Lustful Desire

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Paige finally decided it was time to take her mother’s advice and move on. It had been six months since the break-up and she had been sulking long enough. At thirty-five she still looked damn good but tonight she looked fucking amazing. Her black dress tight in all the right places and red heels to match the red lipstick she had chosen. Paige had never been one for picking up men but she had grown tired of her vibrator and needed a real cock. The one thing she knew for certain was that she would not be going home alone tonight. Stepping from her car she saw him; tall, dark and dangerous. He was more than just a temptation he was a hunger her body had been craving. She could tell he was younger than her but that didn’t matter for what she had in mind. It wasn’t a husband she was looking for only a cock to fill her hungry cunt. Paige took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. It took her a few minutes but her eye’s found him.

She couldn’t help but wonder if his moves in bed would be as seductive as his moves on the dance floor. She felt her pulse quicken when his eyes locked with hers. Everything about him screamed sex and damn she missed it. The touching, the sounds, even the scent of it. Paige dropped her gaze back to the drink in her hand. She envisioned taking pleasure in his cock. He was so close and he smelled so good. Her pussy heated, the lips swelled and dampened. Raw wild sex is what she wanted with him. She wanted to be filled until every inch of his cock imprinted her pussy. He had the most intense grey eyes she had ever seen. His five o’clock shadow made her skin itch, yearning to feel the burn of it against her face-against her inner thighs. He placed a hand on her knee and she could feel her breath catch and her palms turn sweaty. It was the way he looked at her, a hungry possessiveness present in his stare as if he had not only undressed her in his mind, but had claimed her to be sated by no one ever again except him. She placed her hand on his and moved it up her thigh.

Paige knew it was wrong to want a man the way she wanted this stranger. She had been denying her needs too long and tonight would be about her and nothing else, she wanted this-no she needed this.

“May I get you a drink?” His low thick voice had her pulse fluttering.

“A rum and coke would be great, thanks.”

He ordered their drinks and took the seat next to her. His hand still on her knee but she could feel it moving, working her dress up as her core tightened the closer he got. He was in luck she had decided it would be a no panties night. A smiled curved his lips when his finger entered her to find her wet and ready. He removed his hand but his touch lingered on her skin, in her veins. He leaned into her again letting his tongue trace her lips, biting at her bottom one. His hot breath sending chills down her spine and the scent of his cologne was driving her senseless. Her eyes captured his and she could see desire and passion.

“Are you ready for me to take you?”

All she could do was nod. His hand reached for hers, she took it following him out of the club and to his car.

The night air was stifling and Paige was not sure if it was that or the hot, young thing that was sending ripples of desire to her belly and causing the small beads of sweat that were forming on her lips. He had her pinned against the car with his hard body. His lips found hers as a small gasp escaped her. She wanted to resist him but her body was unable to tell him no, after all isn’t this what she wanted? He slipped his tongue possessively, skillfully and so erotic inside her mouth urging her own tongue to come out and play. Without warning he withdrew and suddenly she felt a sense of loss.

“Tell me you don’t want this and I will call you a liar. Your body is speaking in volumes pendik escort and it has been screaming “fuck me,” since I first noticed you at the bar.”

Her cheeks flushed, had it been that obvious that she wanted him? His words flowed from his tongue like liquid sex.

“I…I umm, I don’t even know your name.”

“Does my name really matter?”

“It does to me”, Paige said and she could hear the nervousness in her voice she only hoped that he hadn’t. She had come too far to stop now.

“Seth, and you are?”


“Well, Paige I have a room just down the street and I would love to give you a night to remember.”

Paige could feel her legs start to shake thinking about his tongue gliding in and out of her, toying with her clit sucking it deep into his mouth. He came around and opened the door and without thinking she slid in. She had an unsatisfied thirst and Seth was just the man to quench it. She knew without doubt the second his tongue invaded her she would be like a hot volcano erupting. He let his hand trail up her thigh as his other hand kept the car in the road. His touch was fire on her skin and she wanted more of the burn, greedy for the inferno at bay. She opened her thighs for him coaxing his hand upward with one of her own. Paige leaned back and was enjoying the presence of his finger massaging her clit. Her breaths became raspy pants and she knew what was coming a mind-blowing orgasm. The teasing stopped abruptly as the car came to a stop and within seconds she was being led into the building.

Entering his suite his hands were on her pushing up the thin material of her dress. She moaned at his touch, his thumb circling the bundle of nerves with a skilled mixture of deep and gentle pressure. Her need for him was burning, for the first time in her life she was out of control and she loved it. Paige was writhing when he dipped a finger into her hot opening. Easing her onto the floor for better access his finger probed deeper she gasped lifting her hips to meet him out of her mind with the desire to cum.

“Christ, you are so wet. You’re driving me crazy with your sounds and how wet you are for me.”

Dragging her juice up and over her clit, luring a series of whimpers from her. One more brush of her clit and she was over the edge her orgasm spurring her into convulsions.

“You cum so easily, damn I need to do that again.” He licked his lips as his tongue entered her and with a frenzy he fed on her. His fingers returned-three of them while his tongue licked and sucked her clit. Paige could feel her core building again and she didn’t know if she could bear another climax so soon, unable to live without it. His skilled fingers fucked her as his tongue lapped her juices. Her body began to shake as a ripple of orgasm overtook her.

“God,” she gasped unable to control her own body. Her muscles tightening, her core clenching his fingers. He was caressing her tender nerves with endless devotion. It was so much-too much as a third orgasm tore through her. Her body was no longer hers it belonged to him-he had claimed her.

“You’re so sexy, Paige. So fucking sexy and soon I’m going to cum with you just like that.”

Paige pulled at him until her lips were on his, licking her juices from him. Her tongue sucking feverishly on his. Her smell, her taste clinging to his tongue though sated a new arousal began as the kiss fueled her veins. Seth broke the kiss which stirred a panic in her, it can’t be over she wanted more of him, needed all of him.

“I love it when you are whimpering under my tongue. It makes me so hot and I haven’t even given you the best of me.”

Paige could feel a pool of desire, the best of him, could it get any better? She knew it could when he was slamming his cock inside her. maltepe escort She could feel her pussy clench wondering how long he would make her wait. His mouth came down hard on hers and his hands caressed every inch of her paying special attention to her firm, round breast, tantalizing each nipple with the skilled strokes of his tongue. She couldn’t stand it any longer she needed him, reaching down letting her hand massage the very evident bulge in his jeans. He was quick to push her away, shaking his head.

“Not yet, my tongue is not quite finished with you. Soon Paige, I will be filling you very soon.”

His tongue found her still slippery with desire. He was feasting on her as his hands scorched trails of fire everywhere that he touched her. Again she tried to touch him and this time he welcomed her hands as they struggled to free his cock from the confines of his jeans. He let out a moan as she tightened her hand around his cock. She wondered what it would feel like pumping inside her. She would take the pain with the pleasure, stretching her, filling her completely. He lifted her just enough to completely remove her dress. He wanted her naked and at his mercy. Seth finished the removal of his own clothes and tossed them to the side. His cock glistening with pre-cum as he stood over her. His eyes melting into her as he lowered his body onto her claiming her lips in heated passion. His cock toyed at her opening almost as if wanting her to beg for it. Paige let out a whimper coaxing his cock to take the plunge.

“You want me Paige? I can see how that pretty pussy is throbbing.”

She couldn’t get the words out before he entered her partway, he was so big she tensed not sure if she could accommodate him. He adjusted her legs and she opened for him and with one hard thrust he sunk deep, nestling in her tight channel. His eyes pierced hers as he stretched and moved inside her. He pulled out slowly, almost the whole length of his cock and she could feel the emptiness it left behind. Then he flexed his hips and rammed inside her with a fierce stroke. She cried out and he echoed with a low growl of desire. He pressed into her chest and captured her mouth, kissing her roughly with her taste still on his lips as he pounded into her. Even though he had taken care of her she was desperate for him to bring her to another orgasm. She rocked into him, moaning and screaming as she took each one of his blunt drives. He lifted her legs further, and his cock went deeper into her hitting the spot that ignited with each stroke. Her orgasm building, her body tightening and clenching around his thrust.

“I’m going to cum,” she cried out.

“Yes, cum, Paige,” his voice low and commanding as again her body shook with orgasm. Seconds later Seth tensed and jerked, releasing into her as her name spilled from his lips. Paige pulled her fingers through his sweat-dampened hair.

“I knew sex with you would be amazing,” he said his voice almost a whisper. “Powerful and intense and fucking incredible. From the first time I saw you I knew.” She swallowed forcing down any emotion that threatened to show.

“It was incredible!”

She was lingering in the post-sex high. God, she felt good. She hadn’t been fucked like that in…well, ever. Paige was sated and fully content but she still needed him, wanted him. His tongue, his cock, everything about him. Even if only for this one night. He was a drug, he had become her addiction and she needed his poison pumping through her veins. Paige knew what this was so why has she let him consume her. She looked over and found his eyes on her.

“What is going on in that pretty, little head of yours?” His voice a low growl sending ripples to her already wet and clenching center.

“I’m thinking that I have had an kartal escort amazing night but I think it’s time for me to leave.”

The look on his face was a mixture of desire and hurt. He gently pushed her hair from out of her face, softly kissing each cheek.

“Do you really need to leave? Do you have someone waiting for you at home? A boyfriend, maybe a husband?”

“There isn’t anyone Seth, if it were I wouldn’t be here with you. There are lines I won’t cross and that is one of them.”

“Then why are you in such a hurry to leave? What we have shared doesn’t have to end here Paige.”

Those words, why those words? He could have said anything, why had it been that? Why was he making it sound like they could have more? She wasn’t sure she was ready to give anyone more than what she had already given him. Paige knew without doubt she could give him her body over and over, but she had promised herself to never let another man touch her heart.

“I’m not sure what you want. I let you bring me here and fuck me, it was amazing but it was just sex. I thought we both knew that.”

“I see, just sex. Please forgive me for feeling a connection with you. I was almost certain you felt it too. There was something in your eyes that said you did, or was it only my cock slamming into you that you felt?” His words came hard, a slap across the face may have hurt less. She had felt it and it felt too good to be true.

“Seth, you don’t know anything about me, not really.” She could feel tears threatening to show and she couldn’t let this stranger see her weakness, but could she deny her feelings and just walk away?

“Tell me Paige, what is a beautiful woman like yourself so afraid of?”

She could feel her entire body tense, every nerve tightening. Not with arousal but fear. She needed to get out of there, as far away from him as she could. She knew staying any longer could be dangerous. Scrambling to her feet she found her dress and shoes. The disappointment showed in Seth’s eyes as she dressed. Reaching for her purse she headed towards the door but Seth was in front of her before she could reach the knob.

“Paige, please don’t leave. This wasn’t about just sex for me. I want more and I would love the chance to have it with you. Don’t run away from what I know you feel.”

Seth pushed her against the wall claiming her lips, slipping his tongue inside to play with hers. His hands massaging her breasts as his tongue danced with hers. She could feel his erection as he rubbed into her. God she wanted him, just once more she needed to feel him inside her. Before she knew what she was doing she was easing her dress up and spreading herself for him. Seth wrapped her legs around his waist and within seconds he was inside her, pumping his cock. Her arms around his neck as his thrust pushed her hard into the wall. The louder she screamed the harder he thrust. She could feel her orgasm building, her muscles tightening. Seth drove one final, hard thrust and her body began shaking. He held her tight as his cock still slammed her channel. Seth let out a growl that both scared her and sent waves of desire through her. She could feel his cock as it jerked, releasing his hot liquid inside her. He nestled his head into the crook of her neck, his breaths came as low pants in her ear. Paige held onto him for longer than was safe, then pushing away and opening the door, she gave him one last look.

“I’m sorry Seth, but it was just all about the cock.” With those words she turned and walked out but not before seeing the look of hurt in his eyes.

She waited until she had stepped inside the elevator before letting her tears rain down. She had wanted to hurt him with her words the way he had hurt her with his. Paige stepped out of the building into the night air, wiping her tears from her eyes. She had to fight the urge to run back to him, to tell him she was sorry but the need to protect herself was stronger. She would push the man who had taken her to ecstasy and beyond completely and utterly out of her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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