Isabel, The Beauty Next Door Pt. 04

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Hello, and welcome to part four of my story about Isabel and James. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first three.

This part has been put into the First Time category, because as you will read, James and Isabel finally get it on.

Regarding the Kendo part of the story: if you are part of the BKA then apologize, because this part of the story has no basis in fact and is made to fit my storyline.

Thank you for the kind comments, and please feel free to leave any comment as long as it’s constructive.


I am awake before the girls. Lying there, I am unable to move, because Isabel has snuggled right into me. She has her head next to mine, breathing steadily onto my neck. Her shoulder is nestled into my armpit, with her leg cocked over mine, and her arm extends to rest across my chest. Her breath sends goosebumps all over my body, as I lay there enjoying the moment. The sun is just beginning to show itself through a gap at the top of my curtains, and the morning chorus of birds has filled the outside air.

Sam and her girlfriend Hannah have come to visit. We’d had a great night at our favorite watering hole, The Thatch, in Croyde. And after we’d returned home Isabel and Sam had ended up having a game of truth. The one question that still revolves around in my mind though, is the one Sam had asked about how close we had come to having sex. I keep thinking back to yesterday, and the moment Isabel had rubbed my cock against her soaking wet pussy. The feeling was incredible, but when I felt her flesh surround the head of my cock I presumed that my cock was between her puffy pussy lips. She has the most wonderful, deep slit.

I must be dozing because my mind begins to drifts back over the time since Izzy’s arrival. My brother Bradly being a total pain in the ass. He thought she looks like Emilia Clarke. I didn’t even know who she was until I Googled it, and there is a slight resemblance. Izzy is taller, and far better proportions. She’s got a far better pair of tits. She knocks Emilia Clarke out of the ballpark. My mind drifts again, seeing Izzy’s smile, and the way she looks at me. The first time we went to the beach, and the first kiss on the balcony. If you could build my perfect woman, you would end up with my Izzy.

Isabel stirs in my arms making me snap out of my thoughts. Kissing the top of her head, and looking down I see a sweet smile of recognition spread across her face. She opens one eye, and turns her face up for a kiss.

“Hey,” comes a whisper.

“Hey, back.”

“Did you sleep okay, Baby?”

“Like a rock, my love.”

“Oh Jimmy, I love being your love.”

We kiss for a while, both trying not to disturb our friends. Unfortunately, we fail on that last point.

“I love you too, Jay.” I can only burst out laughing at the two giggling girls on the airbed.

“Yes Sam, we know,” Isabel says, as she buries her head in my chest, laughing.

Hannah asks, “Have you expressed your love to each other already?”

Isabel turns round to face Hannah and Sam, who are both now sitting up looking our way. “Yes, we have. We both told each other yesterday morning.” She says proudly.

“Jay, you kept that one secret.”

“Sorry Sam, but it isn’t meant to be a secret. Just personal.”

Sam gets up and walks over to my side of the bed. She crawls under the covers, then on top of both Isabel and me. Putting her arms around us, she kisses us both. “I knew, from the time I saw Isabel sit on your lap on video chat.”

We lie there in a three-way hug for a couple of minutes before I have to break it up, because I need a pee. When I get back upstairs Isabel and Sam are in a discussion about what we can do before they have to leave. Unfortunately, buses don’t run on Sundays. My mother will be taking us to the train station. Sam can’t help mention the fact I failed my driving test the first time around. I hear Sam say they will be getting the six o’clock train, so we have most of the day together.

I sit on the sofa, and decide to make small talk with Hannah. “Did you sleep okay on the airbed Hannah?”

“Yes Jay, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Oh sorry, is it okay I call you Jay?”

“Most of my friends do Hannah, so I have no problem if you do.”

She gives me a broad smile, “I’ve had a great time so far this weekend.”

“That’s good. Have you recovered okay from my Kendo display?”

“Oh yes. I was just a little shocked at how good you are.”

“You should see him with his Samurai sword, Hannah.”

Hannah’s eyes grow wide. She looks a little worried at Sam’s comment.

I pat her arm reassuringly. “Don’t worry, it’s locked away in Dad’s gun case.”

“You have a sword, Jimmy?”

“Yeah, my Dad got me it when I received my first black belt. I will show you it when we have time.”

Hannah getting up stops the conversation dead. She heads downstairs telling us, ‘she’s going for her morning pee’.

“Oh to much information Hannah.” I sit back on the sofa laughing. “So bonus veren siteler what have you two decided we are doing today?”

“I would like to take Hannah up to our hill if that’s okay. I told her about it, and she asked last night if we could go.”

“We have enough bikes. Your bike is still here Sam, but I better ask if it’s ok to take Mum’s bike. I’ll check it over before we leave, she never seems to use it.” Getting back up I walk over, and get in the same side as Isabel. “What time do you want to get up Sam?”

“Not sure. I could do with a shower, but first a cuddle with my girlfriend,” Sam says this as Hannah appears at the top of the stairs, she looks straight at us looking at her anticipating a response.

She stands there, stone-faced at first, then smiles. “Get out my way, coming through.” She runs across the room and launches herself at Sam. They end up on the other side of my bed, kissing.

Isabel looks at me. “Shall we?” With that she climbs on top of me, kissing me passionately as our tongues sync quickly into their beautiful dance.

The spell is broken by my mother coughing at the top of my stairs. “Well, I suppose it could be worse. You are with the correct partners.”

We all stop and turn to look in my mum’s direction looking guilty of something.

“If anyone wants any breakfast, I’m just starting it now.” She has got the knowing look only Mums do.

I look at Isabel first, then over at Sam and Hannah. “Anyone hungry?”

They all seem to jump up at the same time.

“Looks like it’s a yes, Mum,” I say, laughing.

I get up and put some jeans over my bed shorts, and shrug on a t-shirt. Isabel and Sam are almost naked, and are getting dressed in front of me. I suspect Hannah is waiting for me to leave. I quickly make tracks to the stairs, telling them that I will see them downstairs.

I am sat in the kitchen drinking coffee when first Isabel, then Sam, and finally Hannah walk in. Sam goes over to help; she is about the only person I have ever seen my mother tolerate in the kitchen. The rest of us just have to stay out of the way, and wait.

Today being Sunday Mum is doing her full English. This consists of scrambled eggs, baked beans, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, a couple of slices of toast, and of course hash browns. It’s the best breakfast of the week.

Breakfast is done, and everyone full. I go out to the shed with my second coffee of the day. I need to check Sam’s, and my mother’s bikes over, maybe oil the chain. Seeing a shadow at the door, I notice Hannah has followed me outside with her coffee. The sun is quite high in the sky, and the birds are still singing.

“God, it’s beautiful here.”

“Yes it is. Are Isabel and Sam still talking?”

“Yeah. They seem to be getting on well.”

“They have ever since the first time they met on video chat.”

Hannah sits down. “My biggest worry was seeing you, and Sam together. When she first told me about you it worried me, but now seeing you together I truly get it. Now my worry is that I will never be as close to Sam as you, or be able to match your unconditional bond.” I am a little taken aback by her honesty.

It takes me a moment to answer. “Hannah, you shouldn’t worry about something that isn’t the same. It’s only because I have known Sam for a long time, anyway I can see how much she really likes you. Believe me when I say that there is something between you. So just let it run its natural course.”

She looks up at me with glazed eyes. “James, do you really think so?”

“You’ve known each other such a short time, so just be open to it, Hannah.” I look up from Sam’s back wheel. “I have never known Sam so into someone, but always remember that my love for Sam will always be different from what you two will have for each other.”

She stands and puts her arms around me before kissing me on the cheek. “I didn’t expect that, I hope you’re right. Thanks’ Jay, that was quite beautiful.”

“Excuse us, are we interrupting something?” Izzy and Sam appear through the shed door.

“Just bonding with my best friend’s girl,” I say as I grin at the two ladies.

Hannah is looking like she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and shifts uncomfortably.

Sam sees this, and puts her hand on her cheek. “Han, you do know that he is the only person on this earth that I do trust you 100% with?”

Hannah sees the smile on both Isabel’s and Sam’s faces. She noticeably breathes out, and laughs to relieve her tension.

“That goes for you two as well,” Isabel adds. “You two are the only females I trust with my man.” Then Izzy adds, “I must admit that I was a little worried at first, but seeing these two interact together you can see there is nothing but friendship.”

Sam gasps, “you what? That’s not what I heard.” She turns to Hannah. “You should have heard all the un-lady-like language coming out of her mouth.”

Izzy goes a bright shade of crimson as we all laugh at the memory of her storming up my bedava bahis stairs the second night after we met. “Well, I didn’t know you then.” She adds with a pout.

I finished looking the bikes over, while the girls disappear inside to pick up supplies.

Half an hour later the four of us are cycling up the road towards the hill. Hannah is a little shaky at first. She hadn’t ridden since she was a child, but soon got the hang of it. As they say, it’s like riding a bike.

As we dismount at the bottom of the woodland path that leads to the hill, my mind drifts to the time I first brought Isabel here. Today is not as sunny as it was back then, but it is still quite warm. We quickly walk up the path that leads up through the wood to the clearing with the fallen tree. My mother had come up with the great idea of a picnic, so we all had backpacks with food, and a couple of blankets.

As the top comes into view and opens out I hear Hannah’s gasp. “Wow Sam, this is way better than even you described, and I thought you were exaggerating.”

Isabel and I go over to the fallen tree. I sit myself down, and Isabel leans in between my legs. I wrap my arms around my beautiful girlfriend, and we take in the incredible view.

“She’s not wrong. It’s a very beautiful place,” Isabel whispers.

“It pales in insignificance to your beauty, Izzy,” I speak softly in Izzy’s ear.

“Oh Jimmy, flattery will get you everywhere. A bit cheesy though.” We both burst into laughter.

Sam, and Hannah set about laying the blankets out, and sit down to take in the scenery. Izzy breaks our embrace, grabs my hand, and pulls me toward the spare blanket.

As we sit Isabel turns to Sam, “So Sam, what did you and James get up to up here when you were younger?”

There was an audible gasp from both Izzy, and Hannah. They both saw the looks that came across both Sam, and my faces.

“Oh shit Isabel, you are onto something here.” Hannah is almost bursting with excitement.

Sam then speaks in a slightly raised voice, “hang on, we were young, and it was at the time that I was beginning to think I was gay.”

I then added, “Yes, and I was just realizing what a girl was.”

There is a bit of an awkward pause. “So, spill.” Izzy prompts.

Sam looks at me, and then starts. “We were eleven going on twelve at the time. It was the school holidays, and I had started to grow boobs. We always have shared everything, so talking about our changing bodies was natural for us. We often did I show you mine if you will show me yours. Anyway, this one day when I showed Jay my developing boobs we decided to try kissing.”

Both Hannah, and Isabel have their hands up to their mouths.

I finished the story by saying, “So, we tried kissing each other. It was a bit strange, because it was just like kissing my sister. We both concluded that we just weren’t into each other.”

There was a silence again, both Izzy, and Hannah were processing the information. Then Isabel once again pipes up. “Well Jimmy told me you had tried to kiss, but I didn’t have much detail. So what else did you get up to that’s not to do with adolescent growth?”

Again there was a moment of silence before I burst out laughing. “Sam, do you remember when we were having rolling races down the bank over there.” I pointed to a steep part of the field.

Sam laughed. “Yeah, and I beat you every time until I started to throw up.”

With that, we all started laughing.

Sam then jumps up, “come on Jay.”

“What?” But Sam was already halfway to the bank. “It looks a little smaller now.” She says as she stands at the top.

At this point, I am stood at the side, “I dare you.”

A wicked grin spreads across Sam’s face, and she sits down. She gives me a look that I have seen every time she goes to do something daft. Before I get to the top, she had laid down, and launched herself off the top, and is rolling down gathering speed.

She is screaming in hysterics as she hits the bottom. “Come on Jay, your turn.”

So before I knew it, I was at the bottom of the bank in hysterics next to Sam. It didn’t take long until all four of us are rolling down the hill like a bunch of five-year-olds. We are having a great time on the hill. There was none stop laughing, and my face hurts from smiling so much. It doesn’t take long though for Sam to start feeling a little sick, so we stop, and go to sit on the two blankets. We start eating the food we have brought along, still buzzing from the playing around. Being with the two main ladies in my life makes this all the more special. I must admit though, I am already comfortable with Hannah, and like my best friend’s choice of girlfriend.

As we are chatting away I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I get my phone out and look at the caller ID. “Wow, it’s Mr. Jenkins. Wonder what he wants?” I click on ‘accept’ and hold the phone to my ear. “Hello, Mr. Jenkins. How are you?”

“Who’s Mr. Jenkins?” Isabel asks Sam as they both listen to my deneme bonus side of the call, trying to tell what it’s about.

“He’s one of Jay’s teachers at college,” comes a whispered answer.

“I’m fine, thank you for asking. How can I help you, sir?”

Isabel and Sam watch as I pause, then say, “Sorry, Collin.”

Mr. Jenkins wants to meet me in Braunton on Thursday to discuss something important. I hang up a little confused, and explain to the girls.

“So what do you think he wants to speak to you about Jimmy?”

“We discussed something about his ex-employer a while ago, but I had forgotten about it until today.”

“I remember that Jay, something about an apprenticeship or something. Isabel, have you seen some of Jay’s designs on his computer?”

“You haven’t shown me them, Jimmy.”

“Bloody hell Jay, you are sometimes too modest.”

“Will you show me later Jimmy?”

I agreed to show Izzy my designs from my two years at college. I had been playing around with some software my Dad had got me from one of his architect friends. You can create anything from a basic house to a skyscraper.

“Hey Jay, how come she gets to call you Jimmy? You’ve always hated it.”

“She makes it sound so sexy, Sam.” With that answer Izzy plants another kiss on my lips.

“Love you.”

“Love you too Iz.” Both Sam, and Hannah make gagging noises. I just shake my head at the two of them.

As we pack away our picnic, and get ready to return, I notice the clouds seem to be getting darker. Then we hear a rumble of thunder in the distance.

“It looks like rain. We should hurry.” Sam is looking at the sky. “Hopefully it will hold off until we get home.”

We all jump on the bikes and head straight back down the path to the road at the bottom. It doesn’t start spitting until we have turned down the lane that leads to our houses. As we reach the shed the heavens open. We all stand there watching it for a while, and when it seems to ease off a bit, so we make a run for it.

The afternoon is spent in my room watching Netflix … some chick flick that makes me fall asleep.

Time soon passes, and before long we are in the car headed toward Barnstaple. My Mum was doing her usual moaning. “I wouldn’t be doing this if you had passed your test first time. Bradly passed first time.”

I glance at Sam, and roll my eyes.

“How long until your next test Jay?”

“A couple of weeks Sam. The two theory tests are valid for a while yet.”

Isabel looks at me. “There is so much I don’t know about you. I haven’t even taken a lesson yet.”

“You’ll need a car around here Isabel,” my Mum adds.

The train is just coming in as Mum parks. We walked around and through the station’s ticket office. The train has pulled in and people are getting off. As we wait for it to empty, Sam has already started to cry.

“Come on Munchkin, we will try to get down to Exeter in a couple of weeks. I may even come down with Izzy for the weekend.”

Sam manages a forced smile. “Okay Jay, but I miss being with you so much.”

I move in, and wrap my arms around her. “I miss you as well, Munchkin.” Sam plants a kiss right on my lips. Sam then turns to hug Isabel.

Hannah turns toward me. She puts her arms around me. “It’s been really good to meet you, James.”

“Yeah. You too, Hannah. Keep my mate safe.”

With that Hannah kisses me on the lips, and walks off to board the train. Sam slaps me on the arm, and kisses me again before she gets on the train.

As the train it pulls out of the station, both girls are waving like crazy. Isabel and I are waving back. We stand on the platform, watching the train pull away, and hold one another. Isabel just seems to know that’s what I need at this moment. The drive home is quiet, with only a couple of passing comments.

We get home around seven. There isn’t much of the day left so Izzy and I climb the stairs.

“Hey, Jimmy can I see your designs now?”

“Sure Iz.” I walk over and start the computer up. Isabel sits down on the chair, and waits for it to finish booting up.”

I reach over Izzy, and click my designs folder. “There’s also a couple of designs on my Facebook page if you want to see.”

She nods as she starts to open some of the folders in my directory. She gasps, “Wow Jimmy, these are great. They look so professional. I can’t believe you’ve not shown me these before.”

I can only shrug, and go red. Izzy is looking at my designs in amazement. “What’s good is that I can see your thought process, and different stages of design.”

She glances up at me, “I have a very talented boyfriend.” She spends around forty-five minutes going through my folders, and asking some very good questions. I can see she is very impressed, and pleasantly surprised. Her intellect is shining through.

As she shuts the computer back off Izzy turns to me, “so what days will I get to see you this week?”

“Ummmmm, let’s see. Monday, work. Tuesday, we can hang in the morning if that’s okay. I’ve got my Kendo in the afternoon. Wednesday, work again. Thursday, Mr. Jenkins. Friday, I think I am working, and the weekend is just for us.”

“Oh shit Jimmy that is one busy week. It doesn’t leave much time for us, and I’m going to get so bored.”

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