Little Sister Becomes Domme Pt. 02

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My hands started shaking, what if he knew it was me catfishing him? What if he wanted pictures or wanted to meet? I was scared but also excited. I had to be careful and find some sexy pictures I could send if he asked for them. Something with big boobs. My user name I used was just letters and numbers. I would have to come up with a name and back story. This could be a lot of fun.

I opened his message and it was kinda short and sweet. It read,

“Hello, my name is Chase and I am 21 and in college. I saw you as a new user in my area. I am a submissive and into roleplay, being spanked, foot worship, CBT, Sissy, CFNM forced bi and all sorts of humiliation. I would love to hear more about you.”

It was really weird to see all this secret stuff about Chase, I had thought I knew him pretty well. I had to know if he had ever done Bi stuff before. So I saved the message and thought about what to reply.

Around noon I was ready to reply. I was thinking about everything and thought I should stay as close to the truth as possible. I sent back,

“Hi Chase, my name is Misty and I am Dominant. I love everything about spanking and everything you mentioned. So have you ever been with a man? You mentioned forced bi. Have you had a mistress before? How long have you been in the lifestyle? Do any of your friends or family know? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Bye.”

Now I guess I had to wait. I went into Chases room and he wasn’t there. I went downstairs and asked Mom if she knew where he was. She just said he was out.

“Mom is everything ok? Sounds like you two were fighting when I came home yesterday and its been pretty tense round here.” I said.

“well sweetie, Chase isnt doing that well. I am worried he is on drugs or something. He hasn’t been himself. Maybe if you talked to him he might open up a bit. I know its been hard since your Dad left 6 years ago but he has always been strong and confident.” She said.

I told my mom I would see if he would open up to me and I went back upstairs to Chases room. Being the little sister I know where he hides stuff. Aside from some joints there were no drugs or anything like that. Of course he wasn’t living at home anymore so he could have his stuff at his dorm I guess. I was sitting on his bed and I realized I was in the same place he had been masturbating. It was kind of exciting. I know he must have masturbated lots before but I never thought about it. I pulled out my phone and watched the video of him again. At least now I knew why he stopped jacking when he came. He ruined his orgasm. I liked it, I liked seeing his jizz shoot onto his muscular stomach like that. I watched the video again and my panties were getting wet.

I laid back on his bed imagining he was lying on his bed blindfolded and I was standing over him, he didn’t know it was me. I would tie his wrists with a thick black cord over his head. I would run my fingers lightly over his stomach feeling his body quiver in response to my touch. I would climb on the bed straddling him with my wet pussy in his face. I would reach down and tease his big cock. Get it nice and hard while I grind my pussy into his face.

Just then my phone went off and it was a new message from Chase. I was so horny now I went into my room and closed the door. I dug out my vibrator and started rubbing it on my clit, I was getting really juiced up, and I opened his message it said,

“Hello Mistress Misty and thank you for replying. I do love so much to be spanked. My mom still spanks me to this day and sometimes I provoke her for a good hard spanking. I have sucked a few cocks at the glory hole and loved it. I love the feeling of being on my knees having a stranger use my mouth to get off. My fantasy is to have my mistress watch me at the glory hole with a leash on a collar. I have not had a mistress before unless you count my mom, lol. She has always been very dominant and controlling, so I learned to submit early in life. I have been into the lifestyle for years and no one knows, its a secret I fight to keep because I am kinda ashamed to be such a freak. They wouldn’t understand. Would you tell me more about yourself?”

I was shocked, mom was certainly a ball buster but I guess I never thought of her that way. Its pretty obvious I was her favorite. And Chase had sucked dicks? Wow, he was so masculine I couldn’t imagine it. I laid back on my bed a new fantasy emerging. Chase kneeling infront of a glory hole, and a big dick sliding through balls and everything. Chase opens his mouth and swallows that big dick like a pro. Hands behind his back he does all the work moving his head to mouth fuck that cock. Thick slobber and drool running down his chin. I licked my fingers and started massaging my nipples. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going to cum. I imaging a big load of sweet cum shooting all over Chases face and I came hard and squirmed on my bed. I had to see him suck a dick in person. My poor bro seemed lost and alone. Such a big secret to bursa escort bayan carry by himself. No one else would take care of him as a Mistress. It was going to be me. I am going to make him complete.

I replied back to him,

“Chase, you sound lonely. Just curious if you have tried talking to your family. I saw your pictures on the site and you have a gorgeous body. I am kind of new to this but would love to see how things go. I am going to school to be a vet and I have a dominant mother also, maybe that’s where I get it from. I smoke weed but that’s all. Do you do any drugs? Are you doing well in school? If you want to go further you need to do well in school and not be on any drugs. Message me back asap.”

I was hoping that would do it. I needed to keep him in school and focused. He messaged me right back,

“No Mistress, I don’t take any drugs and I am not doing well in school.”

I sent him back, “We are gonna make sure you pick up grades and get rewarded when you do. Where are you right now?”

“I am at the mall just hanging out and trying to be away from my mom right now.” he replied.

I sent to him, “Stay at the mall. I am actually pretty close. We will have some fun. Wait in front of Forever 21.”

I was excited I had a fun plan. I slipped on clean panties, denim shorts, a red tank top and red low converse with no socks. I ran downstairs and told mom I was gonna run to the mall.

I got to the mall and spotted him on a bench in front of forever 21. My heart was racing. I didn’t let him see me. I sent him a message, “I am here and see you Chase but don’t look for me. I am going to be watching everything you do but your wont see me, Understand?”

I saw him check his phone and look up and around. Then he replied. “Yes Mistress I would love that. What do you want me to do?”

Oh it was on. I sent him into forever 21, told him to take some shirts and shorts into the back big dressing room and wait for more instructions. Good boy that he is he did just that. I could see him from outside the store. He walked into the dressing room. I followed into the store and picked up some random things and went into the dressing room next to the one he was in.

“Good boy chase, now strip naked and open your video chat. Set your phone so I can see you.” I sent to him. I could hear him undressing in the next room and the walls didn’t go all the way to the floor, there was a 12 inch gap so I could make out the movement of his feet also. My heart skipped a beat when I got the invite to video chat to my anonymous handle. I set mine so it just showed him a black screen. I saw him standing there naked and barefoot.

He was gorgeous. I could really see now why all my girlfriends crushed on him so hard growing up. I had him stroke his dick for me and hold his phone up close so I could see the pre-cum forming. I was recording the video and I told him to wipe off his pre-cum and lick it off his finger.

“Good boy, you are so cute. Now turn around so I can see your ass.” I sent and he showed me his firm gorgeous ass ready for a spanking. “Spread your cheeks baby let me see your hole.” I never thought I would love the sight of an asshole and it would make my mouth water but his certainly did. “Slide your finger in your hole baby. Let your mistress see you fuck yourself.” This was too much for me. I wanted to be in there with him but had to resist. He wasn’t ready to know it was his little sister dominating him yet. I didn’t want him to come yet either so I told him to get dressed but no underpants, and to go to a store downstairs called Annies Attic and go in and just start browsing.

Annies Attic was actually in the basement of the mall. Its a vintage clothing/thrift store run by some cool older ladies. I knew them and shopped there all the time. I also knew the windows were tinted so you could see into the store windows form outside but they were mirrored from the inside. I heard him leave and I waited a minute and followed. I carefully snuck down the stairs and over to Annies Attic. Yup there he was I could see him looking at jeans. No one else was in the store or anywhere in sight really.

“Chase I want you to walk up to the ladies and ask them for help in finding a nightie to sleep in. A short sexy nightie. I want you to let them pick out 5 or 6 of them. Tell them you want something your Mistress would like.” If he could do this it would be a big step to coming out of his shell and accepting who he was. I saw him look at his phone and over to the 2 ladies, both in their 60’s.

He hesitated and sent back to me, “Mistress I don’t know if I can do that. My little sister comes in this store all the time. She knows these ladies. What if they say something to her?”

I sent back, “Baby you can do this. Be a good boy and let these ladies help you break your shell. They will keep your secret and be as gentle and can be with you. Now let them pick out 6 nighties for you and then try on each one and wear it back into the store görükle escort where they can tell you what they think.”

I saw him walk over to them and they seemed to be very nice to him, they both walked him over to where the nighties were and they held up several on him. He went into the changing room with one and came out to show them with the nightie on over his clothes. I was getting ready to message him when the ladies shooed him back into the dressing room. He went back in the dressing room and came out in just the nightie. They clapped as he came out his big dick swaying as he walked. The nightie was nice but kind of plain. They walked him over to the mirror showing him from all sides. He was smiling and loving it. I realized I hadn’t seen him smile, really smile in a long time. I knew these ladies would take good care of him.

They didn’t like the first one, too plain so they just pulled it off him and left him standing naked, barefoot in the store as they picked another. I liked this one, it was dark red with fur at the sleeves and bottom. He put his arms up to put it on and they slipped it over his head.

I could see he liked this one a lot. He seemed more confident and he was really getting into the modeling show. The ladies were loving it also, they had their hands all over him. On his butt, his stomach, his legs. He was really loving the attention. The took this one off and he didn’t seem shy or embarrassed being naked in their store. He actually clapped his hands when they brought the next one over. It was blue and open in the front like a bed jacket. They put it on him and and spun in the mirror and actually walked around the store. He turned and gave one of them a big hug. Both ladies were about eye level with is nipples. He hugged her with genuine affection and the other lady came up and hugged him from behind so he was the meat in the sandwich. I got a little jealous there, I wanted to be hugging him that hard.

I messaged him, “Ask the ladies if they would like a foot rub to thank them for their help and buy the two nighties they like best on you.”

He looked at his phone and spoke to the ladies, it took some convincing but they agreed to a foot rub. I was disappointed he got dressed first but happy he bought the red and the blue nightie. Both ladies were small and thin, he lifted each by their waist and sat them together on the counter. He gently removed their shoes and rubbed their feet. I could tell how good he was at it and how much they were loving it. I made a note to be sure we came back on a regular basis to take care of these 2 golden girls.

I went up stairs and sent him a message, “Come up stairs and show the first girl you see what you bought.” I made sure my back was too him and I would be the first girl he saw.

He walked up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said “would you like to see what I bought?”

I turned around with a huge smile on my face and said “Of course Chase what did you buy?”

His face turned bright red! He was not expecting that. I looked at his bag and said “Why don’t you show me at home? I am getting kind of tired. Will you drive me? I rode my bike.”

I had trapped him. What else could he say? “Yeah sure sis, give me a sec.” He got on his phone, and I got on mine. He sent, “I have to go my sister is here. She was the first girl I ran into. I cant show her my nighties.”

I sent back. “Do you mean she is the first woman you saw? You need to share with her. Its worth the risk. She will accept you I promise.”

With that he said “alright Casey lets go home and I can show you what I bought.”

“Cool beans bro, this place is lame anyway. No cute guys at all. Well except you of course.” I said as we headed to the parking garage.

“Eww Casey, don’t talk about guys to me I’m your brother!” He said as we reached his car and I lifted my bike into the back. He also made sure to put his bag in the back so I couldn’t look in it on the way home.

We got in the car and I said. “Casey I am a grown woman, and you are a grown man. We can talk about stuff, dating, sex, Mom, Dad, whatever weird stuff comes up. You know I don’t play with dolls anymore right?”

He laughed and said “Yeah your right. So do you have a boyfriend?”

“No” I said “No boobs, no butt, no luck. I don’t have the body to get a guy interested enough to get to know me.”

He looked over at me at the stop light and lingered on my body. It felt good to have a boy look at me. To actually see me. “You look amazing” he said. “Not all guys go for the buxom bimbo look mom has going on. You are more my type than she is, body wise.”

“Thanks Bro, that feels good to hear.” It felt amazing to hear. No one had ever complimented my body before.

He reached over and patted my thigh. He said “Don’t worry Casey you are going to do great. You know life after high school is completely different. College is nothing like high school. I have really been messing things up lately bursa escort bayan but I think I might have met a lady who gets me and I am going to work hard and do really well when I get back to school.” He gave my thigh a squeeze.

“Oh really?” I said. ” You have got to tell me about this amazing woman you have met. Where did you meet her?

“I met her online, her name is Misty and the rest will have to wait. We are almost home. I am not ready to tell you about her yet.” He said.

We pulled into the driveway and mom wasn’t home, I hoped we would have the house to ourselves for awhile. We walked upstairs and as he went into his room I said, “So you gonna show me what you bought?”

He looked at me and said “Promise to keep it to yourself and not judge me?” I nodded my head of course, “Come in and keep an open mind.”

We went into his room and I sat on the bed while he closed the door. “OK close your eyes.” he said. So I did. I could hear him messing with the bad and I was getting excited to see up close in person. My little pussy was getting wet and tingly. “No peeking!” He said.

“I wasn’t peeking! You are so suspicious. Jeez!” I told him a little peeved. “Can I open my eyes? Come on I don’t care what it is, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

“OK” He said, “Open them.” He stood in front of me in the blue nightie with matching lacy blue panties I didn’t see him buy and wondered if he already had them. He was looking nervous and hopeful, probably thought I would laugh.

“Oh Chase” I said. “you look amazing!” And he really did. I could see his big dick bulge in his panties. His rock hard abs I stood up and wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. He was much taller than me and I pressed my face into his chest and he smelled fantastic. I slipped my hands to the small of his back and rubbed my stomach against his dick feeling it respond to the attention. “Next time, I want to go shopping with you.”

I turned him around and pushed him on his back on the bed. I straddled him and started licking his nipples, feeling them get hard. “Casey, no we cant do this.” he said. “Its not right” he said.

“Close your eyes and image I am Misty.” I said. “Here I will blindfold you to make it easier.” I pulled off my top and wrapped it around his eyes. I took off my bra and tied his hands together to the bedpost. “Now call me Misty!” I told him.

“Yes Mistress Misty.” he said. “please take me.” With that I stripped naked except for my red converse and pulled off his panties. I was so hot and wet. I was a virgin and I needed to be fucked by him so back. I started rubbing my pussy against his cock.

He started moaning and I said “How does that feel my little pet, do you like your mistress teasing you dick?” He mumbled something, “Speak up my pet, tell Mistress you want to fuck her. Beg me for it!” I slapped his face and he liked that. “Tell me!” I slapped him again.

“Oh Mistress please take my cock, take it and keep it for your own. Thank you for slapping me, I love it, I love it.” He said to me, breathing hard and rubbing his dick on me. I started pinching his nipples, imagining they were pierced as I teased his dick with my pussy.

I didn’t want him to cum right away and I didn’t want my first fuck to be over too fast so I turned around and sat up riding him face cowgirl style. “Lick my pussy little pet. Taste my juices.” I was loving the dirty talk and hoped I would get better at it. “AAhhhh” I moaned and he sucked on my clit. I reached down and pinched his nipples again. We are definitely getting them pierced.

He was very good at licking pussy, Thats for sure. Riding his face I felt an orgasm growing so I started Grinding my pussy on his face, “Make Mistress Cum my pet, you get rewarded after you do.” Here it comes my first orgasm with a man. “YES! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” My pussy explored, the best orgasm I had ever had in my short little life. My body tensed up, I scratched my nails on his chest leaving little blood spots. My body shook and heaved and I collapsed forward breathing hard.

“Stay there little pet, let me catch my breathe.” I said rolling off of him. I couldn’t think straight to decide what to do next. So I asked him, “What would you like for a reward pet?”

“Mistress Please let me lick your feet.” he said. That was awesome, I wanted that too. Just enough to get me ready ride that dick. I slipped the blindfold off him and looked into his eyes. I licked my juices off his face and kissed him deep and passionate. I didn’t want to pretend anymore. I wanted him to worship me and be my little pet from now on.

I untied his hands, “Kneel on the floor my pet.” I said as I got on the bed on my back my converse hanging off the side of the bed. “Now you can claim your reward.”

I closed my eyes and cradled my head in my hands and he slipped one then the other of my shoes off. All day with no socks I know he was going to enjoy this. He started kneading my soles, god it felt so good. “That is amazing my pet, so good. You must have taken a class or something.”

“Yes my Mistress, I did at college. I took massage therapy as an elective.” He told me. “I got an A, the instructor said I was amazing. She still calls me for foot massages every now and then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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