Life Can Be Beautiful – Chapter 1

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Life Can Be Beautiful – Chapter 1

Living in a developing country in Africa is such a huge pain in the ass. You’re most likely to be always angry because of all the hardship, even for a graduate. I finished university with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. My girlfriend at the time was lucky to be employed right after her first interview, or so I thought. A year later I found out she’s been fucking her boss since her interview. I had gone to visit her at work when her boss’s wife stormed into the office and made a scene. She never apologized, she told me she’s glad she had not ended up like me and that she got to do what she got to do to survive. A week later her boss had bought her a house and moved in with her. That, till now, is the worst week of my life. I thought I was going to die, I’d known her for four years, I’d not considered being with anyone else whiles I was with her, I was in love. The next year was even worst. I was still living with my parents at age 23 and they fed me. My parents never complained, I ran errands, chores, and did all I could to help them. They told me they wish I stay with them forever and they’re going to miss me if I ever move out. I was still not okay, I wish my life was getting somewhere. A friend advised me to take a computer programming course and I was reluctant about it. Taking a course means being a student again, and being a student hasn’t been useful yet. I talked to my dad about it, and he encouraged me to. He funded me for the six months course and that is when I discovered my potential. It was so easy for me and the lecturer was so impressed with me. He insisted I become his assistant to which I agreed. Very soon I could make and modify apps.

I was lecturing a class one day when I got a call from my ex-girlfriend, and I declined the call. After the session, I called back and she was surprisingly polite talking to me. She told me she was sorry to disturb me and she misses me and all that. She told me she has a baby now and she was very unhappy. Her boss is seeing another lady, but still gives her whatever she wants. She was about to bring up our memory but I firmly told her to cut it out. Then she told me how I always wanted to visit the USA and that her brother had completed school in California and going for graduation. Her brother became my best friend when I started dating her sister. When he found out what his sister had done to me, he called sobbed, and apologized. He tried talking to her sister several times but to no avail. Out of shame, our friendship fell out. My ex-girlfriend told me her brother insists I go to his graduation and that he’d buy my ticket. I told her I’d think about it and hang up. Soon after getting home, I got a call from a foreign number. I picked up and it was my ex’s brother. He pleaded I come to his graduation since he has no friend coming and he doesn’t want the slot to go to waste. I was convinced, after all, I’d always wanted to travel. I knew my parents wouldn’t agree to it so I had to lie I’m visiting my aunt in the city. I told them I’d come back in two weeks and they didn’t complain.

I’ve arrived at Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Good lord here’s cold. It’s never gotten cold anywhere near this back home. I’ve checked out and it didn’t take long, I only brought my backpack with a few clothes. I can see Noah sitting and smiling right at me. I wave back and walk towards him. He hugs me tight and thanked me for coming, I was rather thanking him in my head. Geez, it’s cold. He hands me an iPhone 7 with a Verizon sim card and tells me to use that. I didn’t bother taking my Samsung Galaxy 5 out. He orders an Uber and we head to the hotel he’d booked for me. I’m spending one week in the USA, wow, not bad. I get to see all the places I’d only seen in movies. I call my mom, she freaks out, she shouts where I am and my aunt said I never came. I tell her the whole story and that I’m in the US. She is on loudspeaker, my dad is furious. He doesn’t like that I’ve traveled without telling the family. My three sisters are happy and excited for me. They tell me to send pictures. My elder sister switches the call to video and they’re beaming with excitement. The younger ones tell me to stand on the balcony so they can see the city. I tell them I’ll send them a lot of pictures and that they’ll see me in a week.

It’s Thursday and I’ll leave on Monday, I’m already worried. We’d gone out every single day to roam the city and I was realying my stay. Noah tells me he’d leave with me and that he can’t until after a year. That’s the arrangement, a graduate goes back to his country for a year before he can return. After the graduation on Saturday, we park all our stuff and prepare for our departure on Monday. Noah does plumbing services for a company and a customer calls on Sunday. Noah lets me tag along and we rode the company van to a suburb. It is one of the nicest neighborhoods I’ve seen and the address leads us to a beautiful two-story building. A Mercedes S-Class and a Nissan 370z were parked in the driveway. I couldn’t take my eyes off, who the hell lives here. Noah knocks on the door and a woman opens the door. Holy fuck, she is very pretty. She’s obviously in her late forties, but wow. She’s a tall white woman, with dark hair, pale skin, and average weight. Her boobs are the right size (as far as I could tell) and her ass is just a sweet sight. We follow her inside and she offers us a seat in the living room. I kept looking around the house, wow, huge and beautiful. The walls are painted white everywhere, and their 85 inches television is the biggest I’ve seen. I realized I may be embarrassing myself, lol. Noah heads to the kitchen and I stay in my seat. I hear the woman on a phone, she seems to be angry at someone. I hear her shouting about hackers breaking through her firewall and spying on their company records. I wait for her to finish her call.

‘Hi, ma’am.’

‘Yes. You. You aren’t working in the sink together?

‘No, ma’am, I’m his friend. I just accompanied him here.’

‘Your accent is thick. Alright, you need something?’

‘Forgive my boldness ma’am but I overheard your conversation. I think I can help you.’

Her expression changed. She was furious. ‘Are you fucking kidding me? You come into my house and eavesdrop on me. Out! Get out! When your friend is done he’ll join you outside’

As I stand outside, I feel like dying. What the hell was I thinking? Wait, can I get into trouble. I feel my eyes watering from embarrassment. I hear the door open, she steps out. ‘Follow me.’ As I follow her inside, I’m thinking maybe she’s told her husband something, I mean if she has one.

‘You said you can help. How?’

‘I can track who has broken into your firewall’

‘How? I ran a company, I don’t know you. What makes izmit rus escort you think I can trust you?’

‘Ma’am, I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any trouble. I’m good with computers, I just want to help’

She pulls her laptop out. She hands it over to me and I start work. She looks at me amazed, it’s like she’s surprised I can type something on a laptop. My African aura is definitely raising doubts. Noah comes out a looks in our direction surprised. The woman tells him to give me a little time and will pay for the time wasted. In forty minutes I tell her the system is hacked alright and if I had time I would write double encryption for her. She looks at me amazed, she told me a professional had taken a look and told her the system is fine. She takes my phone number, gives me her card and says she’ll think about it and decide if she’ll invite me again. I was about to tell her I’m leaving the country the next day but just held my tongue. She gives me $300 and gives Noah $80. ‘Thanks, ma’am.’ ‘Deborah, I’m Deborah. Now get out of my house.’ Her smiles as she says this melts my heart. I don’t think of her sexually, not at all, she’s just so sweet. I admire her. As we are on our way home I tease Noah for making more money. Noah is impressed with my programming skills. He drops me at my hotel and heads to his apartment.

It is 11:00 pm, our flight leaves at noon the next day and I can’t sleep. What am I going back home for? I take my phone and call Noah. ‘Noah, I’m not going back.’ ‘What do you mean, James?’ ‘I’m not going back home. I’m staying here in the US.’ ‘I understand, James, I understand. I’ll call my landlord early tomorrow morning and tell him my brother is moving in till I get back. I’ll pay for one year. Please you do not have a permanent residence. From tomorrow you are an illegal immigrant. My landlord is a good friend, he’ll help you get odd jobs to get by. Don’t get into trouble, you’ll be deported. As time moves on, we’ll see what god can do’. The next day I pack my stuff and check out of the hotel. I ordered an uber to Noah’s apartment and it is not bad at all. It is a one-bedroom and a small living room, one large sofa, 50 inches television and a PS4 console. We heard to the airport with an uber and he advises me not to get into trouble. Once his flight takes off I’m overcome with fear. In the uber back home, I start to question my decision. I call my family and tell them I’m not coming. I tell them I’ve decided to stay and we’ll talk every day so they don’t worry.

It is one week now and I’ve been taking odd jobs thanks to Uncle Roberts, my landlord. I ran a lot of errands for him too and we’ve become quick friends. I call home every two days and talk to the family. I occasionally talk to Noah too. It’s 8 pm and I get an unusual call, it might be another odd job. I picked up quickly identified the voice. A strong, intimidating but soothing feminine voice, it belongs to Deborah. She tells me she wants me to write the encryption I talked about and tells me to come by the house at 8 am the next day. I ask for the address again but she requested my address and told me a driver will be available at 7 am. I get up early morning and was ready by 6:50. I get a call from what seems to be an old man and he explains he’s here to pick me up. I looked across the street and spotted the S-Class. I’m really going to sit in an S-Class, I mean I’ve never sat in an E-Class. I get into the car and immediately read the astonished expression on the driver’s face. He can’t believe a scum from this apartment is going to see his mistress.

Deborah greets me with a big smile and offers me some juice. I politely agreed and asked her how she was doing. She’s super friendly today. I started work, building two-layer encryption on her firewall but didn’t tell her I’m tracking the hacker. By 5 pm, I tell her I have to come back the next day. She tells me the laptop I’m working on has no confidential information so I can take it away and work on it. She needs everything done as soon as possible and gave me $100. For the next couple of days, I took no odd jobs. I finished the encryption in one week and called Deborah. She’s excited to hear I’m done and tells me to deliver it the next day at 8.

It’s 8 am and I am by her door, I clicked on the doorbell and I hear movement towards the door. The door opens and my jaw dropped. I am looking at the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. At a glance, I can tell this is Deborah’s daughter. I’ve never seen her in the house. She invites me in. ‘My mom told me you’d be coming. She’s taking a shower, please make yourself comfortable.’ We are staring at each other, I’m looking at her lips. Cute little lips, dark hair just like her mom’s. She’s just Selena Gomez but just taller. We stare into each other’s eyes as if we’re under a spell. She stammers she has to go back to her room. She’s too quiet, and soft. I can just tell she’s a shy girl. I watch her take the stair, she has a bubble butt and it jiggles well. I feel my dick swelling a little and electricity down my spine. She turns and whispered ‘Angela’ and hurriedly enters her room. I sit down in trance. What just happened, it’s like my soul has left my body and come back. I didn’t hear Deborah descend the stairs and felt a tap on my shoulder. I jolt in my seat and that startles Deborah. I apologized and Deborah joked I’m too polite. I explained everything and she asked if I’d like to take cash or bank transfer. I quickly reply ‘cash’, making Deborah raise her eyebrows. I’m worried I’ve raised suspicions. To impress her, I give the I.P. address and names of the hackers who infiltrated her firewall. Deborah is overly impressed and stated she’ll let the cops deal with them. Shit, I’ve fucked up. I tell her to let it slide and she promises she would never let it slide. If the cops get involved, I’m screwed. I have to come clean. I explain everything to Deborah and she sat there listening quietly. ‘Please don’t call the police. Don’t tell your husband. I’m begging you.’ ‘I don’t have a husband and I’m not telling anyone, maybe just my daughter. But I don’t want any trouble with the law, please stay away.’ Deborah gives me $2,000 cash and ordered an uber for me.

On my way to my apartment, I want to cry. Is life going to be tough like this, always hiding and running? I lay in my bed and all I can think of is Deborah’s daughter. Angela is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but what is this feeling. Was is it? Not something I’ve felt before. The next two weeks were pretty normal. Odd jobs and running errands for the landlord. In the evenings I teach my landlord’s 10-year-old granddaughter mathematics and help her with her homework. She’s like my younger sister and she kept me company. My landlord loves me as a son and occasionally speaks to my family on video. izmit escort We’ve gotten very close and live like a family.

My phone rings while I’m doing math with Rhoda. I freak out, check my phone, and put it back. I’m wondering why she would be calling. I don’t expect to see them again. Rhoda, thinking I’m not picking because of our math session, tells me I can excuse myself. I go into my bathroom and pick up the call. ‘James?’ ‘Yes, ma’am.’ ‘Why did I have to call three times? You scared?’ ‘Yes ma’am, I thought I wouldn’t hear from you.’ ‘Come to my house tomorrow morning, at 8. See you.’ She hangs up before I can say anything. Wow, the audacity. I continue our math and Rhoda spends the night on my couch. I woke up at 7 am and woke Rhoda up. I tell her to go get ready for school. By 8, I’m knocking on Deborah’s house. Angela opened the door and we stood staring into each other’s eyes once again. This time she smiles, look down, and mentions me to come inside. Deborah is sitting by the dining table taking breakfast and telling me to join her. I go sit down and Angela comes to the table, grabs a bowl, and pours my coco pops. She adds milk and placed it right in front of me, blushing all that while. Her mother stares at her amazed. I don’t know what the hell is happening. Angie stares me in the eye for three good seconds and excuses herself, heading to her room. Deborah clears her throat, drawing my attention as I kept staring at Angie walking away. I looked back at Deborah embarrassed. If I wasn’t black I’d blush crimson red. ‘James. You’re an illegal immigrant. You are walking trouble but I need you. I would want a personal computer technician to do various technical errands like dealing with bugs, hackers, and developing apps to help my business. I ran a tailoring business but if you’re wondering about my worth, my husband was very rich but he died four years ago. I want to hire you. You’ll work from home because you’re illegal and I’ll pay you handsomely. You’ll report all your progress here every Friday. If you make any suggestions and innovations to the company, I’ll pay you a handsome bonus.’ I fell on my knees and started saying some blessings to her. She looked at me amazed and asked what the fuck I’m doing. I apologize and told her that’s how things are done in my culture. We laughed it off. ‘I have some people in high power, you’ll get your work permit in less than a year from now, stay out of trouble’. Deborah gave me a MacBook and told me to go design a website for the company. I thanked her and took my leave.

I have worked with Deborah for three months. I’ve designed a website and an app for checks and balances for Deborah. I never failed to impress her. I’m on my way to making a weekly report and near-future plans with Deborah. Angie opens the door for me and stares at me. I feel the usual electricity down my spine and feel I should hug her. I did and she blushes more than usual. We heard inside and joined her to watch the channel she was on. I ask her how she is doing and she says she’s well. Deborah calls me from upstairs and I join her in her office. We had our meeting and as I’m about to leave she says something surprising. ‘Take Angie to the movies. I mean not like a date or anything. She was the first to discover her dad’s dead body four years ago when she was 14. That changed her. She used to be very lively. She made me get her home-schooled. She has no friends and never even had a boyfriend. She never leaves the house and is uncomfortable with everyone. You’re the only one she’s quite comfortable with. Just be her friend okay.’ This is a dream come true. I’ve never really chatted with Angie and this is my chance.

The next day I was at the door. Deborah opens the door and motions me to sit on the sofa. She tells me Angie is getting ready. I’m wearing a jumper, jeans, and slippers. I have my baseball cap flipped to the back. I heard movement and looked upstairs, and there was Angie. Hair tied in a bun, a tee-shirt, and a skirt to her knee. She hugged me like I had the day before and we ordered an Uber to the mall. She was hyped up and hyperactive. We’re having nice conversations and this 18-year-old is sweet. I never expected her to be open and fun. We head to the cinema and did karaoke. We are both fans of The Rolling Stones and sang our hearts out. Angie’s phone is ringing and it is 11:00 pm, time has really flown. Angie scolded us on phone to come home as it was getting late. We laughed it out and called an Uber home. I walk Angie to the door and as she is about to enter, she turns and kisses me. She quickly turns to enter but I pull her back and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back as if she has been waiting all her life for this. I wrapped my hand around her waist kiss her more. I put my hand on her ass and squeezed as our tongues fought. She moans into my mouth and wrapped her hand around my head. She whispers into my ear that she has to go and just before she entered, she turned and took off my baseball cap and got away with it. As I make my way back to the Uber, I turn to look at Deborah’s bedroom window and the sudden move of the curtain tells put some fear in me. She definitely saw me. I got into the Uber and started panicking. This generous woman told me to get her daughter out of the house not kiss her. I’m a fucking peasant. Jeez, I’m an idiot. My life is about to end. What have I done?

I’m lying in bed, it is 2 am, and I can’t sleep. Deborah knows I’m 25 years, a peasant and illegal and her daughter is 18 years. There are so many things wrong here. She’s my employer, on top of everything. The sound of a phone call wakes me up. It’s Deborah and my bowel is shifting like crazy. I pick up and I know my life with Deborah Smith and Angela Smith is over. ‘Hello.’ ‘Hello, ma’am.’ ‘I am calling to know if you got home last night. You’re not kidnapped, are you? Hahaha.’ ‘Errhm, ma’am. I… I got ho… home the last ni… night. Thank you.’ ‘It’s time you stopped being too polite. You’re like the son I never had. Looks like Angie enjoyed her time with you. Okay, take care of yourself.’ She hangs up before I can say anything. Rhoda burst into my apartment like she always does and fixed breakfast for herself and me. As she sat eating she tells me I’d changed. She says I’m more lively and beaming. She then tells me if I ever get a girlfriend I should introduce her. We laugh about it and play some PlayStation. At midday, I took my phone out to call Angie. As I’m about calling her, her calls come through. I told her I was just about to call her and we chatted for about an hour. She told me to take her out to the amusement park tonight and that she’d meet up there. We met there and had fun, chatting and all. I took her home at 11, this time, just kissing her forehead.

The next day was pretty all about work. I’m developing a phone app for kocaeli escort Deborah. I’m now wealthy enough to transform my apartment into a more decent one. I could even move out into a nicer building but I love spending time with my landlord and Rhoda. And I have enough money to send some home thanks to Deborah. Angie calls me to plan another hangout tonight. I may have created a monster. She calls and says she wants to check out the nightclub, she’s never been to one. I picked her up at 8 pm and gosh was I shocked. She is wearing a miniskirt, black lipstick, ponytail, half-cut shirt, high heels, and stockings. I hugged her slightly in front of Deborah and she warns us to get home not after 11. When we got into the Uber, Angie tells me she was excited to try something new and that she’s never tried dressing this way and had to google. We got to the nightclub, danced, and took a few shots only to get us tipsy. As we dance, we started making out, more passionately than ever. I was getting hornier and hornier. I felt Angie grab my dick through my jeans and whisper ‘You’re big, I think’. I pulled her to a sofa in a corner, sat down and she sat on me and she started kissing me as if she’s sucking my life out. I put my hand beneath her shirt and grab her boob. I keep rubbing my thumb on her nipple and she moans into my ear. My left hand rests on her mound as I rub her pussy through her panties. She’s dripping wet and she smells so strong. My dick is too hard it’s hurt in my jeans. I find her clit through her panties and rub it harder. I feel her shaking as she moans harder, ‘James I don’t know what is happening to me but don’t stop. Please faster.. uhh.. I think I’m cumming.. uh.. uh…’ Her eyes rolls as she wrapped her hands around me recovering from her orgasm. My phone started to ring, shit it’s Deborah and the time is 11:39. Angie tells me not to pick and tells me we should go outside the club. As we got out I called Deborah back and put her on speaker. ‘You kids have any idea what the time is? Don’t bother coming home, your time is up. Spend the night in your apartment so you won’t be late next time.’ Before I could say anything, she hangs up, again.

‘I think your mother is mad, but she doesn’t sound mad.’ ‘I get to sleep in your shitty apartment and we should behave.’ She says giggling. We enter my apartment and I fix her some coffee. I join her on the couch and we surf the channel. I start to wonder how we came from shy strangers to a lively couple. I had been staring at her the whole time and she clears her throat to break my trance. I took the empty teacup and took it to the kitchen. I always keep my apartment sparkling clean until Rhoda comes by, then she turns the place upside down.

As I get back on the couch, Angie looks at me funny. I look at her puzzle and she motioned me to look on the floor. I look down and see lace panties. She opens her knee wide and smiles at me. I stare at her face and her smile fades into a concerned look. We stare into each other’s eyes for a whole two minutes, just looking deep into each other’s eyes. Her eyes start to water and I ask her what is wrong. She shook her head and smiled. ‘Angie, do you trust me?’ ‘Erhm, yes, I do. I can trust you what’s up?’ ‘Close your eyes.’ She shuts her eyes close and I get out of the couch. I stare at the angel laying on my couch and knelt in front of her. She giggles as I spread her knees wide and smelled her pussy. She glittering wet and I lap my tongue off her pussy. She whimpers and I whisper she should relax and trust me. Her mound is so bushy I can get lost in it, doesn’t she ever shave? I began eating her pussy slowly, french kissing her pussy and flicking her clit. Her pussy is flooding and she keeps squirming uncontrollably. I concentrate on her clit and felt her cumming, she is shaking and held my head tightly against her pussy grinding her pussy over my face. As she recovers from her orgasm, I inserted one finger in her pussy and started fingering her. Her pussy juices keep flooding out and I lick her clit as I finger her pussy more. She moves her waist to match my fingers and very soon she was shaking. This time she screams and expressed herself more whiles she orgasms. ‘I think I’m ready for sex. Please put your penis in me. No, put your dick inside my vagi…, inside my pussy. Please do it now, Jamey.’ I hurriedly take off my pants and my dick is rock hard. I stroke my 8 inches penis and line it up against her pussy. As I start to push in she looks in my face and her mouth forms an ‘O’. She stares in my face as I push in and damn is she sexy. I don’t feel any hymen and she saw my puzzled face. ‘I broke it when I tried masturbating once. Please push it all the way in me. I want to feel your nice dick inside me. I fucks her slow, pulling almost all the way out and pushing it all the way back in. I start going faster and her moans get louder. ‘Oh yes, I’ve wanted to ever since I saw you. Fuck me, Jamey, yes, uh, fuck me. I’m yours.’ I put my back into her, fucking her with all I got. I grabbed her tits through her shirt and fucks her harder. I kiss her, our tongue fighting, my hand squeezing her boobs and I fuck her harder. I feel her cumming once again and it almost sends me over the edge. I paused, as she squirms and floods pussy juice on my dick. I carry her and she giggles. I put her in a doggy position on the couch and get behind her. I put my dick back in her, holds her shoulder, and start plowing into her once again. She encourages me to go faster and faster. Then her phone starts to ring, and she takes her phone from the couch. I don’t stop plowing because I thought she’d hang up. I see her pick up her phone and I froze out of shock. She spanks my ass and tells me not to stop. Her voice was a little mean, she sounded like a spoilt mean rich bitch. I liked it, for some reason, I lost my mind and plows faster and harder, squeezing her tit and my right hand pulling her hair. ‘Hello mom, uh, uh, oh fuck, yes mom, he’s fucking me mom, it’s so gooood, mom. Uh, uh, please fuck me harder, let my mom hear you fuck her daughter with your black dick.’ She puts the phone on speaker and I hear her mom giggle and hang up. That is it, I’m cumming. I pull out and cum on her ass. Shot after shot of jizz came from my penis. I haven’t fuck in a long time. I’m amazed how much is coming out, covering her ass and back.

I try to gasp for air. I feel I’d been suffocating for hours. I fell on the floor to catch my breath. She called her mom in the middle of fucking. What the hell is going on. My head keeps spinning. I need answers on why the fuck she’d put me in trouble. I look on the couch and there she lies fast asleep. I’m panicking, maybe my end is finally here. Then it hit me, Deborah giggled. The thought of Deborah giggling gave me some relief. I carried Angie to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I took some tissue and wiped her back. I put my arms around her and drifted off to sleep.

The story continues. Let me know if you guys like it, then I’ll drop part two.

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