Limit 15 Ch. 05

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The Captain stared at the sea of stoic faces in the cold light of the station conference room, then closed his notebook. The briefing had gone over an hour., and contained information about the public safety drill the night before. He dismissed the officers, and they filed out into the hallway.

“Cortez, Turner…,” the Captain added, “See me in my office.”

Lisa and Jason looked briefly at one another and turned down the corridor toward the Captain’s office. Jason stepped aside, gallantly offering the way to Cortez. “Ladies first,” he said, with a grin. Cortez eyed him with a polite smile. There was something she didn’t like about him, but couldn’t put her finger on it.

She entered the Captain’s office. “Close the door,” he said, and she complied.

“Your whereabouts during the drill?” he said, looking at her. “You didn’t check in.”

“I know, Sir,” she began.

He interrupted, sitting in his worn chair and consulting the screen on his desk. “The system indicates you installed a house arrest into her home at 22:12. Yet you were still there when the drill began at 23:30. Why were you there so long?” His stern expression fixed upon her.

“I left my phone in the cruiser,” she lied.

He looked at her, his gaze unyielding. “Cortez, you seem off your game lately,” he said frankly. “Those flowers on your desk are the third arrangement to arrive this week. Everything OK with you and Pete?”

She looked past the Captain at a spot between two photos on the wall. “Captain, I apologize for my absentmindedness before the drill. It won’t happen again.” Her fixed expression confirmed she didn’t want to talk about her personal life.

“I have to answer for all my officers, Cortez,” he warned slowly, meeting her gaze. “The State doesn’t allow for delinquency. Don’t let it happen again.”

She nodded sharply and he excused her. As she walked out the door, Turner winked at her before going in and closing the door behind him.

Cortez walked to her desk and sat in the chair, opening up her laptop. She looked at the bouquets on the desk, each tasteful, expensive. She then put them each onto the floor beside the trash can, removing the unread cards from their plastic perches, ripping them and tossing the pile into the bin. These, like the voicemails Pete left, would also be ignored. She felt many eyes in the station looking at her, but she tried to fix her gaze and focus upon her screen as she typed.

Woods entered the station with a detainee. He was handcuffed, yelling about the mask forced upon him. Woods cuffed him to a bench and brought his laptop to a nearby counter for processing, scanning the detainee’s ankle monitor.

Jason emerged from the Captain’s office with a snide grin. The detainee stared intensely, watching him walk into the bullpen of desks.

“Hey!” the detainee called out.

“Quiet down,” Woods warned him, entering a code into a keypad. Jason looked casually over his shoulder at the disruption, then turned around and donned a cap.

“Hey, sport,” the man called pointedly at Jason, sitting taller on the bench. “I know you…you suck some good dick. Take it good, too.”

Jason’s anger flashed at the detainee, whose eyes he recognized from the club the other night. Almost reflexively he picked up a stapler and hurled it across the room. It hit him in the forehead and he slumped over, his cuffed hands the only thing keeping him upright. Blood began to ooze down his face, soaking his shirt.

Woods and the Captain rushed upon Jason, who stood motionless, his body almost shaking with surprise, fear and anger. Two more officers attended to the unconscious detainee. The Captain bellowed at Jason and Woods restrained him. Jason’s wide eyes met Tony’s, who held his gaze for a moment, then softly closed his laptop, donned his flack jacket and walked out of the station.

Cortez walked out and got into izmit escort the passenger side of the cruiser, where Tony had been sitting for a few minutes.

“What the fuck was that all about?” she said rhetorically.

Tony just shook his head and said something about Turner being an asshole.

“How about coffee before we hit the park?” Tony asked. “Should be a slow night.”


I couldn’t focus on the work before me, as I kept reading the same paragraph over and over. Life had changed completely since that night I was put on house arrest. Now I was literally a prisoner in my home, with access to my publishing work online, but my contacts with friends and family were limited. A food service application appeared on my desktop a day after my home arrest, which allowed me to use some of my social credit to order necessities. I ordered what I thought I would need for the next several days, as I had no idea when the court date would be offered and appear on my calendar.

After the drill had ended, I didn’t know what to expect in regard to Lisa. We both didn’t. Once that door unlocked, her freedom meant my captivity. She needed to report to work, but reassured me she would return when she could. And she did come to me, usually at night after work. The first time she returned, there was an awkward attempt at explanation of what transpired between us. But it was interrupted by that same spark that drew us together, and we fucked again and again. Sometimes she would stay the night, sometimes just for a few hours. But I needed her physical presence, and she needed me to need her.


Two weeks after the house arrest, Lisa and Tony sat at their desks late one night, processing two men they had arrested in the park. The men were first time offenders, relatively young and scared. Tony felt bad for them, but this was part of the job. If it had just been he who caught them he would have let them slide. But Cortez was a hardliner. She didn’t bend the rules. He didn’t really know her all that well, but something was going on with her and her fiance. The ring from her finger disappeared a few weeks ago. He didn’t want to ask. Then there were the flowers at the station that she left by the trash can.

Neither of the two men could go home, as their status would not allow them to be around family. They were escorted into the isolation cells that were newly built just before the pandemic hit. Their ankle monitor chips were switched out, and each was installed into singular cells that contained a cot, toilet, and sink.


After work that same night, Cortez changed into her street clothes before leaving the station. Pulling out of the station parking lot in her SUV, she rolled down the window and took in the night air, noting how quiet the streets were. The drills sort of ensured that. People became stuck wherever they were and then thought it better to not risk it at all, so often stayed home. She stopped at a high end grocery store, took out a list from her jacket pocket and began the scavenger hunt of finding the items. Why pay this much for coffee? For ice cream? But the bill, as big as it was, didn’t bother her. She stowed her two bags in the trunk, and drove a few blocks west. She slowed and passed Kilmead Drive, and parked on the road perpendicular. She looked in her side view mirror at the house three in on the left, then shut down the engine.

An extra key to the house was not possible since the State took over property rights. Her knock at the door was so subtle it needed to be repeated. I had to be careful not to trip the sensor with my monitor, so I opened it at an angle. She stood on the dim porch with two bags of groceries. izmit anal yapan escort She had come to know my tastes, that which I could not attain myself for the time being.

Cortez came in quietly and went into the kitchen. Opening the fridge and freezer, she began putting things away. She closed the freezer door and folded the bags neatly. “You seriously pay that much for ice cream?” she asked with a smile.

I kissed her smile, and the moment our lips touched the humor turned to passion. Her sweatshirt was quickly on the floor, my fingers deftly unclasping her bra. Her hands were on my cheeks, her lips kissing me tenderly, contrapuntal to my quick actions. I smelled her signature citrus cologne as I had noticed on the breeze that first evening, and it made me even more eager.

“Shhh….”she whispered. But I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to gorge myself on her body, on her affection, her presence. I didn’t know how much time we would have. Time together was never enough.

“Shower with me,” she said between my eager kisses. We walked awkwardly, kissing in each others’ arms, toward the bathroom. We undressed as we had before on that same patch of tile, with the hot water filling the room with steam. In the shower, our bodies melded in the warmth of the water. I washed her body and hair with gentleness, our eyes meeting intermittently. My movements stilled as she held me to her, kissing me intensely, her tongue meshing with mine. She pushed me against the wall, her hard, wet nipples contacting mine. Her hand cupped my pussy, and she teased me as we kissed. I parted my legs, wanting more of her. She bent my knee, pulling my leg up so my foot rested on the bench seat. She knelt and kissed my mound, looking up at me. The water rained on her as she began to lick and suck my pussylips. Her tongue was on my slit, the flat of it lapping at my own wetness with the water. I could hear her moan as she tasted me, her tongue then entering me with a perceptible pleasurable moan. I pushed against her mouth as much as I could without losing balance. I squeezed on her tongue when her mouth was locked onto me, pressing my hips into her face as she took what she wanted. My indiscernible tears streamed down my face as I came with her tongue inside me, looking at her as she looked at me. She remained there, my pussy throbbing around her tongue, the water beating on her head and back. She pulled out slowly, tenderly, and licked me clean. We kissed again, the taste of pussy and peppermint soap on her lips, and my hunger built again.

She read me well, and I didn’t have to tell her to take it out of the drawer. As she secured the cock about her hips with the snug briefs, I knelt before her, kissing her thighs. Looking up at her, she caressed my cheek. I took the head of it into my mouth, and teased it with my lips and tongue as I looked up at her. Her breathing became slow, heavier as she watched me. My thumb slipped into the briefs and teased her pussy, feeling how wet she was becoming. I ran my tongue along the cock shaft in its entirety before taking it into my mouth and slowly bobbing my head on it. She moaned as my thumb rubbed around her clit, feeling it become hard and swollen in her excitement. Her moans became more audible, and she leaned against the wall. My attention to her clit became much more intentional, in tune with my sucking and slurping on the dildo she wore. I began to pull at her briefs, which she protested by pulling me up and pushing me back onto the bed. I yielded to her immediately, feeling the cock enter me easily, her breasts pressed to mine, and her hips begin to pump into me. My arms wrapped around her back, my legs wrapped around hers, parted as wide as they could to get more and more of her. She pulled back and knelt to her knees, holding my legs wide as she thrust slowly into me. I teased my breasts, izmit yabancı escort pinching at my nipples intermittently, moaning for her. I began to tease my clit as she fucked me slowly, her eyes gazing at my pussy, then into my own eyes. She fucked me steadily like this, both of us moaning gently, our pace increasing as I rubbed my clit with greater intensity. When I came this time, she was deep inside me, our bodies pressed to one another as closely as possible.

I still wanted more after this, my mouth seeking to suck the dildo clean when she slowly pulled out of me. I wanted her hot again, ready to overwhelm me with sensation. My eagerness at licking and sucking my own juices from the wet cock was muted by her calm stroking of my cheeks, of pulling me closer to her. She slipped out of the briefs and we lie pressed to one another, holding each other. Her legs tangled up in mine, and our smooth pussies touched. We simultaneously responded to this contact, and our bodies shifted for more of it. We evolved into a sidelying scissor, the soft suckling of our pussies kissing heard between our moans. Our movements became more intense, frantic as our clits hardened and pussies grinded ever more intensely. We climaxed a few seconds apart, our faces contorted in an ecstasy that was partially disguised in the dark.

We slept for a time. And I awoke hungry. I hadn’t eaten in hours. Her body lie languid in the dark. It was just after 2am, and she would have to stay until it was at least light, right? I got up quietly and walked to the kitchen. I opened the freezer and took out the pint of ice cream she had brought me. The silverware drawer always stuck, but I pulled at it anyway and it rattled. I took tiny bites from my spoon in the light of the ajar freezer door.

“Can I have a taste?” she said, appearing in the sliver of light. I walked with the ice cream and spoon to the couch and she followed me. I held the pint in the dark. I could see the glimmer in her eyes, but not their color. She touched the ice cream with her finger, making a few slow circles, then she touched her finger to my nipples, followed by her mouth. I moaned softly, lying back, as she suckled the ice cream from my nipples. She took me again on the couch, beginning with her hand and ending with her mouth. The remaining ice cream disappeared in the process.

We showered again together, and lie in bed until the dawn. We kissed and enjoyed a few more intense moments. She looked at the clock at one point.

“Are you leaving soon?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Soon,” she whispered, and squeezed me, kissing my neck.

I inwardly panicked as she dressed, and I could see her in the vanity mirror. Her demeanor changed as she put on last night’s clothes and tied her hair up into a bun. She became stern, severe, unyielding. Any softness was covered up, hidden. I didn’t want her to leave, to leave me here alone.

She approached me, smelling of peppermint soap and faded citrus. She held my cheeks with both hands, looking at me intensely. “I’ll try to come back again tonight, but it may be late again.”

“Alright,” I said, attempting a smile. But my eyes must have betrayed my words.

She kissed me again and repeated, “Tonight.”

Cortez looked cautiously out the door before leaving the house. It was early yet. As her car warmed up in the chilly morning, she looked at her phone. Four voicemails from Pete, two of which she hadn’t listened to. Just then a text notification, and another, and two more. All Pete. She squinted at the pictures and her heart began to race. All taken at a home on Kilmead Drive, all date and timestamped:

1. Cortez in uniform escorting a woman into her home.

2. Cortez in uniform leaving the home the next day.

3. Cortez returning to the home in street clothes, different date.

4. Two nude women embracing, same date as


She zoomed in on this last one and could see her work shirt with her name on it in a heap on the floor. Her heart fell in her chest.

Another text just now from Pete. “New friend?”

Cortez looked up from her phone as a drone whizzed by her car, flying off into the distance.

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