Love Thy Neighbor

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The yard wasn’t that big, but it had a nice privacy fence around it. It wasn’t much, but it was mine. I worked hard to get where I am and dammit, I deserved to be happy.

Took me most of the day to unpack; realizing just how insignificant my life really was by the number of boxes there was left. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to the back deck to enjoy the sun setting. 7 o’clock in the evening, middle of October and still 80*…I am loving this place.

Making plans in my head to landscape my quaint little yard when I noticed the neighbor guy raking leaves. Sweat soaking into his t-shirt, jeans tattered, ball cap and what looks like a light scruff on his chin. He’s probably in his mid-forties, maybe older. I, myself, have reached a stage in life where the men in the their 20s look good, but so do their dads.

I must have been staring a while because he gave a wave and nod “Hello!” I raised my beer to him as a hello back to him.

A couple weeks have come and gone, I never saw a wife or girlfriend with him. Trust me, I was watching for one, too.

I was sitting by the fire ring with a glass of wine watching the sun sink low into the horizon. He had stepped out his back door calling for his dog. He paused a second then came around the fence asking if I had seen his dog.

“Eh, no, I haven’t. I didn’t know you had a dog.”

“I don’t, I just used it as an excuse to come over and talk with you.” He said with a smile.

I was shocked. He was even better looking up close!

We sat around the fire several nights for hours almanbahis şikayet just talking. I was probably developing an unhealthy crush on this guy by now. I kept finding myself daydreaming about how he was in bed, after all, it’s been quite some time since I had anyone in bed, that even Buzz Lightyear was starting to look good to me.

Several evenings after that we spent talking over a bottle of wine or 2. We got closer each time we hung out. I was feeling something for him.

After starting our 3rd bottle of wine one night, he grabbed me and backed me up against the wall. His left hand on my hip, right hand up on the back of my neck; fingers tangled in my hair.

I wanted this since that first evening he asked if I had seen his dog!

Kissing me hard; tongue darting in and out of my mouth, up my neck and shoulders, across my chest. Gently biting, just hard enough to leave a small pink trail of where he’d been.

He buried his face between my breasts. I pulled him tight, about suffocating him with them.

The floor is cold on his knees, as he goes face first into my wetness.

My hands on his head, fingers weaved through his hair, grinding his face into me; rocking against his face, his fingers deep inside me.

My nipples were harder than I’ve ever known. bouncing with each movement of his face against my pussy. “ohhhh myyy goooddd”, I groaned… he instantly knew to go deeper, triggering my orgasm.

There it is… all over his face and in his mouth, dripping from his chin. He lapped it up fast to not miss a drop.

“It’s almanbahis canlı casino my turn! I want to taste you! I need to taste you”

He told me no… not yet… and slams his cock up in me making me gasp in pleasure.

His hands gripping my ass and hips, pounding me harder and deeper with each thrust

“Make my pussy hurt! I want to feel you as deep as you can go!”

He pulled his throbbing shaft from me… glistening with my cum

I spun around laying across the now, very hot marble, my ass in the air for him.

“Com’on! Fuck my ass! You know you want to!”

“nooo!” he groaned. “not yet… I’m not done pleasuring you.” He grinned.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. My hair is wrecked, my panties torn off and laying on the kitchen floor next to his jeans.

Kissing me again; gentler now. Our hands caressing each other’s bodies and contours.

“I love your touch…”

I’m yearning for more,” I want to feel you inside me again so bad it hurts…”

He laid me down on the bed, kissing me all the way down my neck and chest, and back down to lick me some more.

“That, feels, amazing…” I grind closer to his tongue.

His fingers making their way back inside me, finding that trigger point once more.

I scream out in pleasure, drowning him again with my sweetness

“Enough! I need to ride you.” I gasped, out of breath.

Clumsily, we switch places. He feels the wet sheet against his back, my nipples bouncing back and forth against his chest…

“Let almanbahis casino me in you,” he whispered, out of breath.

I used the head of his cock to open my pussy lips wide; hot juices engulfed his ridged shaft when I slid down.

Slow ride. Front to back. Was almost too much for either one of us to handle.

“I love the way you feel…” he said with a low groan

“I can’t do this much longer. I’m ready to cum again…”

He rolled me off, pulling my ass up to him once again. The head of his cock toys with entering my ass hole, circling. He stopped suddenly, fumbling in the drawer beside my bed and pulled out my favorite vibrator. The hum of the fresh batteries makes both of us smile.

“I’ve been wanting this for a while now.” He grunted.

He played, teasing me for a minute. Then all at once, he let me have it.

My favorite vibrator danced inside my pussy, and him in my ass? “Yes, please!”

Using my own drippings as lube, he pushed his cock a little at first. It hurt of course, but I knew it’d feel good soon.

“Keep going.” I demanded.

He pushed deeper with each lean in; finally hitting that spot, that sweet… euphoric spot.

His hips pushing up to my ass cheeks; balls deep in my ass. There were no words to explain the feeling that came over me. Flooded with emotions and body trembling. He slipped out and back in just one more time before he blew.

“Are you ready for this?”


He erupted! I came so hard the vibrator slipped out, gushing yet again!

It was all over us both now; the bed was soaked. We collapsed into the wet mess; too exhausted to care.

“That was amazing, I’ve never felt anything close to what you’ve just done for me.” I curled up in his arms. We both drifted off within minutes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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