Lisa’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Lisa tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep, she glared at the little LED clock on the table beside her. It taunted her with the dimly lit digits 02:03.

“Urghhhh!” she groaned out loud in frustration as she raised her arms and then slammed them down on the mattress.

Her mind raced with the thoughts of her upcoming exams and she was stressing out in major fashion. She needed to relax, but couldn’t get her brain to switch off.

She was a first year in college, studying biology in the hopes that she would get into medical school one day. It had always been a dream of hers to become a doctor.

She had spent all day revising at the library and her head swelled with scientific facts, memorised diagrams and figures.

As she lay in her bed, she stared at the ceiling, hoping, no pleading with herself to fall asleep.

The room was dark, the brightness of the nights full moon penetrated the slats of the horizontal blinds hanging over her window, illuminating the opposite side of the room.

Her head turned and her eyes followed the projected light across the walls of the room, it was a visual smorgasbord board of college clichés – there was the boy band poster, the oiled semi-naked hunk, the Polaroids of her and her room mate taped to the wall – the time table with coloured post it notes strewn across it.

The room as a whole was quite narrow and she shared it with her college room mate Lucia Martinez or Lucy as people had come to call her. They both lived in the hall of residence on campus grounds.

There were two single beds opposite each other, separated by a small bedside table. Even though the room was small, they were lucky enough to get one that had its own private bathroom. Most other students on the same floor had to use the communal wash facilities. This worked out great for Lisa as she didn’t like getting naked in front of other people if she could help it.

Lisa was the kind of girl who purposely wore baggy clothes in order to disguise her true figure. Not that it was bad, far from it. She was 5’8 and had a classic hour glass figure. She had the breasts and the hips combo that most women would be very, very happy to have. Her long blonde hair touched her shoulders, although she normally had it up in a scrunchy during the day.

Lucy had gone out for the night, her bed ruffled from the night before. She was the messy one of the two – they were like the original odd couple. Lucy was outgoing and messy and Lisa was shy and tidy. It took them a while to get used to each other, but they seemed to make it work.

Lisa’s quest for sleep was interrupted by a noise at the door and the sound of muffled voices. She recognised Lucy’s voice but it was accompanied by a second much deeper voice.

Great she thought, she’s brought home a date.

She drove the covers over her head, no choice but to pretend to be asleep to avoid the awkwardness and the potential for small talk.

The handle turned and the door opened slowly, Lucy entered the room first and turned to look behind her, her finger pressed to her lips “Shhhh!” She whispered to the boy behind her.

He followed her in and gently closed the door behind him. Lucy kicked off her heels and walked to her bed, she turned and said “are you coming?”. The boy looked at her and then at the occupied bed opposite her.

“What about her?” He whispered.

“Oh she’s fine, she’s fast asleep”

He kicked off his shoes and walked over to the bed. She wrapped her arms around his waist and they kissed.

As their lips parted she grabbed hold of the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head and cast it to the floor behind her.

Unbeknownst to Lucy, Lisa was wide awake watching from beneath the covers, a small gap in the covers allowed her to see, curious to see what was going on – she couldn’t sleep after all.

The moon light acted as a spotlight, illuminating the boys chest, it was very well defined. He clearly worked out Lisa thought.

Lucy resumed kissing him and pulled back biting his bottom lip. She moved on to his cheeks giving him soft kisses and slowly worked her way down the side of his neck, all the while her soft hands caressing his pecs.

She continued her journey down his taught bonus veren siteler figure. She kissed his chest and playfully nibbled on his nipples. He let out a quiet Moan of approval. When she reached his mid-rift she used her tongue and licked between his abs until she reached his naval.

Lucy, now on her knees looked up and gave him a wicked smile. She unbuttoned his jeans seductively and slowly pulled down the fly. All the while looking at him and not breaking eye contact.

Lisa watched on, gripped by what was about to unfold.

Lucy tugged down on the jeans and they slowly fell to the floor. He stood there, the outline of his package showing in his very tight sky blue boxer briefs. Her index fingers slipped inside the elasticated waist band on either side of his hips and she slowly pulled down, the fabric falling away inch by inch revealing the goodness inside.

His cock burst from behind his underwear as if it were an animal escaping from its cage. It caught Lucy on the chin, startled she fell back and then quietly giggled.

She looked up, she could see him smirking. Lisa also found the moment amusing and found herself grinning to.

His engorged member was pointing directly at Lucy, she softly grabbed the shaft and positioned it face up so she could access the underneath. She ran her tongue from base to tip, his cock pulsated, seeming to swell even more.

Lisa had never seen one this close before, sure she knew about them from the text books, it’s biological purpose, what it does etc. but nothing quite prepared her for this. His cock was long about 7-8 inches, thick with slightly raised veins running down the shaft. His head was a soft lavender colour with just a dash of pink at the tip. It was beautiful she thought to herself.

Lucy, her mouth now open took just the head in her mouth gently pulling back his foreskin as she did. She swirled her tongue around his bulging head and licked the tip. He groaned with satisfaction “oh babe” he murmured.

She pursed her lips as she slowly removed it from her mouth. She moved it to the side and began to lick his shaved balls, she licked and then sucked on them with great care. She teased him again, moving back to his shaft, gently jerking it repeatedly and massaging his ball sack.

Lucy then took him in her mouth, his dick sliding in with ease. Lisa watched from the sides, she could see Lucy’s cheeks fill, the outline of his head scraping the inner walls of her cheeks.

Lisa was overcome with a warm tingly feeling below. She bit her bottom lip then placed her middle finger to her mouth and sucked on it imitating her room mate.

Hypnotised by the bobbing of Lucy’s head – back and fore she went, the saliva seeping from the side of Lucys mouth. The sounds it made as it slipped in and out of her mouth.

Lisa withdrew her wet finger and began to slowly rub it over the entrance of her mound. Teasing the edges.

The boy reached down to Lucys head and locked his fingers on either side of her thick black hair. He started to guide her, pushing himself deeper into her mouth – she gagged as it touched the back of her throat.

Lucy had no choice but to grab hold of his buttocks to control her self as they rocked in unison. The gagging become louder as the head of his penis pushed further to the back of her throat.

He slowed down and withdrew from Lucy’s mouth. A strand of saliva connecting his tip to her mouth. She kissed the head and licked up the saliva.

“Fuckkk” he moaned.

Lucy wiped the excess saliva from her chin with the back of her hand.

Lisa gazed as the saliva glistened on his large magnificent cock.

Lucy got to her feet and took off her top revealing a black lace bra and pushed her skirt to the floor revealing the matching underwear. They sat on the edge of the bed and lowered themselves so that they were almost laying down. Lucy unclipped her bra, while he removed her underwear.

Lucy was gorgeous, she had light brown skin and thick black hair that came down to her ample breasts. They were large but not too large and pert with beautiful dark skinned nipples. She was the total package.

As Lucy laid back on the bed, the boy parted her legs and proceeded to bedava bahis kiss the inside of her legs, gradually working himself further down until his head was firmly ensconced between her thighs. Lucy moaned as his tongue entered her, licking and flicking her clit.

His tongue rolling and probing its way around her. Her backed arched and she grabbed the back of his head, guiding him to the sweet spot. Her breathing began to quicken. He knew she was close, her thighs gripping tighter around his head.

He raised his head and looked at Lucy, she mouthed the words “Fuck me” to which he fully obliged.

He moved up her body so they were face to face now, with one hand to prop him up and the other he used to push his cock inside of her.

Lucy moaned some more. He moved both his hands to the head board to support himself, his biceps tensing. He thrusted his hips, driving himself inside her more, building a slow steady rhythm. Beads of sweat now visible on his chest.

Lisa completely aroused now, could feel how wet she had gotten. She massaged her clit with two fingers, soaking wet she drove her fingers deep inside her mirroring the couple opposite. She was close to climaxing herself, she rolled on to her stomach and ground her hips into her fingers, her head buried into her pillow to muffle any sounds.

Lucy wasn’t far behind her, the thrusting had become quicker, short powerful hip thrusts. The head board began to squeak from the rapid movements. She was in the zone, “Mmmmm, that’s it, harder, yeesss, yeeess. Oh god, oh god, I’m gonna cum” she moaned.

Lucys body tightened as she orgasmed hard.

From the corner of his eye he could see movements underneath the duvet opposite matching his own.

He ignored it, and with a deep moan and a final thrust he came inside Lucy, she could feel three powerful spurts of cum inside her, it radiated warmth inside her.

He pulled out of her and a few drops of semen dropped on to the now slightly damp sheets. He saw a towel draped on the end of the bed and wiped himself down and passed it to Lucy so she could give herself a quick wipe. She threw the towel on the floor and they collapsed besides each other and spooned under the covers.

Lisa having just orgasmed herself tried to slow her breathing, she needed to use the bathroom to freshen up, but had to wait until it was safe to do so.

She wasn’t wearing anything when she went to bed as she had read going to bed naked might help her to sleep better, something about regulating body temperature. 30 minutes went by and she cautiously waited as the pair eventually fell asleep.

Confident that they were sleeping, she slowly peeled back the duvet, got up and tip toed to the bathroom holding her breasts to stop them bouncing as she walked.

She opened the door and left it ajar slightly as not to make any noise with the lock. She turned a night light on and stood in front of the sink and looked in the mirror, her face still flushed she looked down to the taps and gently turned them to wash her hands. As she looked back up to the mirror, she saw the silhouette of a person behind her.

She quickly turned whilst attempting to cover herself up. He came closer and softly closed the door behind him.

Lisa could see him properly now in all his glory. He was tall, around 6ft, wavy brown hair and with barely a trace of body fat, his arms were muscular, but not huge, the slightly raised veins mapped his forearms. That chest again, those perfect abs and well that magnificent cock of his.

“I saw you earlier” he said.

“I know what you were doing under those sheets”.

Lisa froze, “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about” she replied.

“I think you do”.

Did you enjoy the show? He asked. Don’t be shy now.

Lisa didn’t know what to say, on the one hand she wanted to scream but on the other hand she wanted him to fuck her right now over the sink.

He stepped forward, He reached out to her shoulder and stroked it slowly with a finger.

“What about Lucy?” She said.

Lucy was… he paused for a moment and then said “fun.”

Do you like…” he paused again as he looked her up and down. “Fun”

“I guess so” she said sheepishly.

He pushed deneme bonus up closely to her, there bodies now touching, she could feel the heat between them in the chilly air of the bathroom, her body tingled in anticipation.

He lowered her arms from covering her chest, the cold bathroom air made her small pink nipples erect. He wrapped those powerful arms around her waist and pushed closer again. He kissed her, his tongue slipping into her mouth, their tongues now rolling against each other’s.

I can’t believe I’m doing this she thought. I’m actually going to have sex. Don’t over think this she told herself, this is not an exam. What do I do?, what do I do? She kept asking herself.

She could feel him getting hard, it was now pressing firmly into her thigh.

Ok girl, you got this she said to her self.

Her hands gripped the sink behind as she tried to steady herself. He grabbed his now fully erect clock and rubbed the head alongside the entrance of her mound. It was wet, her knees felt like buckling underneath her, she bit her bottom lip.

“You like that” he said.

“Yes” She said enthusiastically nodding her head.

He lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge of the sink, her legs now spread open as he stood between them.

He pushed the mushroom head of his cock inside her and pulled it out again, teasing her. He did again, but this time pushed a bit deeper. It was very tight he thought, feeling a bit of resistance as he pushed all the way in. Lisa quickly grabbed onto him and buried her fingers in to his back.

“Oh god!” She exclaimed.

She was glad he could not see her face at that point as she winced in pain.

There was mixture of pleasure and pain as her body opened up to this new experience. His cock completely filling her, it was a strange sensation and felt much better than when her fingers were doing it earlier.

She locked her legs around his waist and forced her heels into his backside to push him deeper inside her. She grabbed his hair and kissed him again, she rode the waves of ecstasy.

This was amazing she thought, why had I waited so long to try this.

He pulled out of her and motioned to her to turn around. He stood behind her now, So they could see each others faces in the bathroom mirror. He used his feet to guide her legs further apart and pushed inside her again from the back and started fucking her again.

He held on to her hips, pumping away, the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other echoing in the room.

Lisa’s breasts were now bouncing as he pounded away. It was much longer before she orgasmed hard and had to bite into her shoulder to stop the scream. He was still going, he pulled hard on her hips. She tightened around him, almost squeezing down on his cock from the inside. She could feel the release of warmth inside of her. They looked at each other’s faces in the mirror, they were both red and sweaty.

He pulled out of her and a mixture of cum and blood fell to the floor. He looked at it and looked back up at her.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

She looked down to see what he had seen.

“Umm, yes I think so”.

“Wait, that wasn’t your… you know first time was it”

She looked embarrassed and looked away. “It was” She said quietly.

“Was it ok?”

He reached out to her head and turned her face to face his.

“You were great” he said sweetly.

“But more importantly did you enjoy it. “

“I did, I enjoyed every second” she replied.

“I never thought my first time would be in a bathroom though. “

“Every one has their first time stories” he joked.

My first time was in my next door neighbours shed and it lasted all of 30 seconds.”

He laughed to himself reminiscing, Lisa smiled.

Will I see you again she asked. I’m sure we’ll see each other around campus. My name’s Lucas by the way and yours?.

“Lisa” she replied.

“Look, I’ve got to dash, maybe we can do this again some time.”

“I’d like that “

He turned and left the bathroom, he bent over to pick up his clothes, Lisa stood leaning against the bathroom doorway admiring his tight ass as he did. He put on those sky blue boxer briefs and once again the animal was caged. The jeans swiftly followed and then the shirt.

He collected his shoes, not putting them in and turned to Lisa.

“Tell Lucy it was… fun”

Then gave her a cheeky wink and left the room.

Lisa jumped back in bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

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