Kerala Cottage Ch. 01

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(*All characters involved in sexual acts are above 18 years of age)

My family consists of 5 members. My parents, my sister (or Didi as I call her), my grandma and me.

Didi had a very close friend, Prema (I used to call her Prema didi but have stopped recently), right from her school years. One day Didi brought Prema when they were both younger and when I probably was a clueless little guy. Prema was from Kerala and her fluency in Malayalam, made my grandma happy. Soon she became closer to our family. Prema also took a liking to me and used to fondle me affectionately. Prema’s family also became close to us. They consisted of her parents, her younger sister, Shalika and Prema. So often we (Didi and I) would go stay with them, in their ancestral home in Kerala or they with us.

Both Prema and her younger sister Shalika were playful and naughty. Prema’s parents often complained to my mom that Shalika kept eating and feared her getting obese. But Shalika brushed away these protests.

Earlier I wasn’t allowed to go outside with them or the trio as I called them. Didi, Prema and Shalika. As it was considered inappropriate for me to hang around with girls.

But now it was nearly four years since I’d seen them, especially Shalika, cause she was my favorite and now grown and mature, I really wanted to see how she had turned up. Didi and Prema were about 24 years of age now.

Prema was the tallest among the trio, but not taller than me. She had a very good brown complexion, with a good skin and toned body, almost muscular. Shalika was the prettiest among them and so was at the end of endless teasing and taunting by Didi and Prema, like telling her not to go alone in the roads or someone would do away with her.

Shalika would cry at this and I would usually offer her comfort, thus growing our bond. So when she was visiting again, after a while, I was quite shocked. She’d become obese, yet retained her prettiness. I tried to ignore her but finally and also foolishly asked her reason for her fatness. She told me to fuck off and refuses to talk to me. I rephrased and said that I missed her old self and was annoyed by her sad look. I offered her some random advice and she left the next day.

A year and half passed. It was now our turn to visit Kerala, to Prema’s house. Their ancestral home is set deep inside a forest. Other than the elephants, there weren’t any other dangers. As a child I was constantly frightened or put to scare by Prema and didi but now it just brought back good memories. Then I remembered that Shalika too would be here and I cursed her for spoiling my vacation. I had just finished my board exams and was spending the vacation here.

As we were older, Didi and I were allowed to go on our own to Ernakulam where the house was. Prema stayed with her grandparents and Shalika. Prema and Shalika’s parents were both doctors based in Bengaluru and rarely would we see them in this house. The grandparents were also in the hospital so the house was basically free for us. Just a local maid, an occasional driver and the resident old gardener were the others who mostly kept to themselves. Prema, Didi, Shalika and me would have the greatest of times roaming grandbetting yeni giriş and eating, watching movies, reading the books.

My ‘sisters’ had phones but I didn’t, so I would go out frequently into the jungle and felt bolder each day as I passed deeper into it. Then one day, while walking along my marked path, as I ventured deeper into the jungle, I was surprised to see a clear pool of water overflowing from a stream into the pool. It almost seemed magical.

Happy about the discovery and joyous about having my own pool to swim in, I began to think how to swim. Do I swim naked? But what if someone saw me? These questions prevented me from bathing that day. But the next day, I came armed with a towel and was about to leave when I heard Prema shout.

‘At last, Shali has come.’

I was crestfallen, why did she have to come today of all days. Prema, like her parents, was pursuing her studies in Medicine. Shalika was studying humanities in IIT. Shalika was supposed to arrive earlier but had postponed. I sat dully on the sofa, waiting for her to enter after removing her footwear, but once again she sprung a surprise. A pleasant one this time.

Shalika was in excellent shape and her hair, now loose after she’d shaken them out of her clip, was met by hugs by both Didi and Prema. Then her big, brown eyes settled on me and I tried to look away. But I couldn’t. Her eyes, her nose, her slender mouth captivated me. I casually asked her about her change and her familiar sweet voice made me forget what she said. I was back in fantasy land dreaming about her.

Shalika was pushed to the bathroom and told to take a shower, while I drifted off to the jungle to my new spot. I was thinking about Shalika and she was just perfect I thought. She is 18, but I didn’t care. I stood taller than her and with her body on my mind, especially her cute boobs, fuck, I had an erection.

As I kept walking I realized I’d forgotten the towel. Just as I was turning, I heard a splash from the direction of the pool and a gasp. Curiously I peeked into the clearing where the pool was from a distance.

There, in the pool, was my dream queen, Shalika completely stark naked and nude, swimming in it without any worries. She was breast stroking around the pool in perfect unison. Her eyes slightly open and her hands and legs frequently parting to help her swim. She dived to go inside and so her raised ass got my attention and so did my erect dick.

I removed my pants and underwear, followed by my shirt, then I stroked my penis a bit which was now rock hard. Then I shouted,

‘Hey Shalika, don’t panic, it’s me. Can I join you?’

She turned to my voice and after a while replied.

‘All right, come in.’

‘Turn around Shalika’ she obeyed and I jumped into the pool.

The water was cold but the warmth of the situation heated me up. I opened my eyes underwater and saw Shalika’s naked body, navel downwards. Her shapely legs were now pressed together. I stayed like that in awe and surfaced to meet Shalika’s gaze.

She was relieved to see me surface

‘I thought you’d drowned’, she said as she tilted her head to one side, leaning to the side of grandbetting giriş the muddy wall around the pool. She beckoned me close and I swam towards her and leant backwards like her facing the pool. There was silence first, before I spoke.

‘So how long did you know this place’

‘Oh! This. Mu uncle told me about this pool when I was in 6th. Prema isn’t interested in all this.’ Shalika made a rapid thumb tapping gesture, indicating a phone addict.

‘Just like your sister.’

‘Yeah. Just like mine.’ I echoed back.

‘Say, do you have any girlfriends?’ She asked suddenly.

‘Whaat… me.. No.. Not really.’ I stammered nervously.

‘Why the stammering, did I embarrass you?’ She giggled.

‘No it was just sudden.’

I was now looking at her face, her hair completely wet her beautiful eyes and spotless skin which was glowing. Her slender lips on which I was craving to put mine on. I detected the mischievous smile too late, before water on my face and began swimming to escape from me.

After stalling a bit, I caught her up from behind and pulled her to where we were first talking. She was sandwiched between the wall and me and shrieking with laughter as I tickled her above her waist. I tried to feel for her breasts but were stopped by her arms as she’d crossed them over and locked under her armpits.

My arms were holding her from the back over her own hands. As I was taller than her, her head brushed my chin constantly as we played like this. I lowered myself and began tickling downwards when she screamed at me to stop.

‘God dammit stop!! It’s unbearable.’ She was saying over laughing fits as she was clearly enjoying this. I paused after more tickling, without losing my grip on her.

Shalika was breathing deeply now, just like me.

‘Shalika, you ok?’ I asked.

‘I’ve never been better, in fact..’ I interrupted her.

‘Then shall I begin again’ I asked into her ear, grinning.

‘No, no, no. Wait.’ She squirmed to get off me as I went above and tickled her waist. Then suddenly she stiffened and became quiet.

‘What happened?’ I asked her. She turned, still trapped between me and the mud wall and asked, amusingly.

‘Are you naked?’

‘Well since you already are, there wasn’t much point in me being clothed right?’ But her eyes were doubtful as she tried to search mine for answers.

‘What are you trying to do?’ She asked, a little scared now.

‘Shalika, I’m in love with you.’ She was shocked and seeing her like that I poured out all my fantasies to her.

‘And anyway, what do you think, we’re both naked, embracing each other, you think we’ll remain friends our whole life, huh?’ Answer me Shalika’. She was shaking now with my revelations.

‘I don’t know, Chotu, I… I.. ‘ she began to stammer.

‘Do you not like me, is that it?’

‘No, I’m not angry with you nor do I not like you. It’s just that this was so fast, I don’t know how to react.’

‘Just follow what I say Shalika. Ok?’

She nodded.

‘Tell me how did you know I was naked?’

‘Well,’ she began with a mischievous smile, ‘I could feel something like a shaft, but smoother, constantly rubbing grandbetting güvenilirmi my back when you were tickling me. Only later did I realise it was your.. ‘

‘Penis.’ I finished.

‘Yeah. Penis.’ She said, then visibly embarrassed she turned away.

‘Remove your hands Shalika, let me feel you, please.’ She hesitated, then slowly let her hands drop to her sides. I reached for her breasts through her armpits and felt their softness, instantly diminishing any notion of a simple relationship between ourselves.

As I kneaded her breasts, I leaned towards her neck and kissed softly there. Shalika moaned in pleasure, as my hands began teasing her nipples, making then hard as peaks, then my hands went to her lower body and began caressing every portion over there. Then I reached her vagina but she said not to do there, as it was not to be there. I assured her it was where it should be.

‘Where?’ She asked, gasping for breath.

‘One hand among your breasts and another in your cunt.’

Saying so, I reached down and began massaging her slits.

The result was instantaneous. She arched her body towards me, her back rubbing against my hardness and her eyes closed in deep pleasure moaning uncontrollably now as my hands caressed her boobs and her crotch. She reached out to me, by placing a hand behind my waist and behind my neck for support. I continued this for a while, before easily raising her up from the water and placing her on the wet mud in one fluid stroke. She began to object.

‘What’re you doing, someone might see us. Let’s do this in the water itself, na… ‘

‘Shh, no one will see us.’ I reassured her. I pulled up near her and began kissing her lips and engaged her in a full liplock. Then I proceeded to her flat stomach and kissed her navel. Then I parted her legs open, before she could respond I put my mouth abruptly on her slits and pushed my myself against her. She gasped.

Shalika felt waves of pleasure as I continued to la up her slits whereas she guided my hands to her breasts to squeeze them and to all other parts. Suddenly I bit her soft thighs and she screamed. I soon placed my lips on hers and shoved my tongue into her mouth.

She didn’t resist and responded by pulling me closer. She tasted her own vaginal fluids on my mouth and tongue and swallowed it eagerly. Then I parted and went down on her again. This time she felt more pleasure than before and arched her back up, her eyes closed she began enjoying my activities on her body. I kept doing this till she said,

‘Chotu, I think I’m about to come. Oh, yess!… I’m coming!!!!….. Aaahhh’ she screamed I’m pleasure, as her juices overflowed into my mouth, making her experience an intense orgasm. I kissed her again and looked at her. She was breathing heavily and gasping for breath, making her breasts move up and down rhythmically.

I kissed her breasts and deposited my loaded mouth onto her breasts making them glisten. She saw what I did and smiled, leaning to kiss me. I grabbed her neck and deposited he’d come in her mouth, as we kissed passionately.

‘Did you swallow?’

‘Yes. I did. It was nice, what you did for me.’ She grinned and wiped her mouth, balancing herself on her sides with her hands.

‘You were better, Shalika. You were the best. I loved watching you in pleasure. It was fucking hot.’

She blushed, then turned sideways to dive into the water. I joined her too and after sometime, after much frolicking, we left.

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