Kitty’s First Time

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Carbon Flint’s name had enchanted Kitty from the first time her dad invited the handsome young executive to their home for dinner. It sounded like the name of a hero from one of the romances she read; books she stole from her mother’s bedroom and read in secret under the covers at night. The stories of buxom females and lusty men fuelled her fantasies and were responsible for many a night of solitary passion under the coverlet of her single bed.

Carbon Flint, Kitty had decided would be the man she gave her virginity to.

She had had to play her game carefully. Her dad was watchful of her, typically protective, but she had managed to steal moments alone with Carbon. On the surface she chatted to him about mundane things, but she imitated the heroines from her novels. While she talked, she would cast him sidelong glances, and find opportunities to touch him, stroking his forearm or furtively running her fingers down his back when she passed him in the kitchen. She became very good at managing to caress him while her parents were in the next room, thrilling at the possibility of being caught.

When her dad offered to invite Carbon for the small family celebration of her 18th birthday, Kitty quickly agreed. She wore tight blue jeans that night, and a top that had a zipper in the front. She had not put on a bra and she had been pleased to notice Carbon noting that fact over dinner, his eyes resting now and again on the outline of her breasts pushing against the soft cotton fabric. Her nipples tightened under his hot gaze and Kitty made a great show of licking every trace of spaghetti sauce abidinpaşa escort from her lips, meeting Carbon’s eyes as she did so. After dinner, Kitty had gone upstairs to play darts glancing at Carbon as she went, in hopes that he would follow her.

She hadn’t long to wait before Carbon followed her. Kitty’s heart skipped a beat, when she heard his footsteps on the stairs and she bit her lip to make it red as she had read in a book just that day. She turned to look at him, touching the bruised lip with the tip of her tongue when he reached the top of the stairs. His brown eyes flashed and Kitty shivered at the hint of danger in his look. She smiled and pulled a hand through her long brown hair, shaking her head so that the glinting strands bounced on her shoulders. Carbon didn’t say anything; he made his way across the landing and into the bathroom. Kitty followed him.

He was waiting and grabbed her when she stepped into the room, shutting the door and pushing her against it. Her heart pounded with excitement and anticipation of the unknown when she heard him press the deadlock home on the door. She whimpered, looking up at him. She parted her lips to speak but was silenced by his mouth. He kissed her hard, and his hands closed on her breasts, massaging through her shirt before his fingers found and opened the zipper. Then his warm skin was on her naked flesh and she shivered with delight when he pinched her nipples. After a moment, his hands worked their way lower and she was suddenly afraid. He fumbled with the button of her jeans, pushing her harder akyurt escort against the door, his mouth bruising hers as he got the button and zipper undone and pushed the tight pants down over her hips.

Kitty struggled, pulling her mouth away. “Stop…” she said, her breath shaky with mixed emotions. She wanted more, her body throbbed, aching from his kisses and his touch, but she didn’t know what to expect.

Carbon smiled down at her and kissed her gently. “I won’t hurt you,” he whispered. She tensed as his fingers ran along the waist band of her panties, but he distracted her with a kiss and Kitty melted against him, thrusting her hips forward to the gentle caress of his fingers on her lightly haired mound.

He found the small button of her clit and pressed his fingers against it with just enough pressure. Kitty let out her breath with a sighing moan and parted her legs, pushing at her jeans with her hands to give him room.

Carbon growled as his hand worked its way inside her panties. His fingers played with her clit and Kitty wriggled, moaning in pleasure and trying to thrust against his hand. She gasped when he caught hold of her hand and brought it to the front of his pants.

“Touch me,” he said in a hoarse whisper. He helped her to unzip his pants, freeing the heavy, throbbing cock from the confines of his clothing. Kitty had never touched a man’s cock before; she had only read about them in books. She hadn’t expected it to feel alive, and hot and so wet in the palm of her hand, but she closed her eyes, wrapping her fingers around the shaft ankara escort and threw her head back with a soft cry of delight when Carbon’s fingers found their way to her pussy, edging inside. Carbon’s mouth was on hers again and he pulled her closer, one hand on the small of her back, the other stroking her to a frenzy of need.


They froze.

It was her dad’s voice, calling from downstairs. Kitty let go of Carbon’s cock and pulled away from him, quickly adjusting her jeans, and pulling up the zipper on her shirt. She opened the door and ran to the railing around the top of the stairs. “Yes dad?” She popped her head over the side.

“What took you so long?” Her dad stood at the foot of the stairs, looking up at her. “I had to call you twice.”

“Oh, sorry, Dad — I was listening to my stereo with the headphones. I didn’t hear the first time.”

Her dad smiled and shook his head. “I just wanted to know if you want coffee.”

Shaking her head, Kitty laughed. “No thanks, daddy, I’m going to turn in.” She squeezed her thighs together, feeling the throb of want in her pussy and glanced over her shoulder to see that Carbon had come out of the bathroom. He looked calm and together, compared to a few moments ago. “I’ll let mister Flint know you’re fixing coffee, I think he’s in the study.” She pulled her head back over the railing and turned to look at Carbon with a giggle.

Carbon stepped closer to her, pushing her hips against the stair rail and grinding his body against her. “I’m not going to let you get away with that,” he whispered. “When can I come back and finish what we started in there?” he indicated the bathroom with a jerk of his head.

Kitty shivered. “Tomorrow,” she said breathlessly. “Mom and Dad have work. She made bold enough to get on her toes and kiss him. “I want you,” she said before pulling away and running to her bedroom.

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