Janice and Brandi Pt. 02

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Part 02

It was Wednesday, and Janice got the call she’d been waiting for.

“Hey Jan, just got our toys last night, my sister brought them over, and they are ready and waiting for us. My parents are at work, and won’t be home for another couple of hours.” Her voice dropped to a husky purr, as she cooed, “I’m so horny, looking at our toys, imagining laying side by side, fucking our hot, wet pussies. Like to come over, and give our toys their maiden fuck?”

The sexy purr of Brandi’s voice made her lust perk up, and she cooed, “Ohhh yes, I am so ready to ram my wet pussy!”

Janice wasted no time, and in 15 minutes, they were in Brandi’s bedroom.

Brandi stepped up to Janice, and cooed, “Let me get you naked, baby.”

Janice felt her lust perk up, as Brandi gently disrobed her. She saw Brandi’s eyes, alive and full of lust, as she drank in every vision of Janice being stripped down for her pleasure. When Brandi reached behind Janice, her bra was unhooked them gently pushed off her shoulders, and Brandi’s eyes gazed at Janice’s 34 D chest, her fingers stroked at her nipples, making them stiff and pebble hard with excitement.

Brandi cooed, “Ummm, such nice hard tits, you have very sexy nipples, baby.”

Janice felt the thrill as Brandi’s mouth lowered down, and a hot wet mouth slid around her left nipple, Brandi’s tongue licking and laving hotly at her. Jance let out soft growls of pleasure as Brandi’s mouth doted on her right nipple. She then switched over to her left nipple, making sure both nipples felt the extreme pleasure of being sucked and licked at.

Janice bartın escort saw through lust glazed eyes as Brandi lifted away, gave her a look of needy, hungry lust, took to her knees, and gazed at Janice’s hairless, well-waxed mound.

“I just have to kiss that sexy pink hole.”

Janice groaned with pleasure as Brandi proceeded to do exactly that, kissing and gently lapping her labial lips, tasting the juices that were slicking up her lips.

Brandi raised herself up, and cooed, “Just to get you warmed up for our dildos. Now me, strip me naked, lover!”

Janice felt a thrill at being called lover, and she eagerly stripped Brandi’s sexy body. When Brandi’s 34C chest was revealed, Janice eagerly took her nipples in, sucking and licking at them, enjoying Brandi’s coos and soft cries of pleasure. It made Janice as hot as Brandi, sucking her best friend’s nipples was incredibly erotic.

She made both of Brandi’s nipples spit slick, throbbing, and crimson red, as she started to kiss her way downwards, Brandi’s moans of pleasure urging her onwards. Janice’s mind was whispering in her head, ‘gonna do it, gonna kiss Brandi’s tight wet pussy’ making her white-hot and eager.

As Janice settled in position, she saw Brandi spread her stance apart, displaying her equally smooth, well-waxed pussy. Her labial lips were fat and swollen with sexual excitement, the scent of her arousal filled Janice’s nostrils, making her heart thump. They were slicked with her juices, all ready for Janice, and she wasted no time, pushing her head in and licking at the bartın escort bayan delicate lips.

“Mmmmm, oh god, feels so nice.”

The taste of her lover’s wetness was amazing, and she wanted to lick her until her toes curled.

She felt Brandi’s hands pulling her away after a minute, and she looked up eagerly.

“Let’s do our dildos now baby, give them their virgin fuck!”

With a lust-filled smile, Brandi produced their toys of pleasure. They were just like the dildo that Brandi had used while being watched by her sister, both 8 inches long, shaped like a cock with bumpy ridges around the shaft all up and down. One was dark blue in color, and the other one was a deep crimson.

Janice felt the building rush of sexual excitement, she had the deep crimson color dildo in her hands, ready to stuff her tight teen pussy. Just like her best freind, she was 18 and no longer a virgin. Her tight little pussy had only been fucked twice. She knew she was still nice and tight, and stuffing herself was going to be a pleasure, just like Brandi had done when she masturbated for her sister’s watching pleasure. They lay side by side, bodies touching, legs spread as Janice’s right leg was hooked over Brandi’s left, and they nudged their toys of pleasure against themselves. They both started out slowly, rubbing the outside of their lips with the dildo tip, letting out matching purrs of pleasure as the juices of their building lust started to bubble up.

Brandi turned her head, as Janice did the same, Brandi cooed, “Kiss me, baby.”

The feel of escort bartın Brandi’s lips pressed tightly to hers made Janice’s lust perk up, tongue-filled swirls that were just making her pussy wetter and hotter. When they broke the kiss, both girls could feel the red hot lust.

“Ready baby?” Bandi purred, At Janice’s eager nod, she cooed, “Let’s count down, at Now, we both drive in our dildos!”

Janice poised her dildo, seeing Brandi do the same, and Brandi counted down, “3…2…1…NOW!”

Janice pushed hard, and let out a loud gasp as she felt her pussy breached, right next to her, Brandi’s loud squeal joined in, as she impaled herself.

Janice felt a huge bolt of lust as she buried her dildo to the base. The feel of the ridges spreading her open, the elasticity of her tight young cunt clutching at them on the outstroke, to be spread open again on the instroke, holy fuck, this was WAY beyond fingers.

Brandi was looking at Janice as she impaled herself, enjoying the look of bliss on her face. It was just like the way she had felt when she had masturbated for her sister’s viewing pleasure, it had been so hot, wantonly pleasuring herself while her sister watched her.

They were both too excited to last, and loud shrieks soon filled the bedroom as two hot and horny pussies exploded in a rush of wet, sizzling pleasure, two sleek teen girls flopping around on the bed, bolts of lust-filled pleasure surging through them.

They spawled back, gasping like racehorses, and Brandi cooed, “Next time, we use the dildos while my parents are fucking!”

Both wanted just a bit more, and before long, they were both in a 69, lapping at each other’s creamy treats, They crested quickly, howls of pleasure filling the air as their centers gave up the cream for them to drink from.

They flopped back in each other’s arms and looked forward to Friday’s nighttime fun.

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