Jason’s Education Pt. 02

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The duvet barely moved.


Jason groaned. His hand fumbled out from under the covers and reached for the snooze button. He wished he could just stay in bed, but he had already taken yesterday off. He didn’t want to deal with a doctor’s note or other formalities that a longer absence from school would require.

He sighed and sat up. He really did not want to face his mom or his sister. Or anybody for that matter. It had been a whirlwind of experiences that tested and probed his boundaries. He could hear both of them talking downstairs. After waiting for a few minutes, he decided that there was no way he was going to be able to avoid them this morning if he wanted to get to school on time.

Jason pulled on a clean T shirt and some gym shorts and opened the door to his bedroom. Picking up his backpack as quietly as possible, he slipped down the stairs and made a beeline to the front door.

“Look who’s up!” said Nicky.

“Are you trying to avoid us?” she asked.

Jason mumbled and looked for his keys.

“Don’t be like that. Come and get some breakfast. I made you some eggs,” said his mom.

Jason got a little more frenzied as he searched for his keys, debating whether to just leave without his keys. He finally gave up and walked over to the breakfast table. He headed to the furthest spot possibly but Nicky nudged back the stool next to her with her foot and said, “Here, sit next to me.”

Jason was silent as he prodded his eggs with his fork.

“Jason, I know that you’re really confused about last night,” said Nicky.

“Neither of us expected things to go where they did,” said his mom.

Jason did not look up. He just poked a piece of fruit with his fork and stuffed it in his mouth.

“These things sometimes happen, honey. It doesn’t change the fact that we are family and that is the most important thing,” said his mom.

“It is perfectly natural to react the way you did. That is how a teenager is supposed to react when someone puts his dick in their mouth,” said Nicky.

“Jeez, just let me eat,” snapped Jason.

“Even if that mouth is your mom’s. Sigh! I know it’s weird, believe me. None of this is normal,” said his mom.

Jason just kept eating. He didn’t want to look up or talk to anyone.

Nicky reached over and touched his arm to comfort him. Jason let his shoulders relax just a little. He knew that they had both just been trying to cheer him up until things got out of hand last night.

“See, much better,” said Nicky.

Jason was in fact feeling a little better. It was the first time in days that adiosbet yeni giriş he had had a meal together with anyone. Nicky put her hand on his knee and squeezed it.

“Just remember that none of this is your fault,” she said.

Jason shrugged. It was hard for him to distance himself from the events. Had he committed incest? Jeez! It was ‘double’ incest with both his mom and his sister. Is it a crime? Do you get double the sentence? One the one hand, his mind was racing with these intense thoughts. At the same time, Nicky’s comforting touch as she stroked his thigh kept him from spiraling out of control.

As this tug of war between peace and chaos continued, he started to sense a slightly different reaction. Every time Nicky’s hand reached up to the top of his thigh, his dick throbbed ever so slightly. He was getting slightly hard from her hand brushing up close to where his dick was. He was wearing boxers and gym shorts and things were quite loosely packed away.

Nicky was quite oblivious to the reaction she was causing and continued to comfortingly stroke Jason. The turbulent thoughts took a backseat for a second as Jason focused on the more pleasurable sensation that Nicky’s hand was causing in him.

Every time Nicky’s hand reached the top of his thigh, his dick throbbed a little, causing his shorts to tent ever so slightly. It was not enough for her to notice.

Jason grew quiet as his mom and Nicky continued to talk. At one point, when Nicky’s hand reached the top of his thigh and his dick jerked up, her hand paused.

For a second, her hand just stayed where it was. Jason held his breath.

Then, Nicky’s hand continued down back to Jason’s knee. After a couple of soft swirls around his knee, her hand proceeded up his thigh like before, but Jason could swear that the pace was ever so slightly slower this time.

Jason’s heart was pounding now. Her hand reached the top of his thigh and paused. Jason was using all his mental concentration to suppress a jerk. There was only so much he could do. It felt like an eternity, but probably just a second.


There it went, straining the thin fabric of his gym shorts as his dick leaped up in excitement.

Nicky’s hand remained at the top of his thigh and did not move. Jason could hear his mom talking, but Nicky was now silent.

Nobody moved for an eternity.


It happened again. Jason’s dick leaped up again in excitement.

This time, Nicky continued her hand stroking, but instead of moving her hand back down to Jason’s knee, she traced the outline of his pencil thin dick pressed against adiosbet giriş his gym shorts.

Jason’s dick leaped up in a tense standoff of Jason’s willpower against the electric sensations racing up his shaft wherever Nicky touched him.

Jason leaned his head back a little and stuck his hips out a little on the chair to get comfortable.

Nicky took the sign to grasp his dick a little more firmly as she moved her hand up and down.

“As I was saying, kids…” said Jason’s mom and her voice trailed off as she saw Jason’s vacant expression. She leaned her head to the side to look around the countertop to see Nicky’s hand gently rubbing Jason up and down.

Time stood still as she stood in the kitchen, watching her daughter pleasure her son. There was now a wet patch on the front of Jason’s shorts as he started to ooze pre-cum.

Jason’s mom sighed and then reached over to lift both his shorts and his boxers in one swift motion over his stiff manhood. This time, Jason did not resist and lifted his butt slightly off the kitchen stool and let his clothes fall down to his ankles.

Nicky got down on her knees and gently put Jason’s newly freed shaft into her mouth. She immediately felt a salty taste as Jason’s pre-cum coated the insides of her mouth.

Jason opened his eyes to see his mom take off her top. She looked down at her son with kind, loving eyes and then reached down to kiss him. It was a warm and enveloping kiss and Jason loved the feeling of his mom’s tongue on his own tongue. His mom reached over and took his hand in hers and placed it on her ample, warm boobs. Jason squeezed and felt her big, knobby nipple between his finger. This was his mom’s nipple that he was touching!

As he continued to kiss his mom, he felt Nicky quicken her pace. With her free hand, Nicky gently cupped his balls. It felt warm and soft.

Jason’s back arched a little and his hip thrust forward. Nicky took the entirety of his dick in her mouth and gently pressed her entire tongue on to the base of his dick and noisily sucked on it.

Jason groaned. Then a thick spurt of cum shot out from his dick deep into Nicky’s mouth.

“Ungggggghhh….” said Nicky as she quickly tried to swallow the hot, sticky rope that lashed the back of her throat.

“With Jason, when it rains, it pours!” laughed his mom as she held Nicky’s head to help her deal with the deluge that was about to happen.

Jason unleashed a couple of more rapid fire bursts of cum and Nicky pulled back, sputtering. She had tried to swallow his cum but now had cum all around her mouth as she desperately tried to swallow the thick, adiosbet güvenilirmi gooey mess.

Jason’s mom leaned over and took his dick in her mouth. Nicky watched with a cum spattered face as Jason’s dick throbbed, pumping cum into her mom’s mouth. Her mom made eye contact with her but had a far off look in her eyes. After every throb, you could hear the rush of sperm into her mouth. She could see the muscles in her mom’s throat tighten after every spurt, as she struggled to keep up with the volume.

Finally, Jason collapsed back onto his stool, depleted and content. Nicky still kept eye contact with her mom, both of their faces streaked with generous amounts of Jason’s cum.

Nicky kept the blazing eye contact with her mom and then slowly reached over and touched her mom’s boob.

Her mom’s expression changed and she gave Nicky a funny look. Nicky used her other hand to gently push her mom’s shoulder until her mom was on her back on the kitchen floor.

Nicky reached over and grasped her mom’s leggings and panties and brought them down her legs into one tangled mess. Her mom kicked them the rest of the way off her ankles.

Jason sat on the kitchen stool, his slowly deflating dick still drooling a string of cum as his sister buried her face into his mom’s crotch.

He watched as Nicky slowly licked his mom’s clit until it stood stiff and aroused, pointing straight out from between the slightly sagging folds of skin on her pussy.

Nicky’s face was still covered with his cum and he noticed that strands of his cum were now stringing onto his mom’s pubic hair.

He could see his mom’s tummy flutter a little as she got excited. He saw Nicky insert a couple of fingers into his mom’s pussy and rub the ribbed roof of her pussy gently, but purposefully with her fingers.

As the fluttering got more pronounced, he heard his mom moan slightly. Then, suddenly, she slammed her knees together, trapping Nicky’s head in place on her groin and she clutched Nicky’s hair with both her hands.

Her body crunched forward and she made a deep moaning sound that almost made her sound like a whale.


Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over his mom.

She the turned and made eye contact with Jason. She had tears welling up in her eyes, but he could tell that it was because of the intensity of her orgasm.

Jason reached over and kissed his mom. He tasted some of his own sticky cum on her lips as he kissed her. As his cheeks rubbed up against hers, a lot more of his own cum got smeared on his own face.

He then wrapped his arms around her and lay down next to her with his head on her right shoulder. Nicky crawled up and lay down on her mom’s other side, placing her head on her mom’s left shoulder.

All three of them had their faces streaked with Jason’s cum as they snuggled together. They muat have been quite a sight.

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