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Double Penetration

It was a sunny morning with a cool wind. Perfect day for moving, thought Carlos as he stood up. He looked at Gabriela, his girlfriend, still asleep on the air mattress, with her arm in the space he had just vacated. Time to make coffee and breakfast. It dawned on him as he walked to the kitchen that they only had instant coffee and Clif bars. They’d packed everything. He got the coffee ready and sat down on the couch, the only piece of furniture that was still usable. He could hear the shower: Gabriela must have woken up. She emerged as he was finishing up. He hugged her.

“Last breakfast in the old house!” she exclaimed, burying her head in his shoulders.

“Yes, babe,” he said, resting his chin on her head. He loved how compact she was, so easy to hug. He lifted her off the ground and kissed her. She wrapped her legs around him, kissing him back. Of course, at 4’10”, he was no giant, but when it was just them he felt in charge.

“Hmm…” she broke away. “We have work to do.”

While she finished up her coffee, he decided to call the moving company to confirm everything. “I’d like to confirm we have a crew coming over to move our stuff today,” he told the employee on the phone. “Oh, yes,” came the voice from the other end. “Ines will be there at 10 am sharp!”

“Ines?” he repeated. “A woman is on the crew? We specifically asked that there be able-bodied movers so we can get done quick. We’re on a tight schedule.”

“Trust me, sir. Ines will do the best she can. We’ve had no complaints so far and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with her work too.”

He rolled his eyes as he hung up. “Can you believe this?” he turned to Gabriela. “They’re sending women over to help us move.”

“Is that a problem?” Gabriela didn’t seem perturbed by this. “Women can lift heavy weights too, you know.”

“Oh yeah? Can you lift this couch?”

“Well, no,” Gabriela sounded exasperated. “I didn’t say I can lift it. But women can. Two women trained for the job could lift it.”

Carlos walked over to the couch and tried to lift one end of it, putting all his strength into it. It rose for a second, before he had to lower it again. “See? I can barely lift part of it. It would take way more than two women to lift this. So many movers would slow everything down.”

He paced the floor, getting more irritated as he thought this over. “I bet she’s like a diversity hire or something, or the boss’s daughter. I just hope there are enough men on the crew that it doesn’t matter.”

Gabriela ignored him as she started packing some last minute knick-knacks, making sure they had everything. When he was finished ranting, she turned to him, “Can you go make sure everything in the garage is packed? I’m going to head to the kitchen.”

They spent the next couple of hours working around the house, putting the final touches to their moving preparations. As it neared 10 am, Carlos was in the living room, waiting for the movers. He looked at his watch. As it struck ten, he saw a truck pull up outside their house. That was them. He stood at the porch, signaling to the driver to back it up into the driveway. It was a large truck and filled up the entire length of the driveway. “They’re here!” he went to look for Gabriela.

When they returned, they saw a woman standing next to the door. She was tall. Even from where he was Carlos could see that this woman was waaaay taller than any woman he had ever seen. She was as tall as the door frame, which meant this woman must be… over 7 feet tall!

“Good morning! I’m Ines, from the moving company” she called out in a deep voice.

“Hi Ines, I’m Gabriela!” chirped Gabriela, walking to the door to shake hands with her. Carlos stared wide-eyed at the sight in front of him. Gabriela reached up to shake hands with this colossal woman, who was slightly bending down. Her hand completely covered Gabriela’s, whose head only came up to her midriff. Her legs came up to Gabriela’s shoulders. They seemed almost as long and as wide as all of Gabriela. “And this is Carlos!”

Carlos realized he must have been staring. They were both looking at him expectantly. “Hi In-Ines,” he stammered. He held out his hand, which she grabbed with such force that he felt his feet almost leave the ground. With him standing in front of her, she kocaeli escort looked impossibly huge. Her ample chest, prominent under the white tank top she was wearing, stuck out above his head. He was staring up at this woman’s breasts. It was an unreal experience. Gabriela cleared her throat. He tore his eyes away and looked at Ines’ face. “So where’s the rest of the crew?”

“It’s just me,” she replied. “I was told you don’t have much furniture, so I figured I could handle it.”

“I don’t think so. We have beds, a bunch of tables, a couch, lots of crates…”

“Carlos,” she laid a gigantic hand on his shoulder. “I can handle it.” He was at a loss for words, taken aback at her calm confidence.

“Let’s start with the couch,” chimed in Gabriela.

“It’s gonna need three of us and we might still not manage,” said Carlos as he positioned himself at one end.

“Oh that one?” Ines grinned. “Don’t bother.” She walked over to it and wrapped her arms right around its middle. She bent her knees and, with perfect form, lifted the entire couch clean off the ground. Her thick arms betrayed a bit of a bulge, but otherwise she seemed in control. Carlos stared at her, mouth agape. She made her way out, only just squeezing in through the doorway. While she was placing it in the truck, he looked at Gabriela, who had also been staring with her mouth wide open, except she had a look of admiration mixed with awe.

Ines returned. “What’s next?” She didn’t seem fazed at all. No panting, no heaving.

“Did you just move an entire couch by yourself?” asked Gabriela.

“Oh yeah, that was quite light. I’m used to heavier.”

“Carlos couldn’t lift even half of it. He was saying it would take more than two people to lift it.”

“Um, I don’t mean any disrespect to Carlos, but that thing is probably twice his weight.”

Why were they talking about him in the third person? He was right there! He wanted to retort to Miss “no disrespect”, but thought better of it. She looked incredibly strong, maybe three or four times as strong as him. He didn’t want to find out what might happen if he said something she didn’t like. It felt strange, not being in control in his own house.

“Why don’t we get the table,” he interjected, the irritation in his voice obvious now. He moved over to the table. They’d already folded the legs, so it just needed to be carried out. He thought he would do that by himself and in the process show Ines (and Gabriela) that he wasn’t a complete lightweight. He lifted it a few inches off the floor, only to have it come crashing down almost instantly: it was too heavy.

“Yes, why don’t ‘we’ get the table,” smirked Ines, taking care to emphasize the “we”. She walked right up to him. He shrank back from her looming presence. She bent down and pinched his arm. It hurt. It took all of Carlos’ effort to not cry out. “You need to eat your protein, Carlos!” she laughed, letting go. As before, she lifted the table all by herself and carried it to the truck with no trouble.

The rest of the stuff in the living room and kitchen proceeded in similar fashion. Carlos stood in a corner watching Ines at work, his initial feelings of irritation and skepticism gradually being replaced by admiration and… was it arousal? He found himself staring unabashedly at her, at the fluid, easy movements of her limbs as she moved these heavy weights like they were nothing; at the way she would laugh at what Gabriela said from time to time, a deep, full-throated laugh; at the way her hips swayed and her ass bulged and flexed as she went about her work. Even in a tank top and work pants she oozed raw sexuality.

Gabriela too seemed to be completely taken with her. Smitten even, he would have thought, if he had paid closer attention. She pranced and cooed around her like a cheerleader, cracking jokes and blushing when Ines laughed at them. It was irritating to watch. Neither of them even looked at him. They were lost in their own conversation. He decided to start with the crates in the garage while they took care of the rest of the house.

There were several crates in the garage. Since each was five feet by five by five, and weighed between two to four times Carlos’ own weight, all he could do was push them so they were right up against kolej escort the truck. They would have to figure out how to heft them in there later. While he was getting the first one out, panting and sweating, Ines passed him by on her way, carrying a mattress. He pushed it close to the truck and leaned against it, catching his breath. She came up and stood facing him, hands on her hips. “How many of these do you have?” she asked.


“And you didn’t tell me earlier, before I put the other stuff in? I could have stacked them much better if they had gone in first.” She was glowering down at him.

He saw her expression and instinctively took a step back. “I-I was going to, but Gabriela asked you to… to do the couch first.” Why was he stammering?

“Oh yeah? You’re blaming your wife for your own fuck-ups? Typical.”

He was shocked at her casual profanity. “She’s not my wife. We’re not married.”

“I can see why. Why does she even keep you around? You can’t carry your weight, you throw her under the bus at the first opportunity. And let me guess, you’re with her because you couldn’t find anyone else shorter than you. Is that right?”

Carlos was flabbergasted. She was talking about their private lives! She was just a mover. What gave her the right to talk about them like that?

“I thought so,” she continued, not waiting for his response. “How pathetic. Is this at least the last of it? Or do you have boulders hidden away somewhere that also need to be moved?”

“No,” he shook his head, not knowing what else to say. She was way out of line, but he figured the quickest way to get rid of her was to finish the job. He’d deal with the company later.

“Good. Now bring the rest of them here. And don’t let me catch you shit-talking Gabriela again.”

“Yes,” he nodded, looking down, avoiding eye contact with her. “S-sorry.” What?! Why was he apologizing to some random girl in his own house?

She stormed off. He realized he’d been sporting an erection the entire time they’d been talking. He tried to think of something else to get rid of it. Guess I should drag the others over.

When he’d lined them up, he rested against the first one, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He decided he’d wait right there and give Ines a hand with them, given how heavy they were. He couldn’t stop thinking about her no matter how hard he tried. Yes, she was a bully. That was the only explanation. Her size allowed her to lord over everyone she came across. And yet… his hand moved to his crotch… she was hot. Definitely. She was the hottest person Carlos had ever seen.

He heard her approach. He grabbed on to the straps, ready to lift the crate with her. But she never called out. Instead, he felt the crate lurch upwards, carrying him along, with his hands still in the straps. Before he realized what was happening, he felt the crate getting turned around with him flailing in the air. Then it dawned on him. Ines had lifted the crate all by herself! And she had lifted him along with the crate, as if the added weight meant nothing. Too shocked to say anything, he turned his head to see the mattress in the truck approaching him. He got his feet out from under the crate right before Ines brought it crashing down on the floor of the truck with a dull thud. She pushed it further in, so that he was squeezed between the crate and the mattress, the wood pressing down on his nose and face. He could breathe, but his voice was muffled. He didn’t think she heard his feeble cries for help. In fact, she probably had no idea he was there.

He waited, catching his breath as she stacked the rest of the crates. He tried moving his arms, but they wouldn’t budge. He pushed the mattress hard with his heels, freeing his legs and moving them across before the mattress snapped back. He was now squeezed diagonally. Let me get out, he thought. I’m gonna give it to her. Then he thought about how ridiculous he would sound even saying that. “You squeezed me between the crates!” He, a grown man, pressed into a mattress like a pillow. No, it was best not to tell anyone. Meanwhile, the angle he was in made it easier to free his hands from the straps. Once that was done, it was more wriggling and squirming, and he was out. Ines had left a narrow konak escort passageway between the crates, which made getting out easy. He glanced at the doors, shuddering at the thought of what would have happened if she had shut them.

When he entered the living room, he let out a gasp. Ines was standing against the wall, her hair in a mess, her head raised and eyes closed. But that’s not what caught his attention. Her pants were around her ankles and between her tree trunk-like legs was Gabriela, kneeling, her face in Ines’ snatch, eating her out. One of Ines’ legs was draped over Gabriela, holding her body close, almost protectively. Her hands were on the smaller woman’s head, pushing it deeper into her. Both women were moaning. It looked like they had been going at it for a while. This was the first time all morning Carlos had seen Ines sweat or pant. He stood there in shock, taking in the scene before him. He felt himself getting erect again.

Their moans grew louder. Ines was now vigorously bucking her hips, ramming Gabriela’s face against her. Gabriela for her part had her arms around Ines’ leg, holding on to support herself. Carlos found himself bucking as well, his rhythm matching theirs. His erection struggled painfully against his pants, but he was too entranced by the goings-on to notice. After a minute or so of this, Ines gasped, her breathing intense. Her leg clamped down on Gabriela, rendering her immobile. She grabbed the smaller woman’s shoulders with her hand, supporting herself as she climaxed. The image of them standing there like that with Gabriela helplessly trapped between Ines’ legs was too much for Carlos, and he came too, spurting vigorous loads into his pants.

After a few moments of silence, Gabriela emerged, breathing as if she had narrowly avoided drowning. Her hair was a complete mess with strands hanging loose on her face. She looked up at Ines, who was smiling down at her. “Gracias mi amor,” she said, kissing two of her own fingers and then bringing them to Gabriela’s lips. She glanced at Carlos. “Look who’s here!”

Gabriela turned around. “Carlos! Were you here the whole time?” Carlos noticed with unease that she looked way less uncomfortable than she should have, considering he had just caught her cheating. He was trying to find the right way to stand so they wouldn’t see the growing stain on his pants.

“Oh, Carlos has been here for a while,” exclaimed Ines, pulling her pants up. “He was watching us. Weren’t you? And did you enjoy the show? Did Carlitos make a cummy in his pants?”

She had seen him then. She had seen it all.

“No!” Gabriela was shocked. She saw his pants. “Ewww, Carlos.” She turned away in disgust.

“Anyway,” said Ines as she made her way to the door. “We’re all done here. I should get going. We have a schedule,” she swung low in Carlos’ direction as she said that, making him jump back in fright, “to stick to.” When she was at the door, she turned back to look at Gabriela. She rested one hand on the frame and another on her hip. She looked imposing. “You know, there’s a spare seat in the truck.”

“What do you mean?” asked Carlos.

She ignored him, continuing to address Gabriela. “I’m driving the truck to your new home and I have a spare seat.”

“That’s, er, kind of you,” said Carlos uncertainly, “but we have a car and will drive there directly.”

“You can drive the car, right?” To his surprise, it was Gabriela who said this. “You can drive the car. We’ll meet you there.”

He looked at Gabriela, still processing what she was saying. Ines stretched her hand out to Gabriela, who walked up to grab it. Before he could say anything, they had walked out, hand in hand. He rushed out after them, feeling his wet underwear cling to his skin. From behind, they made a most unlikely pair, more like a mother and daughter.

“Gabriela!” he called out. “What are you doing? She’s a… she’s a trucker.”

“And…?” she replied. He noticed Ines hadn’t reacted to his comment at all. She was shutting the doors and bolting them.

“And… and… we had plans for the trip! And I’ll be by myself…” he trailed off.

“Oh, you’ll be fine Carlos, stop whining.”

He didn’t know what else to say. He still couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was all happening so fast, like a flash. He watched, as if in a dream, as Ines opened the passenger door and lifted Gabriela into the seat. Then she got into the other seat. The truck pulled out of the driveway and they were off, leaving Carlos standing there, looking like he’d seen a ghost.

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