James and Rachel Ch. 06

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So, the sexual journey of James and Rachel continues in this chapter. Really, each chapter can be read as a stand-alone story, but to really get a feel for the love and companionship they share, you should start with chapter one. Like any other writer here on Lit, I love to read your comments, so please, let me know what you think and don’t forget to rate what you read… Now, on to what you came here for:


James felt he and his lover had a fantastic sex life. Really, their time together period was wonderful. He didn’t really have anything to complain about. Sure, Rachel didn’t take charge in the bedroom as often as he liked, but he was still very happy with her. They laughed and had idle chatter as they copulated and could still stay in the mood. He felt they complimented each other well and they could even get through the large majority of their problems. What was there to do but continue enjoying this life?

“I wonder if he’s even thought about what today is,” Rachel thought to herself as she showered after their morning romp in the sheets. “Maybe I can surprise him with a trip to that store; we’ve talked about it but haven’t had the time.” She turned off the water and reached for her towel deciding that that’s what she’d do for him today. After all, it was a special day. She dried and dressed herself and contemplated what they might browse for or even purchase later that day.

As he looked at the time to find his work week was nearly at its end, James wondered to himself what Rachel was going to want to do today. So far, she’d been silent about it and that worried him. “Oh well,” he said to himself aloud. “Oh well, we’ll figure out something, I’m sure.” He finished ringing up the last few customers in his line, cheerfully chatting with them about the weather, recent news and what events were coming up in town, turned off the light for his lane and headed for the time clock. He clocked out, changed out of uniform and said good bye to his coworkers on his way out the doors.

Looking at the clock, Rachel figured James would be home in a few minutes and checked her make-up and outfit. She was wearing a short black skirt with a black thong and a grey, tight strapped top that showed her tits and cleavage deliciously even without a bra underneath like she was wearing it now. Seeing that she looked just as she wanted to, she waited to hear her man putting his bike in the back yard. He’d find the glass door locked and have to come around the front where he’d find her sipping on a drink waiting for him. She was happy that he’d given her a key; it made times like this nice and easy.

James sighed as he tried the back door, found it locked and didn’t see Rachel. “Front door it is then.” He went around the building, and unlocked the front door. Upon opening it, he saw his girlfriend and her outfit and started drooling. He knew something was going to happen, but wasn’t sure what or when, but he wanted it bad. “I’m gonna go take a quick shower and change since it looks like you have something planned and I don’t want to be out of place.” He quickly turned and hurried to the bathroom and showered. Once done, he chose a nice charcoal-grey shirt and his best black jeans, forgoing any undergarments. He dressed quickly, making sure to tuck in his shirt and keep his belt straight. After a quick glance in the mirror and brush of his hair to put the stray hairs in place, he went out to the living room.

Rachel was sipping a glass of soda when she saw James step into the room. “Damn babe, I forgot how well you clean up.” She gave him a slow look from head to toe and back, pausing to admire how his jeans were *just* tight enough at the crotch to accent his package. As she looked, she saw a hint of the chain upon which his ‘S’ shield necklace hung beneath his shirt. She smiled, knowing that he was her very own Superman. She rose, leaving her now empty glass on the end table and crossed the room to where her man stood. “Ready for this, babe?” She asked.

James loved the way his sultry vixen of a girlfriend had looked at him. He knew she couldn’t help but look at his groin and how good it looked in these jeans. “Yeah, where are we going?” He was quite curious as to where the night would take them. Allowing Rachel to take the lead, he closed and locked the door behind them. They got into her car and pulled out onto the street. James noted that Rachel still hadn’t said anything about where they were going or what her plans were. He kept an eye on the road, keeping track of street names as they went along, trying to figure out where they could be headed.

Rachel was thoroughly enjoying not telling James where they were headed or any of her plans for the night. She drove around, taking a longer route than necessary to get around. She could tell James was watching what streets they were passing and which ones they were driving down, he always did. Because of him, she could honestly say they’d never gotten lost together. Soon, she knew bursa escort he’d figure it out. She had to park close to the first place, a nice buffet with Chinese, Japanese, and American foods that they both liked to eat at once in a while. She found an empty spot just a little ways down and maneuvered in. Thankfully, it was after six o’clock and they didn’t have to worry about the meter. Before they got out of the car, Rachel took a strip of silk and tied it across her lover’s eyes, telling him that if he peeks before she says he can take it off, then they will go home and the night will be over.

James was both surprised and turned on when Rachel blindfolded him. He nodded in acceptance of what she said, carefully climbed out and waited for her to guide him from the car. He was pleased that he had managed to teach her how to blindfold someone so well, he couldn’t see through it, nor could he see under it. He was completely blind to his surroundings. Soon, he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders, and he was being gently pushed forward. He walked uncertainly, not sure where he was being steered. He could smell various scents from different restaurants as he passed them, wondering if he would be turned to one of them. Shortly, he was. There were too many scents to sort out inside so he couldn’t quite figure out where they were as he was guided along and told to sit down.

“Don’t say a word or take that blindfold off, I’ll be right back.” Rachel stood, walking with the hostess and telling her she’d like one glass of coke and a pot of green tea. She went to the buffet, and loaded up a plate with rice, udon noodles and various chicken, sea food and beef dishes before returning to the table. She took out her chopsticks and fed James a piece of spicy beef and told him to guess where they were. “You get three guesses. If you guess right, you get to take off the blindfold. If you guess wrong, you have to keep it on.”

Savoring the morsel, James slowly chewed the meat in his mouth. He could taste pepper, beef, cayenne and a few other spices in there. “Hibachi-San?” he asked after swallowing. That was the wrong answer. Soon, he had another piece of meat in his mouth, this time, chicken. He could taste the sweetness of a Chinese lemon sauce. So far, spicy beef and lemon chicken… “That Chinese place by Radio Shack?” he guessed, unable to remember their name. He was given another bite as well as being told that he was incorrect again. This time, he was sure he tasted crab and bacon. “Where would one get crab wrapped in bacon.” he asked himself, still unable to guess it. James thought hard as he chewed slowly. He just couldn’t figure it out. “Babe, I give up. I have no idea where we are.”

Rachel laughed victoriously. “We’re at the Super Buffet, love. I guess I have to keep feeding you since you can’t take that blind fold off now.” She grabbed her fork and as James opened his mouth to say something, she slid a bunch of rice in before his words could come out. Happily, Rachel continued feeding both of them and helping James find his cup of tea. She was so excited for the next part of their outing that she could feel her thong getting a little damp. She couldn’t stop herself from shuddering in pleasure with some of the thoughts she was having, causing James to ask her if she was okay a couple times. “I’m great, dear, just enjoying making YOU feel helpless for once!”

They both had a laugh at that and finished up their second plate before deciding they were finished and got up to pay the check. Rachel then lead James back to the car and helped him get in. “Do I really have to keep the blindfold on, babe?” he asked. He didn’t want to miss keeping track of where they were going in case Rachel got lost.

“Yes you do. And don’t worry; I know how to get where we’re going with no problem.” She could feel herself getting wetter as her thoughts began to get away from her. She pulled out into traffic and headed south. Her destination was in the next town, but she liked it more than the other store in the area. They had a nicer shop and a better selection of merchandise. Not to mention that the staff was much friendlier.

Rachel pulled into a parking space right in front of the store and killed the engine. After telling James to stay put for a moment, she got out and went around to his open door to help him out and into the store. As they entered, she motioned to the gal behind the counter to stay quiet, and pointed to the blindfold covering her boyfriend’s eyes. The cashier nodded and mouthed that if they needed anything, to just ask. Rachel steered James to the back portion of the store and told him that he could take off the blindfold.

James reached back and untied the knot and slowly brought the silk away from his eyes. He slowly opened them, allowing them to adjust and blinked a few times before looking around. “WHOA!” he exclaimed, “Not quite what I was expecting, ha ha.” The first thing his eyes had landed on upon opening was a strap-on bursa escort bayan dildo that was as big around as his fist. He looked at Rachel and asked if there was a reason they were there in that particular part of the store.

“Well, you mentioned that you never had a boyfriend with a big enough dick and that none of your girlfriends ever played with your asshole, so I thought maybe we could get something that I could try using on you.” She could feel herself both blushing and starting to leak down the insides of her thighs from the excitement of thinking about fucking James in the ass with a strap-on dildo. “If you want to, that is.”

James looked at the selection and found one that was inexpensive and looked somewhat close to the same size as his own cock. He pointed at it and asked Rachel how she felt about it. He knew it was going to be in his ass, but he wanted her to be comfortable with it too. “It’s just about the same size as me, I think.” he told her, “but if you want to get a bigger one or smaller, we can talk about that too.” He could feel his member starting to swell in his jeans. He pulled down the seven inch dildo with harness and handed it to the one who would be wearing it.

Rachel looked at the wall with all the sex toys and let her eyes linger on a few of the strap-ons before looking at the one James had handed her. “This one is nice,” she reached for another one, a little smaller than the one she was holding and let her hand brush across the bulge in James’ pants. She liked that he felt like he was getting hard. “What do you think about this one?” She asked, holding up the smaller one.

“It’s too thin and only five inches, I don’t think I’ll get much out of that.” He pointed to the one he’d grabbed, “That one looks like a good size to me.” His jeans were getting to be unbearably tight from thinking and talking about this. “Why don’t we get that one?”

Rachel looked at the two in her hands and put the smaller one back. “Okay, if you think this one is good, we’ll get it.” She then grabbed his crotch teasingly and walked away towards the counter. The cashier then rang up their purchase, and asked if they had found everything alright. Rachel said yes and rubbed her lover’s straining jeans while giving the gal a wink. After she paid for the toy, they went out to the car where Rachel again blindfolded James.

“Babe, what gives,” he asked her, “I thought we were going back to my place to test this thing out?” He still held the strap-on in a bag on his lap. She giggled telling him that he’d have to wait a little longer and that she had one more surprise before the went back. He sat in silence thinking about what Rachel could have in mind next as they drove to the next location. After a bit, he felt the car slowing down and heard what sounded like gravel or dirt under the tires. Confused, he strained to hear more as Rachel turned off the engine.

“I know it’s out of the way, but I want to do something before we go back and see how well you like the strap-on.” Rachel got out of the car as James did the same, still blindfolded. She walked around to him and kissed him hard against the passenger door. Her hand slid down his body, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Soon, his shirt was open and his pants were following suit. Rachel was quite happy to find that he didn’t have anything on under his shirt or jeans and took hold of his hard shaft as it was released from its confines.

James couldn’t help but moan a little as he felt her hand around him. He’d been needing release since she started talking about the strap-on dildos in the store. Sadly, he found he wasn’t getting that release. Instead, Rachel climbed up on top of the roof of the car and took his blindfold off. James was looking straight at the crotch of her thong. “Well, here’s a very pleasant surprise to open my eyes to,” he said as he ran a finger up the inside of each of his lover’s thighs to where they met the material. “Damn babe,” he remarked, “what got you so wet? Your thong is so wet I could squeeze it and make a little puddle1”

“James, dear, if you don’t start licking and fingering my soaking wet pussy, you’re going to be blindfolded, bound and gagged for the whole night after we get back to your house and all you’ll get is to hear me fucking myself with that dildo.” She knew her glare would burn into him with her need and she hoped he would make her cum quick. The only reason she didn’t just go back to his place was because she needed to cum and couldn’t wait any longer. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulled it off, lifting her ass enough to let it under her and then tucked it into James’ shirt pocket.

James could smell the scent of pussy coming from the wet thong in his pocket and moved to Rachel. Two of his fingers slid right into her to the knuckle as his tongue began to dance on her clit. He let his other hand reach up to pull the neckline of her top down and under her tits. Alternating between escort bursa the two, he gave her tits and nipples pinches and twists as he groped them while keeping his other hand busy deep in her cunt and his tongue on her clit. Hearing his lover’s moans drove him to rub her gspot better while his tongue flicked on her clit faster.

Rachel was nearing her first orgasm as she saw headlights round the corner. She couldn’t decide if she should let James continue eating and fingering her or if she should stop him when he stopped and quickly pulled her top back up over her tits. He kept his fingers insider her dripping love hole, however and kept rubbing her gspot as the car drove past. Once the tail lights were gone, she pulled his head back into her crotch and he resumed licking her. She had backed off a bit while the car passed, but James was getting her back up there quickly.

James was conflicted about having stopped to wait for the car to pass. He wanted to make her cum, and they’d talked about fooling around where people could see, but he wasn’t sure if tonight was right for it. He kept attacking her clit with his mouth and her pussy with his fingers as he thought about it. He could hear another vehicle approaching in the distance and debated the option of making her cum as the car passed them, if it went their way. The way she was moaning from his ministrations, it might just be better to get her off before or as the car passed, he decided.

Rachel could hear the car too, and wondered if James would stop this time too. She was close to cumming and at this point didn’t care if someone drove by as her man got her off. She could feel his fingers and tongue slow a little, keeping her right at the edge as the car drew closer. Suddenly, he sucked her clit into his mouth, rubbing and flicking it with his tongue while his fingers went into overdrive in her cunt. Her orgasm crashed over her, bringing out a scream of pleasure as the car slowly passed them. Rachel thought she saw the brake lights come on for a moment, but couldn’t tell and forgot about it as she peaked and started coming down.

James was listening to the car as it came up to them and passed and could tell it had slowed as it passed them. Then, he heard Rachel scream as the walls of her pussy squeezed his fingers with her orgasm. More of her love juices flowed out of her and down his hand and wrist, running down onto the roof of her car and into his goatee. He slowed his fingers and mouth and let her come down easy. He listened to her panting as she caught her breath and then helped her down to the ground. She helped him get himself back into some semblance of order before He offered her the thong in his pocket, which she accepted after he squeezed it out in an attempt to make it a little more wearable before they got back in the car.

They drove to James’ place and barely made it in the door before clothes were coming off. The bag with the strap-on was thrown onto the floor as shoes were kicked off and shirts tossed aside. He grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall which was perpendicular to an open window and kissed her hard. He undid her skirt and shoved it and her thong off while she fumbled with his belt and the button and zipper of his jeans. As soon as his pants were far enough down his legs for his cock to be free, he shoved it into her dripping slot. James was so consumed with his lust that he didn’t even give a thought to the window to his left.

She loved how fiercely James was fucking her and though worried that someone might hear or see them, was excited by the open window next to her. She could feel her pussy getting stuffed full of James’ cock as he held her right leg up. She could see their reflection in the glass and watched his shaft plunge deep into her with each stroke and watched as her juices ran down her leg and dripped from her lover’s balls. Soon, she was cumming again. She moaned his name over and over as her orgasm grew and exploded within her. She pushed James away afterwards and walked to where the bag from the sex shop had landed.

James watched as Rachel figured out how to put on the harness and then helped her get the dildo into it. They walked to the bedroom, him being led by his throbbing member. He was made to get on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed, with his ass in the air. He was thrilled and couldn’t wait to feel the fake dick enter his ass. James didn’t have to wait long.

Rachel stroked lube onto the phallus jutting out from her groin and tried to calm herself down. The idea of fucking her boyfriend in the ass was so exciting and her pussy continued to drip it’s wetness down her legs. She stepped forward and let the tip touch James’ asshole before she rubbed it around a little. “Babe, you’re a little too high for me to reach right, could you lower yourself some?”

James spread his legs a bit, lowering himself so she could reach and causing his ass to be angled to better take the dildo. He felt the tip push against his anus and he relaxed himself. He could tell Rachel was trying to be gentle and not hurt him. “Babe, you can push a little harder,” he told her, “you know how big my vibrator is and I can take that pretty easily.”

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