I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Pt. 02

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Sarah looked at his reaction completely expecting him to try this, she felt inside that she really did love him. She allowed him to kiss her on her lips. The sensation was different than she was used to. It felt sweet, almost candy like. She liked it…a lot. She continued to kiss Marc, savoring every sensation that he gave her with his tongue. Her body screamed as he started feel her up once more but this time avoiding her juicy pussy all together and only focusing on her tits.

Her moaning continued his excitement knowing that he was doing a good job, fully boosting his confidence. She was screaming inside to have him touch her throbbing wet pussy, which was dripping onto her bed soaking it in her juices.

She then broke the kiss and proceeded to put her hands on his hard cock. Marc jumped at the cold sensation he felt. Looking down he found out that Sarah was pulling him off. Locked into an orgy of sexual desire they both proceeded to play with each other but he continued to avoid her pussy. She couldn’t hold on anymore she used her other hand to start rubbing herself fast and hard on her hard clit. Moaning loudly, She practically screamed at him,


Marc avoided her sentiment and instead had his own idea then decided and pushed her on her back against the bed.

“Ohh Marc what are you going to do to me? What else have you learned from that porn film!?”

“Oh I learned a whole lot more than you think Sarah. I think its my turn now?”

Moving pendik escort his head towards her throbbing pussy still pushing his fingers inside pumping them in and out slowly. It was all Sarah could do not to scream with the amount of pleasure she was receiving from him. Marc used his free hand to move hers out of the way and proceeded to rub her clit for her. Sarah was now writhing in the pleasure of Marcs newly found movements.

Knowing that it was her who unlocked his potential made her even more stimulated. Marc decided it was time to show her the new trick he learned. He began to shove his face into her drenched pussy that was pulsing with her juices. She tasted even sweeter than he thought. Sarah let out a cry


Marc had no intention of stopping this time. Instead he shoved his tongue and started slurping up her juices creating a suction that made her scream even more in deep intense pleasure. Marc then moved his tongue to her clit and moved his hand back inside her pulsing in and out. By this point Sarah’s body was bucking against his hand and face causing him to get creamed by her pulsing juices. But Sarah still didn’t orgasm, oh no, Marc was making sure she couldn’t do that just yet. Marc started to stuck on her clit with intense suction. Sarah no longer being able take it anymore then screamed

“I’m Cumming!! Don’t STOP!!

Sarah’s orgasm then detonated within her, with all that pressure and pleasure pulsing through her body she pendik escort bayanlar thought she was going to explode. Marc stopped at that point his face drenched in her hot dripping cum. Pleased with his work he sat back.

“Marc, I had no idea…you knew nothing, I thought this experience would suck for me, but oh my god I had no idea what I was getting into when I locked you in here.”

Sarah hesitated for a moment thinking if she should ask him. She decided to take a chance.

“Marc? Do you want to have sex tonight too?”

He didn’t say anything, he wanted to say yes but didn’t know if it was the right decision or not.

“Marc? I know its hard to believe but its my first time too. I can understand if you don’t want to just yet.”

Marc looked up with a look of confusion in his face. He didn’t see a lie in her eyes but was confused as to why he didn’t. Sarah noticed his expression.

“I have only messed around. One of the main things I’m not with someone is because I didn’t want to go all the way with them.”

Marc nodded and then said “Yes, I want my first time to be you.”

Sarah smiled and had a shine in her green eyes. She knew he was hers and she was his. She led him into the bathroom.

“Remember? I told you that we would use this bathroom?” Well I think we should lose it there.”

Marc just followed her hoping one last time that she didn’t forget that he was on the small side. They reached the shower which wasn’t all that pendik eve gelen escort big and she turned the spigot to the warm setting. Being already naked there wasn’t much to do but wait until the water was comfortable enough. Strangely there was a platform in the small shower indicating that it mightn’t been from someone who was disabled.

“Cool we could use that.”

Sarah giggled as she stepped inside and pulled Marc with her. Letting the water hit them for a while they embraced and started kissing. She then pushed Marc onto the small platform and she started to straddle him.

“I heard from friends that if the woman is given control it doesn’t hurt her as much.”

Marc could only nod as she settled onto his erect cock. Marc felt amazing as she started to descend on top of him. Sarah winced as her pussy wasn’t acclimated to him. Once she started getting used to him she started to ride him.Marc started to naturally buck his hips, while Sarah started riding him into a frenzy. Going faster and faster Sarah started to moan louder once more while Marc could only hold on from the slippery surface of the platform. It was a miracle that he was able to balance her and himself without slipping off. She ground him into the platform as she moved his left hand to rub her clit which Marc was happily able to do for her increasing her pleasure ten-fold.

Sarah started to scream in deep pleasure, “OH MAN yess yess Yesssss! ohhhhhhh!…Yeah I’m grinding you into the ground!!”

That was it for Marc, he exploded into her but the pleasure was something he couldn’t even comprehend…Sarah then orgasmed right after him the pleasure bar that she had set was obliterated as she felt her orgasm rip through her body like paper. They collapsed onto the platform as water washed away their love making into the drainage pipe.

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