body. After I turned eighteen the previous winter, my mother had announced that since I was old enough to drink, I should learn to do it responsibly, and we had taken to having wine and beer in the house regularly. Given what had happened to my father, I was wary of alcohol, but I did learn to enjoy it responsibly in the safety of my home.

One evening, after a particularly hot day of hard work, after a shower and dinner with mom, during which we opened a bottle of wine, we relaxed on the couch watching a movie. We finished off the first bottle quickly, in part due to the heat, and decided to open another one. While this wasn’t unheard of for us, it was a bit of a rarity. We sat in our usual places on the couch, with my mom sitting on my left, leaning against me, with my arm around her. It has started as a joke when I got bigger than her, as a parody of how we had sat when I was young, but it quickly became habit. We finished the second bottle halfway through the movie and I began to feel the effects of the alcohol settling in, a warm relaxation that spread through my body. I also became acutely aware of the hot, sexy body that was pressed up against my side. I could feel her right boob pressed against me, and with a surreptitious glance down could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra by the fact that her left nipple was visibly poking up inside the material of her tight t-shirt. I did my best to ignore it, but whether I wanted it to happen or not, I could feel my erection rise, creating a noticeable tent in my shorts. I did my best to pretend nothing was happening, but as the movie progressed, I could feel my mother shifting around next to me. Each time she moved; her breast rubbed up against my side. In my drunk state, I began to wonder if she was doing it intentionally but quickly dismissed the thought, even as it got me even harder.

During one of her shifts, her hand ended up on my thigh. I expected her to move it, but she just left it there. I tried to ignore everything that was going on, but when I looked down, I see that her thighs were clenched tightly together. I don’t know why I did it, but I pulled her tighter against me. Between the noise of the movie and my drunken state, I wasn’t sure if I heard it, but I was pretty sure that she moaned a bit when I did. What I am sure about is that she squeezed my thigh gently. I would have ignored that also, but then she did it again and then rubbed my thigh. Almost out of instinct, my left hand moved from by her side to her breast. It was only when I touched my mother’s tit, even through her shirt, for the first time since I was a baby, that I froze and realized what I had done. I almost freaked out and pulled away, but then I very clearly heard my mother moan in pleasure. I had no idea what was happening, but I was drunk and horny enough not to consider the consequences after I heard that. Her hand ran up my thigh to my tented erection, feeling it through my shorts. I turned to look at her at the same time she looked up at me, and it seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world to kiss her, so I bent my head down and kissed my mother.

What started as a simple kiss on the lips, quickly evolved into a heated French kiss with our tongues twisting against one another, slipping in and out of each other’s mouths. This wasn’t the first time I had pinbahis güvenilirmi ever kissed someone, nor was I even a virgin, but this was the hottest kiss I had ever taken part in. Not willing to break the kiss, I pulled her into my lap, and she eagerly straddled me, holding my head, and kissing me deeply. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest as my hands ran down her back to grab her ass, and she moaned into my mouth as I got two big handfuls of her tight ass. I groped my mother’s ass for a minute before running my hands back up her back, this time underneath her shirt, feeling her hot, smooth skin. She pulled away from my mouth for just long enough for her to pull her shirt over her head, displaying her beautiful tits to me for a second before they were pressed once more against my chest as she pressed her lips back against mine.

With the offending article of clothing removed, I was now able to easily stroke the soft skin of her back. I also ran my hands up and down her sides, feeling up the sides of her boobs. The third time my hands found their way to the soft mound of her compressed tit, she pulled away from our kiss. She gave me a moment to take in the amazing sight of her bare chest, her prominent nipples standing tall upon the glorious swell of breasts which looked huge on her small frame, and with just enough sag for them to sway as she moved. I drank in the sight of them, and then she pulled me towards them. I found myself fondling her tit as I licked and sucked at her nipple for the first time in years. My mom cooed and moaned as I switched back and forth between sides, lavishing attention on her wonderful mounds. After a couple of minutes, while I was sucking hard on one of her nipples, she shuddered as she had a mini orgasm.

My mother pulled her tits away from my eager mouth and hands and reached for the bottom of my t-shirt. I leaned forward and raised my arms to let her pull it off me and buried my face in her cleavage while she got started. Once my shirt was off, she pushed me back against the couch, she started kissing her way down my body, starting with my neck. When she got to my nipples, I found out that guys’ nipples are sensitive also, something that I had never experienced before. She made her way downwards, running her hands over my pecks and abs, kissing, and licking what she could reach. I tried to return the favor, but she kept pushing my hands and face away. She eventually slid backward off my lap and into her knees where she started kissing my abs. Continuing to work her way down, she got to my waist and grabbed the top of my shorts. I obligingly lifted my hips and in one quick motion, she pulled down my shorts and underwear, exposing my engorged penis to my mother’s eyes. She stared at my erection with a hungry gleam in her eyes for a moment before pulling my shorts the rest of the way down. My mother started kissing her way up my inner right thigh, stopping right before she got to the apex and restarting at my left knee. This time, when she stopped, I could feel her breath on my balls and shaft as she lifted her head to look me in the eyes. I gasped as her hand closed around my erection for the first time. Her gentle stroking of my dick felt amazing, but nowhere near as good as when she took my cockhead into her mouth for the first time. I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure as her lips wrapped around me and her tongue swirled around the tip. By this point, I was amazed at the fact that I hadn’t cum yet, but when I looked back down to see my mother sucking even more of my cock into her mouth, I lost it. I exploded into her mouth, blasting shot after shot of hot cum into her mouth, filling it up. She tightened her lips around my shaft to make sure nothing escaped and started swallowing, milking every last drop of my seed out of me.

She eventually sat back on her haunches, a self-satisfied look on her face, watching me catch my breath and recover from that amazing experience. Once I could breathe and see straight again, I looked at the heavenly vision of my topless mother kneeling before me. I reached out for her and she came into my arms happily. Our mouths pressed together again, the thought of where her mouth had just been not fazing me at all, even as I tasted myself on her lips. I flipped over so that she was on the couch and started to make my way down her body, eager to return the favor. I spent time on her magnificent boobs, caressing, licking, and even biting gently, but I was much more interested in progressing downwards to focus on them as much as they deserved. When I got to her waist, she lifted her hips just as I had done. I pulled down her shorts revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She lifted her feet so that I could completely remove her shorts, and I was suddenly faced with her pussy as she spread her legs wide. I stared in wonder at the beauty of the place that I had entered the world from. It took me a moment to come back to myself, but I looked up between her spread legs to my mother’s smiling face and slowly began kissing my way to get thighs as she had done to me. As I got closer to the top I breathed in pinbahis yeni giriş the heady scent of her arousal, and it took all my willpower to break off and restart up her other leg. I didn’t have so much experience going down on anyone, but while I had done it before, my mother was without a doubt the tastiest pussy I had ever licked, I thought as I took the first swipe of my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. After that, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I hungrily lapped at her cunt, alternating between digging my tongue as deep as I could inside of her and brush strokes across the outside. When her responses started to get more and more vocal, I switched my focus to her clit, licking and sucking on it directly. I felt her hands grab the back of my head as she yelled out wordlessly and my face got soaked with more of her delicious juices. When her body finally relaxed, my mother pulled me up from between her legs back into a hungry kiss, seemingly more eager because of her juices coating my face than put off by it.

As I laid naked between my mother’s legs and she licked her cum off my face, the most natural thing to do seemed to be to slide my now resurrected erection into her hot, wet pussy. It felt heavenly penetrating her tight depth, as did the feeling of her legs wrapping around me and the cry of pleasure she let out. I began thrusting in and out of her, my recent orgasm giving me staying power that the situation would otherwise not have made possible. Her first orgasm from me fucking her came two minutes into me pounding her cunt.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!” My mother cried out as I felt her pussy contract around my thrusting cock, the first words that had been said the entire time.

Hearing her voice egging me on pushed me to another level and I began slamming into her even harder. Her next orgasm a minute later was a cry of pure pleasure. Even having just cum, I knew that I was getting close, so I tried to pull out, not knowing if she was on birth control. I might have been fucking my mother, but even in my drunken state, I didn’t think that getting her pregnant was a good idea. She locked her legs around me, not letting me go, so I mentally shrugged and just went with it, hoping for the best. As I felt my balls begin to boil over and my own orgasm starting, I thrust into her and froze in place as I started to fill my mother’s pussy with my cum. The feeling of my hot cum filling her seemed to be enough to set her off as well.

“Yes! Oh god! Fill me up, Jerry! Yes!” She screamed out as I pumped shot after shot deep inside of her.

Completely spent, I collapsed atop her, both of us breathing hard. As I caught my breath and slowly drifted off to sleep with my dick still inside of my mother and the credits to the movie rolling, it occurred to me that she had called me by my father’s name.

I woke up in the morning, unsure of where I was or what was going on. I found myself lying on the couch, naked, with another naked body pressed up against mine. As my brain slowly came back to working order and my eyes blinked open, the events of the night before slowly came back to me as I recognized the naked body next to me at belonging to my mother. It was then that I remembered my last thought before I passed out, along with the realization that I was holding my mother’s naked tits in my hands and my erection was pressed into her ass crack. I quickly disentangled myself as gently as I could and retreated to the bathroom. My mind was racing as I performed my morning absolutions and showered, trying to process what had happened and just how bad the fallout was going to be. I finished showering, still unsure what to do, and got dressed for work. I made my way to the kitchen and found my mom setting a cup of coffee down in front of a plate of food for me. While it wasn’t unheard of, she didn’t do it every day, and I couldn’t look her in the eyes as I sat down. She had thrown on a robe, but especially after the night before, it did little to hide her ample charms from the imagination.

“We need to talk,” my mother said as I sat down, sitting across from me with her cup of coffee.

I started to say something, but she stopped me.

“Me first. What happened last night was inappropriate and not fair to you. I was in the wrong, and I am going to make it up to you,” she said in a serious voice.

I started to protest that she wasn’t the only one responsible, but she stopped me again.

“No Mike, you are wrong. It is my fault. I should never have called you by your father’s name during sex. It is never ok to cry out someone else’s name during sex unless it is agreed upon beforehand,” she said, still 100% serious.

I was in shock. She was apologizing for calling me by my father’s name during sex. It took me a minute to process that she wasn’t upset about the sex.

“I thought that you were talking about the sex,” I responded, still in shock.

“No, of course not. Unless you didn’t want to. I didn’t force you, did I? I thought you wanted it?” She suddenly looked horrified.

“What? No. I mean, yes. I mean no. Ugh. I loved having sex with pinbahis giriş you, Mom, which sounds weird, but I just never expected it. I never even thought about it. I mean, I noticed how sexy you are, but you are my mother,” I responded, completely confused and babbling at this point.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh honey, I know that you think that I’m sexy, and I’m glad you enjoyed last night. I certainly did. I’ve been debating just joining you in bed one night for a couple of months, but you’ve had girlfriends on and off since you turned eighteen and I didn’t want to interfere. I’m just sorry that I slipped like that. I think that it was the combination of the wine, how much you look like your father and the way that you were fucking me just like he used to that made me forget myself.”

I didn’t even know how to respond to that. She took another sip of coffee and watched me process everything she had said. She gave me a minute before continuing.

“Now to be clear, you don’t need to feel obligated to have sex with me, or that you can’t date or have sex with anyone else. I just want to be kept in the loop and for you to be safe.”

Her talking about being safe suddenly made me remember the fact that I had cum inside of her.

“Umm speaking of safe, I don’t know if you remember, but I wasn’t wearing a condom last night.”

She smiled.

“I definitely remember. It felt amazing feeling you pulse inside of me. But don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”

She took another sip of coffee and stood up. Walking around the table, she dropped to her knees next to me as I turned in my chair to face her. Looking down at her I had a clear view of tits down the top of her robe.

She reached for my belt and asked, “Do you mind?”

I shook my head no and she unbuckled my belt and started on my jeans.

“Good, because I didn’t get enough of this last night, and I woke up to the wonderful sensation of it pressing against my ass only to have it taken away.”

She finished freeing my cock from the confines of my underwear and licked the tip before taking it into her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as she started bobbing her head up and down, pressing her tongue against my shaft. Just like the night before, I reveled in the feeling of my mother sucking my dick, but this time I gently stroked her hair while she did it. As I got close, she looked up at me and somehow managed to smile at me with her lips still wrapped around me. Groaning again, I looked her directly in the eyes as I began filling her mouth with my incestuous seed. She kept eye contact as she swallowed, letting me free with a popping noise only once she was sure that she had gotten every drop.

“Not that I’m complaining,” I said while she tucked me back in and closed my pants, “but what brought this on. It isn’t exactly normal.”

“Actually, this is something that has been a long time coming. Your father and I discussed this often. I think that he would be happy about it.”

I felt a weight lifting off of me that I hadn’t even known was there. Apparently, there was a part of me that had felt like I was betraying my father by sleeping with my mother. Knowing that he wanted it made it even better.

“Now eat your breakfast before it gets too cold and you are late to work. We can talk more when you get home.”

I started to eat, and she took her place back on the other side of the table. I noticed that while she had been blowing me her robe had come loose and her right breast was visible. I started to say something and then stopped. There was no reason for her to cover up or me not to look anymore. I finished eating, put my dishes in the sink, and went to kiss mom goodbye. Instead of the usual kiss on the top of her head, this time I have her a full kiss on the lips, tasting coffee and cum, and massaged her exposed breast while I did. I spent the day at work in a daze, not focused on what I was doing. I was lucky that nobody got hurt from the mistakes I made when I wasn’t paying attention, but I was happy when we called it quits.

“How was your day, honey?” My mother asked when I walked in the door.

“Good. I mean, honestly, I couldn’t focus on work. My head was somewhere else entirely.”

“So, let’s talk so that we can get your head on straight. Do you have any questions?”

“How did this happen? Why? What now?”

I felt ridiculous asking, but I needed to understand what exactly was going to be now.

“Let’s start with the what now first. While until now you were the man of the house, now that you are the Man of the house, some things are going to change. First, if you would like to move into the master bedroom with me, you are more than welcome to. You can keep your room as an office or somewhere to study. Second, if you want anything, just ask. I’m yours, at much as you want me, however, you want me. And to clarify, I mean both sexually and not. You are an adult now, and while I will always be your mother, I no longer need to mother you unless you want it. And that brings us to point three. I expect you to be responsible, which you have been until now, but now that you are the Man of the house, you have more responsibilities. Things like making sure things get done around the house, and that things are taken care of. And I don’t mean doing everything yourself, but just make sure things are done. Remind me if needed and take me to task if I don’t listen.”

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