Indian Igatpuri Incest Ch. 01

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Gunmay, an 18-year-old male lay on his bed in Igatpuri, a town about 120 miles from the seven island metropolis of Mumbai. He was more commonly known by, and responded to, his nickname Guddu (adorable small boy), derived from the small male dolls on sale in the markets called Gudda. It was just as well he had a nickname, as his real name would be translated as virtuous, and his thoughts as he lay on his bed, slowly fisting his cock to fullness, were far from virtuous.

His spit wettened hand moved up and back his thick eight-inch shaft, from its base to its wide head, and his fingers traced the veins that stood proud along its length. Precum started to form on the slit at the apex of the one-eyed monster and he strained to make sure he didn’t cum quickly. He switched off his laptop which had been open at the incest section of the Indian sex stories site and once again cursed the lack of good quality Indian porn on the net. All due to the Indian Government’s Section 67 of the IT Act which criminalises “publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form” with imprisonment of up to five years and a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh.

His mind went over the 40 or so different fantasies he had regarding his mother Meera, and he selected one he had not used for a while in his twice-daily masturbation sessions that always involved his 37-year-old mother. He stroked faster as the script in his mind started to play out. He shut his eyes and concentrated on himself about to bathe. Because the plumbing was out of action, he was having to stand and use a bucket of heated water and a sponge. In his mind’s eye, his mother entered, her 34 30 36-inch body covered, as always at home, by a loose kurta top that reached below her knees. Although the front and back panels were split to the knee her baggy kurta trousers ensured she displayed no flesh.

“Don’t start till I am ready,” she said to her son and disrobed displaying, no flaunting, her soft, yet not sagging tits with their large almost black areolae and thick already hard stubby nipples. Guddu made a mental adjustment and miraculously her nipples became pierced with large, heavy, dark gold rings. Yes, that was better. His eyes looked down at her slit and yes, as always in his fantasies, it was starting to moisten below her thick black pubic bush. She watched intently, her tongue wetting her lips as she disrobed and stood in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection. She began to wet the bar of soap and the sponges, rubbing them in the water until foam started to appear.

“Things will be different soon, dearest mother,” said Guddu, as she started to wash his back. “I can’t tell you the details yet, can’t talk about it until the time is right, but we will be able to do this and extra more often.” He felt positively giddy.

“We?” she asked sensuously, “we will be doing this and more regularly?” She ran her hands and soapy sponge over his skin, rubbing away the dirt and grime of his day.

“Oh, yes, we will be doing everything together, every day and night.”

She nodded, as she knelt behind him so that she could wash his buttocks and his legs. “Yes, that is what I want,” she said.

A treacherous thought invaded his fantasy. “You know your mother is traditional, conservative and devoted to your father Kanha. This would never happen.” Guddu forced it from his mind and continued his incest fantasy number 27.

He turned around to face his mother. His penis was erect and swollen, jutting hungrily toward her face. He paused, waiting to see her reactions, and as always, her face sashayed into excited lust which she somehow controlled, and whispered “Wait until it is bursting with cum.” She soaped the front of his legs and then his erect prick, as though it were just another part of him. “Yes, mother, longer and slower is better,” Guddu moaned, his eyes never leaving his mother’s hands. “It’s always about making it better and better for us both if you know what I mean.”

Her son turned around and faced his 5 ft 5-inch mother, and as she sang of the undying love in the song Tum Hi Ho, she anointed his chest with oil and then slowly sank to her knees before him. As she sang, she slid her oily hands over his stiff cock and balls until his fuck rod glistened in the light from the small window.

As she sang, his hands closed firmly around hers, and he started moving her hands slowly back and forth along his turgid length. She stroked his stiff rod under his guidance, the rhythmic wet sound of the oil under her fingers an accompaniment to her voice. One of his hands went to the top of her head, tilting her still young looking, attractive face up to look at him. She sang to her son, looking up at his face, seeing it flushed with arousal and desire in his eyes; the love he bore her, the hatred of not being together as a husband and wife. His mouth opened and his nostrils flared as her hands worked faster and faster on the erection before her, and she continued to sing of the lovers escort izmir in the song and their passion, bright enough to light the sky.

And as she sang of the final doom that overtook them, he started to moan, and she stroked him harder and harder until at last, he grunted, and strings of his cum shot from the head of his swollen, glistening cock to splatter down upon her upturned face. She didn’t blink or flinch as he ejaculated upon her, didn’t miss a note or a word, but sang until he was finished, the song over, and his orgasm finished. Guddu groaned and she gently used her mouth to clean the cum from his cock.

As part one of his fantasy finished, in real life, Meera was lying in her room thinking. Igatpuri was a fairly small town, with a population of less than 40,000 and was far more traditional in thought and treatment of women than the big cities like Delhi or Mumbai. She had come from a village 25 kilometres from the Igatpuri and had been brought up even more conservatively. She was proud of her good character and that she was not a sex-starved, vulgar bitch, like some she had seen in the Bollywood movies at a friend’s house as she did not watch them at her house. Of course, she didn’t watch porn. The thought of wearing a western dress or even a midriff revealing saree made her shudder. As for the morals of the younger generation, she was revolted. How could they act like that enjoying sex, not being faithful? It was what she had been conditioned to believe.

But was that the real truth, she wondered? Lately, she had been thinking of sex most of the time, and not just quick fucks to get children. She was thinking of long, prolonged fucking where a tireless well-hung younger male ploughed her, doing his utmost to give her pleasure. She was 37 years old now and although she had born two children, she knew her 34D-30-36 body with its soft, full but non-saggy, tits and eye-catching, perfect, butter-like soft arse was still very attractive. But how long would it last before it transformed into that of an overweight flabby cow? Should she let her last years of desirability waste away?

She had naively, happily married at the age of 18 Kanhar, a minor Government official with almost no prospects of further advancement, after his proposal at the nearby Vihigaon Waterfall. They had continued to live at Igatpuri as they raised their two children: her favourite Guddu and his 19-year-old sister, the skinny plain, almost ugly, looking Prisha. She had never had eyes or thoughts of another man since her marriage, even though their unions in bed had been rare and short-lived. In fact, they had been non-existent for the last fifteen years since the time Kanhar had shown a liking for what she saw as depraved couplings. He had suggested that he wanted unusual sex. Things like watching her and a prostitute have lesbian sex before he fucked them. Since then, they had slept in separate beds.

She felt blessed because of her two children, but a little sad because her baby, Gundu, was to leave for Mumbai soon to attend the S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (better known as SPJIMR). Normally they would not have been able to afford this, but Kanhar had won a prize in an online lottery, and she had convinced him to spend it on Guddu’s education. Not enough to send Guddu to Australia but enough to attend SPJIMR and a boarding house in Mumbai. Even though he could catch the train home some weekends, she would miss him.

Surprisingly she realised she had been idly toying with her love hole as she thought, and even more suprisingly she was very wet. She made the conscious decision to keep fingering her slit and clit.

Meanwhile, Guddu was continuing his fantasy. His cock, both in his fantasy and real-life was quivering and hard again. His mother, Meera, was bent at the waist gripping the washbasin as he ploughed her writhing body from behind. He gripped her full shapely arse as he drilled into her. She shrieked for deeper penetration. “Fuck me, fuck me deep, my son. Use your cock fully on your willing mother. I need it.”

The thought made his veined cock swell even larger, and in his mind, he guided her to be on all fours on the bathroom floor. Her curvaceous body shook with her arms and hands outstretched gripping the side of the bath as she was fucked doggy style by her son. She was panting and gasping trying to force her hips back on her son’s cock. He held her hips in his hands and pulled her arse back into his every forward thrust, hammering into her waiting pelvis. The soft, full round globes of her arse shook and her 34D melons swayed from side to side from his efforts. They both glistened with sweat in the subdued bathroom light, droplets dripping and flying from their hair and bodies with every thrust.

Guddu groaned, and paused in his brutal thrusting, holding himself deep within his mother and grinding his hips into her buttocks. Meera gasped and moaned as he moved, then she made a sharp cry of displeasure as her son escort izmir slid out of her completely. His long, thickly veined erection bobbed in the air, shining with her juice and his pre cum. He placed one hand between her shoulder blades and guided his mother’s face and chest down onto the laundry basket, making her arch her upraised arse high into the air. He slowly stroked the length of his cock once, then twice with his free hand. He shifted himself lower below Meera’s arched body, still pinning her down with one hand. Holding his long tool by the base he wetly slapped it between her widespread legs against her matted pubes and slit. Each contact the cock head made with her inflamed clit drew a long moan of arousal from his mother. His swollen cock head slapped her love bud several times before he stepped behind her and slid his length back into her up to the hilt.

She wailed with pleasure as he started to fuck her in earnest. Soon he was grunting loudly with the effort, his face strained and contorted, his veins popping and muscles straining, his hips almost a blur. He looked like he was trying to break her. The sounds of their wet flesh smacking together almost drowned out his mother’s cries and moans of pleasure. She clawed at the laundry basket for purchase as she thrust back against him, and there was complete lust and carnal need in her passion.

Meera was in rapture, her body shivering in climax after climax as Guddu worked his cock and sex magic on her. They were both clearly relishing the experience, moving their bodies to display themselves in the large mirror facing them, their poses and cries reflected and spurring them on.

“Fill me with your seed, my son,” she moaned. “Fill me, Fill me.”

Eventually, all good things come to an end, and in his fantasy, Meera and he were loudly finishing their fuck. Guddu’s thrusts grew slower and more haphazard and then he was holding himself against her and moaning. He reached around his mother to fondle her dark, engorged nipples. Christ, they were hard and thick, and then he realised her 3 inch wide areolae were also swollen. He groaned, stiffened, and grimaced as he emptied his load into her. Finally, they decoupled. Meera rolled over onto her back and lay on the floor, her legs rubbing together uncontrollably as she traced her fingers over her shuddering flesh watching her son’s cum ooze from her cunt. Her son walked a circle of triumph around her prone body, his still-swollen cock swaying in front of him, dripping with their combined juices. After a short time recovering from the orgasms that had racked her body, she slowly stood and stretched her limbs. She then knelt before her son to take his cock in her mouth again and lick it clean.

In his bedroom, Guddu emptied his balls into another tissue. If only it was real. He was leaving soon for Mumbai to study at SPJIMR and was conflicted. The lottery win gave him a chance to get away from the backwater of Igatpuri and experience life in the big city, but it also meant his long-term plan to fuck his mother could not go ahead. The intensity of tonight’s fantasy session meant he knew he had to have her, had to make her want him, but what now? He pondered and decided before he fell asleep. He would have to speed up his “courtship” and fuck her before he left for Mumbai in a month.

As these thoughts whirled through his head in the bedroom next along the hallway, his 19-year-old sister Prisha shuddered through yet enough orgasm. She knew she was unattractive, small-titted and thin with a pockmarked face, not wealthy or educated and worked in the local laundry, but she was so horny. She thought of sex all the time. She watched porn and read stories on the internet in all her spare time. But she knew all those factors combined to make it impossible for her to get fucked.

Her hand moved down to her cunt again, she was already wet, and her fingers slipped inside her slit and she began to masturbate again. It soon set her clit tingling. It quickly grew, as it always did, and poked out between her cunt lips. She fingered it, giving her what felt like tiny electric shocks each time she played with it. Soon her orgasm hit her, and she almost passed out as it started between her legs and surged up her body. She grabbed the sheet just in time as a second orgasm ripped through her, more powerful than the first. Out of breath, she let her head clear and savour what had just happened.

Right from the first time she had explored her body, she had found that many things could bring her to orgasm. She had experimented over every part of her body and spent many a night in her room before sleeping, rubbing this or that to see what effect it had. One night, her thumb and index finger on the other hand had idly slipped inside her nightgown and began rubbing her nipple. Her nipples always felt as though they were connected to her clit by an electric wire. A couple of good squeezes and she got wet. A few more and her clit extended. A few more and she was breathing hard and within a minute, she came.

The next night, she hadn’t really aware that she was feeling herself up until she stopped watching a porn movie for a moment and realized she was hot and getting more worked up by the moment. As her fingers tightened on her tit, the sparks began to fly, and she began to grunt slightly as the waves of pleasure began to hit her full force. A moment later her back straightened and then curved back and she pulled the nightgown from her shoulders to expose her tits. Her other nipple hardened immediately, and she traded hands and began pulling on both of her nipples, teasing them up to even greater lengths. They had never extended any further and were now one inch, standing stiff like small penises. She pulled them straight out and twisted them back and forth and then a huge cum had hit like a wave and passed from her nipples through her belly and cunt.

She knew now she had to get fucked in real life for the first time. But how? Her mother watched her like hawks when she went out. She was sure her mother had a spy at the laundry where she worked monitoring everything she did there. It was so unfair. Sons were allowed, even encouraged, to get sexual experience, and blind eyes were turned to their activities. Daughters were protected, imprisoned at home. She had thought hard. She had one hope: either her dad or brother. She would somehow get one of them to fuck her, and soon, especially as her brother was leaving their home to study in Mumbai.

She knocked on her brother’s door and without waiting entered. There was a flurry of movement on the bed as Guddu quickly pulled the sheet up. Quick, but not quick enough. She had seen he was naked and seen for the first time since they were under 4 years old being bathed together his cock. From her internet porn sessions, she was an expert on cock; white, black, Asian and Indian. She knew her brother’s fuck meat was only semi-rigid and 5 inches. It was already the size of a normal erect Indian cock and she fantasised about what it would be when fully hard. Immediately she processed this, juices started oozing from her slit down her inner thighs. Her eyes took in the pile of used tissues. So, he had been masturbating just like her. She wondered what he had been concentrating on.

She had come prepared. Her thin summer nightie was one she had used 5 years ago when she was far smaller. It was too small, too tight, too short and failed to cover her body with any modesty. She knew her tits were only 30A, nothing like her mother’s full round 34D globes, but because she was so thin, they were still firm lemon sized mounds. The thin cotton material, wet from the humidity caused sweat, clung to them. So tight was the nighty it showed her swollen areolae and one-inch nipples in full detail and the damp material revealed the almost black colour of both.

“Guddu,” she said pretending she had not noticed his frantic attempts at covering his body, “You know I will miss you when you go to study in Mumbai. We should spend as much time together as possible till you go, day and evening. I want that most of all. What do you think,” she asked in a suggestive voice? As she spoke, she moved so that the wall light was side on to her making the nightie transparent and revealing she had no panties on. If a person looked carefully, he or she would see that she was shaven. She had scrimped and saved and now used depilatories to remove her pubic hair. Although Laser hair removal had become an increasingly popular method the cost restricted it to upper-class women. And her was brother was looking and the results were obvious. A tent was forming under the covering sheet.

His loyalty to his sole fantasy fuck partner, his mother, was fast disappearing. He answered, “Yes, that will be great. I want that too. As much time together as possible to do everything.” Blushing he stammered, I mean go everywhere here in our town and try new things like eating at new places or visiting new areas.”

“Everything. Yes, I think we should do everything and try new things before you go. I want to eat new things and have new experiences,” she answered sultrily.

She smiled and turned to go and smiled as she heard his muffled groan. She “slipped’ and fell to the floor. Her nightie rode up revealing her dark-skinned shaved slit and wet inner lip. Her brother half jumped up from the bed to help but remembered his raging hard-on and stopped. But it was enough, Prisha had seen his cock in full flight. Although it had only increased three inches in length from its semi-hard state to eight inches, its thickness, the size of its head and raised veins matched any black meat she had seen on the net. She was going to have it in her at any cost. “It’s okay, I’m alright. No need to help me. See you tomorrow.”

She stood pulling the front of her nightie down and walked out the door knowing the back of her nightie was still above her hips displaying her naked buns. Her first fuck was on the way, but she didn’t discount her father. Maybe she could get her father to fuck her if Guddu didn’t rise to the bait she had offered him.

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