Korina’s Observations

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Korina’s Observations

Chapter One- The Development of My Personal Life

My daily work can often make me realize just how awesome my sex life is. Real people have real problems in their sex lives.

Not me.

My marriage and our sex has been good from day one, but it seems only to improve when we make changes or add…what’s the word I’m looking for? Features? Elements?

I have very few particulars that I care to try. I only have one sexual desire that is somewhat difficult to accommodate for my partner. I enjoy spontaneity. I want to be scooped up and taken back to the bedroom to get fucked just because Kevin is horny and wants to take me right then and there. Kevin isn’t really that guy. He’s not an initiator. And he has had self confidence issues, at least in the past, that probably still control his willingness to be that confident, take me in his arms and have his way with me, kind of guy.

As followers will remember, my husband has a few sexual desires that many would consider outside-the-box. He is stimulated by a variety of verbal cues, toy play and other types of sexual scenarios, verbal and physical alike, that involve acknowledgement and or demonstration of the smaller than average size of his penis.

Of course, I don’t find his penis too small. But that’s not the point.

The point is, the sexual preferences and or tendencies displayed by my partner are not difficult, or stress inducing, or physically demanding in any negative ways. In fact, as we have come to learn as an experimental couple, they tend to enhance our sex life.

We both make a concerted effort.

Last week when I got home Kevin wasn’t in the living area or kitchen waiting for me like normal. “Kevin?!” I spoke up to see where he was.

“In here,” he replied.

When I walked back into the bedroom I found him laying on the bed stroking the tent he had pitched in his briefs.

“Come here,” he demanded.

I climbed on top of him to kiss him and began slowly grinding on his boner. Kevin rapidly unbuttoned my blouse and jerked it back off of me more aggressively than normal. He popped off my bra and slung it to the floor. He reached under his pillow and pulled out a silk scarf-like item. I had never seen it before. I had no idea where he got it or what he was about to use it for. Without saying a word he grabbed my wrists, ushered them towards the headboard which was a series of metal designs spaced out a few inches apart. He put my hands together and tied them to the metal rod on the top of the headboard.

He slid down the bed just a bit to briefly lick each of my exposed nipples. He continued to slide down the bed until he was just under my stomach. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He slid on down between my legs and rolled off the bed. He climbed back up on the bed behind me, shimmied my pants down to where my hips were the widest. Once he got my jeans past my hips he gave them a series of firm, aggressive jerks from the heels and yanked them the rest of the way off. He came back up to do the same with my panties.

Once he had removed my panties he crawled back onto the bed and lifted one of my legs up so he could get underneath me again. He licked and sucked on both of my nipples again, just briefly. He then slid back down and began licking my clit and alternated between licking my clit while he fingered me and sticking his tongue inside me. He did this for several minutes before he slid on down, out from under me. I could hear and feel him moving around on the bed behind me and then all of a sudden he grabbed my hips and thrust himself forcefully into me from behind.

No slow and steady. No more caressing me. He slapped my ass hard one time and began pounding me hard and rapid. With every thrust he was ramming the headboard into the wall. I had to make sure my fingers stayed out of the way of being smashed. He didn’t try to hold it in and last longer for my pleasure. I could feel him (and hear him) cum inside me within only a few minutes. I knew this wasn’t his mantra. But he did exactly what I said was a fantasy (of sorts) of mine. He was horny. And he used me to get his dick off. And it was fucking hot.

Luckily for me, his true personality also came out. When he was finished he got back underneath me and began massaging my tits, fingering me, sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit until I had a body shaking orgasm. No words were ever spoken. I imagine we just made a bunch of caveman sounds and got our rocks off.

Every day people come to me and pay me money to help them solve some problem, physical or emotional, caused by their partner’s sex related predilections. It seems like most couples’ sex problems could be solved by communicating with each other and actually trying to fulfill each other’s desires. But hey, I like trying to help. And I like money.

I am very fortunate.

I was exhausted by this morning’s session but malatya escort Kevin and I hadn’t had sex in a three days prior, which was unusual for us. I knew he had only done that for me. Plus he’d been especially helpful around the house lately while I was finalizing my doctoral thesis. I was too tired to do anything extravagant but I still wanted to do something that I know he’d appreciate.

Kevin had recently expressed interest in incorporating some toys into our sex life. I was certainly interested. We didn’t actually discuss at length what types of toys that he or I either one might be interested in. We only discussed the concept of incorporating them.

Neither Kevin nor I were gadget-y kind of people, so when I went online and ordered a toy I kept it pretty basic. I mean, a standard, life-like dildo. Well. Nine inches probably isn’t standard. You know what I mean. I got the expensive one with the cyber skin, or real skin, texture. It really did feel very similar to a penis. Though I didn’t mean to order it with a suction cup, mine had a suction cup. That wasn’t my intention because I envisioned Kevin being the one using it as opposed to me using it for alone time in the shower or something. I prefer dick. And I get it whenever I want. So “alone time” wasn’t typically my thing.

Now that I was trying to think of something for Kevin this evening, that suction cup might prove to be useful. I went and took a shower and while I was at it I cleaned and sanitized the new toy to make sure it was prepared for tonight’s grand entrance(s). Pun intended.

We typically split the cooking duties based on who got home first. I have to admit, Kevin is the better cook. He likes cooking. I keep things simple so I don’t mess them up. Tonight’s meal was no different. I just wanted to make sure I had something prepared for him when he got home so we could eat and then have the rest of our evening to have some fun. I put a baked potato in the oven then seasoned a couple chicken breasts with olive oil, salt and pepper. Easy peezy. The entire meal done in the oven.

Hey, I sat out the butter and sour cream for him too.

I figured it was okay for me to be lazy in this endeavor since I was going to give it my all in others. Don’t laugh. I was horny.

Kevin was as appreciative as ever when he came home to an already prepared meal. He kissed me on the cheek and told me thank you and that he loved me.

(I’m gonna get some dick tonight!) was running through my head, with a smile on my face.

We ate our dinner, put away our plates and I began gently persuading Kevin to go ahead and jump in the shower. By gently, I mean, I said, “Okay. Now go get your ass in the shower and get cleaned up so we can go fuck.”

By the time he turned the water off in the shower I was standing outside the shower curtain ready and waiting with his towel. Instead of just handing it to him I decided to go ahead and start the foreplay by drying him off myself. I started with his feet and worked my way up. After drying him from head to toe we walked around the corner into the bedroom. I gave him a slight shove to sit him down on the side of the bed.

I grabbed a pillow from my side of the bed to put under my knees and I knelt down in front of him to start to suck him. Because of the bit of full body drying, he had already begun to get aroused. It didn’t take thirty seconds of sucking him to get his cock fully hard. After sucking him for a couple minutes I stood up to go open the top drawer of our night stand to whip out the new toy. He had no idea what was going on, so the excitement of something new made his cock twitch. I took the toy in one hand and placed it right beside him on the bed as if that cock was sitting right beside him in the same position he was in so as to give him the size difference visual. I alternated sucking the huge toy and him, trying to make sure I kept eye contact with him regardless of which one I was sucking. I didn’t offer any verbal stimulation at first, instead I gave him some subtle looks of struggle on my face as I came up from deep throating the bigger dick. I even offered a couple of brief choking or gagging sounds so as to increase the audible effect.

After a few minutes of alternating between sucking him and Mr. Nine (I think that’ll be my nickname for that thing forever), I stood up and turned around to suction Mr. Nine to the wall behind me. I placed it at a height where I could remain on my hands and knees to have it inside me in doggystyle position while I continued to give Kevin head.

I got Mr. Nine suctioned at the right height and returned to the floor between Kevin and the wall. I started to back myself onto Mr. Nine but I couldn’t get it inside me. No acting here. I really wasn’t used to this size anymore and I couldn’t get it in. I hope it was just an added psychological bonus for Kevin when I stood back up and returned to the night stand to retrieve some lube. As I grabbed it and began to open the bottle maltepe escort I looked at Kevin and said, “I didn’t expect to not be able to get it in. That’s a huge dick. I’m not used to such a big cock anymore,” as I grinned slyly at him. It had the desired effect. He got more physically involved immediately. He bent over and used one hand on the back of each of my butt cheeks to help spread me out and back myself onto it. He then immediately sat back to his position and grabbed my head gently with both hands to force my mouth deeper onto his cock.

“Mmmmm,” was the only noise I could make, as I now had his cock fully in my mouth and had slid further down onto the huge dildo.

Upon gathering my sensations I slowly pulled my mouth back up his shaft, took my mouth all the way off slowly as I let my lips provide a bit of extra caressing on the head of his cock and said, “God he’s huge.”

“Yeah?” he asked. “Is it bigger than you’ve had in the past?”

I looked up at him and smiled with my eyes while his cock was still in my mouth. I slowly pulled my lips off his shaft and said, “You get so turned on by the size comparisons. I love the way your cock reacts!”

I briefly went all the way back down on his cock and came back up. “It’s probably longer than the first guy. But it’s not as thick as either of them. And the other guy was pretty much the same length. His dick was so big.”

Kevin stood up from his seated position on the bed, gently grabbed all of my hair, making sure all of it was out of my eyes so he could see my eyes while he began to slowly pick up the pace of face fucking me.

This didn’t last long. He was ready to give it to me. He grabbed me under both my arms and ushered me up and onto the bed. He laid down on the bed and motioned for me to climb aboard.

His cock was so hard that aside from his natural curve he was pointing almost perfectly straight up and I was so wet that I just briefly felt around for his cock with my pussy until I felt his head brush against me, got myself into a more accurate position and slid onto his cock without using my hands. I assumed that if I could manage the feat that he would recognize that as me showing him that it was only because he was small enough that I could accomplish that.

Upon entering me I offered Kevin a slight chuckle because I knew he would respond.

“What?” he asked as if he knew what my response would be.

“I wasn’t sure I would feel you after that,” I grinned. “You feel very nice.”

Despite what Kevin thought, or may have thought, about his size, it was the perfect length to hit my G-spot in every position we made love in. And the head of his cock really was perfect. It was thick and always so engorged that once he was inside me he stretched me out right at the right spots.

It’s amazing to me in a lot of ways how men with penises the size of Kevin’s could feel like they are inadequate. I mean, I understand that women are different sizes and shapes as well and one size does not fit all. But if the idea is to provide a woman with maximum pleasure, a penis that is too big misses the pleasure zone and can even poke and prod into the cervix, which can hurt. Sure it may be aesthetically pleasing to see a really well endowed man. But physical pleasure seems pretty important to any great sex life.

I don’t know what to expect from it, but perhaps one day I will get Kevin to write down his thoughts about the matter. The feeling of being inadequate even though he provides a greater level of physical stimulation, that is.

Chapter Two- Speaking of Feelings of Inadequacy

Kevin and I had long known, being so introverted, that it would do us both some good to make some friends for us to hang out with, party with occasionally, celebrate things with. Kevin was more outgoing than me plus he was around more people in general. Particularly, he was around more people that he had something in common with. I was more of a true introvert. I wanted to hang out with Kevin. And I wanted to hang out with Kevin at home, by ourselves.

But one day after we had discussed it, I ran into a bit of luck. A young woman at the university approached me one day as I was sitting by myself during lunch. I was writing feverishly in an attempt to put together more information for my doctoral thesis. I suppose she recognized the look.

“Excuse me,” she offered in a heavy English accent. “You look as busy as I have been and I have nowhere else to sit. Do you mind if I join you? I promise I won’t interrupt.”

“Of course,” I said as I motioned her to the seat across from me.

“What are you working on?” she asked, forgetting about that not interrupting thing she mentioned a full three seconds ago.

“My doctoral thesis,” I replied.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed with some exuberance.

“I have been trying to complete my doctorate recently as well,” she said.

“Oh really? What are you getting mamak escort your doctorate in?” I asked, now actually curious. I had always found it much easier to make friends with people of a similar intelligence level as me, as conceited as that sounds.

“Kinesiology,” she replied.

“And you?” she inquired.

“Psychology,” I answered.

“I’m Megan,” she stated as she held out her hand to shake.

“Korina,” I said as I shook her hand.

Megan was tall and very slender. She had to be close to six feet tall and probably didn’t weigh a hundred and fifteen or twenty pounds. She was darker skinned than what I had stereotyped English women for. Her hair was extraordinarily long. She had brown eyes and was constantly smirking. That sly, I don’t know whether to think you’re planning something or was just in one of those high on life moments kind of smirk.

We actually hit it off better than I expected. We sat much longer than my typical thirty minutes and done lunches and talked about the doctoral process and the amount of work we had put into our careers, though neither of us actually discussed the details of our careers or future careers. She made the passing offer for her and her boyfriend to meet up and have drinks one evening with Kevin and I as she stood up to leave. But at the time I thought it to be a more sentimental gesture that would likely never come to pass.

But there she was the next day. She opened up immediately that she and her boyfriend had determined that they needed to get out and meet some friends and find time to have some fun outside her studies and his work. Small world. She offered to buy us dinner that Friday night if we were willing. I went ahead and volunteered us to join.

That Friday night Kevin and I got ready and headed down to the local sports bar to meet up with them. I was curious as to what Megan’s “type” would be, especially given how tall she was. They arrived a few minutes after us. Her boyfriend immediately introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Christian,” he said as he shook both of our hands. And Megan introduced herself to Kevin.

Christian was of a very similar build as Kevin. He was around six feet two, athletically built, with a thick English accent. He had his hair spiked, wore earrings and had a large tattoo of some sort of superhero themed material on his left arm, running from his elbow up under the sleeve of his polo, so I have no idea how much of his body it encompassed.

As we began shooting the breeze Christian told us that he was a fantasy football columnist for a few different online publications. He and Kevin were able to hit it off just as quickly as Megan and I.

After we ate our dinner we decided to go grab a few beers and play a few games of pool. We stayed and played and drank until closing time. We had to call an Uber and leave our car there.

When we got back home Kevin told me something that I was a bit surprised to learn. He said that he noticed that Christian was checking me out the whole time. He said he first noticed as I was leaned over shooting pool, that he was just blatantly staring at my ass.

I told him that he was probably just drunk and that he should just forget about it.

Megan and I had lunch together a few more times over the next couple of weeks. We all got together another couple times to drink and play pool over that time as well. I was happy that we had followed through on our acknowledgement that we needed to add a social life to our private lives. Kevin was becoming less and less sure about the decision. He said that he noticed that Christian paid me close attention every time we hung out.

I found this observation a bit strange. Kevin wasn’t the jealous type. But he insisted that something was off about Christian, that his intentions were not good natured. I trusted Kevin, so when we were out with them I steered as clear as possible. I was consistently short with Christian when he tried to strike up conversation with me. I directed all of my efforts at socializing to Megan, whom I liked.

After several more weeks of getting to know them, especially Megan, she came to me like normal one day at lunch. Except this time she wasn’t all smiles and jubilance as she usually was. So I pried more like I was at the office with a client.

“Something bugging you today?” I asked.

“Well, we’ve become friends, and since you’re going to be a doctor of Psychology…” she began attempting to justify. “I’m curious. Have you ever dealt with a guy who has size issues? I don’t mean a guy that was too small for you. I mean a guy that isn’t confident in his own size even if he’s more than adequate.”

“Of course. Most guys have some sort of size issue, I think,” I responded as vaguely as possible. “What exactly is the issue?”

“Okay, fine,” I could tell she was itching to spill. “Christian and I have experimented with other partners for a couple years now. Until recently we had only invited other girls into our bedroom. I did this mostly for him, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I enjoyed them too. But he recently made the suggestion that I find a guy to join us for a change. So, I did. Well, we did.”

“This all stays between us,” she interrupted herself to inform me.

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