John and Jennifer finally Hook Up

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When John had started off as a lowly 22 year old intern, Jennifer had been 33 and smoking hot. He had wanted her from the moment he first saw her, age difference be damned. The first thing he had noticed was her divine figure. Her hips screamed fertility, curving seductively to form the hourglass figure he couldn’t take his eyes off of for any reason other than to look at her voluptuous chest. Her breasts filled up any shirt she wore, and John was sure that her bras struggled to contain them. On some days, her nipples poked through both shirt and bra. It was difficult to maintain eye contact on those days, her bulging breasts and hard nipples begging to be looked at. He had hoped for a day when she would show off some cleavage with a sexier top, but it never had never happened. The two had barely spoken at first, but eventually developed a rapport that involved constant flirting on both sides that never led anywhere.

That was five years ago. John had spent only a few months at the company, moving onto better things relatively quickly. He had thought of Jennifer occasionally, never forgetting that figure and those titties but naturally thinking about them less and less as time passed. She hadn’t crossed his mind for a few months before that fateful day they met again and he had asked her to go out for coffee to catch up. She had accepted, and the cleavage John had wished for back then showed up. She wore an olive green top that buttoned low enough to show off her breasts, larger now with the slight weight gain the years had put on her. Their outing had gone well, and they found themselves back at her place, ostensibly for John to quickly fix the kitchen sink that had been giving 1xbet yeni giriş her problems. It was a simple fix, and within five minutes John was ready to leave.

John walked to the door and turned around to say goodbye. Jennifer was staring at him, silent. John stared back.

“We should do this again soon,” she said. “I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” replied John, unsure of whether or not she meant it or was simply trying to be polite. His doubt didn’t last long. Jennifer’s response was to seductively bite her lip as she scanned John up and down lustfully.

The two stood for what seemed like an eternity before John made the first move. He slowly undid the first button of her shirt, his penis growing in anticipation of seeing and touching those full breasts he had fantasized about for so long. Seven buttons later, her shirt was open and a white bra was all that prevented her titties from being completely bared. As much as he wanted to undo her bra and grab handfuls of her chest, he restrained himself and instead took a step forward, outlining her voluptuous hips with his hands until he reached the waistline of her black pants. A tiny bit of her white panties showed above the button of her pants, turning him on even more.

Before her green shirt could hit the ground, the two were furiously making out. John’s hand’s quickly found the back of Jennifer’s bra, unhooking it and letting it fall to the ground. Her huge breasts spilled out and he grabbed them lustfully, kneading them with his fingers as he rubbed those erect nipples that had turned him on years ago with his thumbs. Jennifer undid his pants and grabbed his hard cock as they fell to the floor, slowly 1xbet giriş and deliberately stroking as he played with her titties.

She dropped to her knees suddenly, continuing to stroke him all the way. She teased the head of his dick with her tongue for a few seconds before taking it in her mouth. Precum mixed with saliva as she passionately sucked her lover, his hand grabbing the hair on the back of her head. Jennifer had had plenty of cocks in her mouth over the years, but this one excited her like none before. Something about the spontaneity of their encounter aroused her to no end, and she made sure to show it with the way she fellated John. This hookup was born out of pure lust, but John didn’t know it by the way she sucked him. He nearly ejaculated when her eyes met his, his cock still in her mouth, her tongue pleasuring him. When she felt her pussy moisten, she stopped.

Jennifer wanted John in her so badly that she didn’t bother taking him up to her room. She led by the hand to her couch and sat him down. She pulled down her pants in front of him, leaving her totally nude save for a skimpy pair of panties. John kissed her stomach as he slowly rolled them down to reveal the sexy hips that he had lusted after for so long. He felt a thin layer of pubic hair as he kissed her pelvis, tracing the outline of her hips with his hands all the way.

John brought Jennifer down onto the couch on her back. He kissed her for a few seconds on the lips before making his way to her ear, then her neck, then her chest between her titties. Her nipples were as hard as ever when John began passionately sucking them. Jennifer loved it. She gasped and moaned as he sucked one nipple 1xbet güvenilirmi while he squeezed the other breast, alternating between the two. John could hardly believe that the nipples of this woman he had lusted over for years were in his mouth, his tongue feeling their hardness. He kept at it for several minutes, lightly nibbling one nipple as he pinched the other, sucking one as he rubbed the other with his thumb.

Finally, he made his way down to her pussy. He began teasing her clit, slowly at first. The arch of Jennifer’s back made her sizable breasts look even larger than usual, her erect nipples pointing to the sky. John orally pleasured her for several minutes, one of Jennifer’s hands on the back of his head as the other rubbed her own breasts. As soon as she climaxed, she grabbed his head with both hands and yanked him up to her face.

“Make love to me,” she whispered. He kissed her as he obliged her request.

They both gasped when his hardness entered her wetness. He cupped her face with both hands and looked into her eyes as he slowly thrust into her vagina, gasps and moans escaping her lips. He lost himself in his rhythmic thrusts, his hands alternating between her breasts and face. After about five minutes, her legs were on his shoulders as he thrust deeply and quickly. Jennifer’s moans turned him on even more than he already was. They had grown loud and unrestrained, matching the intensity of their lovemaking.

Ten minutes later, Jennifer’s legs were wrapped around her lover. She wanted him to fill her, and she let him know. Ordinarily, John would never do such a thing during the first fuck, but he had waited so long and her requesting him to do so in the moment out of sheer passion was too much. He let out a lustful groan as he finished inside of Jennifer. He collapsed to his side, taking her in his arms. Neither knew what the future would hold, but for now each was the other’s whole world.

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