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JiuJitsu Boy Chapter 8 Check out photos of Jamie, Sebastian and friends on my WordPress site

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Where we left off…

Morning came too early. They had to get to the shop to open up. “Bagels for breakfast today?”

“Sure, dad.”

They drove to the shop, stopped at the bagel store, got bagels, juices and milk and went to open the shop. They turned on all the lights on, flipped the open sign and had their bagels at the front counter. A few minutes later Sam came in and Jamie ran back to get to work fixing things.

Back to the story

After lunch, Bruce came by to get Jamie for his class. “Hey Jamie, time to start the kick boxing class. Sebastian will be here soon.”

“Let me grab my shorts and I”ll be right there.”

Jamie grabbed his shorts and decided to change in the back room. He came out barefoot and only wearing black silky shorts. He ran over to Bruce”s studio. Sebastian had just arrived and saw Jamie and smiled so big. “Hi Jamie, I”ll be right out.” He was definitely liking what he saw. He ran to the changing room and came out in red silky shorts.

Bruce had the boys stand in front of him while he wrapped their hands, put their mouth guards in and smeared Vaseline on their cheek bones. He gave them each a pair of pads for their hands to deflect kicks.

“Alright boys, to the mat.” Bruce barked like a drill instructor.

“Face me.” They turned. “Face each other.” They did. “Bow.” The boys did, even though that was not part of the boxing, but Bruce had his way of doing things.

“Sebastian, put out your right hand at shoulder level. Jamie, use your right foot to kick his hand. Bounce twice, then kick.”

Jamie did as he was told and he hit Sebastian”s pad dead center.

“Great, Jamie, hand out, Sebastian, kick.”

Sebastian bounced twice, lifted his foot and ended up kicking Jamie in the eye. Jamie fell to the mat and grabbed his face. Sebastian ran over to his friend. “Sorry, I slipped Jamie. Let me see.” Bruce was right there too. There was no blood, but the cheek was starting to puff up.

“Sebastian, run to the freezer and grab two ice packs and a couple of face towels. Hurry.”

Sebastian did as he was told. He returned in seconds and Bruce applied the ice to Jamie”s face. “Go get Jamie”s dad from next door.” Sebastian ran over to the shop and found Mark. Sebastian had a look of terror on his face and Mark didn”t know what was going on. “Sebastian, what”s wrong?”

“I slipped and kicked Jamie in the face. He”s hurt.”

They ran to the studio to find Jamie sitting up with Bruce holding the ice pack to his face.

“He”s abidinpaşa escort going to have a shiner, that”s for sure.” Bruce commented. “We got ice on it quickly, but there”s no way this isn”t going to show. Sorry Mark.”

“Why apologize to me, Jamie”s the one that”s hurt.”

“You trusted me to train him.”

“Right, but part of training is getting hurt and learning. It wasn”t done on purpose.”

“No, I”m sorry Jamie, I didn”t mean to, I just slipped.” Sebastian said as he sat next to Jamie with his arm around him. Please forgive me.”

Jamie wasn”t mad, in fact, he thought it was funny and decided it was his turn to get a laugh. “You just wait. When you”re not looking, I”m gonna…”

“Jamie! Don”t talk to him like that.” Mark stopped him.

“I”m gonna do this.” He reached over and grabbed Sebastian”s head, pulled him close and leaned in and blew a raspberry on his cheek. Everyone busted up laughing and the ice pack came off and you could see the shape of a boys foot on Jamie”s face.

They saw that and laughed more. Jamie could see it in the mirrors on the walls.

“Well, Sebastian, while you”re here, Jamie wanted to know if you wanted to come over to swim and have a sleepover tomorrow afternoon.”

“I”d love to. We can ask my dad when he gets here to pick me up.”

“He”s invited too, for the barbecue and swimming, not the sleepover.”

They kept the ice on Jamie, but it didn”t help much. They got Sebastian”s dad to agree to bring him over around 3.

Mark and Jamie went back to the shop until they could close, They made arrangements for Sam to open and close the shop tomorrow so they could stay home. They stopped by a drive through on the way home for dinner. “We really need to start eating better. I”m glad Sebastian can come spend the night with you. Remember, neither of you have to do anything you don”t want to and you need to ask permission of the other first. Don”t pressure him or be pressured.”

“I know. I”m not sure I want to do anything, but we will figure it out. But tonight, I want to take care of you.”

With that, Jamie slid down and took Mark”s cock in his mouth. He decided tonight he would swirl his tongue and hum. That seemed to do the trick and Mark quickly rewarded the boy with his load. Jamie did pretty good swallowing it all down, but there was a bit that dripped and he had to lick up some of it. Once he was done, Mark reached over to take care of Jamie, but was pushed away with a simple “Tonight was for you, dad.”

They got to sleep in. After all, Sam was opening the shop and Jamie had a guest for the evening. Morning wood brought both of them together and they ran to the bathroom to empty their bladders. “Go get your room ready for your sleepover. You need to put your things away and put that suitcase back in the garage.”

“I will dad. Can we have pancakes today?”

“Sure, I”ll get those going while you get your room cleaned up. We need to make our bed too and make sure none of your things are in there. We aren”t sure how Sebastian and his dad feel about what we do.”

“I know, adana escort but remember, I”m always naked in our room.”

“That”s very true.”

While Jamie cleaned, Mark cooked. Breakfast was over in a flash and they went to the store to buy the items for the burgers and fixings. “We need to get enough for six since Liam and Taylor are coming too. I better text Liam to bring enough dessert for six.” Mark shot off a text and they went out to get the supplies. Once they got back, Jamie was nervous. He made sure the towels were out, that his room was spotless, that everything was in order. He didn”t know what he wanted to do yet, he was torn. Mark was his lover, but he”d never been with a boy, just with Bruce and Mark. What if Liam or Taylor want to play, or Sebastian”s dad? Too many things were going through his head so he just kept fiddling with things.

Around 3 the guests began to arrive. Sebastian and his dad were first. Jamie grabbed Sebastian by the hand and took him to see the fish. “Wow, those are cool.” You could hear Sebastian commenting.

“Care for a drink?” Mark asked Marlin, Sebastian”s dad. “Sure, do you have a beer?”

“I usually don”t have any, but didn”t know if you drank or not, so I grabbed a six pack.”


Jamie was showing Sebastian all the fish when he commented, “you don”t have my brother in there.”


“Nemo. My parents are huge Disney fans and since my dad is named Marlin, they named my older brother Nemo. I got Sebastian. I guess they figured I”m just a crab. Oh well.”

“But Nemo is a saltwater clown fish, these are fresh water fish, so they wouldn”t be able to survive.”

“Oh, I don”t know much about fish.”

The doorbell rang as Taylor and Liam arrived. Liam took the bag of ice cream and goodies to Mark to put in the freezer. Mark called the boys over. “If you guys want to swim, you can head out. There are towels on the deck, you can change in the bathroom by the pool and if you want, there”s an outdoor shower to rinse off before or after you swim. The pool is warm.

“Dad, do we have to wear suits?”

“It”s only polite with company Jamie, but you can ask if they mind if you swim naked.”

“Anyone care?” Jamie didn”t wait for an answer as he dropped his shorts and ripped off his tee before running out the door and jumping in the pool.

Sebastian looked at his dad and his dad just smiled. Sebastian stripped and followed. Taylor wasn”t as quick, but he wasn”t far behind. Now three naked boys were frolicking in the pool. Since Taylor was the biggest, in more ways than one, he was tossing the boys in the pool as they played. Both Jamie and Sebastian spent a lot of time around Taylor who didn”t seem to mind being the center of attention, however the boys were just checking out the big boy”s junk. Taylor”s cock was at half mast. He had to admit, lifting and touching the naked boys was a bit of a turn on. They boys were feeling his cock too, acting like it was an accident.

The shock was when he looked up to see Mark, Liam and Marlin stark naked, walking to the pool. Marlin should have been named Moby since adıyaman escort he had a huge cock. That thing could put an eye out and swung from side to side as he walked to the pool. Taylor was mesmerized by it. He realized he was staring when he looked up to catch Marlin staring at him. “Cannonball” Marlin screamed as he took a couple of big steps and landed right in front of Taylor splashing water out of the pool and causing waves that moved the boys around. Mark and Liam were laughing and jumped in behind him. Liam had a bag wrapped around his hand, but that didn”t stop him from having fun.

The jury was out on Marlin. Was he cool or not, did he know what Mark and Liam had with their boys? They had to be careful, so Mark took charge to make sure nothing was left to chance. He already had officer ass-wipe doing everything he could to separate them, he didn”t need another reason.

Marlin joined Taylor in tossing the younger boys. They worked up an appetite and finally all of them got out. Mark and Liam manned the barbecue, wearing an apron of course, and soon the burgers were ready.

Everyone sat around the table by the pool and Jamie took a bite of his burger and shot ketchup right down his chest. Taylor laughed.

Sebastian had a confused look on his face. He wanted to lick it up, but he wasn”t sure if he should. He giggled, leaned in and licked it off of Jamie”s chest. Nobody said anything, but Liam and Taylor locked eyes and got an evil grin. Liam nodded down to Taylor who was sitting on the same side as the boys and Taylor looked down, looked back at Liam an nodded yes. The boys both had boners. Marlin seemed clueless. Liam nudged Mark who already had an idea of what had transpired.

The boys hurried and ate and then ran to lay on the lounges by the pool, face down of course. They talked and talked, hoping that their boners would go down.

Dessert time came so Liam and Mark retrieved the ice cream, toppings and bananas from the kitchen. They placed a split up banana in each bowl, opened the tubs of ice cream and let the boys scoop in their own flavors and toppings. The can of whipped cream tempted the boys, but for now, it ended up on the dessert.

Noses got covered with whipped cream as the boys ate. Taylor even got his share of cream on his nose. Liam mouthed a lick out of sight of Marlin which caused Taylor to giggle. Once dessert was cleaned up it was time for Marlin, Taylor and Liam to leave.

“Thanks for the dinner and dessert guys, I”ll come get Sebastian around 11 tomorrow if that”s OK.”

“Sure, that would be great. Liam, Taylor, thanks for coming. Hope to see you guys soon. Swing by when you go to Bruce”s for class.”

“Will do.” Liam hugged Mark and off they went.

The boys hopped in the pool again while Mark finished cleaning things up. He was at the sink when Jamie came in to talk to him.

“Dad, I want Seb to go home now.”

End JiuJitsu Boy Chapter 8 – Andrew Thomas If you haven”t alread meet Taylor and Liam, you can read about them in Gingerbread Boy Published stories The Gingerbread Boy Gay: Adult/Youth https://www.//gay/adult-youth/gingerbread-boy/ Splashing in the streetsGay: Young Friends https://www.//gay/young-friends/splashing-in-the-streets.html JiuJitsu BoyGay: fty//gay/adult-youth/jiujitsu-boy/ The Test DriveGay: fty//gay/adult-youth/the-test-drive/ You can see what”s in the works here:Andrew Thomas, Nifty Author ess

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