John, Loise and Josie Too Pt. 02

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The first part of this story was posted in the ‘Loving wives’ category, but as the tale evolved I thought it was better suited to ‘Fetish’. There are aspects of mild femdom and male chastity, but I emphasize ‘mild.’

If you haven’t already I suggest you read the first part to understand the characters and what’s going on. Otherwise enjoy.

I welcome feedback and comments, good or bad, but please try to be constructive.

Phallophobia is a real and recognized condition.

June 1st.

So it was that John sat on the toilet late at night, with his wilting cock in his hand, while his wife slept in the next room, and he considered fucking another woman.

At first he felt angry; angry at Louise for rejecting him, angry at himself for blaming her, and then angry at Josie for tempting him. But that soon turned to remorse, because he knew that he only had himself to blame, Louise couldn’t help the way she was, and all Josie had done was talk. He was the weak one; he was the one who couldn’t control his urges. But then came self pity; Louise’s problem was the reason he was here, it wasn’t his fault but he was the one being denied time and time again, and Josie didn’t really help, she may have just been speaking what was on her mind, but she had made it clear she was available, causing him to have all these doubts and complications. God damn it! He was getting by perfectly okay before she threw that spanner into the works!

With his arousal dampened, but confused beyond words, and not knowing what he should do, John returned to bed. Louise breathed softly and mumbled something in her sleep, he looked at her face, she was so beautiful, and he loved her so much. He kissed her forehead then lay down to sleep, but the image in his mind of his wife blended with Josie’s smiling face.


As the old saying goes: things will look better in the morning! And so they did: John realized it was just his self pity brought on by the evening’s alcohol that caused the turmoil he had felt. Now, in the warm sunlight of a summer’s day everything seemed much clearer. He laughed at something Louise said, and for the hundredth time that morning he wondered why he would ever want to be with anybody but her.

His contentment lasted just three days.


John had avoided the subject of what happened in the cupboard with Josie, but the tension in the air was undeniable, and it was only a matter of time until one of them said something, and that something changed everything.

“How are things with Louise?” Josie asked. She was pouring coffee from a pot they kept on a shelf in the corner of the office.

John looked up from the document he was reading “what…em, Louise? Yeah she’s good. Why do you ask?”

“I didn’t ask how she was; I asked how things were between you now? But if you’d rather not say that’s okay. “

John knew what things Josie meant, and though it was a private matter he felt he owed her an answer “No I don’t mind. Actually things are much the same, we’re, you know…” And he spread his hands in a ‘what can you do’ gesture.

Josie placed a cup of coffee in front of John, and then went back to her seat “so, still no sex?” She said bluntly.

John spluttered on his drink and then half coughing and half laughing he said “no, no sex.”

“God! You must be really frustrated. Do you, you know?” and she made a small fist and pumped it suggestively. John grinned and shook his head, and Josie laughed “I’m sorry, I’m only teasing,” she said.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind. But yes, I do get very frustrated…any suggestions?” He said and mentally bit his tongue “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Don’t keep apologizing, I’m not a child and yes I do have a suggestion,” she said. Then when it was clear that he wasn’t going to take the bait she told him “I think we both know what we want. There’ll be no strings attached, just two curious people. It’s your decision.”

John didn’t know quite what to say. This moment had been constantly on his mind for the last two weeks, but he’d also tried to avoid it, and so he wasn’t prepared. Josie had taken him by surprise. He looked at the woman standing before him, she really was gorgeous. But so was Louise, and did he really want to cheat on his wife? But if he did, would it really be so bad…just once…just to relieve the frustration? After all: hadn’t he organized the date night with this in mind, a final test for himself and Louise? Surely, with the way she was, it would only help them, ease the tension which had been growing between them, at least on his side. So, almost convincing himself that he was doing the right thing, that he was actually helping his marriage, he coughed to clear his throat.

“So what do we do? Err…should we rent a…you know, a room or something…a hotel?”

Josie smiled and her body seemed to relax. It had been difficult asking the question. But she had thought of nothing else since that day in the cupboard. Why John had this effect on her konyaaltı üniversiteli escort she didn’t know, she didn’t love him nor did she want an affair with him, it was just some kind of magnetism, and would it really hurt…just once? So not realizing how her thoughts echoed his she said “Why don’t we take an early day, I only live twenty minutes away,” and although she was younger and John was effectively her boss, they both knew she was the one in control.

Taking his hand she led him unresisting from the room, down to her car and on the twenty minute journey to her apartment.


“You can do what you want,” Josie said “anything.”

They stood facing each other in the centre of a sparsely furnished but comfortable looking living room. The apartment was larger than John had imagined with two good sized bedrooms and an open plan kitchen diner. A small balcony overlooked a well tended communal garden one story below. Josie poured two glasses of white wine and handed one to John while she tapped a few icons on her phone to play some background music.

John felt like a nervous teenager on a first date. He smiled self-consciously at Josie, an image of Louise flashed into his mind and he almost panicked and had the urge to run. It was one thing to fantasize and talk about having extra marital sex, but quite another to actually go through with it. He wasn’t sure he could do it and was about to apologize to Josie and make his escape when she moved closer, and standing on her toes she touched her mouth to his.

Everything seemed to happen naturally after that. Josie took their glasses and placed them on a small table. As she turned back she was already undoing the buttons of her shirt, John followed her lead and quickly slipped his jacket from his shoulders. He too began to release the buttons of his own shirt when Josie stopped him.

“Undress me first,” she said huskily “I want to be naked while you’re still dressed.”

John smiled and slowly opened her shirt to reveal her pale blue bra. He gently ran his fingers across the top of her breasts, tracing the edge of the lacy garment. He leaned in to kiss her and slipped the straps from her shoulders. Josie held his head and eased him down, kissing her neck and chest until his face was pressed into the warm soft valley between her breasts.

“Kiss them,” she breathed.

John obeyed, pulling down on the bra cups and pressing his lips over and over again to the pliant flesh. He felt a hard nipple touch his lips and hungrily sucked it into his mouth eliciting a groan of pleasure from Josie.

He unfastened the bra, letting it fall to the floor without moving his mouth from Josie’s breasts. He kissed every inch of flesh from her neck to the top of her skirt loving the way she squirmed in delight and how her tummy trembled when he licked her navel. He was on his knees, his face level with her crotch. She stood looking down at him, one hand at her mouth as though considering something, and the fingers of her other hand idly stroking her nipple. He reached around her waist to undo her skirt and eased it over her hips. She wore just thigh high stockings, black three inch heels and powder blue panties, a small darker patch between her slightly parted thighs showed how wet she was, and John’s mouth watered at the prospect of tasting her.

Almost reverently he leaned in, his hands holding her hips, and pressed his mouth to her. He breathed her scent and tasted her, lapping at the damp material and forcing his tongue against her vulva. The flavour was strong on his tongue, slightly different from Louise and he was hungry for more. He pushed his mouth hard against the plump mound and sucked, drawing her sweet nectar through the delicate lace of her panties.

Josie purred her delight, both hands resting on John’s head encouraging him to continue. Her legs were spread and her hips thrust forward. It felt so good but she needed to feel his tongue inside her, to feel his lips upon her clit.

As if reading her mind John hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, slowly, so slowly he drew them down. He did it to tease himself as much as her: savouring the gradual revelation of her most intimate spot. Josie was mostly shaved, her smooth hairless pussy lips glistened wetly and a small triangular patch of neatly trimmed hair sat just above her equally neat slit, the light brown tuft testament to her true hair colour.

John was mesmerized, staring and subconsciously licking his lips. Reverently he softly kissed just above the small patch of hair as Josie gazed down at him. She giggled a little as his lips tickled her and found the gesture sweet and sexy, but she wanted those same lips slightly lower and with a little pressure from her to the top of his head he understood.

John knelt, fully clothed and his cock threatening to tear free from his pants. He held on to her hips as he pushed his tongue between her labia. He licked long and slowly kurtköy escort the length of her pussy before inserting his fleshy appendage as deep as possible. There he held, moving his tongue back and forth with his lips enclosing her, sucking and swallowing her delicious juices. Pulling back slightly he used the flat of his tongue to slide across her clit making Josie shudder with delight and a groan of pleasure to escape her lips. He moved his hands down the outside of her legs, determined to feel every inch of her body, snagging her stockings on the way, pulling the fine nylon down. He pulled his head away, carefully gripping the stockings between thumb and forefinger to slide them back into place.

“Take them off,” Josie said her voice husky and lust filled.

John looked up “please, please keep them on.”

She smiled, staring into his brown puppy dog eyes. It wasn’t just a request: John was literally begging her, she liked it “kiss them,” she commanded.

As if he were worshipping some almighty goddess he planted delicate kisses the length of her legs, down one and up the other. He even touched his lips lovingly to the toes of her shoes. This was unexpected and new to Josie and a thrill pulsed through her. She licked her lips and ran the fingers of one hand through the lips of her wet pussy, then reaching down she offered the same digits to John.

John hesitated for a second, not because he wasn’t sure but simply because the idea of sucking her fingers clean was so erotic and he thought he might faint. Swallowing with nerves and excitement he held her wrist, then without breaking eye contact he began lapping, sucking and devouring every last drop from her hand.

Josie smiled, a feeling of power surging through her. She stepped back a pace and lifted her right leg and placing the flat of her sole and three inch heel on his chest she pushed.

John, balancing on his knees was in no position to resist and sprawled onto his back. Once his surprise was over he lifted his shoulders and held himself clear of the floor on his elbows. Josie moved forward so that she stood astride his waist, placing the same foot as before she slowly exerted pressure. No words were spoken as gradually her weight began to tell and he spread his arms, so once more he lay, supine beneath her.

She wore a smug, superior expression as she pulled her blonde hair back behind one ear, then deliberately slow she lowered herself to her knees. Her bottom rested warm on his chest and John guessed what she intended and gripped her buttocks to pull her toward his hungry mouth.

Josie immediately grabbed his wrists and removed his hands “you touch only when I say you can,” she said and pressed his arms down at his sides. Looking all the time at his face she inched forward until her pussy was just a few inches from his chin “lick me,” she commanded.

John had never experienced such a position: Fully clothed and submissively waiting for a sexy, almost naked woman to feed him her wet and beautiful pussy. He felt he must be in heaven as he opened his mouth in anticipation.

But Josie didn’t move, she sat with her treasure tantalizingly close, inviting and waiting. She was in control and she wanted him to come to her, so lifting his head with tongue extended he stretched his neck. He tried hard, straining with the effort but managed to barely touch her. He tried again then slumped back in defeat.

“Would you like me to move forward?” She enquired with a pout.

“Y, yes please.”

“You’ll have to ask nicely,” she teased, thoroughly enjoying the game.

John didn’t care what he had to do, he just wanted to taste her “Please Josie can I…”

“No! Ask properly. Beg me; I want to hear you beg… And call me…” She pretended to think for a second or two “you must call me Miss Josie.”

John breathed heavy “Please Mistress Josie please let me lick you?”

John’s misuse of her title didn’t escape her and she smiled wickedly, shuffling forward a few inches “how’s that slave boy?”

John felt his cock throb at her description and obediently tried again.

This time he managed to make full contact and licked the full length of her delicious pussy bringing forth a contented sign from above. Encouraged, he flicked his tongue up through her labia and over her clit, he repeated the act and was rewarded when she cradled the back of his head relieving some of the pain building in his neck. He used every trick he knew, washing her wet folds with his tongue and sucking her flesh between his eager lips, relishing and swallowing her juices greedily.

Without conscious thought Josie began writhing against his mouth, and within a couple of minutes she felt her climax building, a climax she wasn’t going to deny. Her hips jerked as the beautiful pain increased and she gripped his hair holding his mouth firmly in place.

“Yes, yes, there, like that,” she gasped as he sucked on her clitoris, and circled the sensitive ankara kurtuluş escort bud with his tongue.

She stiffened, almost pulling his hair from its roots and making him groan in pain, but she didn’t care and John paid no heed, his only thought was to give her the orgasm she desired.

Collapsing forward she pressed her weight over his busy mouth. She ground her crotch hard down on his face, mashing his lips against his teeth and his head against the floor. She clenched her jaws and every muscle strained as she jerked in climax, John’s discomfort and the fact that he couldn’t breathe lost to her in the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling.

John never for a second slowed his ministrations, working hard to retain contact with her pussy, it was only due to fear of suffocation that he was forced to lift her slightly and twist his head clear.

Josie leaned back, resting on her outstretched arms “fuck! That was awesome!” She said between breaths and looking down at John’s proud grin between her spread thighs.

“We aim to please,” he said, breathing equally as hard.

“You ain’t finished yet slave boy. Just give me a second,” she said with a grin and wiped her forearm across her brow. After a brief rest Josie composed herself then lay forward on top of John to kiss him. Her hand sneaked down between their bodies to feel his hard cock, and she pulled her head back, grinned and twitched her eyebrows “I’m impressed,” she said, giving his erection a squeeze.

John wasn’t sure whether her admiration was for his oral skills or the size of his manhood, he liked to think it was both and he grinned. She kissed him again while skillfully undoing his trousers and finally releasing his neglected cock. Keeping the contact she maneuvered her way down his body until her face was inches from his penis. With one small hand wrapped around his stiff length she teasingly licked the thick precum from the bulbous head. Then broadening her grin she took him into her mouth.

John lay back with a contented groan, it was literally years since he’d felt a hand other than his own holding his cock and he couldn’t remember the last time lips had touched him there. If he died now he’d die happy. Lifting his head he watched fascinated, he wasn’t over endowed but he wasn’t small by any means and Josie already had two thirds of his cock in her mouth and taking a bit more each time she bobbed her head. Her sole concentration was on his prick and she sucked, creating a delicious vacuum with her mouth. Soon her lips touched her hand, almost at his groin and she held him with just her thumb and forefinger. Her head pressed down holding there and he felt her tongue swirling around his shaft. Eventually she lifted her head and coughed, grinning as drool poured from her mouth. Meeting his eyes she dipped her head and swallowed him again, repeating the process over and over until he thought he’d go insane with pleasure.

Eventually Josie took him entirely, her lips pressed against his public hair. John watched, amazed and so aroused. He’d seen pictures, watched videos, but never in his life did he imagine just how wonderful it would feel. Josie held him there, the head of his cock deep in her throat and then she seemed to use internal muscles to massage him and he thought he might explode.

But it was as if she knew what he was feeling, as though she could tell exactly when to stop, because she pulled her head clear just when he was about to cum.

“Aghh, oh God no, please,” John moaned.

Josie looked at him with a wicked grin “Not yet, soon,” she said, looking anything but sorry. Then she swung one leg over his thighs “I’m going to fuck you now, I’m going to fuck you until you’re balls are dry. Then you’re going to lick me again until I can’t take anymore. You got that slave boy?” and biting her lip she positioned her pussy and lowered herself onto his up thrust cock, then with a sigh she closed her eyes and began working her hips, riding him slowly.

John too sighed, loving that amazing feeling he had been denied for so long. Dreamily he reached out and took the liberty of fondling her breasts, she didn’t object, and he smiled anew “Yes please Mistress,” he said, his voice hoarse.


The following morning John entered the office in high spirits. Josie sat at her desk reading a trade magazine with her back to the door and didn’t hear him approach. She jerked in surprise and shock when he reached over her shoulders from behind to hold her breasts.

“It was only supposed to be a one off.” She said, gripping his wrists and pulling his hands away from her boobs.

John stared at her, feeling suddenly embarrassed “I’m sorry,” he said. For once he’d felt confident enough to take the initiative but it seemed he had made a big mistake.

Josie stood and turned to face him “I said it was just a one off,” she repeated.

“no I meant I’m sorry for…you know? ” he explained, holding out his hands as though they were to blame, as though he didn’t control them.

“You can’t just grab my tits like that,” she said, a flush of anger on her face.

“I’m sorry,” John apologized once more.

Then she suddenly grinned and again grabbed his wrists to pull his hands to her chest “You should do it like this,” she said, and as John stood in confusion she moved closer to kiss him ” I’m was teasing you,” she whispered.

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