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Please do not repost without credit. Feedback would be greatly appreciated before i submit further installments and suggestions are welcome. you can contact me at ail. Please consider all characters in this story as being portrayed by legal age actors. The chapter headings may be confusing, the number is the age of the protagonist not the chapter number. As always please consider donating to to keep this unique platform for sharing stories going. – George Q.


It was my thirteenth birthday

I woke up with my dad beside my bed. My shorts were around my knees and my covers had been pulled back. Laying completely still I took stock of the situation. I was rock hard, the room was dark, and my dad had his cock out of the fly in his boxers. He was stiff as I was at about six inches. I closed my eyes again, too scared to move.

I was completely torn, I didn’t know what was going on but it was obviously sexual. I wanted to tell my dad to stop but I wanted to go further too. The stillness seemed to last for forever, and I was in a panic, trying to seem like I was still asleep. Finally I heard the familiar soft brushing sound of my dad jerking off. Knowing he was jerking off looking at me got me even harder even though my cock was standing unattended. After a minute of him jerking himself I felt him take a tentative touch of my cock.

I remember he whispered “It’s so hard.” when he touched me and I felt like how I did in the truck earlier. Like I was spinning.

He caressed my shaft, my hairless balls. So gently pulled on the hood and then rolled it back, exposing my head which I felt was cold with precum. My dad leaned over and I felt his hot breath on my cock. He took it in his mouth, and it felt amazing. My guilt at who was blowing me kept me from shooting.

I opened my eyes and saw him slowly sucking me. My dad glanced up as I looked down and I caught his glance. Quickly, I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was asleep.

“You up Tom?” He asked. I felt the heat of his breath on my cock as he spoke.

I found myself unable to respond, but opened my eyes again.

“Move over then,” my dad said, nudging me over on the bed.

“Are you okay with this?” My dad asked, and I shrugged and shook my head no. His face was next to mine, I could hear the heat of his breath on my cheek. His breathing was rugged and heavy.

I felt his hand on my thigh, and his rough hands touched my balls.

“Are you okay with this?” He asked again. I just stared at the ceiling.

He grabbed my cock, and buried his grizzled face in my neck. I let out a gasp of air.

“There you go buddy.” He said as he slowly jerked me. “I know you want this. I’ve seen what you and Brian get up to.”

Thinking of Brian half brought me back to reality.

“Dad, stop.” My voice was so quiet I wasn’t sure he’d hear.

“Come on bud,” he said, squeezing my hard on tightly. “Your little cock says you want this. You don’t need to pretend. I know you like men. Your pop does too it’s okay.”

He propped himself up and kissed me. His rough beard felt weird pressed against my face. I kissed back reflexively, and his tongue slipped in my mouth. I’d never kissed like that before.

For the first time since I woke up I stopped feeling guilty about what was happening. It still felt wrong, but that somehow made it more exciting. I ran my tongue forward, and it grazed my dad’s lips. My tongue was in my dad’s mouth.

He must have noticed the change because he redoubled his efforts on me. He flicked his index finger on my frenulum and moved from kissing me to gently chewing on my ears. My hips buckled as I tried to fuck his fist.

“Fuck yeah,” he whispered in my ear, “I love your little cock man. You’re shooting now right?”

I tried to answer but my voice caught in my throat so I just nodded.

“Fuck. Fuck.” My dad practically panted as he was jerking me off. “Buddy, you know I’ve been waiting for this since you were born. When I was little and I’d suck your uncle”s cock…”

My dad nuzzled his face in my neck and let go of my cock, guiding my hand to his own hard on sticking out of his boxers. I just left my hand where he put it till he told me to stroke him. I was out of it at this point, halfway between erotic bliss and total disgust with myself. It hardly occurred to me return the favor.

“When I’d suck your uncle’s cock,” my dad continued stroking my cock and carried on with his story “I wished he was uncut like me. And I thought about how it would feel in my mouth, a man with a hoodie like mine. When you were born and I saw your little dick, with your foreskin bunched at the tip, I knew I’d get my chance to suck an uncut cock someday. I told the doctor not to cut you, and I decided to wait till you were thirteen to finally taste it.”

The idea of my dad wanting me that bad drove me over the edge and I thrusted more heavily into his fist. My dad let go of my cock and pinched the base, holding my thrusting hips down. Stopping me from cumming. I whimpered at getting cut off from cumming and laid back breathing heavily.

“I’ll admit I cheated a bit. Sucked another uncut boy before you. Might have tasted you a bit when you were still an infant. Put my own cock in your mouth a few times when you were a baby. Wait, stop stroking me buddy, I’m close.”

I stopped stroking him. I was stunned at what he was saying, I couldn’t believe he’d put his cock in my mouth.

“But I waited buddy,” He continued. “I waited for a couple things. I knew the first cock I’d get fucked by would be yours, and I knew the cock would cum in me when we did it. So now that you’re thirteen, you got a bit of men’s hair in your groin, you’re shooting loads. You’re gonna fuck your dad gaziantep travesti bud.”

He peeled off his boxers and  straddled me. I saw his cock for the first time in the moonlight. He was uncut like me, about six inches, a little thicker than my cock, a thick line of precum hang from his dick to my chest. He was well built and his blonde hair covered him from chest to toe. My cock head was pressed against his ass hole, it twitched involuntarily.

My dad leaned back, my cock bent as it tried to enter his tight hole until the pressure built enough that my foreskin rolled back and the newly exposed head entered his ass. I gasped at the sensation, I hadn’t felt something so tight and warm before.

“Fuck look at your face boy, you never have fucked before have you? You look so blissed out bud, you must have never fuck Brian. Fuck yeah buddy your dad is your first fuck. I made that cock, my seed made your seed, it’s like I’m fucking myself.”

My dad was ranting at this point, ridding my cock. I was completely dazed until he said Brian’s name. I suddenly felt terrible. I wanted to do this with Brian. I wanted to fuck him for the first time not my dad, not have someone take it away in the middle of the night.

“Dad, stop.” I felt the words like a freight train but they came out like a whimper.

“I feel your cock buddy I know you want this. You’re leaking so much it’s lubing me up, you’re sliding in and out of your dad easier with every thrust. Cum in me bud. Cum in your dad.”

I tried to get out of under him but only succeeded in thrusting harder. I felt like if I didn’t cum I was still saving myself for Brian.

“No dad, I don’t want to cum.” My voice was a bit stronger now.

“Cum for me man, I can feel your hard cock in me, cum for me.”

It was too much though, he was wet, warm, tight. He was my own fucking father and somehow that wrongness was really turning me on.  Seeing his cock, seeing him stroke it as I fucked him was too much.

I snapped.

I fucked him hard, putting all my anger, all my lust into every thrust. I was screaming “No” over and over as I slammed into his hole fucking hard as any adult man.

My dad shot a great arc of cum across my chest, into my open mouth and up to my forehead. After the first two blast his hot load pushed me over the edge and I unloaded in my dad, the first few spurts of cum lubed him up even more and I slid easily through his hole for each successive thrust. I kept pounding into him and the orgasm wracked my body in massive waves till I blacked out.

I came back to moments later, but the movement had stopped. My dad was still straddling me, panting. A long while passed as we caught our breath till my dad dismounted me, my cock slipping out of him made me convulse I was so sensitive after cumming.

My dad stood up and stumbled out of the room without another word. My cock slowly went back down as I laid in bed, wet with our cum. A while passed before I gathered myself enough to shower.

I woke back up in the afternoon. I saw my dad’s boxers on the floor and my heart sunk. It all came back at once, losing my virginity, the body wracking orgasm, tasting my dad’s load. I kicked them under my bed and pushed the memories out of my head. I didn’t want it to have happened. So it didn’t.

We went to the same arcade we went to the year before for my thirteenth birthday. My dad seemed to be taking a similar attitude that I was and I had pretty much convinced myself it didn’t happen. Some part of me still knew, but I was able to be relatively normal with Brian.

We both rode in the truck bed on the way back. Brian fell asleep even though the sun hadn’t even set. He always would on any ride longer than an hour.

We got home and finished packing our bags for me and Brian’s camping trip. We technically wouldn’t be off my property but we’d be a few miles out from either of our houses.

“Be home by sundown tomorrow or I’m coming out for you guys. Stay in the usual camp site.” My dad handed me a small bottle. “Have fun tonight buddy.”

I stuffed the whiskey in my bag and we headed over to Brian’s house for the last of his things and to grab Mac. We followed the stream we walked so many times before to our usual camping spot.

The sun set and the river ran like copper, the cicadas whirring, the breeze was cool and perfect. Some days just stick in your memory and I remember that one well. Brian looked at me funny as we walked along the creek.

“I don’t know why but I kinda wanna hold your hand” He said.

“Then do it.” I said.

He swung out his hand and held mine, our arms awkwardly swung against each other. His hand felt sweaty and strange. My heart thudded like the first time he touched my cock. Our eyes locked side long and we smiled.

“Faggot,” I said, laughing and letting go of his hand. I stepped towards him and we kissed each other, he slipped off his backpack and nudged at my own.

As soon as it hit the ground he tackled me and I kicked out my foot to stabilize myself. It sunk in the water of the stream.

“Brian! You asshat!” I laughed and splashed him.

“Hey don’t do that! I don’t have more clothes!”

“I don’t have more shoes!” I grabbed his ankle and started dragging him into the water.

He screamed “No” over and over and Mac started barking and leaping around us.

Just as I got him to the water he launched himself forward and pushed me back. I fell completely into the water and came up to see him as soaked as I was.

His dark red hair was almost metallic in the sunset light, and his blue eyes caught me like they never had before. It seemed like time was suspended. I couldn’t hear the water, Mac gaziantep masaj salonları barking, Brian laughing. I just saw him. And I knew I was falling in love with him.

We walked the rest of the way to our campsite naked our clothes bundled up to our side.

“Do you ever think about what you wanna do after you get out of school?” I asked as we walked.

“I dunno. I used to always think I’d work the farm with you and your dad.”

“Me too. But now I don’t know so much.” I said, ignoring the ‘used to’.

We walked in silence for a bit longer.

“I want to leave now.” I said, “I used to think I’d stay here forever. But I don’t think I’d wanna do that anymore. I wanna move, see somewhere else. I don’t want to work the orchard my whole life.”

“You barely work it now.” Brian said with a toothy grin.

I shoved his shoulder.

“What would you do if you don’t work the orchard?” He asked.

“Maybe join the military. I don’t know. It would be cool. To see the world, to get far from home.”

“Oh.” Brian looked like he was thinking hard about something.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t like the idea of that. The military changes people. My uncle joined the military. He was like, less laid back after he came back.”

“I won’t change.” I said. He grunted, unconvinced.

We set up camp and I started a fire in the fire pit. We laid out his sleeping bag and sat on it while bundled up in mine. Mac curled up with us. I pulled out the flask my dad gave me from my backpack. I showed Brian.

“Wicked!” He grabbed the flask and immediately chugged some. He coughed violently after he swallowed. “What the fuck is that!?”

I sniffed it before I drank some. It smelled like moonshine. My dad was a fan.

“Oh that is pretty strong.” I said after I took a swig myself.

“How did you drink that without coughing?” Brian asked.

“Oh does the brilliant Brian not know how to take a shot?” I passed him the flask.

“Breath in,” I said, “Swallow the shot, and breath out.”

He did as I said, shook his head after the drink and passed the flask back.

“Damn man that’s wild.” He said.

“Hehe look, I showed you something for once.”

He smiled and grabbed my dick.

“I showed you plenty.” He said.

We kissed and started to stroke each other. As I got hard Mac moved forward and licked my cock. We went on like this for a while.

“I’ve got another birthday present for you this year.” Brian said between kisses.

“Oh yeah?”

“Suck Mac’s dick. Lube him up.” Brian said, gesturing to Mac’s rocket.

I hesitated for a quick moment before I leaned in and started to suck the dog. He tasted more like Brian than I expected, a little bit of that alkaline taste, salty, maybe a hint of piss. Brian stroked his hard little cock as he watched me.

“Jesus that’s hot dude.” He said.

I tasted some of Mac’s precum- it tasted like mesquite, or like liquid smoke. I backed off his cock at that point and Brian leaned over in the doggystyle position. Mac lept up and started fucking him. Brian mewled and buried his face in his arm as he stuck his ass in the air for the dog. Being closer this time I saw Mac’s knot, although I didn’t know what it was at the time. The orange size knot of cock was outside Brian’s asshole, trying to get into him.

“Hold onto his thick part man.” Brian said breathlessly.

I did that thing with my left hand, and Mac stopped humping. I leaned under and started sucking Brian as he was fucked by the dog. Brian’s pained little moans became louder and longer, it seemed the pain was definitely being replaced by pleasure. The dog’s cock started to twitch in my hand.

“Is he cuming?” I asked Brian.

“Fuck yeah he is. Stop sucking me man, I’ll cum too if you do. I’ve got more I wanna do with you.”

I slowly jacked myself for the next few minutes till Mac pulled off of Brian.

“Okay man,” Brian said, “Fuck me now.”

On my knees behind him I slipped my cock into him. He was soaking wet with Mac’s cum and it was amazing. I immediately started to thrust into him.

“Fuck yeah man, you’re a pro.” He said.

I thought briefly of my experience with my dad and pushed the thought out of my head. Not that. It didn’t count if I didn’t want it to, this would be my first time.

I slowed my fucking, wanting to really feel Brian. But the slippery heat was going from my exposed head to my base and I was already close. I leaned over and started jerking off Brian,  who in turn started to push back harder against my cock. He was leaking precum like a faucet, it was pooled up around the tip of his bunched up foreskin.

All at once it was too much and I busted my nut in his ass, mixing my cum with the dog’s cum inside him. As I cried out from the orgasm and my thrust acquired the halting action that comes with the heightened sensitivity of shooting, Brian shot off as well. I could feel inside of him quiver and something inside of his ass hardened right at the tip of my cock. Ropes of cum came from his cock in my hand, lubing him up as I continued to stroke him. We tumbled together after I pulled out. Sticky with one another’s cum.

I woke up hours later to see the fire out. I added some wood and rekindled it, the whole time trying to push the thought out of my head about my dad. The truth was it felt amazing. And I had always been attracted to my dad, or at least thought about screwing around with him. Now I’d seen his cock. Been inside of him, been sucked by him. I shot my load in my own father. But I really cared about Brian and didn’t want to do anything with my dad because of it. It felt like cheating. I sat naked out of the blankets gaziantep escort bayan and stared at the fire

guiltily thinking of how good fucking my dad felt and how’d I’d gotten into as I was about to finish. I tried not to compare fucking my dad to fucking Brian.

“What are you thinking?” Brian said through a long yawn.

I wondered how long he’d been watching me.

“I uh…” I kept looking in the fire. I had to tell Brian. It was only fair to him.

“I have something I should tell you.” I continued, my voice cracking.

Brian propped himself up on his arms to get a better look at me as I spoke.

“My dad came into my room last night and he…”

“What did he do?” Brian came fully awake, his words felt like a growl and an intense gaze came over his face.

“He… I woke up, and he was touching me. We did stuff.” I couldn’t look towards Brian. I was sure he hated me now, sure that he also felt that I essentially cheated on him even if we weren’t dating.

Brian started to pace back and forth, running his hands through his hair, he picked up a rock and threw it hard at a tree. Mac started barking.

“I’ll fucking kill him.” Brian yelled, “I’m gonna kill you Ray!”

I finally looked at Brian. His eyes were glistening a bit, not quite crying but it was clear he wanted to.

“He told me he wouldn’t do it to anyone else,” he said defeated, “I made him promise.”

Suddenly a lot clicked. My dad insisting on Brian having his own room when he stayed over, little comments they’d made over the last couple years. I hadn’t expected it by any stretch of the imagination but I felt almost like I should have already figured it out.

I put my face to my knees, my arms wrapped around my legs, I felt horrible not having done anything about it.

Brian sat next to me on the corner of the blanket.

“I love you Tom.” He said, and he hugged me. “I loved you before, I love you now.”

I returned the hug and buried my face in his neck.

“Me too.” was all I could get out.

The fire started to pick up again, it’s warmth was calming.

“It felt good. I asked him to stop, but I don’t know.” I said.

“Just ‘cause something feels good doesn’t make it your fault man.” Brian said, “I…”

He didn’t finish and I didn’t know what to say to him.

We spent the next few hours just laying there. There was no agenda, no need to fill up the silence with empty words. We’d finally said I love you. We’d told each other what was weighing on us most. So our company was enough. The sun filtering the trees and warming us, the breeze hitting us as we just layed there. I feel like you lose these moments first when you grow up. I’d almost forgotten. But going back over it all now I remember it like it was moments ago.

After a few hours the bad feelings kind of melted away, I was just left with me and Brian and Mac.

Unfortunately I had more than just him and the dog waiting for me back at home.

I wake up with his mouth around my cock. I feel his beard on my balls, hear the brushing of his hand jerking his cock.

I’m mostly awake but still groggy as my hand slips down and holds the back of his head. He grunts in a sort of acknowledgment of my touch.

In the moment I want this. It feels amazing, and the fact that it’s my dad is making my head spin. I start to thrust forward, humping into the air, sliding in and out of of his mouth.

“I wanna see yours.” I ask my dad. I’m not nervous with him this time. Less uncertain. Brian knows what I’ve done, that it was going to happen again. I don’t think I could stop my dad if I tried. But I know other than that I’m in control here.

My dad crawls up  on my bed and kneels next to me, his cock in front of my face. I stroke it, taking in it’s size, it’s shape. His hoodie rolls back and forth easier than mine, and he leaks a lot more like Brian, an almost constant flow of precum.

I don’t ask before I lean over and take his cock in my mouth. It has a strong taste, not even just the precum. It taste salty, a very slight hint of piss, an almost chalky kind of flavor to it.

“Fuck Tom.” My dad half moans.

I suck him for what feels like a long while before I stop sucking him and ask him if he really had me suck my cock when I was a baby.

“I did. Yeah. You loved it buddy, sucked me like I was a fucking bottle,” my dad says as he pushes my head back to his dick. I jerk myself off as he continues. “When your momma left I got kind of wild. Couldn’t help myself. Got hard one day while you were napping. Thought I’d try it, just real quick. But once I was in you started sucking on me like it was a teat. I kept telling myself to stop but it felt so good bud. Ended up shooting in your mouth. You didn’t like that as much as my pre. You cried a bit after that. For a couple months I did it a few times a week. I stopped myself when you were getting to be able to talk. Didn’t want you saying anything about it. I loved it bud. Loved knowing the little man I made was helping his dad get off. I’d think about all we were gonna do when you were older and bust.”

He’s starting to gasp by the end of telling me about this, close to the edge. Hearing my dad talk about me this way, hearing what he did has me close too. I ease off his cock and nod towards my own peice.

My dad readily lays down and takes my dick into his mouth. His cock is still in front of me- he jerks it for a while, with just his thumb and two of his fingers. I eventually want to suck him again and move his hand.

We sixty nine for a good five minutes before neither of us can hold off any longer. Our moans and grunts building off one another till we shoot. I think he does first, the bleachy taste sends me immediately over the edge and were sucking each other like our cum is the only thing that keeps us alive.

I’m tasting my dad’s cum. This is the same stuff I was made of.

Like the night before he gets out of bed soon after we cum and stumbles out of my room. I wonder briefly if he’s drunk when he’s coming in here before I drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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