Lena and Savannah’s Private Time

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My mom and I went into our bedroom and sat down on my bed. I closed the door and calmly came to her, but I surely didn’t know what to expect from her as I sat next to her. I was still ready to find out because after having sex with Rosalyn in front of her, I had to think about something huge with her.

“I’m biased as hell, but you’re a beyond stunning young woman, Lena. If you’re willing to get this close to me, then I can’t turn you down,” she explained, before kissing me. “I’d hope your mom would support us, and so you know, there’s not a day that I don’t miss her. I’m sure Kat feels the same way about her late husband.”

“Okay, Mom, just remember: once we do it, we can’t undo it.”

“I know, but I love you so much that it’ll be okay,” she whispered, before kissing me again.

That time, it didn’t end so soon. We both caressed each other’s legs and kissed each other as slowly as possible. My mom tempted me to feel her MILF jugs, but I resisted and let the intimacy rule our incest time first.

She took the lead somewhat too and wrapped her arms around me after a couple of minutes. I couldn’t do the same because she tightened her grip on me, but she pressed her lips on mine even harder as well.

I found the lust for her getting stronger and stronger by the second. I still wasn’t sure what to make of all of it, but I was still optimistic and ready for more. I saw her kiss Kat before, but she felt to push even more passion into kissing me too.

We felt each other’s bodies quite vividly, and surely enough, there was nothing to complain about then. We just relished the feels of one another, and soon enough, we knew we loved one another more than a mother and daughter.

It was bizarre, of course, but yet, it still felt right, though. After a couple more minutes, she even took us both down to our sides and held me even closer to her. So, we made out as passionately as possible.

After a long make-out session, she gently parted her lips. “Is this okay, hun?”

“Yes, Mom.”

She pushed me on my back and got on top of me again. She kissed me yet again, but grabbed my bosom. While keeping her eyes on mine, she went down to my tits and began licking my left nipple.

“You must feel okay, Mom,” I added, feeling her head.

She nodded and officially crossed the incest line, so we were committing a felony. Nevertheless, it was still oh so wonderful. She looked directly into my eyes and gave me oral pleasure, but on my nipples then.

“I fucking love you, Mom; you’re a beyond sexy older lady. It’s weird to fuck, but I’m not complaining.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to, Lena. I hope Rosalyn and Kat have just as much fun as us,” she added, taking a break.

She licked my nipples quickly and kept eye contact with me. She titillated me more than I could ever imagine, and all I could do was take it the best I could. She surely got into it fast, and my pussy reacted in the way she wanted.

I knew she felt it, but she didn’t utter anything. She was too busy pleasing me at the moment, and she made sure to take care of both of my nipples. She slathered both of them, and I wasn’t about to release her head to save my life either.

“Oh, yes, Mommy, that feels good. You have some tongue, and it feels so much better down there than in my mouth. It’s okay to love family members this much, isn’t it?”

She nodded and moved her head back and forth, too, forcing her tongue to move just as much around my nipples. She gave both of them equal attention, but regardless of which one she was pleasing, she had me hooked.

Even though she was licking my snatch, she still had it on fire. Even though my boobs were considerably smaller than Kat’s and white, she saw that as no issue too. She latched onto the incest theme and didn’t mind that at all.

I pulled her hair somewhat, but it didn’t slow her down at all. If anything, she felt the same emotions I did and certainly loved them better than she ever expected. She switched nipples every thirty seconds and never once let her eyes off mine.

“I love you, Mom; I love you so much, it hurts.”

She calmly lifted her mouth and leaned to me to kiss me. “That’s no crime, Lena, but us having sex is, so don’t tell anyone outside of this house, got it?”


She got in another kiss and calmly went down my hooters again. That time, she took my entire left nipple into her mouth and sucked on it for me. That did force me to angle my head back, though. I shuddered and moaned, but I didn’t stop her at all.

I failed to let go of her head, but she didn’t mind that at all. I wasn’t sure if she was still looking my way, but I didn’t think so because she got me so well, but I couldn’t force myself to peek at her. She was sucking the life out of my nipple without even trying.

“Fuck yes, Mom, that feels so good. Shit, you’re gonna make me cum just from sucking on my nipples.”

“That’s good to hear, but don’t wear your pussy out just yet. Your mommy is horny and wants to have tuzla escort a lot more fun.”

“Okay, Mom.”

“I love you, Lena; even if most people think incest is screwed up, I’ll love you this way anyway,” she added, before feasting on my nipples yet again.

“Good, Mom,” I moaned, feeling her head again. “I’m DTF, but in a good way.”

She giggled somewhat and smiled at me too. I felt my slit pushing on her a bit, which only made me twitch a bit more too. She brought out her ‘A’ game in addition to relishing the incest thing. I felt her getting feistier with me, and certainly enough, I felt myself losing it.

If that wasn’t enough, though, she even got onto her side without releasing my nipple, and I got to see her feel my snatch. She fingered me like the lesbo pro she was and got me to shed some tears too.

“Who doesn’t love a double pleasure whammy?”

“No one, smartass, now wrap your arms around your mommy and hold her close.”

I followed her order and took the gratification to the best of my abilities. I couldn’t watch her up close like that, but I wasn’t worried about that. I just knew the emotional and physical luxuries were worth feeling it.

She moved her fingers all over my slit and mouth all over my nipple, too, so she had me set. No one could improve the sex or mental state then, and I knew it all too well then. My hot mom proved it, and in the end, I knew Rosalyn, and I would accept it.

She even stuck a couple of fingers into my pussy, too, and pushed them in there deep. So, I needed to react to the pleasure by shaking nonstop and crying a bit more too. She showed me the way of being the best mom in the world, and all I could do was take notes.

Once again, she made sure to switch nipples on and off with me frequently, but I couldn’t contain her by keeping my arms around her. She was blowing sexy fire all over me and burning madly.

“I love your bush too, Lena; it fits you.”

“I saw yours too; we almost have twin bushes.”

“I noticed that, but you still look like both of us, though. I might be your biological mom, but you certainly did look like her too.”


“Yes,” she replied, getting on her other side. “You’re practically the young version of both of us. You’re sexy with clothes on, but you’re like a sex bomb naked. I could fuck you all night long.”

“Then do it, Mommy. If you want to fuck your hot daughter, then do it.”

“I will, smartass,” she branded me, before kissing me again and keeping her face close. “Not just because I love you so much, but because you’re a hot DILF,” she added, fingering me harder.

I didn’t respond to that, but enjoyed the intimacy once again as she kissed me all over my face. I felt my juice coming out again, and certainly enough, she showed the not so motherly love was not to be underestimated either.

I wrapped my arms around her again and held her as tightly as possible. She wasn’t even licking and sucking on my nipples then; she only fingered me, but surely still pressed the loving incest button hard, but not too hard, though.

“Do you like that, sweetie? Your mom is making you feel good right now, so what are you thinking now? Are you feeling better about shacking up with your step-sister and step-mom? Those weren’t incest fucks, but this one is. So, do you feel happy now? Is there anything you won’t let your mommy do to you now?”

“No, Mommy, you’re golden. Are you ready to be the closest family in the world? That’s what you want, right? Even if you have sex with your step-daughter and flesh and blood daughter, huh, sick lady?”

“I like to think of it as love so great; it’s not sick,” she corrected me, prior to getting on top of me.

“I’m sorry, Mom, it was just a joke.”

“I know, angel,” she said, before kissing me. “I was just teasing you, but if I’m sick, I’m infecting you too because this virus is too good to keep to myself. I only wish you two came out to us before; maybe we could’ve let out freak flags sooner,” she added, before kissing me yet again and climbing down to my crotch. “I hope you consider yourself a lesbian now because I’m gonna give you some powerful lesbo pleasure you’re getting straight from your mommy. How many times has Rosalyn eaten you out?”

“Too many to count. You saw her, so you know how good she is.”

“I like a challenge,” she announced before she let her tongue out to my twat.

“Oh, yes, Mom, I love you, but do it like Rosalyn. I love it nice and slow, but you’re still my sexy mom, so whatever you do, I’ll love it.”

“If you say so, Lena,” she added, before going extra slow on me.

Just like my step-sister, she placed her hands on my thighs and licked my lips ever slow casually. I wanted to see her do it, but just as I expected, she blew me right out of the water. As a direct result, I jerked around even more than she did. She made it work so well; it surely did feel like an angel was going to town on me. Once again, all I could do was lie back and take it.

“If pendik escort I’m feeling this good now, I can’t imagine you fucking the shit out of me.”

“You’ll find out,” she warned me, before massaging my thighs. “Now, look at your mommy pleasuring you.”

I propped my head up on a pillow and the wall to do just that, but it was still an uphill battle. I felt her tongue slather my lips, but yet, she wouldn’t increase her speed. She did up the pressure somewhat, but beyond that, she relied on simple mother/daughter love and ordinary sexual pleasure.

So, I took it the best I could and watched her for as long as possible. She looked right back at me as she gave me the sincerest form of affection. Needless to say, we certainly broke all the records of love we had before then and cherished the experience.

I rubbed her head ever so slowly and broke out the tears again too. I witnessed her doing the same, and needless to say, our tears only made us connect more. She kept her tongue close to my cherry and gave it full licks so I couldn’t see it, but feel it perfectly.

My neck and arms hurt somewhat, but I couldn’t care less. I had my mommy gratifying me to no end, and there seemed to be no roof for it either. I tried to watch her the best I could, but she made it next to impossible to lock eyes with her.

So, I leaned my head all over and closed my eyes numerous times. She completely understood and let it go; after all, she was still the best and horniest mom she could be to me then. Her tongue did snake between my lips several times, but she only teased me then.

I evidently knew I’d get more from her in due time, but right then, I took the luxury she gave me and let myself fall into heaven, so to speak. I moaned and rubbed her head to remind her how much I loved her, and she certainly made it clear she appreciated my appreciation.

I shot her the lustiest yet, overblown look I could make myself give. She knew something of what I was feeling, but it was still different because of the ‘I’ word, so that she couldn’t put her last finger on it. Nevertheless, she wasn’t about to rest on that, though.

“Oh, I like you, Mommy. Too bad you’re married, and I’m seeing someone. We might make a cute couple, don’t you think?”

She nodded, but failed to stop even for a second. Even though she didn’t fuck me like mercilessly, she still made it as sexy as possible, just failing to let her tongue or lips away even for a second.

If that wasn’t enough, she even let her hands up to mine and took them in hers. She held them somewhat tight as she continued to eat out her daughter. Once she had my hands, too, I had to pay her back with eye contact.

It was out of this world to look at her as she fucked me like that, but it was happening, and my pussy certainly proved that I loved the thrills. For whatever reason, it worked, and all we could do was milk it.

As she couldn’t feel my bush with her fingers, she even angled her head forward and felt it with her forehead and nose. So, she painted herself as the sexiest MILF on the face of the planet. I wasn’t sure how long her tongue was, but it felt longer than I could imagine.

After a few monumentally fabulous minutes, she let her tongue in a bit deeper between my lips down there. She forced me to increase my grip on her hands too, but she still failed to slow down at all.

“Oh, crap, Mom, that feels so damn good. I love you,” I moaned, failing to keep eye contact with her again.

I glanced at her on and off several times and got the lustiest edge of her all that much more each time I did. I couldn’t hold out forever, but of course, I already had a big blow shoved my way from Rosalyn. So, she was knocking me down quickly, but I still had the experience of holding back.

Until then, I was still in that heaven with my mom, and that was a good thing. Yet, she wanted more, so she reached up and grabbed my bosoms. She held them hard as she kept going, but she picked up speed then. She moved her head up and down and back and forth too, all to spike the pleasure.

“Oh, Mom, I can’t say it enough; I fucking love you.”

“I know; I love you too, hun; you’re right; you can’t say it enough. We’ll have to arrange it because I’m gonna have to get with you again. You’re one hot young chick I want to screw again. You have a smoking hot body and a fury bush too, so what’s not to love?”


She nodded and pulled me up to my butt. She placed my hands on her head again before going down on me yet again. That time, we managed to keep constant eye contact. Regardless of how difficult it was to stay upright, I just forced myself to do it.

“I’ve seen Rosalyn eat me out this close many times before, but it’s still so much sexier to see you do it, Mom. Maybe I should’ve come to you before I made a move on her, but it still worked. We were both first-timers, so neither of us had a woman to ourselves so that it might’ve been good or bad. Either way, we’ve been sleeping together aydınlı escort ever since that night.”

She failed to stop yet again and let the stimulation go on like mad. I could only think that she was happy that Rosalyn and I were together and more than happy to get my pussy. She not only enjoyed it, but loved it too.

We kept our eyes on each other and let the love flow like a river. Even though she gave real oral pleasure, it was still that look in her eye that sold me on her like no one else. She went slow and eyefucked me more than I could ever imagine.

I rubbed her head and attacked her with my breath, but that was nothing to her. She went full steam ahead, and in no time, she even became a competition with Rosalyn. I couldn’t help it, she infected me, and that was that.

She proved that she was better than Rosaylin too, it wasn’t a fair fight to her, but I still knew that she was also busy with her mom. So, I wasn’t feeling guilty then, but of course, we’d have to talk a bit after all was said and done.

At that moment, I was my mom’s, and she was mine too. We connected so well that it was like magic. I felt her tongue dive into my slit a bit deeper, but she still teased me a tad by pulling back after a few seconds.

Nevertheless, she took care of me as the mom she was, but just in a very odd way. I felt her all the eye contact I could and made sure she knew how much I appreciated her pleasing. She already did; even if I didn’t look at her at all or feel her head, I knew she knew.

I let my hands go all over her head and fondled it as sexually as possible, just creating the best context I could. Even after a few minutes, I was on the edge of the edge. I jerked around somewhat, but she still held me down a tad, but I broke out somewhat.

Still, I stayed in place for her so she could fuck the shit out of me because even though it made me feel so good, I still had to allow myself to keep going to let the best pussy-eating session I ever experienced went on until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I cried, but tried not to let too many tears out; I wanted to show her I could take it all from her. If I ever got the chance to take it from her again, I desired to prove that I could be tough like Kat or even Rosalyn if need be.

“Now you’ve had sex with all three of us; I hope I’m your favorite.”

She calmly leaned up to me and kissed me again. “You are; just don’t tell your step-mom; she might get jealous,” she added, taking my hand and bringing it to her cherry. “On second thought, jealous sex can be scorching too. If Kat found out that my hot flesh and blood daughter could get me off so well, she might want to prove herself better, don’t you think?”

“I guess, Mom,” I said, taking her hand and bringing it to my snatch. “Thinking about it now, I think you’re right. I could see Rosalyn getting jealous.”

She got closer to me and actually got on my lap. We fingered each other as I tried to stay upright, but she was a sex demon, and I came to find out I was sort of over my head when it came to keeping up with her.

My chances of being as good as Kat were dwindling, but she kissed me. “Don’t worry, hun, your sexy mom will love you from now to eternity; I can see you’re trying to prove your lesbo card is well placed. Don’t fret, Kat and I can put you two on probation if you’d like, meaning we’ll take you two under our lesbian wings and make you ironclad lesbians; sound good?”

“Sure, Mom.”

“That’s why we want you two to be out in the open with us, because if you two are going to be together, then be together. That’s not hiding or anything else that has to do with your relationship.”

“Okay, Mom.”

“Don’t be afraid to come to us with any relationship thing, whether it is sexual or not. If you want to swing, we can do that.”

I nodded and fought again to keep going, but of course, she was gonna win no matter what. Nevertheless, she knew I was stubborn, and with her words, I wasn’t about to just let her win. In the meantime, I used whatever means of keeping up at my disposal and used it.

I moved my hand a little quicker, but still, it wasn’t displaying the actual effects on her. In fact, I enjoyed it more and became weaker from the joy of giving and receiving. Yet again, I remembered it went back to the incest more than anything else, which only made me want to fuck her again.

“I love you, Lena,” she made clear, before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me. “I might be married, and you might be in a serious relationship, but we’re still BFFs.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Just to be clear, I wasn’t looking to give you a step-mom and step-sister, but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I love Kat, and I hope you love her too.”

“Well, I’m in love with her daughter, so I’m kind of stuck with loving her too, Mom.”

“Plus, you had sex with her twice, you horny DILF,” she branded me, before kissing me. “And you’re in love with Rosalyn?”


“I’m happy about that, but I just hope your relationship is taboo-based, and you two are in it because you genuinely love one another.”

“We do, Mom. We can sleep together naked and not have sex; if that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.”

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