Jill Ch. 08

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Chapter 7 of Jill’s story was submitted with illustrations created with the program Poser Pro by the author. The illustrations were probably some of my most realistic renders to date. After being reviewed by the editors at least 38 times, Jill Ch. 07 remains in a “Pending Approval” status. What you would have learned from that chapter is that Andi, Jill’s 19 year-old daughter, is an innocent, coy, anal slut, but still technically a virgin elsewhere. She meets one of her more serious boyfriends at his place of work, and happily pleasures both her boyfriend, and after they are discovered, his boss. On with the story.

Jill Ch. 08

Jill spent Monday morning finishing up paperwork on a few clients, and looking at the previous week’s new listings. There were days when she really liked being a real estate agent. This was one of them. She really didn’t feel like spending the entire day in the office, so she took the afternoon off.

Brian was due back on Tuesday, so Jill decided to clean up the house. She managed to remain the dutiful wife and mother, but both jobs seemed to take a back seat to house-showing, lately. She used to know every boy or girl that Andi would talk about in high school, but now that Andi was attending college, she seemed unable to put a face with a name of any of Andi’s friends.

Jill was putting another load of clothes in the washer when she heard the front door open.

“Mom, are you decent? I brought company.” Andi called out.

Jill wasn’t expecting anyone, so she wore only baggy shorts, a half-shirt, and no bra or underwear. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she wore her glasses instead of contact lenses. Typical house cleaning clothes for Jill.

“Mom, this is my… friend, Mark.” Andi introduced. “Mark, this is my mom, Jill.”

Jill’s pussy became moist as quickly as her legs went weak. She shook Mark’s outstretched hand, but couldn’t conceal the redness of her face.

“Have we met, Ms. Jill?” Mark asked.

“I don’t think so.” Jill answered quickly. This was the same young man that had his way with almanbahis her on camera only a few nights ago. He was one of many men to defile her that night, in almost every way imaginable. He was also the same young man that compared fucking her ass to that of fucking the ass of her daughter. Her daughter, whom had promised her that she would remain a virgin until she was married.

“Nice to meet you, Mark.” Jill composed herself.

She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought about this sooner. That night seemed so long ago, and almost dreamlike. Whatever drug had been administered to her had a sedative/hypnotic and memory-impairing side effect. Now that she remembered, she felt the embarrassment being quickly replaced with anger.

“Andi, can I talk to you for a minute?” Jill wasn’t asking, and Andi knew it.

Andi hesitated, but knew best to not get into an argument with her mother about anything – especially in front of Mark. She showed Mark to the kitchen so he could find something to drink and then met Jill in the garage.

“What?” Andi asked in typical teenaged fashion.

“Are you sleeping with him?” Jill asked. “Are you having sex with him?”

“What makes you say that?” Andi asked, genuinely curious.

“Nevermind ‘why’ I’m asking. Just answer the question.” Jill firmly demanded.

“I’m still a virgin, if that’s what you want to know.” Andi said unconvincingly.

Jill paused for a moment, not sure how bad it was going to sound, but decided to say it anyway.

“Anal virgin?” Jill exhaled.

Andi’s face went white. How could she know? Did she find the enemas? Were there come stains in her panties? She hadn’t always told her mother everything, but she didn’t make a habit out of lying to her mother, either. This was big. She couldn’t hide this one.

“No.” Andi sighed. She explained that she had experimented with anal sex as a way to keep boys interested, when they would have gotten bored with her otherwise. She also admitted to giving blowjobs, which Jill accepted much more easily. “How did you know?”

“Mother’s almanbahis yeni giriş intuition, and then some,” Jill answered. “Just be careful, Andi. There are a lot of guys out there that may seem nice. But deep down, they’re not. I don’t want you to get hurt, okay?” Jill paused for a moment. “Do you enjoy it – anal sex?”

“Yeah, I mean, not at first.” Andi answered. “At first, it hurt really bad. But when you do it a lot, you get used to it, and eventually it starts to feel good.” Andi realized she said more than she wanted to. “I don’t know if you and dad ever tried it, but you should.”

Andi went back to check on Mark, leaving Jill standing motionless in the garage. Mark being in her house triggered more memories of that surreal night. This was literally hitting too close to home. Her daughter recommending that she experiment with anal sex momentarily left her in a catatonic state.

Andi found Mark in the bathroom, naked, washing his cock in the sink.

“Really? What if my mom walked by?” Andi half-joked.

“The more the merrier! Besides, your mom is pretty hot.” Mark laughed, stroking his cock to erection. “Wanna finish this?” He didn’t have to tell her twice.

Mark had no feelings for Andi, whatsoever. He held more than one part-time job this summer. When he wasn’t working at a hardware store, he was working with tools of a different trade. He was one of about a dozen guys recruited by Officer Friendly to star in low-budget porn videos, and occasionally, tasked with finding female “talent” for a variety of positions.

He had met Andi in high school. He had been a year ahead of her, so their paths rarely crossed. He thought she was pretty, but Andi was right; he was not the marrying type. He was going to be a businessman, and he liked to fuck. That about summed up Mark.

He knew Andi wouldn’t take a cock in her pussy willingly, but she loved to suck cock. There was work for girls like her. One of the porn “fluff” girls just quit so she could get married. If he worked on her long enough, Andi would be almanbahis giriş a perfect replacement. She’d get to suck a lot of cocks and get paid well for doing it, although she might be disappointed that she wouldn’t get to taste the results of her efforts. Her job would be to blow men back to erection so they could fuck on camera quickly following an orgasm. Andi seemed to get aroused by the mouthfuls of come she had swallowed over the last few months. He’d have to convince her that’s why they called it “work.”

Jill was startled out of a trance by the clothes dryer buzzer. The wrinkle-free cycle continued, waiting for Jill to stop the machine and empty it’s contents. When she pulled the door opened, the machine stopped. The house was quiet. She thought she would hear Andi talking with Mark, but there were no other sounds in the house.

She put the clean clothes in the basket to take to her bedroom for folding.

Jill almost dropped the basket of clothes as Andi and Mark quickly brushed past her.

“Going out for awhile, mom.” Andi called out. “Don’t wait up.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jill,” Mark added with a smirk. He didn’t hide the fact that he was buttoning up his jeans as he walked out.

Jill could only imagine that her daughter was minutes away from getting fucked in the ass again. She began to remember more about that night when Mark and several others had their way with her. His cock was big, but he also knew how to use it. Jill’s pussy suddenly became wet, soaking her baggy jogging shorts. She peeled down the shorts and reached under the bed, searching through the recently acquired collection of dildos.

“That looks about right,” Jill said as she removed one of the larger toys from its box.

She pulled off her half-shirt, carefully placed her glasses on the nightstand, and lay on the bed. There was no need to lubricate the toy. Her pussy was already dripping wet. She raised her knees and guided the head of the toy to her glistening opening.

Jill could only get half the length inside her, but that was enough. As she thought about Mark’s big dick fucking her daughter’s ass, the walls of her vagina constricted around the toy. She gasped as the orgasm took her by surprise.

The tiny camera Mark had placed on her husband’s dresser captured every detail.

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