Maid of Honor Pt. 06

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It was 11 AM, and with Lucy at her out-of-town business meeting, I wanted to do what Lucy and I had done in the French countryside. Carolyn was more than ready, it was going to be a nice day for what I had planned.

As we got in the car and started to drive along, I told Carolyn, “Now, something we enjoyed in the French Countryside.”

She smiled at me, that 18-year-old teen temptress, she was impossible to resist, and rather than try and fight a losing battle, I had given in and was reveling in the feel of her tight little holes taking me in, and sucking every load right out of my more than eager dick.

I drove down an old abandoned county road, right at the end, there was a secluded glade. Just like the glade that Lucy and I had been in when we toured France.

When we got out of the car, I grabbed the blanket that was in the trunk, and told Carolyn, “On our way to Bordeaux, we had both been feeling quite frisky, and we both got nude in very short order.”

That started us, and Carolyn was grinning at me as she shimmied out of her clothes, she was not wearing panties, and with a grin, she purred, “Panties are for good girls, not for sluts. Do you like having me as your own little teen slut, pantyless and hungry for your prick to take all my holes?”

“Oh yes, my sweet niece, I like that very much!” I growled as she faced me, displaying her sweet charms to the June sunshine.

I continued, “Lucy was eager to ride me cowgirl style,” and I lay back on the blanket, Carolyn, her eyes filled with heat, swung into position. I filled my eyes with the sight of my niece-in-law, 18 and very horny, ready to mount him. Her luscious milk jugs were capped with stiff, rock-hard nipples, I could see the glow of lust on her face, her eyes bright with sexual heat. I knew I was going to get one hell of a ride.

Nudging her opening against his cock, Carolyn paused, then with a low moan, she pushed down hard, letting out a loud gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt, burying my cock into the grip of her tight pink hole. She purred as she felt her wet, clutching heat grip at my hard cock, she started to flex her inner muscles, wanting to milk me for every drop.

I was enjoying the sexual lust, god, my 18-year-old niece-in-law, hot and eager for my cock. The grip of Carolyn’s heated teen fuck-hole wrapped tightly around my cock, it was a massive boost to my lust to watch as Carolyn got into the rhythm, her hips starting to pump up and down, as she eagerly sampled my sexual proficiency.

I grunted, “As she rode me, Lucy’s hands came up and played with her stiff, perky boobs.”

Carolyn immediately did so, her hands cupping the fullness of her 34C boobs, then tweaking her stiff, perky nipples, the bliss crossing her face as those sensations shot straight to her pussy. escort izmir Her head lolled back, pleasure-filled moans filled the air as Carolyn worked on her pleasure. She was giving me a pleasure-filled ride, I watched the exciting spectacle of Carolyn riding my stiff, hard prick, surging up between the tight cling, stuffing herself to my balls on each downward plunge. Her juices lubed her up nicely, it was a smooth, pleasure-filled ride, she started to fuck herself faster, Mmmmm, felt so good, she was moaning deep in her throat on each plunge.

“Oh fuck, feels so good, my sexy Uncle G, feel my tight little slut cunt milk you, I want another big wave of incestuous spunk to hose down my womb!”

The way she looked in the dappled shade, riding my prick right out in the open air of the glade, and the sexy way she urged me on, had me up, I could feel the building pressure, almost at the boiling point.

I growled, “Cum, cum for me you sexy teen temptress, my little teen slut, cum all over my prick, just like your Auntie L did in France!”

“Oh yes, I’m Uncle G’s teen slut niece, so exciting, fuck, gonna explode, cum in me, now, fuck FUUCCKKK!”

Carolyn let out a loud howl of pleasure as she tensed, going rigid, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her orgasm rushed into her body, her juices gushed, tight pussy walls fluttering madly, tightening down and milking hard at me.

Carolyn’s orgasm drove me over the edge, I grabbed her hips and thrust up hard, my prick swelled up, lodged against her cervix, wedging her open. I heard her grunt as I burst inside of her, my cock went off over and over, my hot seed coating her womb, the orgasmic ripples milking me for all I had.

Carolyn lay forward upon me, drifting in the pleasant sail of afterglow. After a little while, she whispered, “What happened after you filled Auntie L?”

“Well, Lucy had cooed, ‘There’s something hot and slutty about taking a cock that just came deep inside me into my mouth and sucking it clean. Stand up, and let me clean your sweet cock off!’ “

Carolyn had a lust-filled smile, and she purred, “Mmmmm, that sounds so right. Give your cock to my little slut mouth, like Auntie, like Niece!”

In a few moments, she lifted up and took to her knees. She opened wide and beckoned me on. I wasted no time, she had her mouth wide, taking me in balls deep, then she brought her lips together tightly, and I could hear her mmmm of pleasure as she pulled back, her tongue swiping all over my cock, eager to give my cock the best hot mouth cleaning she could.

I growled, “Oh yeah baby, feels so good, Lucy kept it going she was addicted to the mingled taste, and she brought me back up so I could give her mouth a sweet cream filling.”

As I had suspected, when Carolyn heard what Lucy had done, escort izmir she was eager to follow in her footsteps, and I was treated to the oral delights of her sweet, 18-year-old mouth. She never once used her hands on my cock, what I always called ‘Cheater’s head’, and let her sweet hot mouth, the soft, wetly sucking lips and the swirling tongue action do all the work.

Mmmmm, she was doing just what Lucy did, and I stroked her head and murmured to her as she rode my pole. I felt her hand lightly grasp my balls, toying gently with them pushing me towards orgasm. Never once did she falter, and I felt the rise.

Carolyn felt my cock jerk, swelling tight, she knew I was ready to explode, and she gripped my balls a bit tighter and squeezed gently.

I growled, “Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, FUCK!” and my cock went off, she sucked and licked harder, pulling three thick ropes of spunk straight from my cock head to the back of her throat, pulling back and letting the dribbles coat her tongue.

Driving back home, my mind kept visualizing the fact that Carolyn was pantyless under her clothes, and that line about ‘panties are for good girls, not for sluts,’ was really hot. I was thinking about what was next to let her enjoy, and I hit on just the right thing. Lucy and I had done what I was thinking about in Paris on our second night, oh yeah, bet Carolyn will love it just as much.


I was able to deliver the next session that evening, I was lying back in bed, and Carolyn pranced in, totally naked and giving me a big smile.

“So my sexy Uncle G, what’s another hot fucking session from your honeymoon?”

“I’ll be glad to show you, come over here, on the bed, hands, and knees.”

Carolyn quickly did so, the sight of her glorious moons, that fantastic ass raised up and ready for pleasure, had me more than ready.

I wasted no time, pulling those sexy globes apart. I drove my face against the pucker of her tight little starfish, enjoying her loud moan of pleasure as my tongue went to work.

“Oh fuck, yes, Mmmmm, it’s beautiful…I love it, munch my tight little hole!”

I slurped and slobbered, getting it as wet and slippery as possible. When I pulled back, her asshole looked pink and pearly, gleaming, and I reached for what was close by.

“Now, at Lucy’s request, this is what we did our second night.”

I took the stainless steel jewel butt plug, poised it against her asshole, and as I pushed gently, I said, “She had bought a buttplug, she wanted to be plugged, just like this, let it in my teen temptress, open your ass, show how much you like being Uncle’s G’s pantyless slut!”

That spurred Carolyn on and she grunted, “Yeah, give it to me, Mmmmm, oh yeah getting stretched, oh yes, yes, YES!” her voice rising a sound of triumph as the last of the flare slipped past the rim, and it was buried to the base.

She wiggled her ass a bit, and said, “How do you like the view Uncle G? Get my smartphone and get a picture I wanna see how it looks!”

When the picture was taken, she took the phone and her eyes were full of heat at the sight, her tight little ass filled, the red heart-shaped jewel base gleamed.

“Mmmm, it looks as good as it feels. When you started to plug me, it was amazing, the feeling of my body at first resisting and then welcoming….oh feels so good.”

“Lucy had wanted a DP, but she did not want to have another man in bed with us, so she had come up with this alternative.”

Carolyn cooed, “Oh fuck, just like a DP, it’s going to be my first DP, I can’t wait to feel it. I’m so wet, give me that cock, and ram my slutty cunt!”

I was happy to do so. mounting her doggy style, she felt out a loud growl of pleasure, matching my sound as I felt the butt plug rub against my cock as I buried it deep.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah, I love being your sexy teen slut, now ram me, god I feel so fucking hot, give it to me!”

I was happy to do so, and we soon had a hot fucking rhythm going. From the view of her Union Jack ass tattoo to the gleaming red heart of her butt plug as I reamed her, it was a sight I’d never forget.

“Fuck, the way your cock and butt plug are rubbing away inside me, it feels so fucking good! Getting to service my Uncle as his little slut niece, so hot, fuck, fuck, gonna cum, gonna fucking explode, yes, ream me, REAM MEEEEEE!”

I could feel the hard spasm deep inside, and Carolyn’s scream of pleasure as she went over, she went into a string of pleasure, orgasms detonating deep inside her. The tightening up of her tunnel, making the butt plug rub even more against me, turned my cock into a red hot poker. As she crested to a fifth explosion, I roared like a bull, and my cock sprayed a geyser deep inside her, flooding my niece’s cunt with another incestuous load.

After we slumped down, getting our bearings back, she took my head, and looking me straight in the eyes, she said, “I am going to make this pledge to you. You are going to have free access to all my 3 special places for the rest of our lives. I love you Uncle G, and I love the way you make me feel when we make sweet delicious love, or hot, frenzied make me take it fucking. I want that for as long as we both shall live.”

I was touched, that she was making such a pledge at her tender age, but I was happy to agree. I didn’t want our loving to end, even though I was married to her Auntie, I couldn’t think about not having the free use of her sweet, hot holes to slide my cock into.

Keeping my eyes locked on hers, I said, “Carolyn, my sweet niece, I pledge to take advantage of your sweet hot holes, as much as you want, for the rest of our lives.”

The radiant smile she gave me told me how happy she was, and we lay back, drifting on the afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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