Lustful Women III, Inga Ch. 05

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Inga and Eric skip all moral rules

In the previous chapter I told how stepped in for a friend of mine who wanted to get fucked by Eric. She canceled in the very last moment. I thought that I could take her place without Eric noticing it because everything must happen in the dark. But I was wrong. Eric found out which he told me a few days later when I wanted him to fuck a fleshlight which I held between my upper thighs. After the initial shock I admitted that yes, it was me and not my friend that he had fucked. We made a deal that we could fuck once a week until the end of the coming month. After that Eric fucked me superbly and twice in a row.

During the following week I thought of little else than our upcoming sessions. There were so many things I wanted to do with him, so many ways and positions I wanted to show him and be taken in. Would the number of sessions be enough I asked myself? I tried to make plans for how to best use the time we had allowed us. I didn´t dare to count on more than two sessions a day although they probably could be long and inventive. I also worried about that Eric would get tired of fucking his old mom when the first charm of novelty was gone.

But I didn´t have had to worry. On the first Sunday, the day of the week we had chosen for our fucking sessions, he let me understand very clearly already after breakfast that he wanted to fuck me. I had just put the dishes in the sink when he embraced me from behind grabbing my boobs. Well, I had been hoping for something like that to happen and was wearing only a thin gown with nothing underneath. It became a long and very pleasant fuck on the kitchen table. And already after lunch he asked me to dance again. And then there was a quickie at the pool before dinner and a long session in the evening. All very satisfactory to say the least.

During the following week I relaxed and rescheduled. I was now counting on several more session and added quite a few things on my bucket list.

During the week I gradually increased my teasing of him. In the beginning of the week, I dressed conservative but gradually loosened up into more provocative dressing. I planned to change the way I did it in the different weeks to keep him interested in me and build up his horniness.

I went from an upper-class lady to a slut. I went into role play dressing as a maid, a teacher, a nun and a nurse. My husband had liked me to play like that, so I had a great deal of experience doing it. And I also had the necessary clothing. I started at midweek and day by day got more and more provocative showing off my body in bits and pieces. And it seemed to work. At Sunday morning on the first week, he was horny and wanted to take me directly after breakfast. But as time went by I wasn´t sure if it was needed at all. He liked it but I got the feeling that he would be horny and lusting for me even without it. But I stuck to my plan because it was fun and turned me on. I liked to figure out each week how to play it.

On the Sunday mornings I was very horny and expectant. I had plans for each session, but Eric had his ideas too that changed my planning. But as the weeks passed by, I could cross over more and more of the items on my list.

I had planned to begin with the missionary position and go through the many variations it allowed. I started by lying on my back and spreading my legs when he approached me after a good foreplay. During the fuck I raised my legs high up in the air, I placed them around his ass and waist, I put them on his shoulders and so on.

At other sessions I wanted to go through being taken from behind. First doggy style, then standing up and leaning against a table or something suitable. Then to lie on a table top on my belly and lastly to show that I could receive him standing up but bending over supporting myself with my hands on my knees and even on the floor. But Eric reversed the order by taking me from behind against the kitchen table the first Sunday morning. But it didn´t matter. I got thoroughly fucked in all positions although not in the order I had planned.

Then of course I wanted to ride him. I am an excellent cowgirl and planned to do it thoroughly. First the frontal way in which he could see and fondle my boobs. And then be the reverse cowgirl facing his feet letting him admire my ass and kneed the cheeks. Of course, there were a lot of variations in both positions.

I didn´t forgot the butt either. Miss Barbro had taught him the basics and two of my friends had let him in through the back door. But all of them had taken him up their asses doggy style. For some reason I wanted to show him many other ways to ream the ass. I started to sit squatting over him and surprising him by directing his cock not to my pussy but to my other hole. I got pleased when he got very excited when he understood that I wanted him to enter his hard cock into my ass hole. The second time I lay on my back with my legs high up in the air and tilting my ass upwards to make access to my ass hole easy. I got very happy seeing 1xbet yeni giriş a very pleased expression on his face when he understood which hole I wanted him to use. On a third occasion he reamed my ass from behind when we were standing up. All these activities indeed were very pleasant and I always cum several times screaming loudly.

When it came to more advanced ways later I found it easier to show him on the net what I wanted. I knew of a few good sites that showed many exciting positions both in pictures and as live performances. He liked the sites and came up with some wishes of his own which I of course let him fulfill. He then took the lead very pleasantly.

As I just said it all went smoothly although not entirely according to my plans. But it didn´t matter because he took me so wonderfully each time. As it happened, we varied the place in where we fucked. The first fuck in the morning most often took place in the kitchen where we used the kitchen table and the sink for support when standing up or to lay on. On the table I was on my back being taken or kneeling on it when he took me from behind. The sink we used to support my butt when I clung on him with my legs around his waist like we had seen in several movies. I also joined him in the shower where we soaped up each other for a long and vert pleasant caressing. When it was time to enter, he lifted me up with his hands under my buttocks to help me put my legs around his waist and impaling myself on his hard cock. He fucked me lengthily with my back against the wall.

After lunch and before dinner we were on the pool deck when weather permitted. That gave many possibilities, and I repeated my naughty performance a few times to pleasure him. I also jacked him off when he straddled my head which I had longed so much for since the time when he stood like that cuming from his own hand above me. I also gave him head in a session where I lengthily played with his cock and balls putting all my skill and enthusiasm into it. Finally, I made him cum with his cock deep down my throat. It was lovely to feel his hot sperm spurt into my stomach.

The after-dinner session always took place in my playroom. In my plans it was meant to be the heavy fucking session. The big couch and my assortment of pillows and toys gave all the possibilities I wanted. There we fulfilled our more advanced wishes that we had looked at on the net. We had to experiment and take it slowly to get it right. It became long and very pleasant sessions with a lot of laughter when it didn´t work and he slid out of my pussy or couldn´t get the cock inside in the way we had thought.

A couple of times we put a vibrator in my ass when he fucked my pussy which really enhanced the feeling. Eric wanted to get the feeling of that as well, so I put a vibrator in his ass too. His cock transferred the vibrations into my pussy which felt odd but very pleasant. There was a disadvantage though. The vibrator stimulated his prostate gland which made him cum rather quickly. But I was compensated because he stayed hard and went on fucking me after a brief pause.

Once I had him take me on the bench like the first time. And that was one of the occasions when we used the vibrator on Eric´s suggestion. He chose the one to use and wriggled it into my ass before entering my pussy.

The after-dinner sessions always ended in extremely satisfying fucks and a couple of times he stayed hard after cuming ready for another round. That pleased me more than anything else.

I always put the camera in action when we had our sessions in the playroom. I wanted to document our doings for later when we no longer were allowed to do the real thing. But I also looked through the recordings during the following week. It was a turn on and helped me remember the small things. But I also studied the recording to see what of the action that could be enhanced and what to add in different positions. I always found things that improved the fucking next time.

And finally, we used my bedroom. Yes, we did, although that was something I hadn´t planned. It just happened.

Eric always was out with his friends on the Saturday night. But during the first week of our frolicking, I noticed that he came home earlier than normal and it seemed that he had kept back on the beer or whatever he was drinking. He was fresh and very horny in the morning.

One Saturday night I was in bed reading when I heard him slam the front door. It was still well before midnight. A little later I heard him taking a shower which surprised me. He normally went directly to bed, but I thought nothing more about that but kept read. Suddenly there was a soft knock on my door and before I had time to answer he opened it and came into the room dressed in a bath robe.

“Hi mom, I am back,” he said looking at me. I was sitting up in my bed with pillows behind my back wearing a flimsy, low cut nightie. “Mom, you look lovely,” he continued looking me all over. “May I join you? I am horny,” he added pleadingly.

“Oh I 1xbet giriş am very happy to hear that,” I said and that was the truth. “But we have our deal. We can´t fuck until tomorrow but then I will be most happy to accommodate you in my pussy, you know that by now, don´t you?”

“Oh yes, I know. And the deal is on of course. But it is already Sunday. It´s after midnight and the deal was that we could fuck as much as we wanted one day a week. So that´s why I asked if I could join you in your bed. If you feel like it of course.”

“Oh, my goodness, is it that late? I wasn´t aware of it. And yes, I guess that the deal includes the full 24 hours. I haven´t thought about that before,” I said looking at him. I suddenly was turned on and that got enhanced by the horny expression on his face. “Well, if you really want to share the bed with your old mom then be my guest,” I said after a little while fishing for compliments.

“Oh yes, I really do. You are marvelous,” he answered with a big grin on his face. He took a few steps forward when I folded the duvet back to give him space to join me. But then he stopped to get rid of his bath robe. He stood naked watching me.

“Mom, you look lovely, but I should want you to get naked. There are so many things I want to do, and the nightie will be in the way,” he pleaded.

“That I really look forward to. So yes, of course I will get naked. Please help me,” I said wanting to feel his hands all over me. He came forward and helped me to wriggle out of the nightie caressing my body while he did it. When I was naked, he took a step back and just stood looking at me for a while.

“Oh, holy God, mom. How adorable and sexy you look,” he said. “Just like I have been fantasying about all evening.”

Then he moved forward and started to caress me. He did a very thorough job making me cum twice under his mouth, tongue and hands before he entered me for a long excellent fuck. I cum and cum again joining him. Then he made me incredibly happy. He stayed hard in me and after a while was ready to do it all over again. But only after we had changed positions. He wanted me to be on top riding him. Which I did very eagerly. He fell asleep as soon as he had erupted in me for the second time.

I let him sleep in my bed the rest of the night. It was lovely. He was only the second lover I had allowed to fuck me in my bed after my husband. The first had been my friend´s son, the lanky boy with the fabulous jack hammer. But he hadn´t been allowed to stay the night in my bed with me.

The morning after I allowed him an extra hour sleep before calling him to breakfast. After that he wanted to fuck several times like the previous Sundays. I got very happy because his appearance in my bed would give me more sessions.

The following Saturday nights he repeated it. He stepped into my room just when the wall clock struck twelve. I was in bed ready and waiting for him already in the nude. I folded the duvet back when he approached the bed. He used to stand for a while looking all over my body until his cock had reached its full elevation. He always gave me a tremendous time with hands and mouth to start with. We choose different positions when he licked my pussy or rather, I made the choice. I straddled his face, or I lay on my back with my legs up in the air. I also tried more acrobatic ways for instance to stand on my head facing his cock and putting my thighs on his shoulders. That gave his mouth full and comfortable access to my pussy. It was a position he had found on the net and asked if I was willing to try. Of course, I was. He followed it up with another finding. He had me to stand upside down on my head and shoulders with my legs spread. He mounted me standing, inserting his cock in me from behind. Both positions gave me the possibility to show how lithe my body is which he acknowledged admiringly. That made me very proud.

Another thing I found out that he liked was to put his head on my belly facing my mons. He caressed and sifted through my thatch for a long time. I am really proud of my thick growth and take as good care of it as I do my hair. I brush them lengthily every day. I let my hairdresser trim it regularly and also does the fine tuning by cutting the hair away from my pussy slit. I don´t want hair to get in the way when the cock tries to enter my pussy. Eric was doing his thing with my bush both before fucking as foreplay and after as an intimate thanks. It was a effective foreplay. I got aroused from the nice caresses and waited eagerly for him to move down into the slit. He made my arousal to grow and when he finally went down for more advanced caressing using his mouth and tongue my clit was ready to receive being hard and erect.

Already during the first week I had carefully planned what to do on the last Sunday. But I had to change the plan according to what took place during the Sundays in between. In fact, the plan was changed every week. But that I wanted to make it very special never changed.

The week before the last Sunday 1xbet güvenilirmi I did little else than trying to plan it. I looked through all the recordings from our sessions in the playroom taking it slowly and really thinking about what had felt the best. I always was in the nude in my sitting room watching the recordings on my big TV. I caressed myself to several orgasms while watching remembering how good it had felt. I had a dildo handy, the one made from the imprint of Eric´s cock. I made lists of what I wanted and realized that I had to cut down on my wishes. There were too many. I knew that I had to make up my mind but on late Friday afternoon I realized that I couldn´t decide. It was too many positions I wanted him to take me in. Besides Eric probably had plans too. I gave it up with one exception. The finale I had decided upon already from the beginning.

On the Saturday I went shopping for the special food I was going to prepare for us. The weather was nice and warm, so I put on a short narrow dress and a push up bra. No panties. But when I was about to leave I changed my mind and inserted my converted C-string.

It felt lovely to walk around in the big mall thinking about the great hard thing that would replace the lump of the C-string and do its marvels in my pussy the following day. I guess that I got so turned on that it showed because I got many appreciating stares and smiles from men and quite a few knowing smiles from other women. It made me move more purposely and roll my ass a bit exaggerated in the tight-fitting dress.

I had been careful how I had fed Eric during the week. He had got lots of protein to begin with because I thought he needed that to produce all the sperm he no doubt would deliver in me. I had cut back on carbohydrates just like an athlete before a big game to empty his reserves. But today was the time to increase the carbohydrates to fill the reserves again. And for Sunday breakfast and lunch he would get plenty of it to give him enough nourishment for the rest of that day. For Sunday dinner there again would be a lot of proteins but also other vital things.

As always, we had dinner on the Saturday evening and then Eric went out to see his friends. He gave me a promising hug before he left assuring that he wouldn´t drink too much beer.

I made the final arrangements and then took a long, nice bath. I put my best lotion on my entire body and topped it with a light perfume before I went to bed. I was in the nude hoping the Eric would do as he had done on most of the previous Saturday nights.

He didn´t disappoint me. When the grandfather clock chimed midnight he knocked on my half open door.

“Mom, are you awake? May I come in?” he asked stepping over the threshold.

“Yes, my darling, I am awake. And yes, you are most welcome to come into me,” I answered wickedly pulling the duvet away and moving over. He lay down at my side.

I lay on his arm and he idly caressed my body while telling how he and his buddies had spent the evening. It was pretty much the same as they had done most Saturday evenings, but I suddenly noticed that he briefly mentioned the names of a couple of girls. I felt a bit jealous at first but was assured of his hands on my body that what he wanted was his old mom. And I got even more assured when he said that he had left the party early to get ready to come to me.

After some nice cuddling his hands got more serious and soon were caressing my entire body. With hands, mouth and tongue he brought me over the brink in lovely, soft orgasms. But when I tried to pull him over me to get his cock into me, he stopped.

“Mom, I would like you to be on top. You are such a marvelous cowgirl. Please,” he said.

Of course, I did as he wished. I mounted him after having checked his erection with my mouth. I rode him for a long time, changing behavior now and then and giving us breathers to prolong the fuck. I cum several times before I thought that it was time to call it a day. I then rode him very deliberately to make us cum together which we did in a shuddering orgasm.

I slumped down on him exhausted resting on his body. When, after a while I recovered, I found out that I must have given him the ride he had asked for and anticipated. Eric was totally spent and had fallen asleep which seldom happened. He didn´t wake up when I cleaned his cock in my mouth getting the last drops out of it. I too was very content and happy. After freshening up I went to sleep beside him in my big bed.

In the morning I woke up early. I showered, fixed my hair and face before making breakfast. It was a full breakfast with pancakes and all to give him the nourishment his body needed to fill his reserves.

I was almost finished cooking when Eric joined me. He looked very fresh having showered and not bleary-eyed at all. My pussy twitched in anticipation.

We sat down enjoying the meal. When we had cleared the table Eric suddenly took command. He came up to me from behind and in a blink removed my negligée. He pushed me towards the sturdy kitchen table and had me to sit on the edge of it. He spread my legs putting my feet in the corners. I put my arms behind me for support. before he dug un kissing and licking my pussy. He reached up and caressed my boobs as well.

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