Just Another Day at the Office Ch. 02

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Danial was in his buildings security offices watching the video feed of the foyer and was pleased when he saw the beautiful Debbie enter the building looking the professional business associate she no doubt aspired too.

He watched her pass out of site on the monitor but continued to stare lustfully at the other young women and men entering the building. He felt a warming sensation flood inside him and felt satisfied with his world.

Rick, a fit and rock solid 27 year old, one of three men in the security room held still behind Danial until his balls stopped firing barrages of his semen into his employers arsehole. As he felt his erection start to wilt, he pulled out, quickly inserting the butt plug he held in his right hand.

Danial turned as he straightened, then bent and sucked Rick’s softening tool into his mouth removing all remaining traces of the mans semen from his cock. As he finished his tasting he said, “Thanks Rick, you’re a hard man and that’s what I like about you. I’ll let you boys get back to work!”

Rick replied “Thanks boss, we like to stay on top, don’t we guys?” he looked to his two team mates.

Aaron and Leroy both nodded in agreement, each man had his cock out, lightly stroking as they observed.

Danial smiled and said “Good work guys, keep it up!” he licked his lips at the sight of two more eager cocks but their were other people needed fucking so he said “Thanks again, same time tomorrow, it’ll be your turn to bat Leroy so get that pump primed” and left the security booth.

Danial pondered to himself ‘I have a lot on today, what with programming the sweet young Debbie, so as much as I love one of Rick’s cum enema’s, it might be best to freshen up’. He took the elevator down to the procurement department and walked in past the receptionist who was laid back in her chair buzzing her clit with an electric vibrator and gasping for breath.

He went to the first attended desk he saw and asked the young man there “Antonio where can I find that cum pig Chizuko?”

Antonio looked up at his boss and in a very effeminate voice said “Hello sir, I believe she’s in the copy room, probably sucking dick, is there ‘any-thing’ I can do for you?” he batted his eyelids at Danial.

Danial said “Maybe next time Antonio, right now I need a cleanse, not another rinse” and he walked off to the copy room.

In the copy room he found Chizuko running off a company bulletin. The beautiful Asian girl was very short but perfectly proportioned with an amazing pair of breasts that stood proud on her diminutive frame. Her name meant ‘child of a thousand storks’ and Danial didn’t doubt that she’d blown at least that many cocks. She claimed it was what kept her skin so pure.

Danial said “There you are Chizuko, I need a cleanse.”

Chizuko said “Oh, good morning sir, it be my pleasure to serve you, please come my desk I fix you up there!”

Danial followed the little Chinese girl to her desk admiring her trim girl like figure as she walked ahead of him. Like most sexy Asian girls, though she was 28 she still looked like she was twelve and it gave Danial a perverted thrill every time he molested her.

At her desk in a room of nineteen other such desks, she stopped and removed her short jade coloured dress. Danial nodded a greeting to several other employees who looked up from their work.

Chizuko then squatted in front of Danial and unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers and underwear to his ankles. Then she sat back on her haunches and tilted her head back.

Danial turned and squatted down on her angelic face. She deftly removed the butt plug from his anus and sealed her lips around his puckered ring before snaking her tongue as deep as she could into his rectum.

Danial loved getting a cleanse from Chizuko, she had the longest tongue he’d ever experienced and she held his hips as she snaked it into his bowels, soon accompanied by sounds of slurping and swallowing. The wet sounds could be heard all over the room but nobody seemed to notice or comment.

After about five minutes of a tongue that Danial thought felt almost as good as a cock, he stood up and Chizuko dressed herself and said “Mmmhh thank you for breakfast sir, you wish fuck me now, how you want me?”

Danial cupped her large breasts in both hands and said “Not today thanks my jade slut, I have a new starter to break in.”

Chizuko looked disappointed and said “That okay sir, I remember when you break me in, I thought I split in two on your big white snake. You come see me when you need balls drained, Chizuko need lots of cum, keep skin looking fresh!”

Danial said “You can count on it, I’ll send you a memo!” he left to make his way to his office.

When Danial stepped out of the elevator on his floor, he walked past the two receptionists smiling brightly at the two girls Laura and Abbey. Abbey waved as she was talking on the phone, Laura said “Good morning sir” as she slowly continued fisting Abbey who was turned sideways toward Laura and visibly kütahya escort creaming Laura’s forearm. Abbey never missing a beat in her conversation.

When he went into the cubicled office space he heard load moaning and made his way to the source, finding Angie in the throws of orgasm as she held the head of Debbie firmly into her dripping snatch.

Danial cleared his throat and Debbie looked up at him her face glistening and the neckline of her blouse soaked in the juices from Angie’s insatiable twat. He said, “Debbie, would you follow me to my office please.”

Debbie jumped up and trotted after him. In his office she said “I’m sorry sir but Angie told me that in your absence she was in charge and that I had to service her until you returned. I’ve never tasted another woman like that before.”

Danial told her to take a seat saying, “I’m going to explain some things to you Debbie about your position here with my company, the general hierarchy, my expectations of you and your duties and obligations under my employ and direction.

Debbie nodded and said “Yes sir!”

“Now Debbie, primarily you have been taken on because you tick all the requirements to perform in many roles within my organisation so it’s unlikely you’ll stay in one particular role unless you demonstrate an extreme proficiency in one place that visibly affects financial growth.”

Debbie nodded, “Secondarily” Danial went on “And no less importantly you were hired because you are a smoking hot girl with an incredible body and I want to fuck you every way I can.”

Debbie said “Sir when you had sex with me during the interview it was wonderful but I was overcome by everything I had witnessed and I was confused but you must understand sir that I’m a married woman!”

Danial chuckled saying “Debbie the majority of the people that work for me are married or in a relationship. I’m married myself. I have sex with all my employees and some of their partners.”

Debbie looked unsure and said “What about all the men I’ve seen working here?”

Danial said “I am a happily married bisexual man and there isn’t another man in my organisation who hasn’t had his penis in my mouth and arse, why just this morning…”

Debbie interrupted saying “Ooh sir that is disgusting, you’re married, cheating with other women is one thing but my God what would your wife say.”

Danial laughed out load and said “I met my wife in college at a frat house orgy, we met on a bed where a team of guys were tag teaming her while other guys were tag teaming me. We talked and then made out while we both took cock. It was an amazing night!”

Debbie asked “Does your wife still know about your perversion?”

Danial scoffed and said “My perversion, which one! When we were dating Janice was always on the prowl for bi guys and bringing them home to join us in bed, she still does. We have a very open marriage and I’m thankful that my daughter is so accepting of our sexual proclivity.”

Debbie startled said “How can you expose your daughter to such activity?”

Danial scowled and said “We didn’t until her eighteenth birthday but believe me the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree where my princess is concerned, she likes it both ways too!”

Debbie was shocked and said suspiciously “How can you be so intimate with your daughters sex life?”

Danial replied “Well her mother and her are very close and they talk.” He thought to himself ‘and when I’m buried to my nuts in one of her holes we are very close too.’ he smiled at the thought. He said “But that’s neither here nor there, my daughter from what I’ve seen of her has a body much like yours.”

Debbie was stunned and asked “Do you want to fuck your own daughter?”

Danial thought a moment and said “I think most Fathers secretly want that, but I can tell you one thing, this conversation has me barred up and you’re here looking like fresh meat and smelling of wet cunt and you’re on the payroll now, so let’s get started!”

Debbie asked “Will this happen everyday?, I’m supposed to be faithful to my husband.”

Danial said “Take your clothes off and come and hop on my lap.” He watched her undress then helped her to impale herself on his flesh.

She sighed “Ooh you’re so big, you fill me right up.”

Danial held her hips, holding her steady and said “My dear girl, I am going to have regular sex with you and you will likely be having sex with many other men here. It is unlikely now that you’ve started here that your marriage will last.

Debbie looked him in the eye herself teary eyed and said “Really? but I do love my husband so, I never wanted for this to happen, we are so happy.”

Danial with a little encouragement started Debbie slowly bouncing on his cock and they both moaned in satisfaction, Danial said “What we’re going to do is put your husbands love to the test and if he remains faithful to you, I’ll allow you to reconsider your contract to me but if he shows himself as just a low down cheating prick lara escort then I’ll show you a world you never dreamed of!”

Debbie sobbed as she slowly rode Danial’s thick shaft, feeling the bulbous head of his tool stretch her out, up and down, time and again, she said “My wonderful man would never cheat on me, I’m the one whose an unfaithful cheating sinner!” she started to cry.

Danial quietly said “Go on baby, let it all out!” as she began to really sob mournfully. ‘On one hand’ he thought ‘I’d like to fuckin’ slap the silly bitch for being a downer, why do some women have to have so many strings attached to sex, why can’t they just enjoy a good fuck and then get on with life’

‘Then again’ he thought ‘every time she sobs I can feel her cunt walls grab up and down my rod, fuck yeah’ he said “Well honey you might be a dirty cheating whore now but we’ll get beyond it.” she started really blubbering now and Danial thought ‘I’ll have to tell some of the guys about this, get a bitch crying really gets her pussy working.’

That got him thinking about a girl he was fucking at a Christmas party years ago, she was dressed as a sexy Santa’s helper and he was intent on giving her some snow. He was taking her bent over the balcony of a city apartment. The bitch was three sheets in the wind and had started talking incoherent shit, so figuring she’d have no memory of the event he spun her around, tore open her stocking and tried shafting her.

This elf babe may have been well lubricated on alcohol but she was as dry as a Nuns naughty and he couldn’t get his gift in her Christmas stocking. He reached for his highball glass of eggnog and immersed his cock in the milky liquid, then pushed full hilt into the drunken cunt.

The bitch never even made a sound, she was that wasted it probably didn’t even register. He had to hold on to her and keep her balanced on the balcony wall otherwise she would have fallen back in a heap. Lucky it was cold out because it was a bit of a workout.

After a good fifteen minutes of steady fucking Danial thought, ‘Jesus, how the hell am I going to get off, I’m not getting much traction, the stupid cunt must be the town bike, everyone’s had a ride. He held still inside her and was thinking of drilling her arsehole when all of a sudden the girl started coughing.

Danial thought ‘Holy fuck that feels great!’ he started pumping again as she coughed and spluttered for breath. Her coughing was making her sloppy fuck hole convulse. ‘That’s more like it!’ he thought.

Danial thought, ‘Maybe if I light up a smoke and blow it around her head I can keep her coughing and keep the action going’ he did just that, now enjoying both activities.

He was lost in the moment having a great time when out of nowhere the girl lurched and bucked, he grabbed her hips and pushed deep as she started vomiting. Even though she was spraying chunks out into the night it still fucking stank.

Danial held tight as the convulsing did wonders in her cunt and despite his stamina he lost it and started blowing streams deep into this strange girls twat. It felt like he’d never stop cumming and he didn’t want to, he was sure he’d shot at least a dozen thick ropes into her.

After he finished shooting he pulled out and helped her off the balcony and into a recliner beneath a patio heater, thinking ‘It wouldn’t do to have the slut fall off the balcony.’

As he laid her down he took in a breath from the exertion, just as she let out a breath of air. All he could taste and smell was vomit and his stomach churned. He’d never experienced it before, though he’d heard stories but before he could do anything, he was spraying everything he’d eaten and drank for the last three days, or so it felt all over this elfen girl.

His stomach convulsed and he hurled five barrages of puke, lucky she was passed out because he was painting her like stucco from her head to her knees. Finally he finished throwing up. He grabbed a beer out of a nearby esky and gargled his mouth to freshen up. He looked at the girl laying there passed out drunk, covered in chunder and his seed swimming inside her and thought, ‘I wonder if she’s on birth control, oh well, not my problem, now ‘I’ll just bet there’s another nymph inside who wants to party’ and he walked back into the loud music of the apartment.

While Danial was pondering that night and the convulsive effects that coughing and crying and spewing it seems have on a cunt, Debbie had stopped crying and was really going to town on his flagpole.

He lifted his hands from her hips and caressed both her breasts and then pinched both her nipples like a vice, she squealed and bucked and he blew his nuts deep inside her. Then he stood up, lifting Debbie too and laid her on the chaise lounge, she looked more relaxed than earlier.

He went to the intercom on his desk, pressed the button and said “Kimberly from Marketing, can you come to the CEO’s office please.”

A very attractive redhead with amazing double D lara eve gelen escort tits which appeared to defy gravity on her tall slim frame strode into the office. Danial said “Kimmy, I’ve just dumped a huge load, eat her twat out until she’s clean, then take her out for lunch and shopping for uniform and first year accessories.” the redhead dropped to the floor and started licking.

Danial said “Fuck I need a piss like nobodies business.” he walked off to his private bathroom. Inside the marble and gold lined rest room he stepped up to the trough and let loose with a torrent of pent up urine.

A Japanese girl in a high school uniform of white blouse, blue plaid skirt, white knee high stockings and black pumps who knelt at the trough could do nothing as he showered her with warm piss.

He said “Open your mouth, you yellow filth, this is for Pearl Harbour.” he always made some sort of degrading comment to hopefully make the bitch feel worthless. She dutifully opened her mouth and started swallowing his briny discharge.

The Japanese girl, Yui was her name was destined for his piss trough when he learned at her interview that her name meant ‘helpful fountain’, he’d been pissing on her for years now, it seemed right, just like Chizuko, it seemed Asian girls needed to be treated like shit and he was happy to oblige them, he supposed it was what they were historically used to.

Yui was, as it turned out, a pain slut too, so Danial enjoyed mistreating her. He had an outfit made for when he wanted to punish her, it was a skin tight body stocking with electrodes built into it around the nipples. When the stocking sensed abdominal muscle activity it would fire off varying electric shock to her nipples. It was something to behold as he fucked her, when she had an orgasm she’d get shocked, she’d get off on the pain and have another orgasm and so it went.

Yui got respite from the shocks during sex when she’d pass out. It was great to have these Asian whores to purge himself of his darker side, it wouldn’t do to treat his white girls this way. Because having sex with Yui was quite a spectacle Danial had camera’s in the rest room to record it and it was broadcast in the building to his employees work stations to watch if they wished, it had quite a following.

When Danial got back to his desk the two young sluts were gone on their shopping trip, so he settled at his desk to do some work. Sure he could have just had non stop sex all day and the place would run fine but that would lose it’s shine pretty quick he supposed.

By the time Kimberly and Debbie got to the basement car park they were giggling like old friends, as Kimberly related torrid sex stories during her time in Mr. Shaftbury’s employ. They were giggling at just how apt his surname was for such an ardent cock master.

Debbie asked, “How can he just keep going and going and he blows such huge loads every time?”

Kimberly said “According to his wife, Janice, he has a condition known as ‘hyperspermia’ which means he produces an abnormally large amount of semen. I like it don’t you; he really floods you with cum. I’ll give you a tip, even though meals are laid on here at work, eat very lightly because if he wants a blow job he will fill you up. More than one person has puked on themselves because they couldn’t handle the capacity.”

Debbie said, “I don’t eat much anyway, I like to watch my figure. You must be very close with his wife for her to share that sort of thing.”

Kimberly smiled and said “When my tongue is in her box and hers is licking the juices that spill from mine as Danial shafts me, well you can’t get much closer than that.”

Just then a long black limousine pulled up and an African-American chauffeur got out and opened the rear door for the girls, Kimberly said “Joel, this is Debbie, Debbie this is one of our Driver’s Joel.”

Joel in a very sexy deep voice said “A pleasure to meet you Debbie, lets see how you take a length of Joel.” Debbie looked down and he’d whipped out a cock that must have been thicker than her forearm and just as long and it wasn’t even hard.

Debbie looked to Kimberly in panic and Kimberly said “Sorry Joel but Debbie is new, this is her first week, she is still married and adjusting to her place as company fuck meat, maybe next time.”

Joel laughed deeply and said “Too bad, what about you miss K, been too long since you had Joel snaking up your back alley.”

Kimberly took hold of Joel’s anaconda and said, “it’ll take a while for Debbie to get tailored and fitted so you might get lucky.”

Joel ushered them into the car helping himself to a grope and feel as they went, as they were seated he said “Refreshment is available ladies, help yourselves.” he indicated the chilled champagne and glassware.

When Joe closed the door Debbie said “You can’t be serious about letting Joel fuck you, giving birth would be less of a stretch!”

Kimberly laughed and said “Debbie, I’m a size queen and Joel and his kin are just my size, I mean Danial is a great lover but when I get fucked I want to hear the wind echoing in my cunt when they guy pulls out. Hell I’ve been DP’ed by Joel and his brother, who’s just as big, while sucking their Father’s cock. If I ever have a baby the delivery will be a walk in the park.”

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