Lockdown Slave Ch. 04

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The next morning, I was glad when I heard the activity at the gate. So far, her presence mostly meant pain for me, but I think in contrast to the cold floor, darkness and emptiness, I could use a human company, no matter what tortures come along with it. She came in holding a small bag containing some things. I went on all fours immediately.

“Good morning, Mistress Chen!”

“Good morning, slave. Did you sleep well?”

“On the cold ground with a chain around my neck?” I sighed.

“Do you think you deserve better?”

She poured the contents of the bag on the ground. A metal buttplug, A metal chastity cage, a ball stretcher, a strap-on dildo, lube, hand gloves and a spreader bar. She walked towards the wall to take the whip from where she hangs it.

“I don’t deserve better. This is exactly what I deserve!” I quickly responded, to save myself from being punished.

“Why do you agree this is what you deserve?”

“Because I am an animal!”

She nodded her head in agreement, “Good boy.”

She wore hand gloves, lubed the buttplug and walked behind me.

“Whore, open up your slutty ass!”

I used both hands to spread my ass cheeks. I felt her finger lubing my asshole. The next thing I felt was the cold feeling of the metal buttplug making its way into my ass. It gave me an initial feeling of slight discomfort.

She smacked my ass cheeks twice each ordu escort and scratched her nails all over my butt. Then she came forward and placed the second dog bowl under my cock. She held my cock downwards and began to stroke it into the bowl. I grew hard in her hand and felt pure pleasure for the very first time since I arrived in her prison.

She knows how to handle a cock. She held it like it belonged to her. Waves of pleasure began to spread outwards from my groin as she stroked my cock downward into the bowl. Soon enough, I reached a climax and shot my load into the bowl.

I enjoyed it.

Then she started again!

She wanked my cock a second time until I shot a lower quantity of cum into the dog bowl.

I still kinda enjoyed it.

Then she started again!

This time, I was feeling weak already. Weak and spent. Her touch wasn’t pleasurable anymore, rather it was painful. I was already exhausted from the first two successive milkings and didn’t want my cock toyed with anymore.

It took a while before I attained full erection again. But she did not give up, she pulled on my cock until I got hard again, and she continued stroking me.

I began to whimper. She did not care. She just continued stroking my tired cock until I cummed yet once more. I barely shot any amount of cum this time. It was almost a dry orgasm.

I did not enjoy it.

Yet osmaniye escort she started again!

I began to cry and shed tears. I felt weaker around my waist and my balls were totally empty.

“Who would have thought a dog would cry like this when you play with his penis?” She chuckled and mocked me.

I hoped that I wouldn’t get hard again, but I did. My cock just couldn’t resist her touch, despite the fact that I was going through pains and the damn cock was painful itself.

Tears fell off my eyes as she milked me again. But this time, when I eventually reached orgasm, there was not even just a drop of cum that oozed out of my cock. My cock was visibly tired, spent, and my balls were visibly empty.

My cock shrivelled back faster than it ever has. And just right then, she fixed the ball stretcher around my scrotum. My tired balls were forced down my scrotal sack and it looked like they were going to pop out.

Then she took the chastity cage and wore it on my cock, she fixed the padlock and locked me up. From that moment I no longer had access to my own cock anymore. She stood up, looked at me and admired what she had done.

“You will eat your own jizz now, while I flog you!”

She ordered me to dock my face into the bowl and start licking up my cum while she flogged my ass.

W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!!

W-h-a-c-k!!! ostim escort W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!!

W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!! W-h-a-c-k!!!

Her lashes came down heavy on my bare ass while my face remained in the dog bowl. I figured she would stop flogging me as soon as I finish eating my cum.

I was wrong.

I licked the bowl clean and yet she continued Flogging me. She flogged me until she got tired of hearing me cry.

Tears ran down my face. A buttplug was in my asshole. My balls were empty and hanging low while my cock was in pains locked in a metal cage. My ass was flaming red. I was a complete wreck.

She fingered herself and had an orgasm while watching me in that predicament. Then she left.

She didn’t lock the gate, so I knew she wasn’t leaving yet.

She came back with two plates containing leftover food.

“This is my plate and my mum’s. I can no longer waste fresh food on you anymore, since I don’t know how long this lockdown will last. I have to manage resources. Henceforth, you will be eating leftovers!”

She scraped both plates into the brown dog bowl. I looked up and didn’t see any leftover water with her.

She simply squatted over the second dog bowl and urinated into it. She filled it up with her golden yellow piss.

“This is even better than water. It contains vitamins and mineral supplements. Thank me for being so thoughtful!”

I bowed before her and expressed gratitude,

“Thank you, Mistress Chen, for giving me your nutritious piss. I am very grateful!”

“You are welcome. That’s what you will drink from now on. My nutritious piss!”

(To be Continued)

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