Laura’s Flight Time Fumbles

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Internal flights are the best, check in quick, not too long on the aircraft, often not full, a great way to travel. Laura had checked out her fellow passengers at the bag drop. There was the usual mixture of families, single people and business travellers, everyone on their own journey with their own story to tell.

She’d noticed the grey hair, broad shoulders and nicely cut dark blue suit, but hadn’t seen the man’s face and wondered to herself if he looked as good from the front as he did from the back. There was something in the way he walked, it had an easy grace that made her think he must have been an athlete. Seeing the man made her smile, it reminded her of an old friend.

Yet by the time she was taking her seat a while later Laura had forgotten about him. The excitement of seeing her daughter and planning the wedding was too exciting to worry about strange men. That is until she took her seat and there he was sitting in the aisle seat of her row. He looked up as she looked down and their eyes met.

“I’m sorry are you sitting here?” he said, looking up at her. He had a pleasant voice and a nice smile, his eyes creasing as he smiled up at Laura. She took in his handsome face flecked with grey stubble. He was handsome alright and for reasons she didn’t quite understand she blushed.

“Yes” she whispered, for some reason her voice not quite itself, “I’m in the window.”

He stood and as he did so their thighs brushed against each other. Laura felt the electricity and swallowed hard as he offered to put her bag in the overhead locker.

“Thank you that’s very kind.” She smiled at him as their hands touched when she handed over the bag, then watched as he reached up above her. He was graceful with what looked like a good body under his suit. To herself she hoped there was no one sitting between them, it would be a nice way to while away an hour enjoying his masculinity and maybe having some little fantasies.

As he sat again in the aisle seat this time she tapped his arm, he looked at her and smiled again.

“Thank you” she repeated, her voice coming back to her “I’m Laura.”

He held out his hand across the empty seat and she took it, feeling its warmth as they shook. He didn’t give his name but smiled,

“Hi Laura, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” His voice was like chocolate.

She realised she was holding onto his warm hand for slightly too long as their eyes met again. He laughed, which made her stomach flip.

“Do you mind if I have it back, Laura?” he grinned obviously enjoying the moment.

She blushed again, eryaman genç escort dropping his hand and busied herself with getting comfortable. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the day ahead, meeting her daughter, seeing some venues, having a giggle. But the warmth in her groin and the presence beside her was distracting. She opened her eyes and stole a glance along the row. He was looking at her, amusement on his face.

“Are you OK? You were breathing heavily. If you’re a nervous flyer you can hold my hand if you’d like.”

She looked at him and, before she knew what was happening he’d moved to the seat beside her.

“Just for take-off and landing I mean, it might help.”

Laura swallowed hard. She wasn’t a nervous flyer, she loved flying but at the same time he did have a comfortable warm hand to accompany his cheekiness.

“I’ll let you know” she said looking into his eyes “but please don’t let me disturb you.” I better defuse this she thought to herself before I do something silly. Mind you what could possibly happen on a short hop to Scotland. He was handsome though.

A while later, the doors had closed. No one had joined them in the empty seat, and he hadn’t moved back. Laura despite herself kept stealing glances and had started to wonder whether he was a good kisser. And despite herself she had wondered what his cock would feel like in her hand. None of this was helping the situation in her pussy which had become achingly wet at her thoughts.

The plane had started to taxi but all of a sudden jerked to a halt, the engine tone dropping. She looked at the man, he looked at her and shrugged. Then there was an announcement. It seemed they’d be there on the taxi-way for a while until the engineers had fixed a problem with the air-con. Actually it was cold she thought, or at least that’s what she blamed for the pleasant tautness in her nipples.

A steward appeared walking down the aisle.

“Sorry folks, we’ll have this fixed soon, but it’s going to get cold so please take a blanket.”

Laura quietly swore to herself as she and the man each took one of the thin airline blankets.

He looked at her.

“These are rubbish aren’t they, here why don’t we share?” and with that he threw his blanket over the two of them, took hers from her hands ripped it out of its packet and placed it over the first.

“Is that better?”

Actually, it was better, they were both covered up to their shoulders and felt nicely cosy. He’d shifted a little closer and she could smell his aroma. There was a musky aftershave, cleanliness ankara escort bayan and that male smell. It did nothing to calm her aroused state. She sat wondering what the hell was going on. Then the cabin lights went out.

It was not as though he’d done anything, in fact he’d been a perfect gentleman, apart from not moving back to his own seat. Yet his presence was disturbing. Their thighs were touching lightly and she could feel the warmth from his leg. His shoulder against hers was comfortable, and though he hadn’t touched her, save the brief hand holding, she could sense his hot masculinity. There was a compelling sexuality to him that made her stir in her seat. And now the lights were out.

As she stirred, seeking some comfort in her leaking pussy, her face turned towards him at just the moment he turned towards her.

“Are you Ok?” he asked. It was barely above a whisper but his husky tone flipped her stomach, sending a flood of moisture to her groin.

Time to take control of this thought Laura. I can either tell him to back off and get him to move back to his own seat or…

She turned in her seat to face the handsome stranger properly. Her hand moved under the blanket to land on his chest. She liked what she felt.

“Listen” she whispered “I don’t know you and I imagine we’ll never see each other again, and you’re a cheeky bastard. But it looks like we’re going to be here a while” she smiled looking into his eyes “so I have an idea to keep us entertained.”

With that she kissed him softly on the cheek, leaving her hand on his chest. This will see if he really is a player she thought, but I’ll show him who’s really in charge here.

The man looked a little surprised at the kiss, clearly not used to a woman taking the initiative away from him. His surprised look made Laura giggle. He looked even more stunned as she started whispering in his ear, her hand creeping down his torso under the blankets.

“I’ve been wondering” she whispered as her hand reached the top of his waistband, “wondering whether you can match up to your bloody cheek.” She kissed his neck, sending a shiver through him as she popped a button. “If what you have down here” her hand slid the zipper down “is as hard as your chest.” His fly was now open, and it was his turn to swallow hard.

“Get your cock out for me” she breathed softly in his ear, enjoying how she’d taken control. He moved his hands from where they’d been gripping the arm rests. One of them met hers in his lap while the other reached over to feel the warmth pulsing sincan escort from her thigh. He wiggled in his seat pushing his trousers down slightly and shifting his underwear out of the way.

All the time Laura could feel the heat coming from him, she could sense he was hard. Her heart was beating loud in her chest as she moved the hand in his pants to one side and replaced it with her own. God she was excited, the moisture in her pussy was soaking her panties, she was desperate to be touched. And then she felt it and gasped. His cock was thick, she ran her fingers down from the head. It was long too. She gripped it, feeling totally empowered.

She wondered if she could suck him, but thought maybe that was a bit too dangerous as she started to rub her hand up and down the lovely cock in her hand, every so often rubbing her thumb around the head, smearing the drops of pre-cum around.

She was focused on the hard rod in her hand, gripping him tightly and rubbing hard under the blanket, wanting to feel him spurt his hot jizz at her command. But clearly he had an idea of his own.

“Laura” he panted quietly “would you like to cum with me? His voice was strong, his breath hot in her ear. “If you loosen your jeans I can make that happen.”

The beautiful stranger with the hard cock in her hand had said exactly what she was thinking. Removing her hand for a moment she undid her jeans and wriggled them down slightly, taking a moment to steal a glance around the airplane. No one was watching them the other passengers ghostly in the dark cabin were too busy on their phones.

And then a jolt of electricity shot through her from her pussy to the top of her head as she felt a warm finger stretch under her panties and slide on to her desperate clitoris. She very nearly gasped out loud, but quickly bit her lip. Fuck she was wet.

The two strangers looked in each other’s eyes and their hands resumed pleasuring each others excited organs. His cock felt so hard, she wished she could see it, wondered what it would feel like stretching her pussy, fucking her deep and hard. This is madness she thought to herself as another finger began to circle her clit. Yet she didn’t care, she just wanted to cum and feel his cock throb in her hand as he shot his seed.

Man, he felt good in her hand. Man, his fingers felt good in her pussy. Laura let go, forgot she was on an airplane and focused on their orgasms. She could tell he was close. She could feel him swell and expand as she rubbed him harder. Fuck this was hot, her pussy was on fire. He was sending jolts through her, little gasps of delight escaped her mouth, she was close too. This was so wrong, but she was going to cum on this strangers fingers as she made him explode under a blanket in a plane full of people.

Their eyes met again as their bodies tensed together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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